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He's Just Such a Hunk

I help my best friend's son learn a little about the pleasures of life.
Chapter 1

Carolyn and I have been friends for over seven years now, we first met when I went to work in the same office and we quickly hit it off. She's a single mom, mother of Joe, who I've watched grow up. He's now sixteen and, well, this may sound rather awful, but I was finding myself more and more attracted to him.

Now, it's not that I don't have any male friends, I do. I'm thirty-five, ash blond shoulder-length hair, nice figure; well, if you must know, I'm 36B, very firm with small but very sensitive, pink nipples, twenty-five inch waist, thirty-seven in the hips. I'm attractive, well, most would say, pretty, and my attraction to Carolyn's son is not platonic. He's moving from cute to really handsome, especially in the last few months.

It came up one evening at her apartment when we were just visiting together and Joe had just left the room.

"Your son is sure becoming a good-looking guy, he's always been cute but, well, he's getting to look pretty hot these days, Carolyn, you keeping him locked in his room?"

"I wish. He's had a few dates but just nothing more than that. Not even anyone he's interested in at this point. At least that I know."

"Well, if I were his age, I'd be all over him. I just think he's become such a hottie. In fact, at my age, I think he's a hottie."

"Maybe I should lock him in his room, Mia."

"Just lock me in with him," I responded laughingly.

"Well, I keep expecting him to make it with a girl one of these days, he's just turned sixteen, I figured that he'd have had sex by now but I don't think he has. Maybe I should lock you two together in his room."

"Just talking about it is making my panties wet," I confessed.

"Really? You're serious, you've got the hots for my son?"

"Awful, huh?"

"Well, no, not really, I see him all the time and sometimes in just his briefs. He's no little boy anymore from the look of it."

"Oh, god, girl, now you're making me so hot. And he's your little boy."

"Like I said, he's not so little any more."

"I'd just love to get him naked, oh, I guess I shouldn't say that to his own mother, should I?"

"I don't know, maybe you should. He's got to lose his cherry sometime."

I felt my face flush. "You don't really mean me. I'm, what, twenty years older than he is. Oh, he can do better than me, girl."

"Well, maybe not. I know you would handle things caringly, you know it would be his first time and all, you know how sensitive a time that is. Well, why not you?"

"What a conversation, a boy's mother discussing with her friend about seducing her son."

"Well, why not? Tell me what would be so horrible about me wanting his first experience to be someone that cared about him, knew him well, would be a gentle and caring lover, someone who, after all, Mia, is a pretty hot, sexy woman. One that I''ll bet my son thinks of as a MILF. Well, even though you're not a mother," she added laughing.

"Okay, no need to explain, I know what MILF means."

"Well, what I said is all true."

"Yeah, but, I mean, are you really serious?"

"When we first started talking about it, no. But, well, I can't imagine Joe not wanting to have his first sex with someone like you. Lots of boys, I guess, do it with an aunt, I've heard. You're the closest he has to that. Yeah, I think we should do it. Yeah."

I sat there, just wondering what I had started by telling Carolyn how handsome I thought her son was becoming. Now we were talking about how I should seduce him and become his first lover.

"I think this is something you should think over very carefully, he's just, what, barely sixteen, right?"

"Well, like I said, now sixteen and I know you would be gentle with him. Who knows how some girl in high school might treat him?"

"What if I said, I'd do it, how would all this work?"

Well, I was interested, he was really cute and I could just imagine what he had under the briefs his mom had mentioned.

"I could tell him I had to go out of town one weekend, you know, visit an aunt or something, maybe a business conference, something. Then have you come and stay with him. I'll bet you could think of something to entice him into your bed."

"Well, I guess I am pretty good at that. I know I could think of something. Oh, I can't believe how wet I am just talking about this."

"It sounds strange, Mia, but it's made me wet, too. Just talking about my son having sex. I never imagined that one of the tasks in raising a son might be to get him laid the first time."

"Girl, you have a hell of a way of putting things sometimes."

So, Carolyn told her son that the next weekend I would come over to stay with him so she could go to a business workshop. She was really going to stay at my apartment, actually, while I got to know Joe better, a whole lot better.

Friday finally rolled around and I arrived at Carolyn's at six, nervous. Yes, nervous. Silly, wasn't it, a thirty-five year old woman, certainly sexually experienced, with plans on taking a sixteen-year old young man to her bed to introduce him to the world of sensual pleasure. Nervous. I never would have thought it.

Well, we saw Carolyn off and did up a frozen pizza which I watched Joe devour most of, he seemed to be relaxed and cool around me as we chatted about this and that, school, sports, cars, he seemed to be really in to cars, quite normal at his age, I supposed.

I asked him what he wanted to do and he said we could watch some DVDs if I wanted, so we went into the den and he put on a movie. We sat on the couch watching and I soon asked him to move over and keep me company.

"Come on, we can pretend it's a date, Joe," I added patting the spot next to me.

"I'm a lot younger than the kind of guy you'd be interested in, Mia," he said as he moved over next to me.

"Well, I've watched you grow from a young boy into a very attractive young man. There must be lots of girls who chase you all over your school."

"Yeah, I wish. I just don't seem to make it with any of the popular girls, they're all hot for the football and soccer guys, mostly."

"I don't understand it. You're nice looking and maybe I'll just take you as my date for the weekend. Here, hold my hand."

"Boy, what would Mom think of me being your date for the weekend?"

"Well, you know, Joe, maybe she just wouldn't mind, you know," I said almost choking on the words.

"You're her best friend, you know, and she trusts you and everything."

"But, maybe she shouldn't trust me with her sexy son."

"Me, sexy, well, I wish."

"I think you're sexy." There I did it.

"Well, coming from you, Mia, that's something. But, well, I'm hardly sexy."

"Let's see how you kiss, Joe," and I leaned over and he kissed me very nicely for a sixteen-year old boy.

"That was nice, Joe. Can you make it a bit sexier?"

He leaned over and now I felt his tongue slipping through my lips as I opened for him and put my hand up to his face to caress him as he kissed me. He kept kissing me longer than I'd expected, it was nice.

As we pulled our lips away, I whispered, "Joe, you kiss very nicely. And, yes, rather sexier this time, like you're my boyfriend."

"Oh, I bet your boyfriends kiss a lot better than I do."

"Well, just how do you think a boyfriend of mine should kiss me?"

"I think he'd…"

"No, Joe, show me," and he leaned over and tongued my mouth in and out ending up tongue-fucking me over and over as I sucked his tongue while it went back and forth. My hand was rubbing his chest and I let it drop onto his leg, raising the ante somewhat.

We kissed for a bit more, then I held him to me and whispered, "Joe, you can be my boyfriend any time you want."

"You're really nice to kiss, Mia, I've kind of wondered what it would be like."

"And now you know. Anything else you've wondered about?"

"You're kidding me, right? I'm a sixteen-year old guy and you're this super-looking, hot woman."

"Why thank you, Joe. And what would a sixteen-year old guy want with, you said, a super-looking, hot woman?"

"Are you teasing me, Mia. Just pulling my chain? You're kidding me, right?"

"Maybe not. Do you want me to be kidding you? Or would you rather I was being serious?"

"If I tell you, it would just be between you and me, right? You'd never tell my mom?"

"I promise, Joe, cross my heart."

"There isn't any guy I can think of who wouldn't want to be your boyfriend, me included. Ever since I was, well, whenever it was you first made friends with Mom, well, you're so beautiful and, um, sexy."

"So, if was your girlfriend what would you want. You've already kissed me and it was pretty nice, especially once you got bold enough to make it interesting."

"What would I want with you, if you were really my girlfriend? What if I tell you and it makes you mad?"

"The only thing, Joe, that would make me upset is if you didn't want me."

"Well, if you were my girlfriend, Mia, I'd sure want to do a lot more than just kissing."

"And, why don't you show me, Joe."

Slowly, his hand rose up and dropped onto my left breast. I leaned into him and gave him a soft, warm kiss that told him all he needed to know as I felt his fingers begin to flex and fondle me.

So, I moved my hand right where I had wanted it all along, just resting it there, nice and still, seeing where he wanted to go next.

And next, was him slipping his hand up under my peasant blouse, now one layer of fabric closer to my breast. So, I kissed him again, even more passionately, after all, he was starting to turn me on, not a difficult task usually, but still.

As I was leaning over kissing him, I reached back and unclasped my bra so it now hung loose. Immediately, his hand slipped under and onto my breast, his fingers rubbing my nipple.

"I think I like my new boyfriend. Is this nice?"

"It's really nice. I can't believe we're doing this."

"Well, you can believe it."

"Can we, can we do more, more than this?"

"Well, what would you like for us to do, Joe?"

"I've never done anything like this but I, well, I'd love to have sex with you, make love to you. I know I'm just a kid, but I'd try to do it right and make you happy."

Well, I just had to kiss him again, didn't I? And I also had to gently squeeze the hard lump my hand had been resting on.

"I know it's still early, Joe, not your bedtime yet, but maybe you wouldn't mind going to bed early if we went together."

His eyes grew large. "You really mean it, me with you, together?"

"Yes, me with you, together."

"I've dreamed of something like this, but, omigod, never thought it might ever happen. You really mean it?"

"Come with me," and I stood up, took his hand and led him down the hall to his mother's room.

Chapter 2

We went inside and I embraced him and kissed him as if he were my favorite lover. I could feel him tremble a bit, no doubt, at his young age, rather nervous and uneasy in the clutches of a woman over twice his years.

I stepped back and pulled off my peasant blouse and stood there with my bra hanging loose.

"Would you like to take my bra off, Joe?" I asked as I held my arms out.

"Oh, yeah," I heard as he pulled it off and put it on the chair next to us. "Oh, wow, you're so beautiful, just perfect."

"They're all yours, Joe, they want you," I whispered as his hands came up to cup each breast.

"You're so soft, oh, I've dreamed of this but just never thought it could happen," he answered.

"They love to be kissed and sucked."

He lost no time bending down to kiss each nipple, then pulled one into his mouth and began sucking it hard.

"Mmm, that's nice, Joe, really nice," and I stood there as he sucked one breast and fondled the other. My panties, of course, were wet and I was ready to get this young man out of his clothes.

So, I put my hand on his face and lifted him up, then pulled off his tee and began loosening his belt. He stood there in front of me as I pulled down the zipper, just trembling ever so slightly. I tugged his shorts to the floor and, kneeling, leaned forward to kiss the bulge in his briefs, then pulled them to the floor, leaned back, took his cock in my hand and said, "Mmm, nice, I think you and I, Joe, are going to have a fun weekend together," then leaned forward, licked around the tip and took it in and sucked him nice and soft as I stared up into his wide eyes.

Now, I've seen bigger cocks, well, wouldn't you expect that? But, not a prettier one. It was a light pink, not brown and wrinkly like some, and hard, oh, sixteen-year old boys are so hard. I'd forgotten how hard their dicks get.

"Oh, my god, nobody's ever done that before. It's just…it's just incredible, oh, that feels so good," he groaned, the look of ecstasy on his face as he watched me sucking him.

I knew he was probably not going to last long, yes, I'm that good, and I knew I wanted him in my pussy to receive his first cum. So, I lifted off his cock, licking the tip to leave it nice and wet, then quickly removed the rest of my clothes and got up on his mother's bed, spread wide for him and invited him to take me.

He waddled onto the bed, his cock wavering back and forth, looking down at me and said, softly, "I want to do this first," and dropped down to begin licking and sucking and tonguing my happy pussy. Oh, he already had figured out how to make a woman happy.

He went on for a while as I enjoyed every second but I was really wanting his cock in me more than anything.

Finally, I just pulled him up and took his cock to lead it to my wet pussy.

"Fuck me, Joe, I want you to fuck me," and he pressed up against me and pushed his hard, slender cock into me and began going back and forth fucking me like it would be the only time.

"Slow down, Joe, take it easy. Remember, we've got all weekend," and he slowed down, taking the long, slow, deliberate strokes that I love so much.

"Mmm, now that's so good. Oh, you make me feel good, Joe, you like this?"

"I've just never dreamed it could be this good. And you, with you, Mia, god, I've wanted this, oh, so much."

"Well, honey, like I said, we have all weekend. And maybe I can talk your mom into staying with you again sometime."

"I'd love it, I hope we can do this more, I mean after this weekend."

"I think I'd like that, too, Joe. Maybe you can come stay with me, sometime."

"Oh, so do I. I can't get over this, you and me, oh, this feels so good. I can't last much longer."

"Mmm, that's all right, just go ahead and cum in me, Joey, I really want it, come on, give Mia your first cum," I asked him as I moved my hips in a circle. I knew that would do the trick.

"OH, OH, AAYYE, UUH, uh, mmm, oh, oh," he groaned as I pulled him down to cover his happy face with kisses. It was lovely laying there, each of us still moving, feeling the warmth of his cum inside me.

"That was good, huh? Mia got you off pretty good, right?"

"Oh, incredible. Can we do it again? I'd do it right now if it's okay."

"Looks like my Joey-boy is a horny guy. That's how I like my guys," I said as he began fucking me again, still hard, still eager.

I lay under him just enjoying his long cock sliding back and forth, feeling so lovely.

"I know it's awful, Mia, but I've dreamed of doing this for so long. You are so hot and sexy, every time I'd see you I'd have to go and, you know, do it to myself."

"That's sweet, Joey, I like the idea that I was getting you all excited. Now, look what we're doing, huh?"

"Oh, yeah, I can't believe I'm really fu…um, making love to you, it's incredible."

"You can say, fuck, Joey, I do know the word and, yes, I like it that we're in bed fucking. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, too. Is that pretty naughty of me, wanting a young man like you?"

"I really don't care, all I care about is doing this," he said as he fucked me in and out, his hands always moving on my breasts.

"Omigod, I'm gonna cum…UUH, UUH, UNH, UNH, mmm, oh, oh," and he collapsed down over me kissing me over and over but he never stopped fucking me; good boy, I thought.

I widened my thighs even more so he could easily move in and out of me; yes, it wasn't the biggest cock I'd ever had but it was, perhaps, the most sincere and heartfelt one I'd had inside me. I just lay there as he made love to me, his cock staying hard the entire time and, oh, yes, he did bring me to orgasm, a lovely orgasm.

We lay there after, my arms around him, my hands rubbing on his butt and he lovingly continued moving back and forth while we kissed.

"I really didn't know if I could make you have your orgasm but you did. I'm really glad."

"Yes, you did, Joe, and it was lovely. You're a wonderful lover. And, my, you sure don't lose your ability, either," I said, giving him a gentle squeeze.

"Oh, Mia, with you like this, it just keeps me excited all the time."

"Well, would you want to make love to me again? I wouldn't mind," and he got back up between my thighs and pressed up into me and fucked me again until he came. Well, even then, he kept going. I just let him, it was so lovely.

We finally just drifted off to sleep some time or other. It was so nice and peaceful between us. I slept really soundly until I felt a pair of lips sucking on my nipple.

So sweet, I thought as I kept my eyes closed but snaked my hand over and took his hard, young cock in my hand. Then I opened my eyes to see him in the dim morning light staring up at me adoringly, sucking and sucking. I rubbed my thumb over the crown and heard a soft moan but he kept sucking and sucking. It was so sweet. We just lay there for a while as I rubbed and he sucked.

We spent much of the weekend in bed and all of the weekend naked with each other. On Sunday, my young lover was at ease with his new sexuality, making it known when he wanted me without any of his former reticence or shyness. He felt equal to me in his sexuality and had gained an ease in expressing it.

Joe is now in college, his third year, and he is still one of my lovers. In fact he is my favorite of all my lovers, after all, he was trained by the best.

His mom, Carolyn, loves to hear me tell her of our lovemaking in all the detail I can muster. Funny, too, she's now taken a lover of her own, one of Joe's classmates who came home with him one break. Well, that's another story and, perhaps, if you ask her, I'll bet she'll tell you.

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