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Joann's First Time Part 2

A farmer's daughter story with a twist.
Her First Time: Part 2

It was several days before I could call Joann to check in with her. Between a huge project at work and resultant overtime, trying to squeeze school and study time in there too I didn’t get around to calling her until Friday late in the afternoon. When we spoke on the phone I told her what was going on and apologized for not calling her sooner and that I would be free tomorrow on Saturday if she wanted to take in a movie and get some dinner. She said that would be good with her and she also stated that she wanted to talk over something with me. She said that she had done the thinking she wanted to and even went to see a doctor and that could mean several things so I said we can talk all we want, even skipping the movie if necessary.

I was a bit worried that she may be ill and several things were going through my mind all at once but decided to wait and talk to Joann before I blew things out of proportion. I picked her up on Saturday afternoon and we had about a 45 minute drive to the mall and theater and I asked her what was up with her Dr. Appointment. She assured me that it wasn’t serious and we could discuss it and other things over dinner. So we discussed what had happened in the days since our picnic. Joann told me she got a good teasing from her brother George because he loaned me his clothes, but I did return them freshly washed. That didn’t seem to make a difference to him and Joann told me she had to tell him to mind his own business and drop it. Which he did, I guess the thought of big sister thumping on him wasn’t worth the fun he was having. Siblings!!!

When we got to the mall and checked on the movie times we decided we had a couple hours for dinner and conversation before the movie started. I told her to pick the restaurant and that the evening was on me. There were several high end places to eat plus several burger joints and some oriental joints as well. But Joann told me she wasn’t a high maintenance type of a person and I didn’t have to spend a lot of money to impress her, saying that I had impressed her enough already. She just wanted a nice quiet place to relax and talk. We went to a Japanese place in the food court and took a table away from the crowd.

About half way through our meal I could see that Joann had something serious on her mind and was struggling on how to approach me with it. You see, I was having a nice chat with myself too since our picnic several days ago. I asked her what she wanted to talk to me about and she just looked at me with a stern expression. Look, I said, if there is one thing I demand in a relationship is total honesty with out fear to talk about anything that was obviously important to her. Joann’s expression seemed to relax when she told me that was a demand she would be happy to accept.

With that being said, she reached across the table gesturing for me to hold her hand. Looking me straight in the eyes she asked if this was something that I might consider being serious between us. I told her that we both wanted to take it slowly but I was okay to go where ever this thing we have would take us. Then she asked, well more so stated that “We’re a couple then,. Right?” I took her hand again and told her to not take this the wrong way but from my standpoint “WE” were too early for me to start thinking that we were a couple, but I had no intention on seeing anyone else while we were together. She told me that sounded like we were a couple to her and that she agreed that we should take it nice and slowly and see how things go. I guess I was doing a little dance around the whole couple scenario but usually when I had no interest in seeing anyone else that usually eventually would lead to the ever so elusive “C” word.

I then asked her how she felt about us being a couple. She said that she didn’t want to be in a one night stand type of relationship and that she wanted more than just sex. I told her that I had more respect for women than that, especially her. Her response was that statement was a good example why I didn’t need to spend a lot of money on her to impress her and that I was doing a good job with out spending a lot. Then I asked her about her doctor's appointment. She said that she had an appointment with the doc before we got together and because of where we might be going, she talked to her about birth control pills. She asked if she could trust me to be a perfect gentleman for about 4 to 6 weeks to give the pills time to take effect.

I grinned and asked her if she knew I was a man, RIGHT? She chuckled and said she most certainly did but told me to respect her when she says to stop and wait. That was a demand that I can live with but also told her that it would be tough to keep my hands to myself after our picnic. She said that she felt the same way, but reminded me that good things come to those that wait. Checking the time we realized that we talked so long that we missed the show time. Neither of us were upset and thought that our talk over dinner was more important. I asked how long it had been since she started taking the pill and she told me it was just a few days ago.

By this time we had finished our meal and were walking through the mall when without asking I took her by the hand and intertwined our fingers. She squeezed my hand, hugged my arm and laid her head on my shoulder and kissed my neck saying that she was enjoying herself and couldn’t wait for the next few weeks to go by. With that I stopped walking, drew her to me in a hug and gave her a very sensual kiss on the lips which she gladly returned.

And she said “In front of everyone in the mall too?”

I said yes why not, and that I was proud to be with her and I really didn’t care what others thought. Then she got this frightened look in her eyes and said what if people think we are in love? I must have had a very shocked look on my face because her gaze went from one of contentment to one of sheer terror.

While looking around to gauge peoples expressions about our embrace and our kisses I told her that people are just smiling and going about their own business. But if that is what they think, that we are in love, then we just might be. Her gaze then went from terrified to amazement in less than a heart beat. I thought she started to say something and it was my turn to stop her in mid sentence. I know that we decided to take it slowly, but it is what it is and that we would have to deal with it at some point.

"Let’s go to the truck," she said. "There is a place not far from here that we can go and have some privacy because it is an out of the way parking lot."

I asked if she was sure, and she said that she was never more certain about anything in her life.

We drove to a nearby state park and parked in one of the more secluded picnic areas. It had just rained and it was really humid so I was running the A/C in the truck to keep us cooled off some. But our “heat” soon had the windows fogged up. We were just kissing and holding each other very tenderly when she started to say “Daryl I think I am falling in…"

I interrupted her asking her to wait until we were both ready to go down that particular path. But she said that is what she feels in her heart, I said that I know but I wanted us to wait until a very special time that wasn’t in a GMC pickup with steamed up windows. She gave me a sweet smile and a very passionate kiss and told me that she agreed that this isn’t the time or the place to make such a committing statement.

We spent quite a bit of time kissing, and fondling each other and she didn’t wear a bra this time either and it sure was convenient. I asked her if she enjoyed the attention I gave her breasts and she replied that she did. She said that she really enjoyed it when I would fondle one breast, playing with her nipple while sucking on the other. She told me that it always made her wet between her legs and made her feel secure and content to be with me. She would want me to bare my chest to her so she could feel my bare chest and play with my chest hair and my nipples. She was amazed that my nipples would get hard too when stimulated.

I drove her back home and when I walked her to her door she invited me in which I gladly accepted. Her dad was in the living room and asked how the movie was. We both had a look of fright on our faces but I spoke up and said that it was good but not what either of us expected. She said that it wasn’t what she expected either but she was very satisfied with our date none the less. With that she glanced over at me with a devilish grin on her face.

Her dad, George Senior spoke up and said, “Daryl, since you have been around spending some time with my daughter maybe you can do another little electrical job for me.”

I told him that I would be more than happy to but it would have to be worked in between my job and school since I had some huge tests that I was studying for.

That would be fine with him. He also said he was sure Joannie would appreciate seeing me again and maybe even give me a hand like she did before. With that we walked to the porch and I gave her a kiss good bye and she said that she would be more than happy to help me out anytime, with a twinkle in her eyes.

While I was driving home I asked myself what the heck I had gotten myself into here. But I am surprised to say I wasn’t scared or even mildly nervous. More like that I have found someone really special.

A couple days later while we were having one of our picnic dates after having finished the other project for her father, I asked Joann if she would be interested in going with me and several friends to get some ice cream. She said sure and asked what day and time. I told her that a bunch of us would meet at a really nice ice cream shop about 45 minutes or so away. She asked where it was and I told her that it was my secret and I asked her if she and her family really trusted me? She said that she did but the jury was still out with her parents, but she could handle them. I told her that I would pick her up around 10:00 AM Sunday morning because there were some things I need to prepare before we left for the ice cream shop. She asked me what kind of things and I only replied with a hug, a kiss and a quick nipple tweak. She squealed and slapped my hands playfully and said that it wasn’t fair that I wouldn’t tell her any more. I told her I would pick her up in a couple days on Sunday morning and drove home. What I wanted to surprise her with was the ice cream shop was a 45 minute to an hour flight away.

What neither she nor her parents knew was that I had been flying since I graduated from high school having received my private pilot license as a graduation gift. My dad knew I wanted to get into an aviation career of some sort and told me that if I wanted to go on to other ratings on my license that I was on my own. I had also graduated from engineering school recently, since we had been dating and was accepted in an avionics program at one of the local community colleges. With my current degree I was able to jump ahead almost 1 full year and was able to start right in with the fun stuff. The community college avionics program was located in a campus at the local municipal airport as was the aero club I had joined.

It took a $10,000 buy in to be an owning membership that gave me free reign and priority status with the fleet of planes the club owned. They had several 2 place Cessna 150’s as primary trainers and a couple Cessna 172’s as more advanced trainers that were 4 place planes. I had accumulated about 300 or so hours in both types of Cessnas. This was well above the threshold of hours needed to transition to the Piper Cherokee PA-28 Arrow. It was a high performance airplane that was certified for Instrument Flight Rules and it was the plane that I had soloed a couple months back and was the plane I planned to use to take Joann to get ice cream in. I was signed off to fly it solo under Visual Flight Rules but was just beginning training for my Instrument/Commercial Pilot ratings. So I was flying that baby a lot and was very confident with it with about 20 hours time logged in it.

I guess I’m letting a bit of my personal life come through in this series but it sets the stage for some more steamy things to come. I hope you all are enjoying this story as much as I am writing it.

I appreciate the comments on Part 1 and am currently working on Part 3. I realize this series is going to be a long one but with some patience from you readers, I promise not to let you down. The first couple of chapters turned out to be more background in nature with the successive installments getting more involved in our relationship.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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