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Kaylie's lust

A strange erotic encounter for Kaylie turns into a flood of orgasmic hardcore ecstasy
A slim shaft of silver light cast over her waist from the moon coming through the open window, still but for the curtain gently twitching in the silent warm evening breeze. She lay on her back and stretched like a cat.

As she arched into the air, showing the smooth lines of her body, she sighed communicatively and tugged at the bars on the iron bedstead taking the last bit of satisfying stretch, breathed out slowly with a blissful murmur and ran her hands softly down her neck.

Slowly she stroked her hands over her firming nipples, admiringly over her ribcage and down her toned, long stomach. She smiled, imagining him watching her stunning body take shape, her mouth opening slightly and widening, tongue drawing back. Both her palms lingered over her abdomen, her hips rose instinctively to meet her hands, her senses bristling.

Back arching further now, her head cast back fully, silky blonde hair draping down to the crisp white sheets. Her large firm breasts rose high. Her legs tensed slightly as her knees rose outward, lifting her feet a few inches so that only her slim long arms and rounded buttocks supported her tightening arched body. As her hands slipped sensually around the sides of her waist, she tingled and goose bumps immediately rose on her inner thigh.

Her fingers were poised, barely touching her fluttering abdomen as her hips undulated automatically in motion with her hands. She bit her lower lip, consumed by her own sexuality. Smooth muscular depressions formed in her buttocks as her pelvis arched to meet her hands, moving slowly, in rhythm with her long deep breath.

Her mind was charged with such expectant desire and restraint. Excitement and inhibition were in perfect infuriating balance.

She stroked her shapely stomach teasingly, and ran her middle finger slowly up to her navel and into the deep oval well. Nerves tingled within her strangely, joining deep within her, culminating in the depths of her lower region. She pondered for awhile, round and in again. Circling the tip of her finger back out, then wider around the navel. She wanted to drive her hand down and into her to satisfy the urge, her pelvis still moving, snaking.

She brought her head up and buried her hips deep into the soft bed, then as her pelvis tilted upwards again, her lower body shuddered. Her black suede shoes hung precariously on her pointed toes as her knees came back further in line with her waist.

Her thoughts turned to him; she could hear subtle movement, but from where? The room bristled with his energy. The fine hairs over her stomach straightened and she breathed in deeply to taste the air for his musk. Through the veil of silk over her eyes she could make out the shape of the window next to her that looked out to the calm dark sea.

He had tied it carefully, slowly, like a preciously wrapped gift. She had been a little nervous, her heart beating fast in her naked chest as he unbuttoned her high collared business shirt, removed her bra with ease and slipped off her pencil skirt, leaving only her soft thin white panties and her high heels. He, the room, and the place were all unfamiliar, totally new, but the room was so warm and dry, and she lay cosseted by the fine veil that covered her eyes.

Intoxicated by his calm purposefulness, she was aroused by the ease with which he had lead her to this point. She was excited by the freshness, the newness and the strangeness of it all. When would he touch her, where? There was a long silence. Then as if by intuition, she took her hands from her pelvis and raised them to her head, relaxing and flattening her body.

Her upper ribcage formed a beautiful arc, her stomach falling smoothly away from her raised bones, skin sunken low and then rising slightly around her navel area. A defined line appearing in the centre of her stomach etched by the moonlight, flowing over her deep navel as she stretched, showing her slender highly trained body.

Her waist was slim and curved out boldly to her hip bones that now rose like bulbs, creating a gap between her flattened, pulsating abdomen and her soft white panties.

She was surprised by the feel of a sudden wisp of hair above her navel. Then a small breath-like puff slipped through the shallow gap. The cool air slipped round the sides of her open thighs and briefly over the skin of her perineum. It made her twitch inside automatically; she caught her breath as a sudden rush of adrenalin pulsed through her body. Her buttocks tensed hard, her waist shot upward, internal muscles clenching. With a quivering stomach she collapsed upon herself.

Shocked at the moment, she yelped quietly. Regaining her composure, she ran her hand quickly over her knickers. She bent over two middle fingers to feel her flat undercarriage. The warm damp cotton made her gasp. Her body ached for her to slip them inside.

She cupped her hand against herself and pulled satisfyingly. Stroking, firmly, upward over her pubic bone, allowing her middle finger to sink in through the cotton depression and linger on her erect clitoris. Her mouth shot open as she felt a hot trickle shoot out of her. She felt the urge to suck inwardly as her wetted skin below her cunt twitched again sharply.

She revelled in the moment and resisted the urge to clench another time. It was all she could do to control herself as she lay there. On the verge of clenching her whole lower region to satisfy the feeling, she imagined the slippery wetness inside her.

Her stomach shivered and her nipples became so hard she could feel the tightness at the ends of her breasts. She ached for him. Had he done that or was it the wind? Whatever had happened, she was beside herself with lust for him to come to her.

It was his strange allure that had led effortlessly to this erotic place. Who was he? She didn't care now, she just wanted him. She felt suddenly youthful, a very bad girl. She had fantasised about this kind of thing in her late teens late at night in her bedroom. It was happening now, it was visceral. Her heart started to pound again and her breath became short as she knew it was imminent.

She wanted to hurry him, but he was still. She could sense his presence so close. Her mind started to play things out. She had never been so expectant, with such a rage of lust inside her. She imagined him poised over her, his dark long hair stroking her delicate downy stomach, and how his powerful arms must have held his body over her, when he breathed into that place that now ached intensely for him to be.

She drifted for a while with the thoughts of what might come. She was in between fleeting images and sounds now. Her mind going to a place where there were no inhibitions, barriers or guilt. His powerful body was covering over her, her legs spread wide apart, hips turned upwards into him.

Such raw feelings. Personal, deep desires that no-one would suspect her to have. She lay silently, fingering herself unknowingly. She wanted his big working hands to hold her hips tightly as he slipped himself into the entrance of her wetness. To glide in, widening her opening, filling her, his muscular naked body undulating with slow powerful rhythm.

The sound of his strong hot body slapping gently at first into her velvety cool buttocks, again and again. Her body moving, indolent, shifting in small jerks as his hips curl into her pelvis. Her clitoris was pressed satisfyingly by his hard abdomen. His firm cock filled her deeper and deeper as she felt him grow bigger. Inside her pussy the upper nerves were excited as his rigid head pulls fully out of her, then slips back in deftly.

She rips off her silver scarf to see him. Towering over her like a man of war he thrusts himself into her. As her eyes widen to take in the carnal vision in front of her, she starts to orgasm. Such surprise at the sudden sexual reality. She cries out as waves of orgasm rush over her.

He thrusts into her relentlessly, chest thrust out, his hips gyrating into her. His stomach contracting, his body so hard, so big, so much muscle slamming into her. She'd never seen a man with such a body, he was like a Greek statue. But he was real and he was right there, on her, his whole body writhing and contorting to drive his huge penis into her slippery wet cunt.

She stretched her legs out wide and looked down at his pelvis drawing his cock out of her. She could see his wide manhood slide out too; it was so long. Then as his buttocks clenched his whole body thrust inwardly once more, his massive wet shaft sliding far into her. An instant fleeting shock of orgasm overtook her every time he slapped into her undercarriage, thumping her upward and filling her so deep inside to a place that she never felt before.

She strained to peer between her breasts in awe as they jerked upward again and again. Looking down herself at this raw power, her long slim legs spread so wide, his body so big compared to her tiny waist, his taught abs ramming into her delicately shaven hole. She cried out to him, breathy and shaking. "You're fucking me! Oh my god, you'r' fucking me!"

She was in total shock. Her legs jerking and flaying outwards, unable to control her body, her knees quivering as she orgasmed harder with every shuddering wave. Her tiny suede shoes dangling from for curling toes, her body totally out of her control, on his face a look of conquering lust and rawness. His body jolts upright, and he kneels in front of her. His shoulders shoot back and chest thrusts outward.

Taking her ankles with his outstretched arms, his upper body goes rigid and his stomach caves inward as his hips start to jerk powerfully into her again.

His back and buttocks clench as he buries his enormous shaft into her. He throws his head back, arms holding her quivering legs firmly, he starts to grunt with every thrust. He gets harder, larger and hotter inside of her.

She throws her body back and tightly clasps the shaking bedstead. For what seems like hours her head lies back, silent, gasping, semi-catatonic.

Then, brought out of the ecstatic depths of unconsciousness, from deep within her a huge surge of energy shoots through her body. She arches wildly and throws a hand down to her shivering stomach, still grasping with the other to steady her body as he fucks her relentlessly. She lets out a low moaning sound, her mind buzzing, utterly gob smacked, confused. What the hell is this, what's happening?

She had never felt this before. What's going to happen? Her pussy suddenly spasms hard, then again, over and over, harder and harder, as a charge inside her urges uncontrollably. As he fucks her faster and deeper, her pussy starts to feel like it's bulging outward, her insides pushing against his penetrating cock. "Oh!" she cries, "oh fuck... oh fuck... I'm cumming!.. fuck!.. I'm cumming!!" Screaming now, her face goes scarlet and her breath holds. Her upper body locks tight as she looks down over her hardened breasts.

Mouth wide open, shaking her head slowly in shock, her eyes glaze over as blood rushes to her face, he slams into her again and again, his dark body moving with such fluidity. Fuck she thinks, he's so fucking sexy, oh my god.. oh shit, I'm cumming! She moves her hand down onto her sunken stomach. Her insides shudder and her voice lets go with all its might.

Hot clear juices spurt out of her, all over his cock, up his rippling body, gushing. Her cum washing up his stomach in waves, up his body and splashing into his face, all over his tanned charging body. Her mind is gone as adrenaline floods her body. I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!!" She screams louder and louder. Fucking her hard, his massive cock flies in and out of her gushing pussy, now cavernous inside, and clenching tightly round him at her opening.

Her voice wails high as her compressed juices spray up over her tightened abdomen and pool around her buttocks in the bed as he shudders her round arse into the bed with every massive thrust of his powerful body.

Sounds of squirting and slapping mix with her wails and his. He looks back down at her. His face flushes, his long hair quivering over his face, his arms release her legs and he throws himself over her.

Holding himself deep in her twitching cunt, he grinds his body into hers, crushing her into the bed. She pulls hard against his lower back, desperate for him to cum inside her as he undulates against her. She feels his massive chest brush against her face. She looks down at his long muscular stomach. Their soaking wet abdomens part then meet as his whole upper body snakes over her in perfect rhythm.

She sees flashes of his cock ramming into her with splashes of her cum gushing up between their bodies. She draws her knees up and grasps his buttocks to pull him into her with a raging animal lust.

He lets out a roar and starts to cum inside her, jerking hot spunk deep inside, his cock expanding into her endlessly gushing pussy, tighter and tighter. He pulls himself out of her dripping cunt and draws himself up.

As he rises, her nails claw over his clenched buttocks and she throws her arms backwards and shoots her legs outward with stunned ecstasy. He takes his massive cock in his hand and pumps out streams of spunk all over her soaking wet body, his pelvis still thrusting toward her with every pump. So much hot white cum shooting over her breasts, her stomach and down over her smooth pussy.

His hard cock jerks out more and more spunk, it pools with her clear juices into her deep navel. His orgasm makes her cum again and she squirts pulses of fluids over the sheets, shouting. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Exhausted, amazed, gasping, with her chest heaving and dripping his cum and her juices all over her, dripping down her sides.

Totally spent, totally satisfied, and bewildered. Then silence, nothingness, time.

As if by an instinct, she notices herself. Her senses battle for awareness and she remembers the room; but what was this last thought? Why is she panicking? She gathers herself and brings her thoughts back to her immediate, unfamiliar surroundings.

She cautiously pulls the scarf over her brow and looks around. She's alone, in a large elegant bed with thick white sheets. She is dressed in a silk gown with nothing else. She feels safe, but uncertain of her surroundings. She's dazed and ravenously hungry. She checks the clock on the side table. It's 10am, there's an empty bottle of champagne. She looks around to the open window; it's warm and a shaft of light comes through and baths her in sun.

A cool breeze catches her hair as she turns to see her white panties folded neatly on the chair. Strange she thinks, I don't fold my knickers. She stares for a moment, drifting. Suddenly her mouth drops slightly and her mind races. Her thoughts are interrupted and she jumps as the phone rings on the other side table. She picks it up nervously and listens.

"Hi, it's Cindy. We were supposed to be at the conference meeting 5 minutes ago, and the Directors are looking for you.

"Hey, where did you get to last night? We lost you at the cocktail bar

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