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Laura's lesbian awakening

How my girlfriend lost her cherry to a sexy older woman
This is the first of my stories that doesn’t involve me. This story about my girlfriend Laura. I saved it for one of those moments when I’m between my own sexual adventures. That’s sort of now. Laura and I were having a snugly night in, this winter. There we were with a bottle of wine and mushy DVD and she just came out with it. It’s a story of seduction. How she lost her virginity to an older woman when she was baby sitting in her school holidays. The film we were watching was a bit dreary to be honest. Laura’s first sexual encounter was far more entertaining. I hope you enjoy it.

Laura had just turned 16. It was during the long summer holidays before she started college and was earning some pocket money by baby sitting for her Mum’s best friend. Kirsty had found a job, which had taken her to France for the weekend. She had a four year old daughter and needed someone who she could trust to take care of her. Laura was free and stepped forward to save the day. She was left everything she would need. She just had to cook and tuck Emma in at night and read her bed time stories. It was an easy 50 pounds.

As it turned out Kirsty was delayed a couple of days and sent a text to Laura, asking if she would mind looking after Emma a bit longer. Laura of course was happy to stay on, with nothing else to do. Also Kirsty’s sister Felicity was due to stay for a day and that would give Laura some welcome adult company.

It was the Friday around 4pm. Laura had put her charge to bed for her afternoon sleep. Felicity arrived about six in the evening, coming straight from a business seminar. Laura let her in. Felicity was in her late twenties with shoulder-length mousy hair. Laura thought she was beautiful, in an older woman kind of way. Felicity had sharp features but her hazel eyes were soft and kind. They twinkled when she smiled.

“How’s my baby niece?” She asked, shortly after arriving.

“I just put her to bed. She likes her naps,” said Laura.

“Awww OK, I’ll say hello later,” said Felicity.

Laura looked at the older woman and admired her gentle, sexy curves, which were enhanced by her powder grey business suit. Laura noticed how Felicity had taken more than a second, gazing at her own ample attributes. Even at 16, Laura was a blossoming double D cup with a nice tummy and big round, shapely bum. She was dressed in her black leggings and a white T shirt, so that every inch of her femininity was obvious.

Laura was already certain that she was as much into girls as she was boys, but was still a virgin then. She had had tons of opportunities with guys, but she was fussy, She had kissed a few girls in the last year of school, but there had been nothing sexual. She had just messed about. Something about Felicity whetted her appetite for her own sex. It was the confidence that she exuded. Felicity had an understated sexuality. Frankly, at the time it drove Laura crazy.

“Are you at college Laura?” Asked Felicity.

“Not yet. I start in September. What do you do?”

“I’m a saleswoman for Mars. I have some samples you can take if you like.”

“Hmmm…trying to watch my figure, but I wouldn’t say no,” said Laura.

“Your figure looks fine to me!”

“Awww thanks,” said Laura, innocently.

Laura noticed how Felicty’s eyes wandered over her body. A shiver went down Laura’s back.

“It’s kind of you to baby sit for my sister,” said Felicity, a little later, as they sipped home-made lemonade outside.

“Well, she knows she can trust me.”

“Yeah, Kirsty’s known your Mum for years.”

“I know.”

“Anyway, I’m going to my room to chill then have a shower,” said Felicity.

“OK, I’ll sit out here for a bit, I need the vitamin D,” said Laura.

After half an hour Laura got a little bored. She went up to her room and picked up a book, but she couldn’t be bothered to read it. There was a long, full-length mirror in her room. Laura stood in front of it and admired herself. Her boobs were getting so full. She pouted her lips, taking a few shots of herself on her mobile. She bent forwards, so that her cleavage was visible and took a couple more. Just something to stick on Facebook. Her breasts were squishy and yet round and shapely. Even with her bra, she was aware of their weight and cupped her own boobs, wondering when she would stop developing.

She wandered across the landing. There was a chink in the door of the spare room. She looked through and her stomach did a somersault when she saw Felicity. She was just wearing a bra, panties and white hold-ups. She had a beautiful, shapely bottom and her boobs looked lovely and pert. Laura had only ever seen girls her own age like that. Felicity was 29. Her body was perfect. Not too skinny, but just right. Her belly was flat, with just the one little ripple. If she had any cellulite on her thighs, then Laura couldn’t see it.

As Laura watched secretly, peering through the gap, Felicity put one leg on her bed and gently rolled one stocking down. Laura licked her lips involuntarily, her heart beginning to beat faster. The fine, white silk lingerie slipped to floor and then she put her other leg up. Laura saw the crease between her bum cheeks as she began to slide the other hold up over her thigh. Laura was aware of a gentle aching in her pussy. She had the urge to relieve herself, but was content to just rub herself through the fabric of her leggings. As Felicity turned to undo her bra catch, Laura dodged out of view, but it was too late. Felicity had caught her.


“Hi..ummm sorry, I was just…”

“Were you spying on me?” Asked Felicity.


“What did you see?” Asked Felicity.

“What do you mean?” Asked Laura, hesitantly.

“Come in Laura, it’s OK. Sit on the bed.”

“I was just going down stairs.”

Felicity shook her head and smiled. She opened her bedroom door wide.

“Laura, it’s OK,” said Felicity kindly. “I don’t mind if you want to watch me undress.”

“You don’t?”

“No, it’s natural that you’re inquisitive. I was like you at your age.”

“You were?” Asked Laura, uncertainly.

“Yes. I didn’t know if I was straight or gay or what.”

“Are you into girls?” Asked Laura.

Felicity stepped a little closer to Laura, who was sitting on the bed stiffly and stroked her smooth young face.

“You’re so pretty Laura. Stunning in fact.”

“Thank you.”

“Such beautiful, long blonde hair!” Said Felicity, running some of the golden strands through her fingers.

Laura’s heart was beating so quickly and her body was tense and covered with prickly heat. Without saying anything, Felicity put both hands around her back and undid the two catches on her bra. Laura watched, as the older woman released the garment and her bra fell forwards. Her breasts were amazing. Bigger than Laura had expected with soft pink nipples. Felicity stepped even closer and knelt on the bed. She took Laura’s right hand and placed it on her left breast.

“You’re hand’s shaking my dear!” Said Felicity.

“They’re so soft!” Said Laura.

Felicity put one knee next to Laura’s hip and the other between her legs.

“Kiss them,” she said.


“Kiss my breasts Laura.”

Felicity brushed her nipples across Laura’s full red lips. Laura shuddered as the soft flesh touched her mouth. They were so warm and had a lovely sweet smell. She rubbed her nose against Felicty’s breasts and then ran her tongue around one nipple.

“Ah yes baby, that’s it, kiss them for me,” said Felicity, her voice full of sexual tension.

Felicity ran her fingers through Laura’s thick, strawberry blonde hair. Laura closed her lips around one nipple and sucked gently, Felicity sighed deeply, enjoying the moment to the full.

Felicity stood up and ran her index finger down the length of Laura’s nose and over her lips. Felicity for a moment played with the top of her panties, watching Laura’s reaction. Her pussy lips were pressed against the gusset of the white cotton. Laura looked, unable to take her eyes away from them. Then she looked up at Felicity with her emerald eyes and then looked down at her long, shapely legs. Felicity adjusted her panties again and then lowered them slowly. Laura couldn’t believe how amazingly mouth-watering another girl’s pussy looked. Felicity had neatly trimmed pubic hair, but her labia were smooth and swollen. Her inner lips were protruding ever so slightly and were a deeper shade of pink. Laura could see the moistness and could smell her sexual scent, which had been developing in the warmth of her panties during the day.

“Stand up Laura,” said Felicity.

Laura did and Felicity ran her polished finger nails down the front of Laura’s leggings. Laura instantly experienced an intense yearning inside her young body. The aching in her pussy was growing by the minute. She wanted to lose her virginity to the older, more experienced woman. There was no need to be asked. Laura eased her leggings and white panties down at the same time. Her curly blonde pubes were naturally untrimmed, but her pussy lips were inflamed and accessible. Felicity took the hem of Laura’s T shirt and together they removed it, followed by her bra. Somehow Laura’s afternoon had turned from idle innocence to lesbian lust. The younger girl and the older woman stood facing each other completely naked. The 13 years, which separated them was irrelevant.

Felicity caressed Laura’s breasts as they kissed. Laura's hands roamed Felicity’s body nonchalantly. She wanted to go directly to her pussy but arrived there circuitously. Felicity moaned, pressing her lips into Laura’s neck as Laura jabbed her fingers into her hot, wet pussy. The two girls fell onto the bed and kissed passionately as they ground their pubes together. Felicity sucked on Laura’s bottom lip madly, her own arousal suddenly out of control.

“Just, follow me. Do what I do,” she whispered into Laura’s ear.

Then she turned and opened her legs, lowering herself over Laura’s mouth as she buried her own face between Laura’s legs. Laura wanted to gasp, to scream to let everything go. She rubbed her lips and her nose into Felicity’s soaking wet pussy, drinking her juice and drawing in her intense sexual aroma at the same time. Felicity’s tongue was nibbling Laura’s clitoris. The younger girl had no idea that such a wondrous feeling could exist. Her whole body was one tumultuous sea of sex. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was wet. She was wetter than she could ever make herself and Felicity was licking her sweet young cunt.

Laura delved her tongue into Felicity’s gaping wet pussy. It was so moist, so sexy and lovely. Her juices were so sweet. The more she licked, the more Felicity licked. Laura could feel a wave of pleasure begin to wash over her. It was an all consuming pleasure, like nothing she had known before. Playing with herself hadn’t come even close to this. Felicity sucked on her clitoris and Laura just came, in a gushing, bursting orgasm. Her belly was like the surface of an earth tremor and her thighs were trembling. Both girls came together. Felicity kissed the inside of Laura’s thigh as her own body convulsed in ecstasy.

An hour or so later they sat in the garden as the sun was going down. Emma was jumping up and down on the trampoline.

“What will you do at college?” Asked Felicity.

“English and modern dance, I think,” said Laura.

“Sounds good.”

“I hope so.”

“I’ll be Mum,“ said Felicity, as she poured the freshly brewed tea into the china cups.

Laura went to sleep that night feeling completely fulfilled, not only sexually but emotionally too. It was as if she had come of age. She lay with her hand under her pillow and thought of Felicity as she drifted off to sleep.


So that’s how my darling Laura lost her virginity, to a woman at least. It certainly wiled away a dark winter’s evening. I can’t even remember what DVD we were going to watch. Pretty Woman probably. Laura’s story was far better.

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