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The Smell Game

A Fun Holiday Game Tests A Man's Real Preference

Saad took the elevator up to the luxury penthouse condo of his friend, Rob. The friendship between the pair had evolved after years of going out to chase women together and drink on weekends. As the years passed, the two had made it to their mid-thirties...

Chapter 19 - Our Celebration

Jeff and Valerie begin the holiday decorations, but find time to enjoy thier love.

Valerie called off work the next day she wanted to spend time with Jeff. She was very happy with their Christmas plans. “Jeff let’s get our tree and ornaments today. We can move the table by the window and put our tree there. We can show off our tree to t...

Therese's Story - Chapter 38: Helen

As told to the author. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

There's this spa place that Cait, Lucy, and I go to often for facials and mani-pedis usually, and sometimes a massage. It's not a big place, and we're kind of regulars there, and we know everyone there and even some of the other customers. They take guys...

Laia's Tale: A Tale Of Two Fathers

Laia finds solace in the arms of one who has waited his turn...

Jordina lay naked on the bed. Her legs were wide open, and she felt the cool breeze around her private parts. She closed her eyes, feeling Jan’s tongue explore her vagina. He was licking gently with the tip of his tongue and moving from top to bottom. He...

Therese's Story - Chapter 27: If You Can't Be With The One

As told to the author. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I had expected to find them fighting. Pounding on each other and clawing each other's faces and pulling each other's hair, so when I saw them like that, for about half a second that's what I thought they were doing. That they had been fighting and had rip...

Tim & Sara's Scheme - Part 2

Tim and Sara, two hopelessly naive virgins, get together, scheming to get Miss Judy to punish them again.

It had been more than a month since she’d seen Tim at Miss Judy’s, but she hadn’t seen him since despite keeping a keen eye out for him as she walked the campus to and from her classes. She didn’t have any idea what she would say to him if she did manage...

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Walking Encounters - Part 1 - Savannah

The initial inspiration for this story line actually happened, while the rest is pure fantasy!

Part 1 - Savannah He loved starting his day with his morning walks. Living on the Gulf Coast of Florida and within walking distance of the beach he had two destinations to choose from, both affording a view of the gulf and a place to sit and do his mindfu...

Tabby Cat

A kitten visits for a weekend and wants to play

Tabitha, or Tabby Cat as I call her, waved to me as she descended the stairs at the airport. I waved back and waited for her at the foot of the stairs, getting a quick hug when reached the last step. "Hi!" she greeted excitedly. "Hey, Tabby Cat. Did you h...

You Need A Spanking - Lina - Pt 13

Size is certainly not an indication of how much spanking this 'little girl" can take!

Part 2 - The Spanking For the balance of the day, I ran our conversation over in my mind. I wished I could stop analyzing and just let things play out. I always wondered whether it might work out for the best, but my organized mind always won out, and ana...

Chocolate Peach

A motel maid takes advantage of my awkward situation

"Hey, don't leave me like this!" She just smirked, picked up my pants, and pulled out my wallet. Her long nails went in and pulled out the wad of cash in my billfold, followed by both credit cards. The worn black leather of my wallet went slap, like an op...