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Stacy's Secret is Discovered Part 3

Suddenly she felt Tina’s leg move over hers.....
Michelle curled her arm around Tina’s body, pulling her closer, her left hand moving from her own breast down to her wet opening, her fingers slipping inside. Tina had buried her face in Michelle’s neck and her breath felt hot on her skin.

The wetness from Tina’s pussy was making Michelle’s thigh slick and the sound of her friend’s soft panting next to her ear was causing her to move her fingers inside her own pussy.

Tina’s hips were beginning to move more forcefully and Michelle felt her adjust her position, so that she was on top of her, her legs straddling Michelle’s thigh, her mouth still pressed against her neck. Michelle’s hand glided down Tina’s back to her ass, pressing down, adding to the pressure of her friend’s clit on her thigh. Tina groaned at the increased sensation, her teeth nibbling Michelle’s neck. The feel of her friend’s body pressed against hers was driving Michelle crazy and Tina’s teeth on her neck made her moan and pull her fingers out of her pussy and up over her clit, moving them in a small circular motion. Within seconds she could feel another orgasm starting and her hips began to shudder. She moaned as the sensation built around her vagina.

“Tina, I’m going to cum,” she whispered.

Tina’s reply was only a moan because she was already starting to pant, the pressure of her clit grinding against Michelle’s thigh bringing her to a shuddering orgasm. Her panting grew louder and she called out to Michelle.

“Oh, Michelle. I’m cumming. I’m cumming”.

Both girls shook and moaned, locked in combined, intense climaxes.

As their orgasms subsided Michelle and Tina began to relax, their bodies still pressed together, the light from the laptop screen illuminating the thin film of perspiration which covered their skin. Tina’s mouth was still buried in the dent in Michelle’s neck.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

Michelle remained silent, her head still spinning slightly. Tina spoke again.

“Are you still worried that you might be a lesbian?” She whispered, not moving from the comfortable position she had on her friend’s body.

“I don’t know,” Michelle replied. “That was amazing and I don’t feel bad about it”.

“Good. I don’t feel bad either”. Tina’s voice was starting to be less breathless and she lifted her head.

“Don’t move yet,” Michelle told her as they looked at each other. Tina put her head down onto Michelle’s shoulder and they lay in silence for a moment, the only sound the sex tape still playing on Michelle’s laptop. Tina lifted her leg and closed the screen with her foot.

“I’m sorry I made your leg wet,” Tina said.

“That’s alright. I like it,” Michelle replied.

“You do?”

Michelle paused.

“Yeah, it felt really good. That and your breath on my neck made me touch myself again”.

“And what happened when you started touching yourself?” Tina asked.

Even though she couldn’t see her friend’s face Michelle knew that Tina was smiling.

“I don’t know what you mean,” she replied, sounding as innocent as she could.

Tina giggled.

“You know exactly what I mean,” she said, gently poking Michelle’s ribs.

Michelle wasn’t sure if all this would happen again so she decided to make the most of it.

“Well, when I felt you move so that you were rubbing yourself against my leg and I could feel your warm breath on my neck I put my fingers inside my pussy. Then when you moved almost on top of me I started to play with my clit”.

She was about to continue when Tina moved her hand to between Michelle’s legs.

“Like this?” She asked, sliding her middle finger down over Michelle’s still swollen clit and dipping inside her wet opening. Michelle jumped at the intense sensation on her clitoris.

“Yes! But it’s still really sensitive,” she said.

“Sorry,” Tina apologized, removing her finger.

Michelle felt a little disappointed.

“Well, it’s only really my clit that’s sensitive. So if you want to put your finger back inside me that would be okay”. She tensed for a moment, not quite able to believe she had just asked her friend to put her finger inside her pussy. She felt that it was one thing the two of them getting caught up in the moment; being aroused by watching her sister having sex with her lover and finding themselves being swept along with the situation but to actually ask her friend to finger her might be a step too far.

“I’m sorry. I can’t believe I said that,” she mumbled, closing her eyes in embarrassment.

“Don’t say that,” Tina whispered. “Because if I thought you were uncomfortable then I wouldn’t be able to do this”.

Before Michelle could say another word Tina slid her finger back between her warm lips as deep as it would reach. Michelle sighed and her hips lifted off the bed slightly.

“Oh, you like that, huh?” Tina purred, her lips brushing the flesh on Michelle’s neck.

Michelle moaned at the feel of her friend’s finger moving inside her and she began to grind her hips against Tina’s hand, wanting to feel her deeper. In response to Michelle’s movements Tina pressed her finger against the walls of Michelle’s pussy, making a “come here” movement which made Michelle groan and tilt her hips up.

Tina pressed her body against Michelle’s as she continued to move her finger inside her. She slowly lifted her head to look at her friend.

“Have you ever played with yourself then tasted yourself on your finger?” She asked, watching Michelle’s face, noting that her friend’s lips were parted and she was beginning to pant quietly.

Michelle was getting lost in the sensation of Tina’s finger moving inside her but she managed to answer.

“No,” she whispered. “No, I’ve never done that”, She paused for a moment, summoning the courage to ask a question of her own. “Do you want me to?”

“Actually I had another idea,” Tina replied as she slid her finger from inside Michelle and bringing it to her friend’s mouth, slipping it between her lips which were already parted with excitement. Michelle eagerly took her friend’s glistening finger into her mouth, sucking and licking it. Michelle opened her eyes to look at Tina; her nerves were all but erased by the excitement of what she and her best friend were doing.

“Do you want to taste it too?” Michelle asked, looking into Tina’s eyes.

The corners of Tina’s mouth started to curl up into a smile as she continued to grind her body gently against Michelle’s.

“I do want to taste you. But I don’t just want to lick your finger,” she purred.

Michelle felt her stomach tighten with excitement, knowing what Tina was asking her. She also knew that she wanted to take the next step but she wanted to play a little.

“What do you mean?” Michelle asked innocently.

Tina groaned, nuzzling her mouth into Michelle’s neck and grinding her hips and breasts seductively against her.

“You know what I mean. Are you really going to make me say it?”

Michelle smiled, “Yes. I want you to tell me”.

Tina looked up at Michelle.

“Well, I want to lick your pussy. I want to taste you on my tongue. I want to put my tongue inside you and lick your clit”.

Her words, said in her soft voice, coupled with the look on her pretty face caused Michelle to let out a quite whimper before she spoke.

“And will you make me cum?” She asked.

Tina looked at her, obviously surprised by her friend’s request but she didn’t hesitate to answer.

“I’ll make you cum,” she replied simply.

The two young friends looked at each other for a moment then without saying a word Tina leaned forward, her lips opening. Michelle responded by lifting her head off the pillow and pulling her friend toward her. Their lips met for the first time and they parted wider, their tongues touching and exploring each other’s mouths. Michelle’s hand moved to Tina’s breast, gently stroking and rolling her nipple, the sensation causing the passion of their kiss to increase. Tina whimpered into Michelle’s mouth, reaching for her breast, massaging it firmly.

Michelle moaned, “Tina, I want you to make me cum,” she whispered.

Tina gently broke their kiss and began to move down Michelle’s body, stopping at her breast and taking her nipple into her mouth, sucking it, making it harder. Michelle groaned, reaching for her friend’s breast again. With one last suck on Michelle’s nipple Tina continued moving lower, kissing her stomach, inching closer to the smooth, damp mound between her friend’s legs.

Michelle tensed as she felt Tina’s mouth nearing her pussy, the knowledge that they were about to cross a line in their friendship made her head spin but her lust and desire to feel her friend’s lips on her most intimate part of her body stopped her from protesting.

Suddenly, Tina’s mouth reached Michelle’s pussy and her back arched as she felt her tongue run the length of her lips before dipping inside her. Michelle gasped, her hips pressing up onto her friend’s mouth, her hands moving to the back of her head, gently holding it in position. Tina began to lick inside Michelle’s hot opening, sucking her labia before running her tongue up to her clit. She began to stroke her clit slowly at first, her tongue moving deliciously up and down. Tina’s stomach tensed and her head lifted as she began to breathe harder, panting at the sensation of her best friend’s tongue on her clitoris.

Tina responded to Michelle’s movements by licking faster, her hands reaching up to Michelle’s breasts, massaging them in time with the movements of her tongue. Michelle was beginning to moan louder, panting with each stroke of Tina’s tongue. Suddenly her body tensed and Tina felt her nipples stiffen even harder as her hips bucked and her thighs tried to close. Tina increased the pressure of her mouth around Michelle’s vagina, trying to move with her friend, not wanting to reduce the pressure of her tongue. Michelle’s body shook as her orgasm swept through her and she called out in ecstasy. Tina moved with her friend, waiting to feel her body relax.

As Michelle laid back Tina lifted her head but Michelle spoke.

“Don’t stop,” she called softly, “Please don’t stop. Give me your pussy. I want to taste you too”.

Without hesitating Tina quickly moved up the bed. She turned and lifted her leg, straddling Michelle’s face, giving her a perfect view of her slick pussy as Michelle opened her eyes. Michelle reached up, grabbing Tina’s ass and pulling her down until her pussy was almost touching her. She stopped, looking at Tina’s smooth, wet opening before gently sliding a finger between her swollen lips. Tina gasped, lowering her head back to Michelle’s pussy, flicking at her clit with her tongue. Michelle’s hips moved at the sensation and she moaned but the sound was muffled as she placed her mouth over Tina’s open and inviting vagina. The tip of her nose grazed her opening, the sweet, musty scent a totally new sensation for her. She reached out with her tongue, finding her friend’s clit, the nub stiff and sensitive under her soft fleshy tongue. Both girls began to lick the others clit, their desires to cum again only surpassed by wanting to make the other cum.

Michelle’s clit was already hyper sensitive and she felt another orgasm begin almost immediately; or it could have been the re-awakening of the previous one brought about by the firm but tender pressure of Tina tongue and lips. She began to pant and whimper again as her orgasm built like a wave around her thighs; her hot breath mixing with the heat of Tina’s aroused pussy. She felt herself cumming for the fourth time that evening but she didn’t let up with her movements on her best friend’s stiff clitoris. Suddenly Michelle felt Tina’s thighs begin to quiver either side of her face and her pussy pressed harder onto her mouth. Michelle’s orgasm was reaching its peak and she called out, her cries stifled by her friend’s wet opening. As she began to relax she felt Tina’s mouth leave her pussy and her friend let out a cry of pleasure telling her best friend that she was cumming; that Michelle was making her cum.

Tina ground her hips, riding Michelle’s mouth until her intense orgasm passed but not before Michelle could lick some of her juices from the tight, slick entrance to her pussy.

Her body still reeling from the effects of such an intense climax Tina managed to turn around so that her head was next to Michelle’s before collapsing next to her friend. Michelle, her eyes still closed reached over and pulled Tina to her. Tina lifted her leg and wrapped it around Michelle’s and the two girls lay there breathless and silent, there hot bodies entwined.

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