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The Chess Club part 1

Teacher becomes the advisor to the chess club.

The bell rang, signaling the end of another school day. My students hurried out leaving me alone in my class room, same as I have done for the last fifteen years. I have taught history in high school since I was twenty-two. Where has the time gone, I thought. When I started my teaching career, I was an idealistic college graduate who was going to save the world’s youth by teaching them history. I was engaged to my high school sweetheart ready to conquer the world.

Now I’m thirty-seven, divorced from my high school sweetheart for five years. Asshole ran off with his secretary. Only good thing was I had a better lawyer, who capitalized on the video I had of him fucking his secretary in the ass on our bed.

My idealism for teaching had left me a few years before my husband did. Teaching simply became a job. It was all I knew, and I had tenure, so I was essentially sleep walking through my job.

One benefit of a divorce is that it jumpstarts you into worrying about your appearance again. After the divorce was final I started working out again and got in pretty good shape. I dated a little but got discouraged by the assholes I was dating. It has now been three years since I’ve dated. The only sexual release I received resided in my night stand drawer and that depended on the batteries being charged.

Funny thing was that before my divorce and not until the last two years I hadn’t noticed how slutty the girls dressed and how cute the boys were. I tried to push that out of my head, teachers have in drilled into them never fraternize with the students. Our district even has a strict social media policy that forbids any contact of any kind.

In the last year I found myself wearing lower cut blouses. Nothing as exposing as what the slutty girls wore but my cleavage did show. The first time I saw boys trying to get a look at my tits I was mad and disgusted with them. Somehow the second and third time I found myself getting turned on to the point my little friend in the night stand was needing more batteries. It was becoming a game with me go the desks of the cute boys and bend over with the pretense that I was helping them with their work.

I knew it was wrong, but I was hooked the first time I noticed the tent in one of my nerdy boy’s pants as my tits swung in front of his face. I was good at teasing my boys. They were so cute sneaking peeks at my breasts and my ass.

At the start of this year I told myself I was not going to tease my boys but that ended quickly. My advanced class had four senior boys who were the cutest nerds. Within a month of the new school year I had fallen back in my teasing ways, flirting with “my boys”.

The boys surprised me by asking me to be their faculty advisor to their chess club. I agreed and the four met one day a week in my class room after school. Todd, Craig, Jim and Tony sat around playing chess sneaking peeks at my tits. I enjoyed giving them views of my cleavage.

Things started getting out of control on a Friday after school. The football team was in the playoffs playing their game at the rival school. The great majority of kids and staff were hurrying after class to get to the game. I didn’t care about the game, so I was in my classroom finishing up my papers. I was thankful for the quiet once the halls cleared.

My classroom door opened startled me, “Mrs. Thompson, I didn’t expect you to be here. Sorry if I startled you, I saw your light on.”

“Hi Todd, I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be in the building. I figured everyone would be at the game. What are you doing here?”

“I’m not much into the game; I was just working a couple of my college apps. Could I talk you into looking at them for errors?”

He looked so innocent in his jeans and t-shirt. “Sure, let me finish this paper. Have a seat at the table and I’m almost done.”

Once finished I sat next to Todd close enough that our shoulders were rubbing. As I read over his papers Todd was intently looking down my blouse. I caught him a few times and just smiled leaning closer. I showed him a few errors and put my hand on his thigh. He squirmed in his chair trying to adjust the growing buldge in his pants.

I finished his papers with Todd still starring at my tits and my hand on his thigh. “Can you help me take these boxes to the supply room?” I asked Todd.

“Of course,” Todd said standing up trying to hide his hard-on.

We took the short walk down the now dark halls to the supply room. “I think we are the only ones in the building, Todd.”

I intentionally only hit two of the light switches keeping the room dimly lit. I led Todd to the high shelves where the boxes belonged. He put his box on the shelf and watching as I tried to reach the shelf. “Todd, come behind me and help me get it up.” Todd slid in behind putting his hands on the box I was holding. I pushed my ass back against his crotch. “Step a little closer so I can get it up.” We stood there for a few moments with Todd’s crotch grinding against my ass. “A little closer, we almost have it.” Todd’s hands had slipped from holding the box to my wrists.

His breathing got heavier as I continued to grind my ass into his crotch. With his hands holding my wrists I brought my arms to my chest letting his hands come to rest on my tits. Getting my hint, Todd cautiously squeezed my breasts. I moaned loudly, pushing back harder into Todd’s crotch. Todd squeezed harder on my tit grinding his crotch into me pushing me against the shelves.

Suddenly Todd grunted, followed by “Oh shit.” Todd released me, “Sorry Mrs. Thompson. I need to go.” Todd stammered and hurried out the supply room. I knew Todd had just shot his load in his pants. I reached down to my pants, shit my panties were soaked.

“Debbie, what the fuck were you thinking?” I thought to myself as I made my way back to my room. Teasing was one thing, but I had just dry humped a student and let him grope me. I knew it was wrong, but God it was it exciting.

That night I tried to put it out of my head, but that night I even dreamed of Todd fucking me on my desk. I woke up with two fingers in my pussy.

I was glad it was Saturday, so I wouldn’t have to awkwardly face Todd at school. I was just getting ready to work out when I heard a knock at my door. I was expecting a package, so I thought nothing of it. I had on a bra top and running shorts. It was just the UPS guy, so I went to the door. To my surprise, Todd was standing on my porch.

“How did you find out where I live and what are you doing here.” I said in a pissed tone.

“Come on Mrs. Thompson, you can find out anything on the internet. I came over to apologize for yesterday.”

“Stop right there. Todd, nothing happened yesterday, you understand?” I said sternly.

Todd stammered, “But we were in the supply room I was against you and then touched your boobs. Then I made a mess in my pants.”

“No Todd, that did not happen. If it did, you’re in trouble for attacking a teacher or I’m in trouble for having inappropriate relations with a student. Are we clear?”

“Oh God, the last thing I want to do is cause you trouble. I can keep my mouth shut, it never happened.”

Todd went on stammering that he was sorry and should never have come to my house. He looked like beaten puppy. I knew that I shouldn’t, but I reached out to give him a hug. His warm body felt so good against mine. I pressed my breasts against his chest, feeling the heat coming from his crotch.

AT 5’9”, Todd was only a few inches taller than me. With just a small turn of his head we were face to face or lip to lip. Again, knowing I shouldn’t, I pressed my lips against Todd’s. He eagerly accepted my tongue exploring his mouth. After a few moments I broke the kiss backing up.

“Fuck, I can’t believe I did that. I’m sorry I did that Todd. We can’t do this.”

Todd stepped closed to me putting his hands on my waist, “Mrs. Thompson, I swear there is no way I will tell anyone. That kiss we just had was incredible as yesterday when I felt you’re you know what’s. That was the greatest thing ever.” Todd’s hands crept up my waist to my bra top.

I grabbed his hands looking him in the eye. I looked down to the tent in his pants. “Oh fuck, don’t make me regret this.” I released his hands and pulled the bra top over my head. I took hold of his hands and placed them on my tits.

Todd squeezed them gently, “Oh God, your breasts are incredible. Can I kiss them?”

“Mmm yes, kiss them, lick them and suck on them. They have not had this kind of attention in a long while.” Todd sucked hard on my nipples as I pressed his head against my chest.

I pulled Todd’s head from my chest. “Todd, stop!”

“What, did I do something wrong?”

“No you didn’t, I haven’t been with a man since a year before my divorce.”

Todd looked down dejected, “So, you want me to leave?”

“No, what I’m telling you is that I need your cock. I want to suck it, and have you fuck me with it. I just want you to be clear on what I want when I take you up to my bed.”

Todd stammered, “Your bed and fuck?”

“I know you are a virgin Todd. If we take that walk up those stairs you won’t come down a virgin. I want you to understand that.”

“Mrs. Thompson, I want that more than anything. I promise I won’t say anything to anyone.”

I took Todd’s hand leading him my bedroom. I could tell he was nervous but hell, so was I. My head was screaming out to me to stop, there was no way this would end well. But I was so damn horny, I needed his cock.

I stripped my running shorts and panties off after I closed the door and helped Todd off with his clothes freeing his hard dick. He sat on the edge of the bed, kneeling before him. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a dick in my mouth, I hope I remember how.”

Todd moaned as I gently grabbed his cock, examining it. It was so cute, not big, but not small either. I squeezed his balls and petted his mound of fur behind his shaft. Parting my lips, I slid his cock into my mouth. I lathered him up with my salvia sucking on the tip. Todd’s hips were bucking in unison to my sucking and stroking.

“Oh God, this is incredible. Mrs. Thompson, I think I’m about to... ” Todd’s words ended in a grunt. He filled my mouth with his seman. I hadn’t tasted cum in so long, I had forgotten I really didn’t like the taste. I swallowed it anyway.

Todd helped my up on the bed next to him. “I never could have imagined a blowjob could be that great.”

I kissed him on the cheek. “Just wait till you feel your dick buried in my pussy. Would you like to taste my pussy first?”

“Oh yes, I’ve never even seen one except on the internet.” I spread my legs wide Todd crawled between them. He had seen enough porn to know what to do. He ran his finger over my pussy lips before pressing his lips to my pussy.

“Now with your tongue lick your way inside my pussy lips.” I moaned loudly as his tongue penetrated my folds. Todd was sloppy but effective. He continued to lick and suck on me at my direction. His tongue found my clit and sent me over the edge. I shook hard with an orgasm. “Very good Todd, come up here and kiss me.”

Todd slid up to my body placing his pussy juice soaked lips on mine. “Are we going to have sex now?”

“If you’re ready.” I looked down to see dick at full attention. “Oh shit, you’re really ready. Get on top of me with your legs between mind. Slowly push your dick inside me. I’m very wet so you will probably slide right in. Once you’re inside me just start moving your dick around as it feels good.”

Todd did as he was told and slowly pushed his cock inside me. The look on his face was priceless when his dick was fully inserted in me. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Oh God, this is the best thing ever, am I doing it right?”

“You’re doing great, just keep pumping your cock in and out of my pussy. When you’re ready to cum, don’t hold back. Shoot it inside me.” Todd pumped me hard. His heaving breathing told me he was getting close. He grunted pushing his crotch into me. I held him tight as he filled me.

“No,” I whispered to him. “Don’t move, I want to keep you inside me a little longer.”

Todd kissed me gently on the lips, “Thank you,” he said in a whisper.

“For what?”

“For giving me the best time of my life.” Todd got up starting to put his pants on.

“Where you going? Do you have plans for the day?”

“Not really, just some errands for my mom, why?”

“I think we’ve had a good start, but I was going to see if you wanted to spend the rest of the day with me. I could fix you some lunch then I could show you a few more positions.”

Todd didn’t say a word, he pulled out his phone and pushed a button. “Hi mom, you know that research paper I had to do for my teacher Thompson. She is making me redo it so I’m going to have spend the rest of the day working on it. She is really strict, she said I would have to keep at till I get it right.” Todd turned around, “What’s for lunch?”


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