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Teacher Stories


Making The Grade... Part One Of Two

Sometimes, it's all about how you earn success!

Shit! Fuck! DAMN! This grade was the worst I'd received this semester. It was written in red inside a red circle. Like, I wouldn't have noticed if it had been written in black ink? As if! There was also a large, red ink scrawl where Mr. Delaney had writte...

Mrs. K

Mrs. K teaches her student more than just English.

He was a tall lanky sixteen-year-old who looked somewhat younger than his age due to a round face. He was at the top of his class and came from a family who did good for themselves. He was reclusive compared to his classmates, probably due to his being an...

Learning Lola Part 1

Mr. Jameson receives sexy love letters from a secret admirer

Lola's First Letter Dear Mr. Jameson, I know this is kind of weird and kids don't usually write letters to their teachers anymore, but I just wanted to let you know you're appreciated. My aunt and grandma were teachers and they always complain about how u...

An Early Evening Visit

Jess Stokes pays Talulah a visit…

‘Come in, it’s open.’ Jess Stokes turned the handle and pushed open the door. ‘Hello, Miss Stokes,’ Talulah said, sitting on her bed. She was wrapped in a large, fluffy bathrobe, a hint of her deep cleavage just visible. ‘Is everything okay?’ ‘Yes, everyt...

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Unexpected Company When On Holiday Far From Home - Part X

All Good Things Must Reach An End, Or At Least Change Direction....

While Victoria and Aunt Lucy had finished up at work in the bar, I had headed back to my villa with Lucy's lover Samantha and her daughter Paige. This was Samantha and Paige's last night at the resort, and Lucy had given Victoria the remainder of my vacat...

Unexpected Company When On Holiday Far From Home - Part IX

Fun For Everyone To Celebrate Paige And Samantha's Last Night On The Island Before Returning Home

After we'd woken from our afternoon of getting to know each other. Victoria had gone to work on the promise of having the rest of my holiday away from work, to spend with me. She and Paige had skipped off, leaving Aunty Lucy and Samantha to 'talk'. Paige...

Diary Of A High School Stud: Chapter One

The worst day of Tommy Mitchell's life suddenly became the best, thanks to his teacher.

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, and I saw something that surprised me. I saw that many of my former high school classmates were saying that Gary Mertz passed away at the age of fifty-four. He was survived by his wife, three kids, and two g...

Unexpected Company When On Holiday Far From Home - Part VIII

Aunt Lucy And Samantha Investigate The Girls Afternoon Activities

While Aunt Lucy and Samantha had some time together, Victoria and I had spent the afternoon on the beach with Paige, getting to know each other better. We'd headed back to the villa for refreshments, where we had spent more time starting to explore the vi...

Unexpected Company When On Holiday Far From Home - Part VII

Victoria and Mr. B Explore Paige's Wants and Needs

Victoria and I had spent the afternoon on our private beach with Paige, while Aunt Lucy and Paige's Mom, Samantha, had some 'alone' time. We had all cum together in a quivering mess, as we played on the beach before Paige headed down to the sea to clean o...