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The Drive Home

Relaxing masturbation on the drive home turns into something I've always fantasized about.

My commute to and from work is about 40 minutes each way. I enjoy the ride home the most as I use that time to undress from the waist down and enjoy some de-stressing.

I always enjoy wearing stockings under my work day clothes and love nothing better than to get in the truck, hop on the highway and set the cruise control so that I can get naked. My office is about three quarters of a mile from the highway and in that short distance I usually have removed my shoes, socks and sometimes my pants, too.

I never wear underwear with or without stockings. I love the feel of stroking my legs and feet with stockings still on and get hard pretty quickly all the while knowing that if someone really looked as they passed my truck they would probably get an eyeful of my naked cock.

Once I’m feeling relaxed I pull out one of my butt plugs and lube it up with my tongue like I’m slurping on a fat cock. Once it’s good and wet I lift up and place it in the middle of my cheeks and ease down slowly enjoying the feel of my hole being spread and filled a little at a time and savoring every moment. By the time the plug is all the way in I’m hard and the pre-cum is starting to flow and more than a few strokes at a time would set me off.

To prolong the enjoyment I simply stroke my stocking-covered legs until the urge to cum has subsided to a tolerable level and then I tilt a little to one side and start to work the plug slowly in and out at a nice easy pace. It is so relaxing and the stress just falls away. My goal is just to enjoy the feel of the penetration and the taste of my own pre-cum while holding back my orgasm as long as possible.

Today was a normal busy and stressful workday of pushing papers and answering customer calls and I was looking forward to the ride home.

As I was driving home I was already into my routine having just eased down on the butt plug and I came upon some traffic. I had to turn off the cruise control for about a mile then the traffic broke up and I was on my way again.

I was starting to get into enjoying myself again when I saw flashing lights come up behind me and realized when I reset the cruise it was about ten miles an hour over the speed limit.

I started to pull over but was in a full panic as I was wearing thigh high lace-topped stockings and no pants. In addition to that, I still had the plug buried deep. Fortunately the officer didn't hop out of his car too quickly and I managed to pull on my pants, leaving the butt plug where it felt so good. I slipped on my shoes just before he got to my window.

The officer asked for my license and registration and stood there for what seemed like forever just looking in and around the truck. He finally said he would be back in a minute and headed back to his car. I started looking around my truck to try and figure out what he was looking at that made him stay there so long. That was when I saw two things. My right pants leg was still at about halfway up my calf (exposing my black stockings) and my socks were laying on the passenger side floor.

Well I started to get a little excited and a whole lot scared shitless by the prospect of being caught wearing my stockings (not to mention the butt plug). I heard the officer’s door close and I looked up to see him approaching me. The whole time I was thinking that he would arrest me for something and take me to jail just to embarrass me for wearing the stockings.

He finally got to my window and said, "Since your driving record is clean I will let you off with a warning this time if......."

The pause showed me he was just the slightest bit nervous which gave me a feeling of control.

I asked him, “If what?”

“If you will show me what you are wearing under your pants.”

I thought that if I took off my pants that he might see a little more than what he was asking for since I was wearing the thigh-highs without any underwear.

I was so turned on by the idea of what might happen that I just asked him, “Do you want to see it here by the highway or is there some place a little more private you have in mind?”

He answered, "There is a parking lot just a mile off the highway that is almost always empty this time of night. Follow me."

The lot was empty and only a couple of minutes away just like he said it would be. I decided I should keep this place in mind for the future.

It was a long narrow lot with nothing immediately around other that farmland. Looking at the signs I surmised that it was once a park-and-ride lot but hasn’t been used in quite a while based on the way the weeds were growing up through the pavement.

I followed the cop all the way to the back of the lot where it was almost impossible to see us from the street and we both came to a stop. He got out of his car and approached my door. He stood there a second and I decided that if I was going to do this that I needed to tease him a little by taking my time.

I rolled down my window and said, “Is there something I can help you with officer?”

He reached the door handle and slowly pulled open my door and says, “I’d like to see what you’re wearing under those pants.”

I reached down and removed my shoes and set them over on the passenger seat exposing my stocking feet. I swung them around and placed them up against his firm thighs which he seemed to surprise him. I laid my head back against the center console and unbuttoned my pants and slowly unzipped them. I paused and thought to myself that this was it and I could still stop here.

While I was still in my little ‘state of thought’ he grabbed the cuffs of my pants and pulled them off in one quick motion. I was so surprised by his action that it took me a minute to realize how intently he was staring at my cock which was as swollen as it had ever been in my life

My feet were now laying against his chest and his tug had pulled me out of the truck about a foot. This put my bare, butt-plug-filled ass hanging over the edge of the seat. He reached down and took my left foot and brought it to his mouth and gently started to suck on my stocking covered toes.

My mind started to spin. I had never felt anything like this and I thought I might just cum from that alone.

While he was still sucking on my left foot his free hand started to caress my right leg. It felt amazing. I mean, I know how good it felt to caress my own stocking covered legs but WOW!

He started to suck on the toes on my right foot now and caressed the left leg. My pre-cum was flowing pretty good and I was in heaven. He stepped forward and his growing crotch pressed against my ass and the back of my thighs.

He started to grind against me which had a direct line to my prostate via the butt plug. I started to shoot cum all over myself and nearly black out from the most spectacular orgasm I had ever had. It seemed almost never ending.

I started to come down from my high and spread my thighs. I reached forward and quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out a beautifully hard average-sized cock and started to slowly stroke it.

He let my feet drop to the ground and I moved forward and roughly licked the head of his cock like it’s the last one on earth. He grabbed the back of my head and started pushing it in my mouth. I just went crazy and started bobbing up and down like a maniac which put him over the edge in a matter of seconds.

His cum started shooting down my throat but it was way too much for me. I let it the excess run down my cheeks and fall to the ground. He staggered a little from the violent orgasm and started to zip up his pants but I was not done yet. I reached forward and pulled his zipper back down, took his cock back out and started stroking it.

“I still need a good fucking so let’s get that thing hard again.”

While I was stroking his half hard cock he reached down and started to slowly work the butt plug in and out of my ass. When he was fully hard again then he pulled the butt plug out of my ass. Once it was out I smeared some of my saliva mixed with his cum all in my hole and pulled him forward and slipped his now hard cock right into me.

I grabbed both of my legs behind the knees and pulled them back to my chest and told him to fuck the shit out of me and fill me up with his salty goo.

He started off slowly and deeply and I was just losing my mind when he sped up and just hammered my ass. I felt his balls slapping me and then he stopped deep and started to stroke my cock.

"Are you ready to cum? I am and I want it slow and deep."

All I could do is shake my head because I was just gone.

Officer Friendly started the slow deep pounding and within a minute I felt his cum filling my wanting ass. I start to shoot all over myself again while he was still stroking me.

He let go of my now flaccid cock and his own softening cock slips out of my leaking stretched hole.

He put his away and reached in his shirt pocket and laid his card on my cum-covered chest.

“Call me when you need me again.”

I just smiled and waved as he headed back to his car and drove off. I laid there a while reveling in the feeling of having been thoroughly fucked and thought that I would probably be speeding a lot from now on because that was way better than jerking off alone on my way home.

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