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The End Isn't The Only Thing Coming

The End Isn't The Only Thing Coming

If the world is going to end, I'm going out with a bang!
The question was posed, "if the whole Mayan 2012 end of the world thing were real, how would you live out your final days?" What would people do if they knew they were almost out of time? I never really gave it much thought before; usually put it as a "that's not for man to know. It's God's territory" kind of situation. But... what would I do if I knew the end was coming?

The obvious choice is carpe diem. Seize the day and all that. For example, I don't want to die a virgin! That's right, folks. I, Jason, 21 year old nerd, amateur author of erotica and college student is a card-carrying member of the V-club. I've never had sexual intercourse, never received oral sex, never had a handjob, never made love to a pair of big tits, and forget anal of course. Nothing! Now, I've fingered girls to Nirvana and I'm great with my tongue, but it's just not the same.


I was just pondering this when I ran into two friends of mine.

Milly was a girl my age who stood about my height with long, beautiful red hair. Now, I don't mean she was a "ginger". Her hair was a dark, luscious red that flowed down her shoulders to her back. She had smooth, creamy skin and the most incredible green-gold eyes that I'd ever seen. She had a smile that lit up a room, accentuated by soft, full pink lips. She had impossibly perky, D-cup breasts and an ass that made your jaw drop. The kind of ass you see on MTV, not on twnety-one year old white girls in Florida.

Debbie, on the other hand, was a few years younger than me and about six inches shorter, but with round, perky DD's. They looked enormous and incredible on her small frame, her only having the tiniest amount of "padding" on her belly from having had a kid. But her face was youthful, pixie-like and beautiful. She had gorgeous hazel eyes and a mischievous smile, coupled with short, dark hair.

The two of them were beauty incarnate. And thus, completely out of my league.

We stopped to talk for a while, all of us having escaped from the emotional madhouses of our families and to find friends and say what may be our final goodbyes. We stood there talking about the shock of what was coming, all of us stunned by the realization.

"What really blows is all the stuff we'll never get to do." I said. "Careers, families... other stuff." I trailed off at the end, reminding myself that of the group there, I was the only virgin.

"What kind of 'other stuff ', Jason?" Milly asked, a curious expression on her face.

"Well... I really don't wanna' die a virgin," sighed."But I don't really see that changing in the next week, so..." I explained, trailing off at the end with a shrug, my head hanging.

"Oh, yeah...." Debbie said. "I forgot about that." She hugged me, her arms around my waist, her massive jugs pressing against my ribs. "I'm sorry, hun."

I gave her a one-armed hug around the shoulders and sighed, "Eh.... Not your fault, Debbie. It's not like it's the... well, the end of the world." We all laughed at that one, probably more from the tension, but either way it helped. Debbie stepped away and smiled, catching her breath.

"It's okay." Milly began, rubbing my shoulder. "There's more important things. Like, lots of people have sex, but you're a really sweet guy. You're smart and funny, too. You could be a total douchebag." She finished with a grin.

"True, but it still blows." I agreed, nodding. "Though..." I began as a thought occurred to me. "...meh." I cut the thought off and didn't finish my sentence.

"Though what?" Milly asked, not missing a beat. At this point, I was feeling a bit better about things, but really didn't want to ruin the moment with another idiotic "Jason idea". I tend to have those from time to time.

"Nothin'..." I mumbled. Trying to divert her attention, I started moving and we all fell in step again, going nowhere in particular. What a shock, that didn't work either.

"What were you gonna' say?" Debbie asked in her sweet, crystal-clear voice. As I looked down into her sparkling hazel eyes and looked over at Milly's angelic smile, I knew I had to be honest with them, or else I may regret it for... well, about a week. I sighed, knowing in my gut that this was going to go badly.

"Well..." I began, "I was gonna' ask, since it's pretty unlikely I'm gonna' get to have sex before we all bite the big one... if it would be alright if I kissed you." I finished nervously, glancing back and forth between the two of them.

They looked surprised, but neither one of them said anything at first. They just looked at me, then each other, and then back to me. Without a word, Debbie stepped up to me and, wrapping her arms around the back of my neck, she stood up on her tip-toes and kissed me right on the lips. Softly at first, but as my hands found her hips, her lips became more pressing, her body moving closer to mine.

Her soft breasts smashed up against my hard pecs as my hard bulge pressed against her stomach and my arms wove around her waist, lifting her off her feet. As we parted, her cheeks were flushed and we were both breathing a little harder. As she stepped away, I glanced back toward Milly, only to see that she was practically touching me.

I opened my mouth in an attempt to speak (what I would have said, I have no idea), but she cut me off by planting her soft pink lips against mine, grabbing a handful of hair from the back of my head and pulling my mouth to her's even harder. Not to be over-dominated, I wrapped my own right arm around her waist and pulled her closer, my other hand grasping the back of her neck and squeezing slightly. Just enough to make her open her lips against mine in a soft gasp.

With that opening, I took a shot and allowed my tongue to slither into her mouth, her own tongue eagerly meeting mine and, in a dance of something between lust and love, our kiss deepened, our hands clutching each other's bodies. When we finally parted, we were both practically panting and I know my long hair must have looked pretty wild.

It took me a moment to regain enough semblance of composure to speak. "Wow.... Thank you.... Both of you. That was..." I started losing track of words as I looked at them, "that was incredible." I grinned at them and they both laughed with me.

"Don't thank me..." Milly started, wrapping an arm around my neck and rubbing her left thigh against the inside of mine. "...Just kiss me again." Well, who could argue with that?

I wrapped an arm around her back, taking her free hand in mine as our fingers intertwined. My lips found her's again and it felt like they were home. We kissed deeply and passionately, but still somehow softly. Tenderly. I felt a touch on my shoulder and we separated. Milly turned her head as well and I noted that Debbie had a hand on her arm as well.

She didn't say anything. Instead, she just kissed Milly deeply. Right on the lips as her small hands wove their way into Milly's long red hair. I was a bit confused as to what to do, but Milly pulled my face to her's and they both kissed me, their tongues dancing in my mouth somehow at the same time. I'm not really sure how I did it, but somehow I held my own. After a moment, I was holding both of them to me and we were all kissing and touching and holding each other.

While Milly and Debbie kissed each other's succulent mouths, I would kiss their cheeks and their necks, finding her neck to be a very sensitive area on Debbie. When I would lock lips with one, the other would do likewise, biting my neck and driving me crazy.

Somehow, we made it back to my car and found ourselves leaning against it. "You drive..." Milly whispered in my ear. "My apartment is five minutes from here." I opened the doors for them and they both climbed in, Debbie behind me and Milly riding shotgun to give me directions. I couldn't believe what was happening and my cock was like steel in my jeans, straining against the tight material.

I felt Debbie's small, delicate hands on my neck, gently rubbing and playing with my hair. I stiffened, a tingle running up my spine as I realized the full implications of what was happening. I was driving two beautiful young women to one's apartment, to have sex with them both.

It was a miracle I kept the car on the road.

When we arrived, I was tripping over myself getting out of the car and opening their doors. We half-ran to the door, Milly fumbling her keys a bit as she unlocked it. Debbie was on my back, kissing my neck and nipping my ear as I pushed Milly into the apartment via my hands on her incredible ass. Once we were inside, the impish girl on my back slid down and took my right hand, the goddess-esque redhead taking my left. Together, they lead me into the bedroom. As we entered, they released my hands, walking forward towards the bed.

They looked back at me together, as if something from a movie. "Well? Get over here, babe." Milly said, a laugh in her voice as she smiled. I gulped and kicked my shoes off, stumbling slightly in my excitement to cross the room. When I reached them, Debbie smacked my ass, giggling.

"You have a great ass, hun." she said, smiling that sexy smile. She stepped closer, her hand cupping my ass and giving it a squeeze. "Mmm... very great." I grinned and kissed her, cupping her ass.

"So do you, babe."

Milly wrapped her arms around me, drawing my attention back as she kissed me deeply, our tongues dancing. I wrapped my own free arm around her waist and pulled her to me, feelings I thought I'd buried and lost resurfacing and shocking me like a bolt of lightening. I pulled back slightly and stared at her, my head a swirling mess of thoughts. Well, more so than usual.

"Milly..." I began, "I never told you during the semester, but... I really like you. I thought it had disappeared, but... I was wrong. I just... yeah." I had a bead of sweat rolling down my back and I swallowed, my mouth suddenly very dry.

Weird, right? Just like me to potentially ruin a threesome by bringing emotion into it all because my heart decided to reach up and tap me on the shoulder. I readied myself for the inevitable "sorry, Jason. You're a great friend but" speech, my erection starting to deflate and my blood going cold even as Debbie kneaded my ass and rubbed my back.

"Jason..." Milly began. Here it comes. I even screwed this up... I thought, closing my eyes.

"It took you long enough." Her voice echoed in my ears, stunning me. I felt my eyes fly open as I stared at her. And, to my shock, she was smiling. "I thought you were never gonna' tell me for real." she said, her ethereal face glowing.

"You... you already knew?" I stammered, utterly confused. Behind me, Debbie laughed.

"Of course she knew. We both did." she said, chuckling. I was flabbergasted.

"You... y-you both... what??" I nearly gave myself whiplash looking from one smirking face to the other. "What do you mean 'you both knew'?"

Milly laughed and pressed herself closer to me. "I mean we both knew because I could tell. I was just waiting for you to tell me yourself." While I was trying to process that, she resumed kissing me and all rational thought vanished from my mind. While we kissed, I felt two sets of hands pulling up my shirt and I reluctantly pulled my mouth from Milly's long enough for them to remove it.

My own hands moved under Milly's shirt and deftly removed it, unclasping her bra as I did so. She tossed them both to the floor. Finally, her glorious breasts were revealed to me. They were perfect. Big and perky with smooth, creamy white skin. They were complete with two small pink nipples, both of which looked hard enough to cut glass. I reached out and squeezed them, feeling my own chest being rubbed as I did. I glanced down and saw two small hands reaching around me from behind to massage my muscled chest.

Which reminded me: Debbie was still wearing all of her clothes. That needed to change right away. I turned to the sexy little vixen and she promptly removed her shirt for me, but allowed me to undo the front clip of her bra. I moaned softly at the sight of her massive tits. They were even bigger than Milly's, and would have been just as perky if not for their size. As it was, they stuck out proudly from her chest. Debbie's nipples were only a shade darker than Milly's, but a bit larger, the aureoles wider. I licked my lips.

Lowering my head, I kissed her perfect bosom, fondling them in my hands. Turning her slightly, I had her stand next to Milly so that I could touch both of their bodies. I kissed Debbie's breasts and licked her erect nipples as she and I both squeezed and massaged Milly's exquisite rack. As I sucked one of Debbie's nipples into my mouth, I felt Milly's hands brushing against my face as she caressed the younger girl's jugs.

This went on for a while, me switching my hands and mouth from one girl to the other until, somehow, the two of them wound up on Milly's queen-sized bed with me standing in front of them, unbuttoning my jeans. I shucked them off, my underwear following as my hard cock sprang free. I saw Milly bite her lip as she looked at it. Debbie licked her lips slowly. I stood there naked at the edge of the bed, on the precipice and... I hesitated.

I was harder than I'd ever been in my life, stark naked, my cock was pulsing and there were two goddesses laying on the bed before me in only their panties, Milly's lacy and black, Debbie's minuscule and pink. And yet... I couldn't climb into bed. I was scared. Simple as that. I'd never had sex before, let alone a threesome! I had every right to be shaking in my metaphorical boots.

God bless Milly though, she got up and took my hand, pulling me into bed with her. I swallowed and grinned, still a bit nervous. Debbie reassured me with a soft kiss and I kissed her back, giving her soft boob a squeeze. She giggled and the tension was broken.

I turned to my right and kissed Milly, tongues tangling again. As we kissed, I slid my hands under her panties to cupped her big, perfect ass as her tits pressed against my chest. She had just wrapped her arms around my neck when I gasped into her mouth, stiffening as I felt Debbie's small, soft hand wrap around my rigid shaft from behind me. I moaned against Milly's lips as I felt a woman's hand stroking my cock for the first time in my young life. I had no idea it could feel so good to have a hand jerking me off besides mine. Her hand was small but warm, barely reaching around my thick shaft.

Debbie picked up the pace, sliding her tight fist up and down my cock faster as I kissed Milly, her fingers gripping my hair, nails scraping my scalp. My right hand slid around her hip, still in her panties and brushed through her closely trimmed pubic hair to rub her swollen labia, finding her completely soaked. I took that as an invitation, so I slowly inserted two fingers into her pussy. She was so tight, they barely fit. As my hand found a rhythm that naturally matched the rhythm of the feminine hand on my turgid cock, she moaned throatily into my mouth, which only urged me further as I ground my hand against her, feeling her hard clit against my palm.

"Oh, fuck..." she moaned in my ear. "I thought... mmm... you said you were a virgin." It always turned me on to no end to hear such language from such a sweet voice.

I chuckled and whispered to her as she rested her furrowed brow against mine, biting her lip."I am, baby. But like I told you... I'm good with my han-dzzzzoohh..." My sentence turned into a moan as Debbie started implementing a twisting motion in her wrist as she rubbed my cock. It felt awesome.

"Ho-oly..." I moaned, momentarily losing track of what my other hand was doing.

A slap on my ass got my attention, however. "Hey, now..." Debbie purred in my ear, "don't stop what you're doing. You don't get to cum until she does." Rather than speak, I resumed my hand's job of fingering Milly's juicy pussy, rubbing her g-spot with my fingertips. She in turn responded by biting into the side of my neck.

I groaned and started grinding my palm in a circular motion on her wet lips and clit. As if I'd flipped a switch, Milly started whimpering and humping my hand, her nails digging into my scalp so roughly I was pretty sure I was bleeding. She froze for a second and then, throwing her head back, squealed and shrieked as her pussy clamped tight around my fingers and she came, squirting and soaking the bed beneath her.

Behind me, Debbie had apparently been watching and fingering herself, because I heard her gasp next to my ear and her hand clenched tight around my shaft, her knuckles actually turning white. My jaw dropped open fro mthe feeling. Behind me, she moaned a ragged "Oh, God" against my neck as she too came. Unable to stand the tension and arousal any longer, I felt my control break as I came, my cock erupting. Rope after rope of thick, white cum shot out of my cock and onto Milly's stomach in front of me. The three of us collapsed together, panting. Missy onto the pillows, me across her body and Debbie against my back.

As I tried to catch my breath, Milly just kept kissing me, holding my face in her hands. "That... was... amazing." she whispered between kisses. "I've... never... cum... like that... before." I pulled away slightly, my hands on her shoulders and looked at her inquisitively.

"Wait.... You mean you've never squirted before just now?" I asked, eyes wide. She shook her head and I felt the biggest grin forming on my face. I did that.... I thought. I made her squirt for the first time ever. I was damn proud of myself. My inner party was interrupted, however, when Debbie pulled me over to her.

"Hey, don't forget about me. It's my turn now." she said, very matter-of-factly with that sexy little smile. I smiled right back and kissed her deeply, thanking God she'd just turned seventeen.

"Of course, my dear." I told her softly. "Milly..." I turned my head to her, "Since Debbie just gave me my first handjob, would you... be the first to..." I faltered, shocked at my own trepidation. I'd just fingered the girl to her first squirting orgasm for God's sake! Why was I nervous about asking her for a blowjob? Stupid crush....

"Hell, yeah!" she said, sitting up with an eager grin on her face. She looked down at my still-hard cock and licked her lips.Then, as if noticing the cum on her belly for the first time, she collected some of it on her fingers and tasted it, sucking my cum off of her fingers. I shuddered as she smiled and winked at me. "Yummy."

Wanting to taste it herself apparently, Debbie crawled over to Milly and licked the cum off of her, humming her approval of the taste as she did. With her on all fours there, I couldn't resist and gave her shapely ass a smack. She squeaked and flinched, slightly surprised. "Bad boy..." she said, looking back over her shoulder at me.

"You know it." I replied, winking.

I pulled her panties down and grabbed her hips, pulling her over as I layed down on my back. She understood and swung a leg over my head, bringing her shaved, dripping wet pussy down to my mouth. I gave a long lick, tasting her sweet juices. Then, licking my fingers, I tasted Milly's cum, comparing the flavors in my head. Milly's cum was a bit sweeter, but Debbie's had a more intoxicating aroma. As I licked her pussy with my expert tongue, she moaned and whimpered above me, grinding her sweet lips against my face.

Suddenly, I felt a mouth wrap around my hard cock. I gasped at the feeling, almost inhaling Debbie's cum. I sputtered for a moment, Milly not missing a beat as she sucked and licked my cock. It felt like nothing I'd ever experienced. Her mouth was warm and wet, her soft lips sliding over my shaft as her tongue did things to the head that made my toes curl.

I licked Debbie with renewed vigor, urged on by the newfound pleasure resonating through my body. My hands gripped her thighs and she moaned out loud, begging me not to stop. I caught her hard clit in my lips and sucked on it greedily, loving the taste of her wet pussy. She let out a shriek which melted into a long moan as she jerked against my face.

"Oh God... oh God..." Debbie moaned as she humped my face with her seventeen year-old pussy, "I'm gonna' cum, Jason, I'm gonna'--aahh..." her words cut off in a strangled groan of extacy as she came, drenching my face in her sweet nectar.

She fell sideways off of my face, her breathing ragged as my full attention was, once again, drawn to the gorgeous woman sucking my cock. Milly's hypnotic eyes stared into mine as she licked and sucked my cock. She raised her mouth from me, exposing my throbbing member to the cooler air of the room and stroked me with her hand, keeping my shaft warm.

"If I let you cum right now," she asked me, "you have to make me squirt like that again." I nodded, knowing I would have agreed to whatever she said at that point, and she smiled briefly before taking my length back in her mouth, sucking hard. I groaned, tangling the fingers of one hand into her soft red hair, my hips raising off the bed slightly as I felt my balls tightening. I knew my orgasm was coming and, not wanting to ruin things, tried to warn her of it.

What came out was "Mil... aahh... Milly, I-uuhh... guh-gonna'..." She understood however, and, still looking into my eyes, sucked even harder than before, deep-throating my entire cock. I came like a fire-hose. Cum pumped out of my cock over and over, filling her sweet mouth.

Debbie appeared next to her and, as if through telepathy, Milly moved her head to one side as Debbie planted her mouth over my cock and sucked the remaining cum from it. Then the two goddesses shared an incredible kiss, their tongues meeting and sharing my cum, yet they didn't waste a drop of it. They both swallowed the sticky load and licked their lips appreciatively.

"Yummy." they said in unison, making us all laugh.

We cuddled for a bit, talking about things. They confessed that they had discussed my (apparently) obvious crush on Milly because they had both felt an attraction toward me. I about choked when I heard that.

"Really?" I asked them, my eyes wide, looking from one to the other in utter shock. "Debbie, that day we hung at the mall... I thought you were kidding."

She laughed and told me, "The only reason I didn't kiss you that day was you had a girlfriend, hun." As I registered surprise, she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. "And now you have two girlfriends."

"I... what?" I stared at her stupidly before I whipped my head around to look at Milly. "You... you, too?"

"What do you think?" she replied, smirking that sexy smirk as she kissed my shoulder. "I told you you're a total sweetheart. And cute." she winked and giggled at my expression.

"So... you two... are my girlfriends?" I asked, needing to confirm that the loss of bodily fluids wasn't making me hallucinate.

"Yes, Jason." Debbie replied, taking my left hand in both of her's and kissing the knuckles. "We talked it over and we decided we can share you. Plus," she added with a chuckle,"being bi helps."

"That is a good point." I agreed, nodding as I pulled Milly a little closer to me under my right arm. Feeling that old familiar feeling spreading through my groin I asked them, "So... who gets to take my v-card for good and rip it up?" I smiled, knowing it was time.

"Good question...." Milly said, looking at Debbie. "Would you be mad if I did...?" she asked her.

"I think that's up to Jason." Debbie replied, looking at me. "Who do you want to be the first one, hun?"

"Uh..." Now that wasn't a tricky question to answer at all, was it? I pondered that for a moment. "Well, since we're all involved, I'd say it's both of you, but-" I added quickly, seeing the interruption coming from both of them, "-I know that technically, it can only be one of you. So... um..." My momentum was failing fast, but looking into their eyes one at a time, I knew my answer. "Milly. I want you to be the first woman I ever make love to." I looked into her beautiful eyes and knew that I'd made the right choice.

"You okay with that, Debbie?" Milly asked, not really looking away from my eyes.

"Of course, sweetie." Debbie replied in her sweet voice. "Just save some for me."

I laughed. "Oh, that won't be a problem."

Milly positioned herself beneath me and Debbie scooted in next to her so she could watch and "help". I balanced above her, my cock poised and throbbing, on my hands and knees.

"Are you ready?" she asked me, spreading her legs to show me her beautiful, glistening lips.

"Yes, baby." I whispered, leaning down to kiss her, the tip of my cock rubbing gently against her opening. She wrapped her soft hand around the thick shaft of my cock and guided me into her, the very tip of my cock just fitting into the entrance to her vagina. Once I was there, she moved her hands and put them behind my neck, kissing me softly.

"Now, baby." she whispered in my ear.

I pushed. She was soaking wet, so there was plenty of lubrication, but she was very tight. I pushed harder and felt the head of my cock enter her. Milly was making soft mewling sounds as I slowly slid the shaft of my cock into her, inch by inch until I was about half-way inside. I paused, my vision swimming from the feeling.

It felt like I was already in Heaven inside of her. The walls of Milly's pussy were tight, soft and wet around my steel-hard cock. It felt so good I almost didn't want to move. But my instincts kicked in, as well as her hips pushing up toward me in an attempt to get me deeper inside of her. I pushed and slid in a little deeper.

"Holy shit..." she moaned, her hands moving from my neck to my back, clutching my skin. "It's so thick...." Debbie was fingering herself like crazy next to her, kissing Milly's flushed tits and staring at me with a look of pure lust in her beautiful eyes.

I moaned, starting to get into a rhythm of in and out of Milly, reveling in the feeling of finally making love to a woman. I kept my pace steady, telling myself that for my first time, I was going to make love, not fuck. As I did, however, Milly's body apparently had other plans. Her hips gyrated against me as I rode her, raising to meet me when I thrust down into her.

Her pace made me quicken my own and soon, we were slamming our hips together, crying out at the feelings inside us. Debbie, no longer able to contain her lust, squirmed up the bed and brought her pussy down onto Milly's face, begging the older girl to eat her out. She readily complied, her wet tongue making Debbie scream and kiss me, now that we were face-to-face.

I thrust harder and deeper into Milly, making her shriek into Debbie's pussy. Over and over I thrust into her, my balls slapping against her incredible ass as I got closer and closer to what felt like would be the greatest orgasm of my life.

"Harder, Jason... harder!" I heard Milly's muffled (no pun intended) cries from beneath Debbie and obliged her gladly. I felt my balls tightening and groaned, knowing what was about to happen.

"I'm gonna' cum, Jason! I'm gonna'--aaaaaahhh!!!" Milly screamed into Debbie's pussy with a sound like I'd never heard before as her own wet pussy clamped tight around me. It was rich and primal and perfect. Her sweet cum burst out of her, squirting out around my cock.With a groan like an animal, I thrust deep inside of her and exploded. My cock swelled and fired, again and again deep inside of her. Milly squealed and clenched tighter, milking my cock and balls. Debbie, furiously rubbing her clit, fell sideways off of Milly with a shriek as she came, her legs twitching.

With an exhausted but indescribably contented sigh, I collapsed onto Milly, my arms remembering to break my fall so as not to hurt her. We lay together panting, one of Debbie's legs pinned between out torsos and the other above Milly's head, resting on the sweat-soaked pillow.

Milly panted into my ear, "I... love you." as she wrapped her arms tighter around my back.

"I love both of you," I panted back. "So... holy God...." I quit on trying to speak and just layed there, savoring the perfect afterglow.


When I woke up I thought to myself, Now that is the kind of dream I could get used to.... Until I opened my eyes and realized, with my heart skipping a beat and my face stretching into a huge grin, that it wasn't a dream. Laying there with me were my angels, Milly and Debbie. They were sound asleep next to me, cuddling each other as I spooned Debbie. I glanced at the clock, seeing that it was nearly dinner time.

Slipping out of bed, I made my way to the bathroom and, stretching as I came back, checked our phones. We all had texts from our mothers, of course. I texted them all that we were going to have dinner together. Debbie's mom took some convincing, but I'm told that I have a way with words. It wasn't a problem. I ordered pizza and had it delivered, paying the delivery girl at the door wearing nothing but a towel. I'm pretty sure she liked what she saw.

I woke my lovers and they were pleasantly surprised when I told them what they'd missed. I set up the food while they hopped in the shower together to "freshen up".

"Note to self..." I muttered, chuckling as I searched for Milly's plates, "after dinner... and Debbie, we need to take a bath." I licked my lips at the thought of taking Debbie soon, my cock stirring once again, renewed by the nap.

We ate and laughed together, enjoying the love in the room and the jokes that followed since none of us bothered to get dressed. It's actually very liberating to eat a meal with someone while completely naked. Something else I managed to accomplish on my "bucket list".


After dinner, we all returned to the bedroom, cuddling and kissing. The longer we did so, of course, the more our hands traveled. Milly laughed when her hand reached my hard cock, standing straight up.

"This thing is something else." She gave it a loving squeeze, gently stroking it. "I just never stays down."

"Well of course." I replied, kissing her cheek and then kissing Debbie. "After all, I'm with two beautiful women whom I love." They both smiled and kissed me, then each other. "So I'll be the greatest lover I can possibly be for you." I promised them, squeezing a one of Debbie's big soft breasts in my left hand and one of Milly's in my right.

"Good..." Debbie said, wrapping her own hand around my cock, "...because it's my turn."

Milly and I both grinned. "Well if you get his cock," Milly slyly told her, "then..." she continued, turning to me, "I wanna' feel that magic tongue."

I kissed her, giving her a preview of what was coming. "Of course, my love." I said with a smile.

Debbie straddled me, her wet pussy grinding against my cock, which was pinned against my stomach. Her supple breasts jiggled in front of her, capturing my gaze. That gaze was averted, however, when Milly's wet, velvety lips descended on my face. I extended my tongue to meet her, eager to taste her sweet nectar again. She moaned above me as her hands pressed against my chest, the nails scraping my skin.

I couldn't see what was happening, but I felt Debbie lift up slightly and seize my throbbing member in her small hand and aim it straight at her wet opening. Then, with a shriek, she impaled herself on my cock, taking me all the way inside her with the first plunge. I groaned at the feeling, her pussy caressing my cock in ways I'd not even felt with Milly. Maybe it was the change of position, maybe it was the fact that she'd given birth in her life. Either way, it felt incredible and I felt my cock get even harder inside of her, going from steel to adamantium.

I licked Milly's sweet pussy for all I was worth, her cum coating my face.

Debbie rode my cock like a woman possessed and I thrust up into her, meeting her downward plunges.

My lips found Milly's hard clit and suckled it, lashing it with the very tip of my tongue. With my lips engulfing her wet pussy, my tongue slithered inside to wriggle and flick over her g-spot. It's hard to find with a tongue, but I'm an expert. A real silver-tongued devil, I'm told.

I gripped Debbie's hips in my hands, using that as a way to control our speed. She moaned and screamed and begged me to give her control, to let her fuck me at her own speed. Releasing with one hand, I slapped her pert bottom, reminding her that I was in charge now.

Milly moaned above me, delighting in everything I did with my tongue. "Ooh God.... I'm gonna' cum, I'm gonna' cum, I'm gonna' cum..." she started panting this chant as her orgasm got closer and closer. I licked her all the more, knowing my reward was coming. Suddenly, the beautiful redhead stiffened and with a scream, doused my entire face in her sweet cum, squirting jets of it all over me.

I was so turned on, I couldn't hold back any longer. With a long groan, I felt my cock erupt once again, filling Debbie with my hot cum. My orgasm set her off, causing her tight young pussy to contract and spasm around my cock wildly, her cum pouring out and drenching my hips and the bed. Our cum mixed together inside of her supple, fertile body as she screamed out her pleasure and love for both Milly and me.

Spent, Debbie fell forward, collapsing against my chest, which was by now pretty sore from Milly's nails. I pulled out of her as Milly slid off my face. Our love juices came streaming out of Debbie's pussy, all of which Milly lapped up eagerly.

Debbie mewled softly as Milly, bent over in front of her, licked the cum from her pussy. Seeing that gorgeous ass in the air kept me hard and, with a thrust, I buried myself once again in Milly's juicy pussy.

"Fuck!" she screamed into the exhausted brunette's thigh, biting her lightly. "Oohh, harder, baby. Fuck me harder!" Well, who am I to deny a lady's request?

I pounded Milly's pussy for an hour, her cum pouring out and squirting all over me repeatedly. Finally, with a grunt, I emptied my spent balls inside of her, filling her with my white-hot cum.The energy finally sapped from my body, I collapsed against her back, panting hard like I'd just run a marathon.

We drifted off to sleep together, Debbie in Milly's arms and me behind Milly, spooning her. And I knew, whether we woke up tomorrow or not, I was home. I had finally found my happy ending.
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