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Three Firsts Make A Home Run

I had three firsts in one night, one with a girl, one with a boy and one with a girl and a boy.
Chapter 1

I'll bet you remember your first time, right? For sex. Yeah. Well, I do. It was last Saturday.

I had been dating my boyfriend, Rick, for about six months, he's seventeen, six months to the day older than I am. We had fooled around a bit, I'd jacked him off some, he'd gotten my top and bra off and had sucked my boobs. Oh, was that great. It's the first time my panties got real wet, oh, I loved it.

Anyway, my parents were going out of town over the weekend and my best friend, Lindsey, was going to come over and spend the night to keep me company. We started up watching TV, but you know how boring that is, so I suggested that we watch some porn videos that I had found hidden away in my brother's room. He's away at college, and from what I pick up, he's living his own porn flick in college. I get the idea that all he does is fuck girls. Well, I'm a girl who's never been fucked and so is Lindsey. Oh, well.

I got several out, they were all unlabeled, so I began playing one and it turned out to be a girl masturbating, legs wide open, fingers going like mad.

"Have you ever masturbated?" Lindsey asked.

"Oh, sure, do you do it?"

"Oh, yeah, a lot, two, sometimes, three times a day. Ever do it with another girl?"

We were watching as the girl on the screen was having a perfectly delicious orgasm, writhing, screaming, really going crazy. It looked so good.

"Um, no."

"Are you horny, Tonya?"

"You're kidding, right, watching this?"

"Well, why don't we do it, you know, get ourselves off?"

I know I was nervous, and I was pretty sure that Lindsey was too. We each began, putting our hands down inside our pajama bottoms, doing what girls do. About then, the video was over so I put another in.

Well, well, two girls this time. A blond, slender and very pretty, and a brunette, also slender, both with small breasts and perfectly shaved. They looked so pretty. They were kissing and soon were fingering each other as Lindsey and I were working furiously under our pajamas. I also had a hand up under my top gently pinching my nipples.

"What do you think it would be like to do another girl?" Lindsey asked softly.

"I don't know. Pretty exciting, I guess. Maybe fun."

"Would you like me to do you for a little?"

I have to admit that when she said that, there was a tingle that told me that I was interested.

So, I pulled off my pajama bottoms and panties and spread my legs, as I watched her scoot over to me, then laid down on her side and she began rubbing the outside of my pussy, which of course, was very wet. It sure felt better than when I did it.

Then, she moved her fingers up into my clitoral hood, rubbing my wetness around and around.

"Mmm, that feels good," I whispered breathlessly, as she pleasured me. Then, a finger went in, soon followed by another. She had her two middle fingers inside me, probing in and out, her thumb rubbing around on my clit.

"Oooh, that's good, just like that, mmm. Oh, yeah. Want me to do you while you do me?"

She pulled her fingers out and pulled her top off and slid her pajama bottoms off along with her panties. Lindsey was beautiful, naked, really beautiful. And her pussy was bare.

"You shave your pussy."

"Oh, yeah, I started a few months ago."

"Was it because it has a new admirer, maybe? Some guy?"

"I wish. No, I just thought I'd try it, and I really think it looks pretty like that."

"It does look pretty."

She spread her legs open, and I decided to take my pajama top off, too.

"You're really pretty, Tonya. What a nice body."

I leaned over and began rubbing along her smooth slit, spreading the wetness around and around. She moved toward me a bit and pulled my knee aside and began rubbing me as well. Mmm, nice.

Lindsey was really quite wet, and it was easy to insert a finger into her, and I soon had two inside fucking her back and forth. She started doing the same with me, and it really felt good.

"This is nice, Tonya, really nice," she said, as she bent over and took my left nipple into her mouth and began sucking. Oh, wow, two fingers inside me and sucking my boob. This was hot. I had never, ever, done anything with another girl. I'm not a lesbian, no, I really like guys, but, look, good feelings are good feelings. And, they were definitely very good feelings.

So good that I decided to give Lindsey some really good feelings between her legs and got over and put my head between her thighs and began sucking, licking and running my tongue all over her pretty, bare pussy.

Then, she moved around and I felt her hands on my knees gently spreading me apart and the warm, wetness of her tongue going up and down my pussy slit. Oh, man. I was so turned-on. We now each had the other's head between our legs licking and tonguing each other over and over. The moans and groans said it all. We were loving what we were doing. I couldn't believe I was thinking how much I really liked licking her pussy.

I think I got to Lindsey first as I felt her tense, then her knees came together gripping my head to her pussy as she began to push and rub against my face, moaning as she did.

"Mmm, mmm, uummh, uummh," then her head lifted up, "Oh, Tonya, oh, oh, do it more, oh, that's so good, lick me, oh, please, mmm, mmm," and she dove back down between my legs as she scooted her pussy all over my face. This was no casual orgasm. I was already looking forward to my own which I could sense was on its way.

And, yes, only a few more licks. "UUUH, UUUH, uuh, uh, uh, oh, Lindsey, oh, wow, that was the best, whew, what an orgasm. Sure you've never done that before?"

"Never, but I think I'd do it again. It was fun. Even if I still like guys. It was nice with you, Tonya."

"Yeah, I would, too, with you, sure," and we hugged each other and kissed for a few minutes, fondling each others breasts, just enjoying the new closeness we had as best friends.

"Well, wow, what else do we have here?" I said as I put another disc on to play.

It opened on two girls on a bed, writhing in each other's arms, licking, sucking, fingering, then the doorbell rings and one says, "It must be Donny," and she runs to the door and calls out, "Is that you, Donny?" and when he says it is, she opens the door and lets on her boyfriend and leads him to the bedroom where they strip him in seconds, kissing and licking and sucking him all over his body.

They both took turns sucking his cock and the close-ups were really hot. Lindsey and I were fingering ourselves in and out as this lucky guy in the video really got worked over by the girls.

"God, I'd like to do that sometime, oh, is this hot."

I answer with, "Well, I can always have Rick come over, Lindsey. I'm sure he'd love to be here right now."

Rick was my boyfriend and he was older than we were, and he had his driver's license.

"You think he can keep it a secret. Guys sometimes brag, you know."

"Yeah, he's pretty straight. I'll make him promise. Think you want to do it?"

"Well, I'm on the pill now. Why not?"

"Yeah, I am, too. And, after all this, I'm sure ready. I can call him and have him tell his parents that he's going over to a friend's house to spend the night. We'll have him for just about as long as we want."

"Have you done it with him?"

"No, I've jacked him off, and I've had my top off for him, that's all."

"Well, so how's his, um, his penis, his dick?"

"Oh, it's nice. About this long," and I held my hands up and Lindsey seemed satisfied.

"Quick, call him before I change my mind."

So, I called Rick and told him to come over with the cover story that he was staying at a friend's house. Then, I dropped the bait, "Um, yeah, my parents are gone for the weekend, so maybe we can have some fun alone together."

Oh, that did it.

Chapter 2

He didn't live too far away from me, and within ten minutes, he was pulling into the driveway. Oh, little did he know.

I was standing behind the door when he came up the front steps, swinging the door back with me staying behind it.

"Hi, Ton…OMIGOD, OH, WOW. Geez, you're naked."

"Come in, Rick, get inside, hurry up," as I pushed the door shut, and he took me in his arms and kissed me just like a boyfriend would kiss his girlfriend the first time she got naked for him. His hands were everywhere.

"Tonya, oh, you are so beautiful, just perfect. Oh, I bet this is going to be one helluva night."

I took his hand and began climbing the stairs, "You just have no idea, Rick, no idea what tonight is going to be like. Oh, not at all."

"Oh, I got a pretty good idea, Tonya, a pretty good idea," then we turned the corner to my room and Lindsey was stretched out on my bed, her legs open, welcoming my boyfriend to a weekend of sex and passion.

"Holy shit, Lindsey, the two of you? I don't believe it, both of you. Unbelievable."

"But you have to fuck me first, Rick, after all I'm your girlfriend."

"First, you mean I get to do both of you? I don't believe it. Sure, of course, um, do we need condoms?"

"No, we're both on the pill. I have been. I just didn't want you to know until I was ready," and I sat down on the bed, spread my legs wide, parted my pussy with my fingers and added, "Now, I'm ready. I sure hope you are."

"Come over here and get naked like us. We want to look you over and see what a guy really looks like."

Rick wasted no time joining us and stood there in front of us, we were sitting on my bed, staring at the long, pink penis proudly and eagerly pointing at us.

"Go ahead, Tonya, you touch it first, he's your boyfriend."

Rick took a step toward me, and I took hold of his dick. There was a glint of moisture in the tiny slit on the very tip end. I spread it around with my thumb, then began going back and forth.

"You feel his balls, Lindsey, while I do this, I think he's liking this," I snickered.

Lindsey reached up under my hand and lifted his testicles with her hand and gently felt around.

"Oh, there are little balls in there. They's not exactly round, more like little eggs. Neat."

"I've heard guys like this," I asked, as I leaned forward and slid my wet lips down over his cock and began to suck.

"Oh, hon, oh, man, that feels so good. Incredible," as he reached down to fondle my boobs.

I pulled off him and said, "Look, you get both of us tonight, I want you to feel-up Lindsey for a bit, then we start fucking, okay?"

He didn't even answer, just got down on the bed and instantly my boyfriend and my best girlfriend are making out like mad, feeling and groping each other like they'd been doing it for years. She was on her back, Rick was over her sucking a boob, his hand down between her outspread legs rubbing her wet pussy, her hand rubbing his cock hanging down from between his legs. Soon, I wanted to fuck, I had enough of watching.

"Okay, time to lose my cherry, guys. Rick, let's do it," and I got down on the bed and spread my legs wide as he knelt down.

"A nice lick first, right, get you in the mood?"

"I am so in the mood, but, yeah, that would be nice."

He pushed my knees back up toward my shoulders spreading me wide as he dropped his head down and began licking my pussy. Oh, it was hot. I'd only had my pussy licked once before, by Lindsey, as you know, and it was quite wonderful.

But, with Rick licking and tonguing me, it was magnificent. Oh, my pussy just reveled in every brush up or down of his tongue.

"Oh, Rick, that's wonderful, it feels wonderful. Mmm, so good, but I am so ready, you've just got to get up here and fuck me."

My boyfriend raised up, leading his dick right up to my pussy as I watched, and rubbed it up and down, spreading my juices, then began pushing. I was sure that I had dispatched my hymen with a rather large dildo at a friend's house, so that didn't worry me.

Rick pushed and I twisted around and it went right in. Ah, no more virginity. Then, he started doing the age-old ritual of in and out, and I began to see why it is an age-old ritual. Oh, this felt awesome.

"Oh, Lindsey, you just wait. Oh, fucking is the best. Rick, you feel so good inside me, just keep doing it. Mmm."

"Yeah, man, I know what I want to do every afternoon after school, Tonya. This feels so good. My dick is in heaven."

"You two look so hot fucking like that, with you moving around like that with Rick's dick going in and out. You two are the hottest and you're sure making me crazy-hot just watching," Lindsey said as she sat taking us in with her legs wide and two fingers moving in and out of her wet, still-virgin pussy.

"Mmm, oh, this is feeling better and better, oh, just go faster, Rick, fuck me faster. Yeah, I'm almost ready to…UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, uuh, uuh, uh, uh, oh, mmm, don't stop, just keep going."

"Wow, hon, you really got off good, it's my turn next, and I think I'm pretty close. You really feel good inside your pussy. My dick is gonna…OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, oh, uh, uh, what a cum, man, that was the best one ever in my whole life."

I have now entered my post-virgin life. Oh, am I happy thinking of all the fucking Rick and I are going to be doing from now on. Every afternoon after school, just going at each other. We were hugging each other as our orgasms begin to slowly fade, the feelings ebbing as we lay in each other's arms kissing, Rick still rocking slowly in and out of me.

"Wow, now, we've done it, hon. It was fantastic. Even better than I imagined, how about you?"

"Oh, yeah, the same. Even better. Boy, you sure filled me up. I wondered about your dick. Well, it's just fine but I don't have much room to spare. Poor Lindsey must be horny as anything after watching us."

"I'm okay, guys. Watching you two was the best. So hot."

"Why don't we have Rick give us both oral sex, then, his dick should be good and hard again, then he can fuck you, okay?" I asked my best friend.

"Oh, yeah, I've never had a guy do either one before, so I'm really psyched."

"Do Lindsey first, Rick," I offered and she lay down, her legs hanging off the bed, her feet on the floor as my boyfriend got down between her legs, lifted them in the air, put his arms around her legs, pushed her up with her feet resting on his shoulders and began licking and tonguing down into her. I decided to keep myself busy, so I got down on the floor next to Rick and began playing with his cock.

It wasn't long before Lindsey was moaning, another girl added to the billions before her who love their pussy eaten.

"Oh, oh, I've never felt anything so good. Oh, god, Rick, oh, oh, right there, oh, yes, mmm, OH, OOH, OOH, uh, uh, oh, oh, oh, that feels wonderful, oh, keep going, oh, yes, don't stop, oh, it feels so good."

Lindsey was shuddering and jumping and her hips thrusting as Rick ate her out. It looked so good, so hot, I was really ready for Rick's tongue to do me next.

So, I released my grip on his hardening cock and switched places with my best friend.

Rick burrowed his tongue into me, sending waves of ecstasy across my body, making me shiver at the joyful feelings radiating from my center.

"Oh, Rick, oh, oh, your tongue, oh, it's so…oh, it feels so good," I groaned as he flicked his tongue up and down my slit. Then, he moved up a bit and gently opened me and began licking across my clit as his fingers rubbed my labia.

"OOH, OOH, OOH, oh, Rick, omigod, oh, oh, you made me cum, oh, it feels so good."

I want my pussy licked a lot. Lots, lots, lots. Oh, is this the best. Oral rules. I lay there just awash in amorous feelings, my pussy just ringing. Oh, I felt good.

"Oh, look, Tonya, it looks like Rick is ready to do me," my best friend said as she held up my boyfriend's dick. Indeed it did look ready.

I watched as Lindsay lay down with her legs wide as my boyfriend got down between her legs and began licking her pussy for a minute, then got up and took his stiff dick and put it right up to her and pushed.

"Try again, Rick," she said and he pushed once more and went in.

"OW, SHIT, OW, oh, stop, don't move. Whew. Just stay still for a minute. Okay, now move a little. Hmm, try a little more."

Rick had pulled almost all the way back out of her, then he slowly eased forward back inside her.

"Mmm, that's okay, now. Sure hurt for a minute, though. This is better," and soon they were fucking hot and hard. It was a bit weird to watch my own boyfriend fucking my best friend but they looked so hot, so sexy. I just had to finger-fuck myself as I watched them.

I had wondered if I would feel jealous at all, with my boyfriend doing it with my best girlfriend as I watched. But, no, it was erotic, very erotic. I loved watching Rick's cock slide up into Lindsey and back out, all wet and shiny. They really looked hot together.

I was glad that I didn't have any hymen left. It really did seem to hurt Lindsey, but at least, not for long. And, from the look on her face, she doesn't remember a thing about the pain, just the pleasure she's now feeling.

I watched them as they both had orgasms; my boyfriend filling my best friend's pussy with his cum. It was so sexy to watch.

We all slept in my bed, thankfully queen-sized, with Rick sandwiched in the middle between us; two girls whose hands kept running into each other's as they each sought out something nice and warm to hold during the night.

Waking up the next morning was fun as we all three seemed to become aware that we were all naked under the sheets together as we woke and started moving around.

Lindsey told Rick that I should get his nice, hard cock and his first cum of the day which I did appreciate. She fingered herself as she watched us.

The rest of our weekend kept my boyfriend drained of all the semen he could produce, every time he got hard, one of us would want him, the poor guy almost had to crawl home Saturday night.

Lindsey and I did sleep together nude, we both decided that pajamas were no fun and just in the way. If you're wondering if we had sex together, girly-sex, the answer is…

Well, what do you think the answer is?

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