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Two lose their virginity

A couple lose their virginity in a SUV.
This is a story of a loss of virginity. Two young 16 year olds lose their virginity together.

Jane had just turned 16 and started dating a boy named Tony. Tony turned 16 six months earlier than Jane. His parents had given him a SUV to drive. Tony had dated several girls before Jane, but was still a virgin. He had gotten into his last girlfriend's shirt to feel her tits but the girl would not let him into her pants or touch his dick. Jane had dated two other boys; she had kissed both of them but she had denied them both when they tried to touch her tits.

It was summer time and Tony had taken Jane to the movies several times. At the end of each date their kissing got more involved. Jane had used her tongue with the second boy she kissed and liked it. With Tony she really liked having his tongue in her mouth and got excited when she got up the nerve to put her tongue in his mouth.

After a month of dating, Tony drove them to the ball field after a movie. It was dark and deserted. After he parked he undid his seat belt and then undid Jane’s seat belt. Tony slid over and they started kissing. Their tongues met and Tony’s hands started roaming. His left hand moved up her belly to just under her bra. Jane knew where Tony was going and grabbed his hand, and with his tongue still in her mouth she gave him a mumbled “no.”

Tony pulled back a little and pleaded with her to just let him touch them. He told her how great they look. No one had ever complimented her on her tits before. “Ok, just a touch,” she said.

Tony put his hand over Jane’s right breast, lightly stroking and squeezing it. Jane let out a little moan letting Tony know that she liked the way he was touching her. Their tongues met again but with Tony rubbing Jane’s tits. Jane was really enjoying the kissing and her breasts being rubbed. She could feel that her pussy was beginning to moisten. Tony let his hand slip down her body back to her belly. Jane wasn’t sure if he was going for her crotch or what. Tony slid his hand under her shirt and back up to her tits. There was only her bra between her tits and Tony’s hand. Tony started rubbing her tits over the bra. Jane moaned again. Tony was about to make his next move to get under the bra when Jane yelled. “Shit!” You have to take me home now,” she said.

“What did I do?” Tony asked.

“My curfew. If I don’t get home in 10 minutes I’ll be grounded.” Then she looked Tony in the eye and said if she got grounded then they couldn’t do this again tomorrow night.

Tony pulled his hand out of Jane’s shirt and moved over to start the truck. He broke several speed laws and ran a stop sign, but got Jane home in time for her curfew. Jane ran up to her room and fell back on her bed. As she got undressed she rubbed her tits just like Tony had done and as she pulled her panties down, she rubbed her hand across her moist pussy. Shivers went up her spine.

The next night Tony picked up Jane for their date. During the movie Tony leaned into Jane and asked her if she wanted to go back to the park. Jane didn’t say a word but turned her head and kissed Tony. The movie ended and they both got up to leave before the end of the credits. They hurried to the car almost running.

The park was dark and deserted again. Tony pulled into the darkest corner and parked. He kissed Jane and asked her if she wanted to get in the back as there was more room back there. Jane said sure and they got out moving to the back seat. Tony almost immediately had his hand on Jane’s tits over her shirt. Jane did not stop him, she even whispered in his ear that it felt good. Tony slid his hands under her shirt and rubbed her tits over her bra. Tony grabbed her shirt and began to pull it off. Jane at first grabbed his hands and was going to stop him, but her desire to feel his hands on her tits got the best of her. Jane grabbed her shirt helped him take it off.

Tony was surprised that Jane had not only let him take off her shirt, but helped. He grabbed her tits over the bra and squeezed. Tony now feeling bold slid his hand under Jane’s bra and felt her bare tits. Jane moaned and tilted her head back. Tony rubbed for a while then reached around her back finding the clasp on her bra. Tony fumbled with the clasp but couldn’t get it open. Jane grabbed his hands and pulled them back around front of her. Tony figured he had blown it, but Jane reached around behind her and unclasped her bra for him. Jane’s bra fell into her lap exposing her tits to Tony. Tony eagerly squeezed her tits feeling her small hard nipples. Tony moved his head down to kiss her breasts. Jane moaned as Tony’s mouth kissed her nipples. Jane reached up and grabbed Tony’s shirt pulling it off. The two 16 year olds were now in the back of the Tony’s truck half naked making out.

At this point neither Jane nor Tony had made any moves toward each others waist. Jane’s pussy was getting wet now from all the kissing while Tony’s cock had been hard since their 1 st kiss that night. Tony let his hand drop to Jane’s thigh just below her shorts. Jane jumped a little and was considering stopping him. She felt she should stop him but he body was on fire and she decided to let him go. His hand moved up to her shorts inches away from her pussy. She felt her mind telling him to please touch it. He didn’t take long for him to move his fingers over her pussy and rub a little. Jane let out a bigger moan as Tony rubbed her pussy over her shorts. Tony took this moan as an invitation to go farther. He moved his hands up to unbutton her shorts. Jane quickly moved down to grab his hands and say “no.”

Tony was disappointed but didn’t push it. Jane still had hold of Tony’s hand when he moved her hand over to his lap. Tony put her hand on his cock over his shorts. Tony took her hand and with his hand over hers squeezed his cock. Tony let out a moan as she grabbed his dick. He moved her hand back in forth across his dick. Tony was telling Jane how great that felt as she was squeezing his dick on her own. Jane was enjoying rubbing his cock; she liked how she was making Tony feel. Tony reached down and unbuttoned his shorts and took Jane’s hand and slid it into his pants. Jane pulled her hand back as he pulled his shorts down. Tony pleaded with her to please touch it. She slowly reached her hand down to his hard dick. Jane grabbed his dick and started to stroke it. Tony moaned loudly as she jacked him off. Tony tried to push her head down to his cock but Jane took her hand off his dick and asked him if he wanted her to stop. Tony released her head and said, “Please don’t stop.”

Jane was rubbing her hand up and down his dick. Tony reached down and took her hand so her fingers were wrapped around his cock as she rubbed him. Jane asked him if she was doing it right. Tony grunted, “Oh yeah!” He started bucking his hips up to her hands and then grunted as he shot his cum onto his stomach. Jane recoiled her hand as cum flew out of Tony’s dick.

Jane looked at the clock and said to Tony that he should take her home before she got in trouble. On the way to Jane’s home Tony told her that he had to work on Monday but would be off at 9:00 if she wanted to go back to the park. Jane thought about it and then she told him, “Sure pick me up after you get off work.”

When Jane got home she rubbed her wet pussy again thinking to herself how far she wanted to go with Tony on Monday. Even though it felt good to have Tony rubbing her over her shorts, she didn’t think she was ready for him to go into her pants. Her mind then went to Tony pushing on her head down to his cock. Jane remembered how good it felt to have Tony’s mouth on her tits. What would his cock taste like she thought?

Monday a little after 9:00 Tony pulled up in his SUV. Jane met him in the driveway. They pulled into the park as it was getting dark. They jumped in the back seat and started to make out. It didn’t take long before Tony was pulling off both their shirts. First Jane’s came off and then while Tony was pulling his shirt off Jane unclasped her bra freeing her tits to Tony. Tony laid her back on the seat and got over the top of Jane kissing her. Their still clothed pelvises met. Jane could feel Tony’s dick poking her though his shorts and her shorts. Jane was moaning as Tony was humping her. Tony reached down to unbutton her shorts when Jane grabbed his hand and said “no.” Tony rolled off her a little mad and a little disappointed. He reached down to Jane’s shorts and again Jane said “no” in a louder stern voice.

Tony sat up and looked forward away from Jane. Jane put her hand in Tony’s lap and started to rub his dick. Tony tried to act like he wasn’t enjoying it but he had to give in with a moan as Jane squeezed him hard. She then reached over to the button on his shorts and slowly undid it. She looked him in the eye and slowly slid the zipper down. Jane pulled his shorts down leaving his white briefs covering his cock. Jane traced his dick with her fingers over the white material. Tony looked like he was going to explode so she slid her hand into his briefs and grabbed his cock. She looked up at Tony and asked him if it wanted to come out and play. Tony just grunted and shook his head yes.

Jane slid his underwear off his legs and stared at Tony’s dick. It was hard to see in the dark but it looked about 5 to 6 inches long. Jane grabbed it and started stroking it like last time. Like last time Tony was again trying to guide Jane’s head down to his dick. Jane pulled up and told him to stop. She then leaned down and gave Tony’s cock a kiss. Jane wasn’t sure what to do so she kissed up and down his dick. Tony was enjoying her kisses but he looked down at her and asked her to suck on it.

She looked up and said “oh ok.” She her put her lips on the tip of his dick and took some of his dick into her mouth. Tony let out a big “oh yeah” to let her know she was doing it right. She took a little more into her mouth and started to suck on it like a straw. Jane continued to work up and down his dick with her hand as she sucked. Jane sucked and sucked as Tony grunted and moaned. Tony tensed up and then without any warning shot his cum into her mouth. Jane quickly pulled her head off his cock and spit out the cum that went into her mouth. Tony said to her, “Wow that was great.”

Jane put her bra and shirt on and told Tony that he should take her home. Tony asked her when she wanted to go out again, with a big smile on his face. Jane asked him how was Friday night? Tony said that waiting that long would be hard. Jane reached over and patted his dick and told him she was sure that it would be hard. She kissed him good night and went straight up to her room. Jane fell asleep that night rubbing her very wet pussy considering how far she was willing to go on her next date.

Friday arrived and Jane was anxious to see Tony. They went to a movie but neither paid much attention. Jane put her hand in Tony’s lap several times rubbing his dick over his shorts but pulled her hand back any time she thought someone might see. When the movie ended they hurried to the car and headed to their dark spot at the park. They quickly got in the back seat and started kissing. Tony’s hands quickly went to Jane’s tits. They pulled their shirts off at the same time and Jane quickly undid her bra. Tony moved his head down to suck on Jane’s tits licking her hard little nipples. Jane moved her hand over to his shorts and rubbed his cock. She unbuttoned the top button and slid her hand in to feel his cock. Tony pulled his shorts down and was sitting there naked with Jane’s hand wrapped around his cock.

They started kissing again as Tony reached down rubbing Jane’s thigh. He moved his hand over her crotch and rubbed her pussy over her shorts. Jane spread her legs a little to give him better access to her pussy area. Jane was breathing a little heaver as he rubbed her pussy area. Tony moved his hand up to the button on her shorts and expected Jane to push him away. He grabbed the button and Jane’s hand stayed on his cock. He slowly undid the button still waiting to be stopped, but nothing. Tony slid down her zipper and slipped his hand into her panties. When his hand found her pussy lips Jane let out a deep moan. She let go of Tony cock and moved her hands over to Tony’s hands. Tony was sure she was going to stop him when she grabbed her shorts and panties and slid them over her hips and down her legs. Tony couldn’t believe it, Jane was naked right in front of him.

He rubbed her pussy lips that were very wet. Jane had lay back and began to enjoy her first experience with a boy touching her pussy. Tony spread her pussy lips and stuck a finger into her pussy. Jane’s moans told him he was on the right track. Tony stuck a second finer into her pussy; he didn’t know what to do so he just felt around with his fingers. Tony was moving his fingers in and out of her pussy as if he was fucking her with his fingers. Her pussy was tight around his two fingers. Jane was squirming with her hips really enjoying the fingers in her pussy. Tony leaned in and gave Jane’s pussy a kiss. He wanted to taste her pussy so he stuck his tongue into her pussy lips to taste her juice.

Jane let out an “oh yeah” when his tongue hit her pussy. Tony licked up and down Jane’s very wet pussy, loving the way her pussy lips felt and tasted. Tony slipped his finger into Jane’s pussy as he was licking her. Jane started to squirm more and her breathing got heaver. She grabbed Tony’s head and pulled it into her pussy as her body shook with her orgasm.

Jane relaxed her hold on Tony’s head and laid her head back on the seat. She had her eyes closed telling Tony how great her orgasm felt. She felt his lips meet hers and could taste her pussy juices on his lips and tongue. As she felt his tongue enter her mouth she felt something hard poking at her pussy. At first she thought Tony was fingering her again but she quickly realized that it was Tony’s cock rubbing her pussy lips. Jane moaned a faint “no” as the head of Tony’s dick entered her pussy. Jane was about to try to stop him but his dick head in her pussy felt good so she let him continue. Her tight little pussy made it difficult for Tony to get his cock in but he shoved his dick in as far as he could go. Tony was heaven as his dick was in a pussy for the first time and it felt great. He pumped his dick into her fast and hard.

After about a minute inside Jane’s pussy Tony couldn’t hold back any longer and shot his cum into her pussy. Tony relaxed as his dick got soft slipping out of Jane’s pussy. Jane realizing that he had just cum in her, sat up and reached down to her pussy feeling Tony’s cum oozing out. She looked at Tony and said, “You dick, I’m gonna get pregnant.” She was frantically trying to use her fingers to scoop out the cum from her pussy. Jane yelled at Tony to take her home. Jane ran up to the bathroom and jumped in the shower trying to wash out her pussy. Jane was convinced that she was going to get pregnant and she was furious with Tony.

Nine days later Jane was so relieved when her period showed up right on time. Jane decided she was done with Tony but not done with sex. With a little protection Jane was ready and anxious to try more.

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