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Attorney Client Privilege

A sexy divorcee celebrates by fucking her lawyer and immediately emails her “ex”.
Names and certain details altered for privacy.

Fuck you, Gary!

Well, how did it feel to write me check for almost a million bucks today, you lying bastard? Want to know how things went after we left the court? No? I don't care! You’re gonna hear about it anyway.

You noticed the clingy red dress and my cleavage? I didn't wear any panties, either. High heels? Dark stockings? Been a while since I looked that good for you, hasn't it? Well, maybe you shouldn't have fucked that little whore you call an assistant and you'd still be fucking me!

Mark and I went back to his firm’s office to celebrate with a drink. He noticed me, I assure you! He couldn't tear his eyes away from my tits, especially in the elevator. Did he know then how freakin' wet I was? I know you are wondering, so I'll tell you right now: I LET HIM FUCK ME! I fucked my lawyer right there in his office!

We signed the papers, and he asked if there was anything else.

"You want to fuck me?”


"Yeah, really. Right now. Here. I'm not wearing panties, my little pussy is dripping and I need some dick…!”

He raised a tent faster than I've ever seen. Thought his cock was gonna jump right outta those expensive britches. Almost did, too... he has a BIG one.

I got to the belt before Mark could. Once I had him unzipped the boxers came down in a flash. OMG he was sooo fuckin hard. I hiked up my dress and sat on the edge of his desk with my legs spread. He was between my thighs in an instant, and I felt his throbbing, rock-hard cock desperately probing for the entrance to my tight lil' box. Remember, the one you used to fuck whenever you wanted? And yes, it's still shaved.

He slipped in really smoothly; stretched me out quite a bit, though. That first entry must have been pretty good; I thought the man was gonna pass out. Nothing beats skin-to-skin, eh, Gary? He pumped me with slow, deliberate strokes, but I wanted all of it. I told him to do me doggie!

Mark bent me over his desk with my dress pulled up, banging into me like there was no tomorrow. I was staring out the top-floor windows, enjoying every second... My tits were knocking all sorts of shit off his desktop every time he shoved that impossibly-stiff rod into me. Mark was in me balls-deep with every thrust. He hooked his fingers around my hips and gave it to me harder than you ever did! He kept repeating how incredibly fine I am and that he couldn’t believe he was actually inside me. Maybe he has a thing for hot thirty-five year-old blondes with really big titties! His secretary couldn't have been more than fifteen feet away! I was so fuckin horny that I came almost immediately. His huge boner felt sooo great compared to your pathetic little pecker.

I ordered him to shoot his big, steaming load into me. I wanted some hot cum deep inside the pussy that used to be yours. I got it, too, big time... He gasped and unloaded, spraying like a fuckin fire hose right onto my cervix. Guess that's somethin you won't get to do again, huh? He’s dripping out of me right now.

By the way, we'll be completing his final payment tomorrow once your check clears. I've already promised to suck him off. So, Wednesday afternoon I'll be on my knees and Mark will be fucking my beautiful face. I’ll savor swallowing every drop of his cum, too! Remember what it felt like to shoot your load in my mouth, you son of a bitch? I was pretty damn good at it… and I still am! You never could hold it very long with your dick between my lips, could ya? You can be sure I'll give him much more incredible head than I ever did to you, you fucker!

Trust me, there will definitely be a ring of my lipstick around his cock tomorrow when he heads home to wifey. You may want to keep that in mind around 3 o’clock.

You will never, ever get any of that again!

Fuck you!

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