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Waiting For Penny - Part 4

Jennifer and Penny are left alone in the quiet and confusion of their friend's house.

Keisha had saved them. She wrapped herself in a towel and leaped down the stairs to head off her sister. Whatever she said, it must have been enough to still Aaliyah's curiosity. The trudging of her loud, angry feet over the hardwood steps stopped. Then,...

Playing With My Pocket Portals

I didn't leave my door unlocked on purpose... My sister just doesn't know how to knock.

The hasty rapping at my front door and the soft thud on my patio told me that it had arrived. "Mom!" my younger sister shouted from down the hall, "Someone is at the d-" "Shut up." I cut her off as I ran to the door. I quickly gathered the small package f...

Saint To Slut In Just Seven Days: Friday Evening.

Samantha and Stefan go on their date and Samantha stays the night.

The door closed behind me, and he walked around to the other side of the car. He sat down and gave the driver instructions then the car moved off, and he turned towards me. Reaching out, he took my hand in his. "I want to, though." I was confused and shoo...

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The sex is nice, great even. But it's the power.

His rigid cock is poised at the entrance to my cunt. Precum oozes from the tip. A long thin strand deposits a drop directly onto my engorged clit. My labia are swollen, and the smell of sex is in the air. The duvet feels soft against my skin. Of course, s...

Taking That Man's Virginity

A love story that describes how an eighteen-year-old man loses his virginity. Two weeks later, he will experience his first orgy.

I indulged myself by taking that man's virginity. My tits were sinking right in the middle of his nose, while we were on that couch. Gustavo was sitting on the couch, still dressed. He was in his jeans and blue T-shirt. I was also dressed in my traditiona...