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Blondie Goes Skinny Dipping

Blondie Goes Skinny Dipping

Our first day at the camp we decide to avoid unpacking, rushing down to the lake. It is our favorite place in the whole world. Not that either of us have seen a load of the whole world, but of what we've seen, it is the most magical place you could ask for.

The trees so green and lush, the sand so white, the water a deep blue, nothing around us but beautiful scenery. With the sun beating down on us, the heat index pushing 75, we're grateful for when the breeze picks up slightly. My skin is shining with a thin sheen of sweat and baby oil. I'm determined to get a natural tan this summer, today is the perfect day to start it.

“I dare you to come swimming with me naked,” I say, my eyes closed, as I lie on my towel, taking in the rays.

“Aren't you the daring one, Blondie. You know this isn't a private beach,” Sam says, lying beside me, face down as he reads a book, working on his own tan.

“I'll risk it, if you do,” rolling over to my side, to look at him.

“It's more of a risk for you, than it is for me. I'm game, let's go.”

I'm up on my feet in a second flat, taking a quick glance around, I see no one, hear nothing, except the birds chirping and small animals scurrying in the woods. I push my bikini bottoms down first, kicking them to the side and quickly removing my top half, as I toss it at him.

“Don't keep me waiting, Sammy boy,” I use his nickname only I'm allowed to use, causing him to laugh out loud. As I'm skipping, in an awkward way, looking behind me as I go, I head into the water. The sudden rush of coldness causes me to gasp out, shivering as I move deeper into the water. “Fuck! It's so cold, but damn it feels so good.”

“It's still early in the year, water hasn't had a chance to warm up. We'll find something to keep us warm,” Sam says, strolling into the water.

I watch his cock, even when soft, looking like a yummy treat moving with his body as he walks into the water. He reaches me in no time, wrapping his arms around me, his lips trail over my neck, up to my ear lobe, where he sucks lovingly on it. He knows it is my weakness, what truly gets me going the most. The water lapping against us, I lift my legs and wrap them around his waist. With one hand, I cup water, pouring it lightly over his back, cooling him. He moans with approval, so I keep doing so, until I reach his hair, getting him wet from head to toe.

“That feels great, but this will be even better,” he says, letting go of my ear.

Just as I'm about to question what he means, he dunks us both under the water. I let him go, kicking my way back up to the surface, laughing and pushing water into his face for revenge. Which only causes him to begin to splash back. Our laughter echoing into the tress, like lyrics from a song. The birds songs seem to match our laughter, joining in our harmony, with the critters chattering into the song.

“God, Blondie, I love you,” Sam says, pulling me back into his embrace.

“You're the only man for me, Sammy.” I bite at his lower lip, letting go of a soft moan. “Fuck me, baby, I want you,” I whisper with need.

Hearing my request, I feel his cock twitch against me, clearly he likes the idea as much as I do. Once more I wrap my long legs around him, settling in the perfect position, he grinds against me. Our bodies pressed closely together, I can feel his cock growing harder as his lips trace over my neck once more. I spot a couple strolling along the beach, I hold back a giggle, not wanting Sam to see. He'd stop instantly if he knew, and I am enjoying his touch far too much for him to stop.

Moving my hand down between us, slipping his cock right against my entrance, guiding him into me. With a gentle start, he moves his hips back and forth, pushing deeper into me. His lips never leaving my neck, unless it is to nip and bite on my earlobe. I do my best not to moan too loudly, knowing a couple just walked by, but it is hard to do so. I muffle it by snuggling my face into Sam's neck.

The water laps against us, feeling wave after wave splash lightly, moving with our pace, making it slightly easier to move together. I squeeze my legs around him, giving him a better grip to thrust into me. The sun beating down hotter, as it rises up higher in the sky. It being midday, it is at it's hottest point, the sun directly above us, almost like a spotlight right on our dirty act.

“Harder, fuck me harder, I need you deep, baby,” I cry out, feeling as though I'm going to cum at any time.

“Harder you say? You've got it, Blondie,” Sam grips my hips as he says this, digging his toes into the sand below and thrusts with all he has.

He does this without losing his grip, not wanting to drop and drown me. The thrill is far too much. I feel myself tighten, cumming hard, I feel him pound into me as I cum. He fills me moments later, moaning out my name over and over again like a prayer. He pulls me up to his mouth, kissing me with desire again, holding me there until his cock softens and slips out of me.

“I must admit, that is the best way to start our summer trip, Sammy boy.”

“The best way ever.”
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