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My Time Of Reckoning

Then, the unthinkable happened. Jennifer slid her panties down to her ankles and gracefully stepped out of them.

I had just finished my conversation with Jennifer. That was it! I am committed, and there is no turning back. I have finally accepted what I have always known. Jennifer was the "One," and I knew it. I felt as if the weight of the world was lifted from my...

The Candle

A short poem about finding your sexual mojo

The candle burns dimly but it is still alight Its warm glow redolent of summer sunsets Teasing, flickering and resolutely still hanging onto the life that burns deep in the places that the darkness cannot touch. Oxygen, pure air or a pleasant draft will g...

Given Life

Nova doesn't know that Logan is her cure.

It's hard to believe I'm letting Emma talk me into meeting her for drinks tonight. I've been intentionally distancing myself from her because I don’t want her to know I have cancer. I can't bear to see the look of pity in her eyes. Maybe it's selfish, but...

The Barista

A chance encounter at a coffee shop leads to naughty fun at home.

I’ve been using my local coffee shop for years. I was a patron long before my accident. Unfortunately, I now needed to walk with a stick permanently, which made carrying a tray loaded with coffee and a sandwich or a slice of something delicious something...

DiscreetOfficeServices.Com Chapters 3--4

Sometimes, it's all about how you earn success!

Chapter Three Nine Months Past... I'd been meeting with clients for a couple of weeks when I got a text from Marla asking for a face-to-face after satisfying my last client. Marla had been great about letting me stash newly bought clothes and shoes in box...

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Festive Unforgettable

A thought of sad Holidays that turn out well after all

Prologue ━━━━━━ At one a.m., I was in the kitchen, preparing a breakfast of four sunny-side-up eggs, a hotdog, and a loaf of bread. My parents ate swiftly, then hurried packed their belongings into the car. I managed to get them to the airport in time for...

Thanksgiving Dinner

A young couple's first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner and the celebratory hushed sex that followed.

The scent of cinnamon and roasted turkey lingered in our cozy home as we prepared to host our very first Thanksgiving for both sides of the family. I was excited and thankful for the ornate tableware that I found in the local store. My husband, Paul, sugg...

Primal Eruption

One step closer to divinity - to give her the gift of climax freely without agenda nor guilt.

Sensually Sweet Lips voyage down silken curves My probing tongue parts engorged lips Inhale deep the scent of your lust Savoring the taste of yearning Discovering a hidden shy pearl Wetted fingers slide in exploring The burning, needy center clenching Gen...

They stood atop lover’s leap, hand in hand, staring into the thousand-foot void. “Together. Forever,” she announced. He nodded and turned to look into her eyes. They lurched at each other, lips crushing together, hands ripping their clothes to get at thei...

Game of the Year

Game-day was finally here! This one would be the biggest Game of the Year.

"The Game of the Year" Pre-Game Hype: We had been waiting for this day since it was on the schedule. Filled with yearning and emotion, although we tried to keep it cordial. The excitement of facing the best with the skills of a superstar gave the motivati...