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Down In The Morning

Down In The Morning

I like waking you in the morning...
My eyes open and for a moment, I'm not quite sure where I am...

I move a little, feeling your arm tighten around me. Ah, I'm with you… I smile.

I wince slightly, I feel a little sore... down there. I remember what we did before we fell asleep. I can't believe we did that! God! You were SO gentle with me. I was a little frightened, but it was ok. I liked being able to give you what you wanted...

I'm aware that I'm wet, still. My pussy slick with your come, OUR come. You ARE good.

As I lie, contemplating, replaying our lovemaking, in my mind's eye, I realise that my errant fingers are toying with my button, again. I gingerly begin to rub, to stroke and oh fuck, it feels good. I remember the feel of your mouth around my clit last night, as your fingers invaded my pussy. The way you pinched it gently between your teeth and as I remember, how you pushed one, than another finger into my bottom, I almost come again thinking of it and I have to bite my lip, so as not to wake you.

I stop.

You are still asleep, but I know that if I move around too much I will wake you and I don't want to do that. Not yet.

I turn onto my side and your arm tightens around my shoulder, but you don't waken and I wriggle, carefully between your legs, gently pushing them apart with my knee.

You sigh in your sleep, "Shhhh, shhhhh...."

I freeze.

I wait, until I am satisfied that you're not going to waken, I lean my head between your legs, lifting your flaccid cock, gently with my fingers and I begin to lick your shaft. God, even when asleep, you cock is still fucking HUGE!

I love your cock.

I raise it by the base, so that it's standing straight, although not yet firm, and I open my mouth and engulf you. You moan in your sleep, but still do not wake.

Your cock tastes of your come and of my pussy and I like it. I love the way you fuck me, the way you satisfy me. I come so hard for you, every fucking time.

I pull back your foreskin and start to suck, gently at first, with my fingers gently stroking the base, in time with my mouth.

Oh!! Now you are starting to stiffen. My god, it excites me, but I know that I won't be able to have you fully in my mouth once you're completely erect, so, I speed up.

I feel your legs tighten around me, I'm still on my knees and I know you'll wake any second. My other hand cupping your balls, kneading them as my mouth sucks, harder. You are HUGE now and suddenly, your legs are tight around me, stiff, holding me in place and your hand grips my hair, pushing my head down onto your huge, thick cock.

I try to lift my head, but your hand is firmly holding my head and you start to thrust, lifting your ass, pushing your meat ever deeper into my throat.

I'm breathing fast through my nose now and you are pumping. I feel your legs stiffen as you thrust up, faster, deeper, fucking my mouth.

You stop thrusting and you moan, grunting as you hold your ass off the bed.

Then I feel you. Hot spurts of thick come, pulsing into my throat. You're moaning. One last, smaller jet fills my mouth and I feel you relax back onto the bed.

You gently pull my hair, raising my head to look at you and you croak, "Open your mouth."

I open my mouth and you can see the results of my oral efforts.

Tenderly you stroke my hair and say, "You are SUCH a good little whore, you are MY little whore."

I swallow and smile, then you tell me to come and kiss you.

I move back up beside you, snuggling in and you kiss me tenderly on the mouth, holding me tightly.

I like pleasing you…
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