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Her Mouth

...was made for fucking
Looking down at my girl, her lips stretched around my throbbing manhood as she swallowed my cock. I’m always amazed at her ability to take my entire length but her mouth was made for fucking. That much I’m sure of. Those plump lips and skillful tongue were made to suck cock and god, she was a pro.

She was always eager to take me into her warm wet orifice and worship my stiff organ. She was my cock sucking whore and though I’ve taken every other hole her body had to offer, I always enjoyed her mouth the best. After a long day at work, having her service me was the most exquisite feeling.

She had this trick that drove me mad. She’d take my full length into her welcoming throat and still manage to slip her tongue out and lick my balls. She had a talent few could hope to achieve and she reveled in it. She loved sucking cock and guzzling cum as much as I loved emptying my balls into her belly.

She was my filthy little cumslut.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her, watching as my cock slid in deep and came out glistening with her spit. Her grey eyes were dark as they met mine, she never looked away and all I saw was adoration and thankfulness that she was allowed my cock and ball juice.

My fingers raked through her hair and curled into a fist as I thrust and plowed into her throat again, holding still and feeling the muscles ripple along the length, then that magical tongue lapping at my balls. Christ… that drove me insane and made my fuck stick pulse in her throat.

My fist tightened and hips rocked. I could feel the impending orgasm building. She could feel it too, as my shaft swelled and throbbed against her tongue. She moaned and the vibrations sent electric currents through me but nothing compared to her cupping my heavy balls, rolling them in her hand and giving them a soft squeeze.

Oh, my girl needed fed.

She was insatiable, always needing my seed filling her aching belly and I was always happy to comply. I pulled back, watching my cock emerge from her hungry mouth and felt her tongue dance over the sensitive tip. She knew exactly what I liked and how to produce results. She sucked on the engorged tip, running that skillful tongue along the underside causing my hips to buck.

I pushed forward and felt my manhood filling her throat once more. She squeezed my balls tighter and my cock pulsed. She knew. She was ready and anxious to receive and I was geared up to blow. I fisted her hair tighter and began fucking her face. It didn’t take long; she was an expert after all. I felt my balls draw up and my hot seed streaking through my cock and erupting. I saw her eyes widen a fraction just as my hot cum flew down her throat to fill her hungry belly.

I pulled back enough to allow the last spurts to land on her tongue. God, she was a greedy bitch as her slick muscle lavished my cock seeking every last drop. She suckled the tip, tonguing the hole, coaxing it all out and like the good girl she was, she swallowed every last drop with a look of satisfaction on her face.

Yes… her mouth was made for fucking.

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