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Our First Time

Our First Time

Two Lush members meet for sex
Fantasylady: I’ve had an idea.

Lovingyousoftly: Go on?

Fantasylady: Ok. How about we meet?

Lovingyousoftly: That would be very nice. When?

Fantasylady: How about tomorrow?

Lovingyousoftly: How are we going to arrange it?

Fantasylady: Let me make the arrangements. Meet me under the King Cross station clock at 11.45. My train is due in then.

Lovingyousoftly: How will I recognise you?

Fantasylady: I am 5’2”, with dark curly shoulder length hair. I will be carrying a red umbrella.

Lovingyousoftly: There shouldn’t be too many lady’s under the clock with a red umbrella.

Fantasylady: No. So are you up for it?

Lovingyousoftly: Yes.

Fantasylady: Good. Me too. See you tomorrow. Under the clock. 11.45.

Lovingyousoftly: What about your husband?

Fantasylady: He won’t want to come. I will tell him it is a shopping trip. He won’t even ask where I am going.


The train is running late. About seven minutes according to the last announcement. As you don’t know which train I will be on, I hope you will wait.

The train pulls in. I get off and follow the crowd. I see the clock in the distance. There are a lot of people around. I see you. You look just like your pictures on your profile. Are you nervous? You haven’t seen me. I am standing behind you. I take a big breath.

“Mike?” You turn around. Surprised, but hopefully, not disappointed. “Abi,” I say, stupidly pointing at myself. Why did I do that? Any confidence I had is draining away.

“Hi Abi. Pleased to meet you.” You hold out your hand, like the gentleman I know you are. I am not sure what to do with it. I use it to pull myself towards you for a no hand hug. I reach up and you bend down and we kiss cheek to cheek. It is all a bit embarrassing but I do get to smell your aftershave. You do smell very nice. We step back and look each other up and down. I tell you I like the jacket. You tell me I look nice.

“I have booked a room at the Grand Hotel. We have it for two hours, from twelve until two. “Shall we go?”

You nod.

“Follow me.” I look around. “Can I hold your hand?” I reach my hand out for yours.

“How come you seem to know your way around?” You ask as I guide you through the station exit.

“Google maps.”

The Grand Hotel, is indeed grand. We go to the Concierge desk. A grey haired man wearing green uniform greets us.

“I am Jane Smith, we spoke on the phone yesterday.” You are looking around, nervously, probably hoping you do not recognise anyone in the rather busy foyer.

“Ah, Mister and Missus Smith. Of course. Welcome to the Grand Hotel.” He slides a key across the counter, but doesn’t let go of it. I slide fifty pounds towards him and the exchange is made. He reminds me that they need the room back by two pm.

We open the door to Room 212 and go in. I feel nervous. You turn and face me. Our mouths meet. You tongue traces across my lips. I pull away.

“Mike, I would like to shower and get changed. Is that okay?”

“We could shower together,” you suggest.

“Would it be possible if we shower separately?” I ask. “I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

“You won’t spoil the surprise, but yes, Okay. I will shower when you have done.”

You ask, how quick I will be. It won’t be too long. The clock is running, after all.

I shower and put on the new underwear I have bought just for you, then I put on the hotels white toweling robe. We squeeze by each other, awkwardly as you go into the bathroom. While you are in there, I pace up and down, getting more nervous by the minute. I remove the robe. Where do I put my hands?

I put the robe back on.

You come out of the bathroom wearing only your boxer shorts. I drop the robe.

“Kiss me,” I ask. As you step forward, I point downwards. You grin and get down on your knees. I gasp as I feel your lips against my panties. I feel your teeth brush the lace. I expect you can feel my wetness. Your tongue pushes against lace and then finds a way around it. You are holding my buttocks and I have my fingers in your hair. Your tongue slides between my lips. I jump as it brushes my clit.

I want you.

“I want you,” I say.

“Turn around,” you tell me, removing your mouth from my most intimate place. “Kneel on the bed.” I am on all fours. I feel my panties sliding down my legs. You are behind me, placing the tip of your cock against me. I push back against you and you enter me. Just the tip inside. You do not move. You wait. I grow impatient.

“Please?” I beg.

Then you start to move. I reach between my legs and cup you balls in my fingers. Your grip on my hips tightens. You slide all the way in. You are thrusting harder and harder. I won’t be long. Can we come together?

Oh well. I beat you to it and you lean against me as you cum, forcing me to collapse on the bed with you on top of me.

We lay exhausted. You still inside me. I dare not move, but eventually gravity has an effect and you slide out of me.

“They may have to change the bedspread,” I say. We laugh, which makes it worse. You roll off me and lie on your back. I look down your body. Your cock glistens. I slide my leg over you.

“I don’t know if I can,” you say.

“You will,” I tell you as I straddle you, feeling your cock stiffening beneath me.

And you did.

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