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Lesbian Stories

Lesbian sex stories feature sexy tales of women who love other women.

These can be first time lesbians, women who are into group lesbian sex, or just women in love with other women.

Feel free to post your lesbian stories here for others to enjoy and embellish.

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A Wife's Day Off

A wife is caught cheating.

I had suspected that my wife was having an affair for a while now, but I had no definite proof, just the feeling that she was getting her satisfaction elsewhere. For the last six months or so, she had been less interested in sex, as well as being away fro...

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Therese's Story - Chapter 38: Helen

As told to the author. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

There's this spa place that Cait, Lucy, and I go to often for facials and mani-pedis usually, and sometimes a massage. It's not a big place, and we're kind of regulars there, and we know everyone there and even some of the other customers. They take guys...

Fun With Another Woman

Debbie and I get to know each other more intimately.

Hubby gave me 'permission' to see Debbie alone; apparently, it wasn't cheating if it was the same sex! I asked her in a text and she thought it was a good idea as we were both new to the experience of being with another woman. We'd shared a kiss, I found...

The Archaeological Dig, (A True Story)

Jane discovers a whole new erotic encounter on an ancient historical site

I still don't know what drew me to the advert in the personal column of my local newspaper. It called for volunteers to help at a recently discovered Roman settlement dating from Fifty-Five BC. I knew from my History lessons that this was the period that...

Therese's Story - Chapter 37: Crazy

As told to the author. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Cait and I were visiting her mom and aunt one weekend. Her mom was doing okay by then. She hadn't started working again but kept saying she was going to soon. And she hadn't gotten her own place yet either. She said she was looking, but Cait and I both th...

The State Fair

Two Friends Reuniting For A Night Of Fun And Passion

The trees have yet to find the colors of fall, nor has the autumn chill found its way down from the mountains, but a new season is slowly on its way and with it, many memories of falls gone by. In memory of one such fall, it shall be stated that the State...

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Magic Fingers

That ache in her friend's back was the perfect excuse for Nekane to touch that perfect skin.

Nekane nervously plays with a strand of her own hair as she discreetly delights in the beauty of her friend. Her fingers twirl the tendrils while her gaze steals occasional glances, appreciating the graceful allure of the woman seated before her. Despite...

The Stripper

One of the wildest nights of my life

I didn’t start university until my early twenties. My grades at school weren’t great so I worked a job for a couple of years studied part-time and then eventually went to university. I moved into a flat with two other girls. I loved them to bits and they...

The Welcome Wagon - Chapter Two

Elise's second encounter with Justice is not as she expected...or is it?

Elise tossed and turned in her bed for most of the night. If she had slept at all, it was minimal at best. The previous days’ encounter with Justice continually replayed inside of her head and she couldn’t wait to see her again. She finally relented and g...

Heaven Is Where You Find It

From Hell to Heaven.

I slipped the note under the door of Mother Superior's office and hurried out of the back door of the convent with my backpack, leaving my life of the past eleven years behind. Tomorrow, I would have been making my final vows to enter the congregation and...

The Path

A story for thoughtful consideration.

It was early spring. While my love life was hardly what I would call "on the skids", it had been lackluster as of late. One would naturally assume that the nightclub scene would be a meat market. To a great extent, it is. Night after night I went to vario...

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I met her when she was moving from the dorms on Chapel Hill to an apartment just off campus. She was carrying a box of, ahem, "personal" items when she must have stumbled over her own two feet and sent the contents scattering across the hallway. I have be...

Running With Ruby

An unexpected running partner and a surprise adventure.

Amy pulls into the hotel driveway. Distracted by the view of the lake, she almost runs down the bellhop. Slamming on the brakes, her face flushes red in embarrassment. "Holy shit, what a way to start a relaxing getaway," she mutters sarcastically. Pulling...