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Santa Claus Is Coming

It was the night before Christmas, and I get a surprise present

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except me of course. I was busy putting out gifts under the tree ready for when the kids woke up in the morning. Dave was out, supposedly at his mother's, but more likely boozing with mates.

I had gone upstairs to get the last of the gifts, and came down, only to step into the living room, and have a sack thrown over my head.

"What the..."

My words cut off abruptly, as I did not want the kids waking up. The sack was only small, just large enough to enclose my head and fasten with a pull-string at its neck.

 I stood in darkness, until a voice told me, "You are on Santa's naughty list, so he has decided that this year instead of giving you presents, he will have you as his present instead."

I was wondering what was going on when I felt hands removing my clothing, every stitch of it until I was stood naked, then I felt something being wrapped around me, round legs and arms, ankles and wrists, until I could not move. Hands roamed over me as I was gift-wrapped, teasing tits and stroking bottom and pussy until I was wet and squirming, and so ready for fucking.

I was laid down on the floor and the sack was suddenly gone, leaving me alone, and so hot and horny, but I could not even touch myself where I really wanted to touch. I looked down at myself, finding my wrists were tied together behind me, with lots of red ribbons.

My ankles were tied with loop after loop of red ribbon to my wrists, so I could not move, and I was kneeling with legs splayed wide open by a spreader bar just under my knees, my shaved pussy on display. I must have looked like a festive slave girl. I tried struggling but I was completely helpless. A deep voice behind me greeted me.

"Ho, Ho, Ho, and what have we been doing this year then?"

I looked in disbelief as Santa himself stood in front of me. This could not be happening. I must be dreaming. Dream or not, the whiskery old fellow dropped his pants, displaying a rather impressive erection.
"I see my helpers have got you all ready for me," he announced, "this beats the hell out of milk and mince pies."

He reached large hands between my legs after removing his gloves, stroking until I was even wetter and almost desperate. Then he stood before me, cock at the perfect height for me to allow it into my mouth. I somehow understood what he wanted without him needing to tell me, and I took his pole into my mouth, teasing and nibbling it until he was starting to squirm.

When he had enjoyed this for long enough, he tipped me over onto my face, so that my bottom was stuck high in the air. His fingers teased the opening, probing inside as I lay helpless while he was making me even wetter and hornier. When he had been stood in front of me, I had thought his cock looked large. When I actually felt it sliding into my soaking pussy, it felt twice that size, and he shafted me with it smoothly and hard, burying it deep inside me with every stroke.

His arms were around me now, hands squeezing my tits, then teasing the nipples to full hardness. I could feel every inch of his shaft sliding in and out of me, forcing me higher and higher, but still not letting me come just yet. The torment seemed to last for hours, with me close to screaming, I was that desperate to be allowed to come. I knew somehow that he was doing this, that he was stopping me from coming. And all the time that huge cock was fucking me, making me hornier than I had ever been before.

Eventually, he took pity on me, and it felt as though invisible bonds had been removed. I pushed back onto him, reveling in the hard fucking he was giving me. It was not long before I was coming for him, and every muscle in my pussy contracted as I came, squeezing that massive cock, but he pulled out quickly before he came.

I thought that he was finished, but the next second, his wet cock slid into my tight bum. I suppressed a scream as he started to ravish my rear, his hands now teasing my clit unmercifully, and I was coming again while he carried on butt-fucking me.

I do not know how many times I came while he was buggering me, the climaxes were coming one after the other and I was whimpering helplessly as each one washed over me until he finally came, warm creamy cum filling me and dripping out as he pulled out, leaving me twitching in total bliss.

He knelt me back up, and adjusted his clothing before kissing me.

As he left he whispered, "Naughty or nice, that was bloody good. Your present will be here soon."

I was wondering what he meant by that when I realized he was gone, along with any trace of cum, and I was alone again. Just then I heard a key in the lock and Dave came in, followed by his mate, Jack.

As soon as they saw me, Jack told Dave, "Looks like Santa has already come."

As the two of them started to enjoy their unexpected Christmas treat, their hands already exploring between my open legs and teasing my already sensitive tits, I remember thinking, "Jack, you would never believe me if I told you how right you were.".





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