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Some Memories Never Die

“Do you suck the cocks of all your male friends?”

Wednesday night

Claire almost reverently rubbed her fingers along the edge of mattress they’d bought last year. After a brief smile and reminiscence at the extravagance of the purchase, she toppled onto it, pressed her cheek to the smooth, cotton pillows, draped an arm over the waist of her girlfriend, Beth, and snuggled into the thick and irresistibly soft duvet. Her consciousness ebbed quickly and, after succumbing to the call of sleep, her mind was soon swirling with the wonderful anarchy of a new dream.

“Claire,” said the faintest and most ethereal of male voices. “Claire… do you remember when…”

“Huh? What?” replied a barely conscious and very groggy Claire.

“Claire. Do you remember the night you cried yourself to sleep after your illicit lover boyfriend dumped you?” the voice asked.

Claire wasn’t sure if she was awake or not. She was in that state of deep slumber when events are so vivid, yet in the morning you know they just can’t have happened. The one certain thing was, asleep or not, she was answering the question.

“How do you know about that? What about it?”

“I remember what you did after that. Do you?”

“I slept. What else?”

“You were so desperate for what you were missing, weren’t you? You missed cock. Just hours without it and you craved it, didn’t you?”


“I know you did. That’s why you used both your vibrators, night after night. I loved watching you fuck yourself in the ass and pussy at the same time with them. In and out, over and over, dreaming of a long, thick, erect, cock, fucking you deep and hard. Fucking you until you squirted all over those crisp, ironed sheets. It was so… erotic,” giggled the voice playfully before tailing to a whisper, then disappearing.

Bemused, Claire shook her head to clear it, rolled over and drifted back into a deep sleep.


Thursday Night


The voice from the dream again, yet this time Claire was certain she was awake.

“Claire, do you remember when Beth was out and you got drunk with your best friend Amy after watching Avengers Assemble? How you both dared each other to tell a fantasy and yours was to fuck Natasha Romanoff?”

“Who is this?” hissed Claire softly through pursed lips as she tried not to wake a sleeping Beth.

“I remember what you did Claire, do you?”

“Who is this? Answer me.”

“Other than your lovers, I’m your best night time friend. All I want to do is remember fun memories. It’s what I do,” the voice chuckled. “Amy took the dare and dressed up in black to look just like Natasha, didn’t she? I remember you undressing her slowly, then letting her ride your face until she came. You loved that; loved dipping your tongue into her sex as she orgasmed on you. I loved how you drank every drop then licked her clean afterwards. You do remember?”

“Yes, I remember.” Claire wanted to keep the voice talking as she tried desperately to pinpoint its origin. “I loved it when Amy fucked my face. Did you like watching?”

“I just remember,” the voice sniggered. “Like that night, just after you’d cleaned Amy, she returned the favour while you were on your knees, except it wasn’t your pussy she dipped into with her tongue, was it? It was your bum.”

“Yes,” blushed Claire. “What else do you remember?” she asked, now convinced the voice was coming from somewhere beneath her… from the bed!

“Apart from your drunken playing around, nothing, Claire, nothing.”

The voice tailed away again until all Claire could hear was the rhythmic ticking of the pipes as the central heating system cooled down.


Friday Night

Claire sat awake pretending to read until Beth was in her usual post-midnight comatose state. The only thing that punctuated the darkness was the LED display on the bedside table alarm clock. The hours ticked slowly by until it was nearly 3am. Claire was just about to roll over to sleep having convinced herself the voice could only have been a very realistic dream. She was inches away from spooning up behind Beth when she heard it.

“You’re so naughty, Claire. I remember that night when you got home from that nightclub after your work’s Christmas party.”

She could hear the laughter in the voice more clearly this time.

“They were just friends.”

“Just friends? Do you suck the cocks of all your male friends, Claire? I remember that’s exactly what you did.”

Claire blushed again, remembering the very improper tryst she’d had behind Beth’s back with Cameron and Owen. She’d been on all fours on the edge of the bed wanking Cameron’s cock into her throat, while Owen had alternated burying his own member deep in her willing pussy and her gaping, needy star. She’d timed her movements just right with their eager thrusts, so that just as Owen blew his load deep in her ass, Cameron withdrew from her mouth and arced four pearlescent ropes of molten lust all over her face.

“The way you’re blushing I know you remember just as well as I do,” chortled the voice.

“I do. I sucked both their cocks clean then scooped up and swallowed all Cameron’s lovely, creamy come.”

“You did. What fun! Sleep now, Claire. Sleep…”


Saturday Morning

Claire awoke from a deep sleep and nudged Beth awake. “This is nuts! There’s something funny going on, Beth.”

“What’s that?” replied Beth, rubbing her eyes awake.

“I’m going mad. I think I’m being spoken to at night by… by… the bed! It keeps… well, reminding me of things I’ve done.”

“You’re nuts. What things?”

“Nothing important. Just… just stuff.”

“Oh, do tell. Like what?”

“Really, it’s nothing. Nosey!”

Beth looked Claire in the eye. “You’re just dreaming. I told you we’d regret buying a memory foam mattress,” she laughed. “And you’re being very mysterious, Claire. Got any skeletons in the closet you’d like to tell me about?”




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