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The Run

run into his arms...
Thursday afternoon, and the breeze softly blows outside Mayra's window. She is putting on her running shoes. She enters the restroom and gathers up her hair into a pony tail, she takes soap and water to clean her face of the makeup she wears to the office. Once refreshed, she heads down stairs and out the door. The sun is whispering good night as she inhales deeply and she stretches before her feet find the pavement.

A few minutes go by as she is lost in thought running, and Mayra is now a few blocks away from her home. She is aware of the birds and the falling leaves. The beauty of fall makes her think to the last time she was with him, in his arms.

Stop thinking of him- she frowns at herself.

Now there is a smile on her face, she is turning. She is hoping to get a glimpse of a guy she calls eye candy, as he works out in his garage usually as she only sees him in the passing.

Lovely eye candy- she whispers.

A few houses will pass, and Mayra knows every color, every shade of that house that holds this man. As she approaches the place, she slows down her pace. He is already at the bench, so she stops. Without a further thought her feet guide her slowly to him.

At the entrance she sees the button to close the garage door. Her hand, as if in a trance closes it. Before he could move, she straddles him, he is taken by surprise. He wants to move, but Mayra kisses him with all of her might.

~ ~ ~

David arrived home after a gruesome day in the field. He has been training his troops for an upcoming mission. His mind is racing, anticipating. However, he desperately needs some tension release and he prepares to retreat to his garage as he does every night.

He stops in the kitchen to have a protein drink. His mind wonders and his lips curl up as he conjures an image of the woman who runs past his home day after day.

Slowly he enters his garage, opens the door and slowly does his warm up before he leans back on his press bench. David's mind is somewhere else but the weights he sees in front of him. He is daydreaming.

He hears his garage door start to close and he feels someone straddle him. David snaps out of his daydream to see her reaching to kiss him. All he can do is embrace her.

~ ~ ~

Clothing is being shed quicker than they can react to anything. Kisses, nibbles, and moans. Crevices are kissed and licked, valleys are explored, their animistic foreplay hot and steamy all this until their bodies connect as one. Flesh on flesh, raw passion, and hunger being quenched.

The night falls and both are spent. They look at each other in awe of what just transpired between them and how the time flew by. It is close to 10:00 p.m. Both get dressed in silence and she begins to part to her home.

"David," he says stretching out his hand.

A little taken Mayra smiles at him and replies with her name.

"Can I see you again, as in a date? Mayra."
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