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Straight Sex Stories

Straight sex stories relate to aesthetic, sexual and romantic attraction exclusively between two individuals of differing genders.

All normal stories between loving couples go in here - please find the relevant niche category should your story involve something a bit out of the ordinary.

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My Very Special Friend, Part 1 of 2

He was much older than me, but handsome and sexy. He'd been my first "real" boss, and I'd wanted him ever since..

I couldn’t decide if Mark was unfriendly or merely shy, but after he hired me, we barely spoke, only enough for him to teach me what I needed to do and assign tasks. I’d felt like I made him nervous, despite him being much older than me, and it always see...

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A Romantic Night

A traditional, bite-sized, erotic sketch filled with romance and passion.

The night moved by too fast, and she was starting to get disappointed that nothing had happened between them by the second half of the movie. The scene was dripping with sensuality: she sat right next to him on the big, plush couch in the dark while they...

An Older Couple Meet For The First Time

Sightseeing and more in New York City

Arlene and I became “friends” on an adult website. We chatted regularly. She was in the “mature” age bracket like me. During one of our chats, I sent her a face pic. (She already had some body shots in my profile). Arlene was the first person on any adult...

Le Weekend - III

Sunday, and the weekend concludes with a reckoning for all of them.

His mother was sick, and it was Antoine’s fault. Waiting for his father, the harsh perfumes of antiseptic and detergent hung in the air. The noticeboards patronised him, and a restless energy gnawed at his tired body. Fidgeting to get comfortable, the cha...

Le Weekend - II

It is Saturday Night, and for all of them, life will never be the same again.

Drifting through the air, a muted jazz singer lamented the loss of her lover. Alone in the dining room, Antoine sat back in his chair, beguiled by the monochrome photographic print of Madame Bonheur. As the centrepiece on a wall, younger as a Mademoiselle...


A night in Vegas they want to remember (but can't) !

Loch Ness is generally a quiet place during the early hours but tonight Hamish is going to wake the neighbours and make it count. The only monster out tonight will be the one unleashed from his trousers. Hamish has reluctantly agreed that tonight would be...

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Le Weekend - I

Six different people, one weekend, and by Sunday, there will only be one outcome.

“Hello, Antoine.” Breathless and barely a whisper, Brigitte perched on his desk. The rasp of the keyboard did not waver. Easing forward, displaying her tanned cleavage, she toyed with a lock of her chestnut hair. He paused, peered at his handwritten notes...

Heating Things Up

An adventurous date in the shower turns into a passion-filled evening.

I stood there mesmerized as I watched the thick, caramel-colored ass wiggle up and down as she took her panties off, catching a glimpse of her pink, wet pussy flashing with each movement. She smiled back, saying, "Are you enjoying the view?" I smiled back...

Massage and More

Husband decides to give a massage to his upset wife.

When Sophia walked into the bedroom, she saw her husband, Henry, sitting on the edge of the bed. He was sitting up straight, and his hands on his knees. "We need to talk, Sophia," he said after noticing her standing a few steps away from him. "I know," sh...