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Adult Arcade Stopover

Married man traveling to business conference cannot resist stopping at remote video arcade.
I was traveling up the interstate to northern KY one morning a little while back for a conference, and a couple of exits before leaving Tennessee into Kentucky, I stopped at an adult superstore. Being so far away from home, I felt reasonably safe that I would not run into someone I knew. Nevertheless, I was still very nervous. A large billboard with the Ten Commandments erected next door by a local church did not help.

Fortunately, there were only a few cars and a couple of semis in the parking lot. I hurriedly went inside. The store was large and clean. I browsed the adult toy section, coveting the selection of large male dildos, then noticed a video arcade section off to one end.

I had silently told myself before stopping here that I was not going because of the arcade, but I suppose that’s like one saying that he is reading men’s magazines only because of the articles. Anyway, I was somewhat ahead of schedule, so I gave in to the temptation.

I had been in a few such places before, but was always fearful of being seen, arrested, or accosted. After my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I walked around to get the lay of the place. Unlike some of the others, this one did not have the typical smell of stale cigarette smoke and industrial cleaner. Also, there were none of the usual seedy characters loitering in the aisles, the kind of people you try to pass quickly by without making eye contact.

There were about twenty booths, some with gloryholes and a couple with transparent/opaque windows. Though they had no doors, the booths were designed with a double turn entrance so that some privacy was afforded. I selected one in the rear that had a gloryhole in one side wall. The circular opening was about three inches in diameter, neatly cut in the partition, which was constructed of thick laminated plywood. There were stains and streaks on the wall below it, the composition and source of which I could only imagine.

I inserted several dollar bills, started the video, and browsed through the selections before stopping on a particularly nice male-to-male video. As I watched, I began to remove all my clothing, placing it on the chair. There is a bit of exhibitionist in me, and I find it exciting to go nude, particularly when there is a portal through which a voyeur can watch and enjoy me showing off. I was already fully erect when I heard someone enter the adjacent booth and shift the chair.

My excitement built at the thought of being watched as I stroked myself in the raw, illuminated by the dim glow of the video screen. I knew I was being watched. Soon a finger of a white male came through the hole and made a "come here" gesture. I knew exactly what he meant. My heart was pounding, I was sweating, and my hands were cold. Should I do this? I wanted to so badly, and have wanted to for a long, long time, but I was always afraid of catching something. What if the police were patrolling?

My state of arousal trumped my better judgment and I moved over to the wall. Threads of clear precum were trailing down like threads from my swollen cockhead. The opening was located slightly lower than my groin level, so I had to spread my legs a good bit to position myself. I anxiously fed my throbbing shaft through the dark opening and immediately was engulfed by what was obviously a hot sucking mouth. I gasped as I pressed my body all the way up against the partition.

The wonderful sensations were like nothing I had ever felt. My wife had done this a few times half-heartedly, but she was nothing in comparison to what my anonymous neighbor was doing to me. I groaned in cadence with his powerful oral ministrations, oblivious to the fact that anyone in the aisle could hear (and know) what was going on inside.

I was so lost in sexual ecstasy that I did not notice a visitor in my booth until I felt his rough hands on the sides of my hips. I quickly turned to look, but was pushed up against the wall. I next felt my asscheeks being spread, and a face with day-old whisker stubble come between them. I moaned as a hot tongue teased my puckered orifice. My anal ring of muscles soon yielded and his snakelike tongue burrowed into my virgin hole. I was quivering at the dual pleasures, barely able to stand. I was enjoying what these complete strangers were doing to me, far more than I ever could have imagined.

My visitor stood up and pressed himself against my back. I felt his hardness running along my shaved furrow, his slippery knob pressing against my wet opening. As much as I wanted him deep inside me, fucking me, taking my cherry, I could not risk being barebacked, at least not here, not now.

I held my muscled opening tightly to prevent entrance, so he began humping me along my asscrack, making wet sticky sounds as his hard cock moved back and forth with his hip motions. I felt his whiskers on the back of my neck, his hot breath, then his wicked tongue (which had just been in my ass) probing my ear. It was more than I could take. With a final loud moan, I emptied my pent-up load of sperm into my anonymous cocksucker’s mouth in a powerful, partition shaking orgasm.

When my spasms finally ceased, I slowly backed away from the wall and turned to face my visitor. He immediately dropped to his knees and took my still erect cock into his mouth, sucking the last remnants of cum out of me. At that point, a thick cock with a large flanged head came through the partition opening, and my visitor pulled off of me and quickly consumed the entire length of my neighbor’s beautiful organ. I watched his bobbing head and his hot mouth do its expert work as I slowly dressed. Just before I left, my anonymous neighbor also exploded in a groaning, wall-jarring orgasm (anyone nearby could unmistakably hear and tell), which my visitor continued to drain.

Passing quickly out of the store I glanced over at the counter clerk and our eyes met just for a second. My face flushed. I felt at the same time both shame and satisfaction. I knew by his look and smile that he knew what I had just experienced. He probably saw it all the time. Married guys on their way to or from home or work being pleasured and emptied by total strangers in the darkness and privacy of the video arcade. I knew I had passed another threshold, and would never be the same for it. ...

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