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Filling In The Gaps, Part One

Looking for an oasis in a sexual desert
To say my second marriage was a sexual desert would be putting it kindly. Oh sure, at first it was pretty hot but by the time our son was born there was really no reason (in her mind) to continue this ‘unpleasant duty’. It didn’t help that I had other needs. I still yearned for the femininity of being Samantha and the taste and feel of hot cum and hard cocks.

For a long time I got by with dressing up in private and masturbating with the dildo I’d bought but eventually I’d had enough and turned to the personal ads on the internet. My goal was really simple: meet a man (or men) and suck and/or fuck every drop of cum from them. I wrote a simple, very direct advertisement for a popular site and waited for an answer. I didn’t wait long.

The next day I got a reply from a guy near Rochester (where I worked at the time). He wanted to know if I could meet him early in the morning before he went to work. He said he liked the idea of starting the work day with a blowjob. I told him I did too and we made arrangements to meet at the Walmart parking lot the next day. I told him I knew someplace private to park and he could follow me there.

I was very excited pulling into the parking lot. It had been a long time and my stomach was all butterflies. Right on time he pulled up along side my car. After brief good mornings we left, he following me, and drove the short distance to a small but secluded hay field. I pulled in and parked and he parked behind me. I went to his car and got into the passenger’s front seat. He had already pushed his pants down to his knees and was rubbing his cock through his briefs.

I wasn’t going to waste any time. I took hold of his cock through his underwear and massaged it to full size, then pushed his tighty-whiteys down around his thighs while he fumbled at my belt and fly. I undid my jeans and he pushed them down my legs and began fondling my ass through my flowered satin panties. I could feel the heat of his hand through the cool satin while my mouth lowered over his erection.

The first taste was already oozing precum. I drank in the sensations of his masculine scent, salty taste and smooth hot shaft. Slowly his cock disappeared into my mouth, then out, then in again more quickly. Rhythmically I bobbed up and down now almost in another dimension. His hand was in my panties now and probing while I got more and more intense with his glorious seven inch hard-on. His finger found my anus and pushed inside. I gasped slightly, the sensation breaking my concentration, but then renewed my efforts. I took him deeper now, the head sliding across the roof of my mouth and down my throat until I almost gagged. I felt his hand clench my buttock and his body stiffen. Oh, how I’ve wanted this moment.

His cum shot into my waiting mouth and I eagerly swallowed. Another hot jet and I savored the taste before it went down my throat. The third and fourth I let linger in my mouth, playing with his cock’s head and letting it and my tongue distribute his taste all around my mouth before finally swallowing the last of his seed.

I slowed my mouth play now to let him recover while I made sure every drop of him wasn’t wasted. When I finally let him slip from my mouth I looked up. He lay in the half reclined seat in a post-orgasmic dream but then sat up, almost embarrassed. We both began to dress and I suggested that perhaps this could be a weekly thing. He said he didn’t know. His wife might get suspicious. I told him just to get a hold of me if he wanted seconds … or thirds.

I got back into my car and we drove our separate ways. I loved the taste of him lingering in my mouth and the hot load of cum he delivered. I hoped to hear from him but the next day it wasn’t him answering my personal ad.

The second time was very similar to the first. When we met he said he knew of a place. I left my car there and I got into his. He drove out of town to a quiet township road while I fondled him. From there he turned down into a pasture and into a small grove of trees where he parked. He got out and walked around to my door and opened it.

“Just turn sideways in the seat,” he instructed.

This one likes to be in control, I thought, and did as I was told. With me sitting sideways, my legs out the car door, he undid his pants and pushed them and his underwear to the ground. With one hand on the back of my head he stepped forward and presented eight inches of uncut cock.

“Open up,” he commanded as his cock pressed against my lips and I obeyed.

He slid into my mouth holding my head now with both hands and began fucking me. There was nothing to do but try to keep from gagging when he pushed too deeply. There was no tongue play, no technique. I just tried to keep my teeth out of the way while he pounded his cock into my mouth.

It wasn’t long before his hips were jerking and his hands clenched my hair. When his cock began spasming I pulled away slightly so I could swallow. Each spasm shot hot man-juice at the back of my throat. Time after time I swallowed yet another load from his seemingly inexhaustible balls. Finally exhausted, he leaned over the roof of the car panting and sweaty. I milked the remainder of his cum from his shrinking cock before he pulled away and began dressing.

“You like cum, huh?” he asked. “You like being face-fucked?”

“Mm-hmm,” I nodded. “I like cocks cumming in me, and you had a lot to give.”

“My wife doesn’t fuck me anymore. I thought my balls were gonna burst,” he added.

“I thought they did,” I said. “You gave me quite a treat.”

We both laughed and got back into the car. The drive back to town had that usual awkwardness so common after two strangers relieve so much pent up sexual tension and then find they have little else in common.

“I’m Stephen, by the way. I’m a hotel manager,” he said finally breaking the silence.

I introduced myself and we talked some about what each of us did for work. He mentioned that sometimes people will check out of their rooms late, after the maids have left for the day. If I could stop down to his hotel after work when there was one of these rooms, we could have some fun. I told him I would like that. We traded work numbers as we pulled up to my car.

“Just give me a call. I’ll make sure to be there,” I told him.

As I reached for the door handle he leaned over, turned my head towards him and kissed me full on the mouth, hard and passionately. Surprised and breathless, I just stared.

“Make sure you are,” he commanded.

I submissively nodded and stepped out of the car. I will make that happen, I thought. I will make that happen.

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