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Helping our Troops

Helping the troops out
It's 4:00 a.m., and I just got home from one of the wildest nights of my life.

I live near an Army post, and have several friends who are in the military. This past week a couple of them have been home on leave from Iraq. They're leaving Saturday, so about ten of us got together tonight to have a few drinks and say goodbye. I was lucky enough to be the only civilian invited to this little party.

We all met at Dave's house near the base. The plan was to go and hit a few clubs in the area and enjoy one another's company before Shawn and Roger went back to continue fighting in the Middle East. We never left the house.

When I arrived about six guys were already there chugging beer and swapping stories. Several had already served their tours in Iraq, and were interested in the others' impressions of what was going on over there. After several minutes of the small talk Dave suggested we go out on his deck and talk about anything other than the war. All were in agreement.

As we sat on the deck waiting for the others to arrive the subject turned to sex. Very few of my military friends know about my bi-side, but those who do know that it's not a huge secret. One of the guys began to talk about the need for sexual release while on tours of duty when Shawn piped up and said, "Well, just ask, but don't tell." A few chuckles were heard from the group, and suggestions began flowing to the one who had mentioned the problem about what to do. All, it seemed, had stories of flings with other guys while serving our country.

"Jay can show you how it's done," said Shawn. "He's a good cocksucker!"

I couldn't believe he outed me right in front of the group, but he did, and now I was forced to sit there with a silly grin on my face. "Sucking it's not all I do," I replied.

It was then that Shawn stood up and walked to my chair and stood beside me. As he was standing there he began rubbing his crotch right beside my face. Playfully I leaned over and licked his shorts. I could feel his 9" cut piece when I did, and it was getting as hard as a rock.

"Go ahead," he said, "take it my cocksucking friend."

I was a little apprehensive with all of these hot men standing around, but my urge for a hot cock was stronger than my fear. I reached over and unzipped Shawn's shorts and pulled his meat out. I licked the head playfully while he closed his eyes and moaned in approval. I then licked from the head all the way to the base and back up. When I got back to the head I took it in my mouth and begin to suck in earnest, not really paying attention to the eyes that were now on the two of us.

As my head was bobbing up and down on Shawn's cock I could feel someone come up beside me. Suddenly I felt a hand reaching inside my shorts and cupping my balls. I lifted my ass a bit from the chair and motioned for my new friend to pull my shorts down. He was most willing to oblige.

So there I lay, naked from the waist down, a hot cock in my mouth, and my cock being stroked by a hot soldier. Any inhibitions I had were now gone. Shawn removed his throbbing meat from my mouth and moved behind the chair. He lifted me up at the waist and positioned me so my ass was in the air and I was bent over the back of the seat. I felt something warm and slick being spread around my asshole. The anticipation was killing me. Shawn had fucked me on several occasions before, and I knew his huge piece was just what I needed at that moment. Suddenly I felt pressure against my asshole. Slowly he eased himself into me, stopping several times before he got all the way in to let me get used to him. When he was all the way in he held it there for a good 30 seconds. While I was waiting another soldier positioned himself in front of me and began force-feeding my mouth with his erection.

Shawn began to fuck me hard in the ass while the other soldier was fucking my hot mouth. After a few minutes Shawn pulled out and invited the other to switch places with him. He positioned himself in front of me and began jacking off, after about 10 seconds my face was full of cum. The guy in my ass then pulled out and moved in front while another took his place at the rear. After a few minutes another spurt hit my face and I felt my ass go empty again while the one who was there moved in front of me. His dick was quickly replaced. Another face full, and another one to my ass.

This marathon fucking and cumming went on for what seemed like forever, but actually wasn't long enough. In all I took eight guys up the ass and had ten loads shot on my face and in my mouth. I was in cum heaven.

I was getting ready to leave when Shawn came over and kissed me. "Thanks for being a good sport," he said. "Now maybe these guys won't get so lonely in the field."

I went to my car and drove home with a stretched ass and a belly full of hot cum. Hopefully I've done my part in supporting our brave soldiers.

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