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Man I Hate Straight Guys

Gay Boy Hits It Off With Straight Bully
A Jimmie Johnson Original (A James Johnson Story)
I claim this story as my own original work, and give all readers the right to repost it as they feel necessary and I ask to be credited if and when it is reproduced or copied

It was a known fact through the halls of my high school. I was the one and only out gay student on our campus. Of course my parents had to send me to an all boys school where I wouldn’t be able to fit in, not only because I was shy, but also because I wasn’t going to hide the fact that I was gay. Kids didn’t really bother me very much; I minded my business and didn’t bother anyone else, and in return they didn’t bother me, much. There was the occasional dick-headed jock who would take my clothes during swim practice and hide them some where making me have to either walk around in my towel looking for them, or just forget my clothes and walk out in my Speedo, which didn’t bother me because my cock was bigger than eighty percent of the student, and teacher, population. There was this one guy, Yosep Miars who was always nice to me to my face, but he would always talk about me behind my back, major homophobe, but since I could kick his ass, he didn’t say anything to my face. Yosep might have been a jackass, but, God; he had these emerald eyes that just trapped you when ever you talked to him.

It just so happened, that one day Yosep started a rumor that I begged him to let me suck his dick. When I overheard that one, I laughed to myself; while I would definitely suck his cock; I would not be caught dead begging for cock. Normally I would just ignore the rumors about me, but this one was getting out of control; he even had people saying they heard me say it! I found him in our school’s weight room, lifting with his shirt off (if I wasn’t so mad at him, I would have had a major stiffy at the sight.). I cleared my throat, and he put the bar back in its rest position. He looked up at me, his light brown skin dripping with sweat. I walked over and put my foot between his legs on the bench. He gasped thinking I was going to step on his crotch.

“Listen here Yosep, I am tired of hearing this rumor going around that I begged you to let me suck your dick, I would never, and I would appreciate if you would tell people its not true, and you were just joking.” I said very forcefully. He looked at my foot, then looked at me. He opened his mouth and said,

“And if I don’t tell everyone it wasn’t true, I will never have children? Haha you are crazy man.”

I moved my foot and looked at him, “Just make this rumor go away you asshole.”

I turned and walked toward the door. He got the bar back into his hands and under his breathe he called me a faggot. Now of all the insults I’ll take, that is not one of them. I turned back around and said,

“What did you just say to me Yosep? Get up and say that to my face!” He got put the bar back into its rest position and sat up. He looked at me, then stood up, getting in my face,

“You suck dick, thus, you are a faggot,” At this, I pushed him. He looked shocked, but I could tell he didn’t want to let a “faggot” push him around. He pushed me back harder, and at that I pounced on him. We were both livid, screaming and hitting each other. Then I accidentally hit his cock, and it was hard. In his state of uncontrolled emotion, he let out a little moan. I quickly got off of him and stood up,

“I’m so sorry Yosep, I didn’t mean… I swear... please don’t tell anyone about that, I don’t want people thinking bad shit about me…”

“Its fine dude, the fight was my fault and it was an accident, and its not like I didn’t moan…” he said, looking a little embarrassed.

“Yeah, I got to go… just please handle that rumor...” I turned and left him sitting there on the floor. The next day, when I walked down the hall, and I heard people talking about how funny Yosep’s joke was, but to my surprise, many more people felt sorry for me, saying that Yosep was a jerk for making something that serious up like that. I really wanted to thank him, but that night I had a major work out in the pool and I couldn’t miss it. By the time I usually finish practice, the pool is empty, it’s usually just me and my coach from outside of school, but today, Chad had to run, and I was left to finish my workout by myself. When my workout I hopped out the pool, and to my surprise there was Yosep, with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, in fact my favorite flower, tiger lilies; man did he have good taste in flowers. I decided to talk first,

“Thanks for straightening out that rumor for me, how long have you been sitting there?”

“Only a few minutes, I was just waiting for you to finish so I could apologize for the way I treated you, and the fight yesterday…”

“Well, I was at fault too… sorry to make you wait; you look like you are going to a date.”

“Well actually I’m not going on a date,” he paused for a second “these are actually for you; someone told me this is your favorite type of flower.”

“Haha who told you that?” he looked a little worried “no no, they are, but, why? I mean, I know you are apologizing, but flowers are a little over and beyond, don’t you think?”

“No. How about you change and I take you out to dinner, I mean to apologize, it’s the least I can do for all the years I tormented you,”

“That’s fine; I’ll go to the locker room and be right back.”

“I’ll come with, so that we can leave faster, the locker room is far from here, and then my car is further” I was a bit suspicious, but I said,

“That’s good too.”

We didn’t talk all the way to the locker room. I wasn’t used to being around Yosep for this long, I mean, really he never even really said “hello” to me. We finally got to the locker room, and I thought he was going to stay at the door, but he came in with me. It’s not that I’m shy, but I mean; why was he following me into the locker room; he even followed me to the same row! Well I wasn’t going to let him make me feel awkward, so I dried off and pulled off my Speedo, letting my cock roll out and lay against my leg, if I didn’t know better, I would have sworn I saw him lick his lips. I put on some underwear, and a green and black v-neck shirt (yes, it was form fitting), my jeans and my sneakers. I sprayed some cologne on, you never know who you are going to see out, put my shades on and I was set to go. I locked my swim gear into my locker and told him I was ready to go.

Like I said, I never talked to him, so I damn sure didn’t know what his care looked like, so when I got out to the parking lot, I nearly creamed my thong underwear. This boy had a black 95’ Mustang GT with the top down. Not that I’m a car fanatic, but there is something about a guy in one of those cars, and then he had the convertible, if he was gay, he would have been getting some. He unlocked the car with the remote on his keys and then ran over to open the door for me. He was being might nice and a bit flirtatious… I was worried. I got in the car and took off my shades because it was actually dark out already. He got into the driver seat, and with out looking went to grab the stick shift but instead put his hand in my crotch. I screamed and jumped half way out of my skin. I couldn’t see his face because it was so dark out, but the moon hit his white teeth, so I know he was smiling. Neither one of us said a word as Yosep started the car and drove out of the parking lot. I must have been exhausted because I was out and Yosep had to awaken me once we got to the restaurant. Once we were inside, I could see why Yosep was dressed in a coat, dress shirt, slacks and dress shoes, the place was top class, and I looked like I just stepped out the trailer. He must have seen the sheer terror on my face because he said,

“It’s ok that you are dressed like that, my dad owns this restaurant and I didn’t tell you we were coming here until the last possible minute.” I didn’t know what to say because the fact that I was anywhere with this kid, who just twenty-four hours ago hated me, was blowing my mind. We were seated at a table in the corner which seemed to be darker than the rest of the restaurant, my gut wrenched when I saw how romantic the setting was, I had a feeling this was special because none of the other tables in this area were decorated as such. I decided that I couldn’t take much more and spoke my mind,

“Look, I know what is going on, but I’m starting to get a little freaked out, and if you are playing a joke on me I would love for you to let me know and stop it right now.” He looked at me, and just smiled. For some reason, his smile didn’t repulse me in the least; usually this guy had a smile that seemed like his father was Satin himself. I felt something rubbing my leg, and I looked down. What I saw shocked me. Yosep was stroking my leg with his socked-foot. My dick jumped as he said,

“There is nothing strange going on at all, I just have something to tell you,” he took a deep breathe, and began to pour out his soul, “I have a major crush on you and I always have. I was afraid of the feelings I had because I know that people say they aren’t right, you are better than any girl I’ve fucked or tried to date, and the other day, when you stood up to me, it was so hot, and I knew I just had to be yours. I don’t want to sound blunt or anything, but after you left, I was so hard that I had to bust my nut. I undid my gym shorts and my cock was soaked with pre-cum, I swear to you dude, I stoked my cock once, and my cum exploded all over the place, and a lot landed in my mouth, I pretended it was yours and I swallowed it. Please don’t think I just want you for the sex, because trust me, I had many girls just for the sex, I want you for so much more.”

Oh God was with me at that moment because I swear I almost bust my nut right there, I felt it coming out of my cock, but I said please don’t let that happen, I would have been so embarrassed. I was awestricken, but I had to know if he was telling me the truth or playing a straight mind game.

“That sounds all good and stuff, but what the fuck do you want? You used to bully me because I’m gay and now you expect me to think you jerked off to me the other day? I can’t believe this.” I was still hard during this mind you, and I felt his foot on my cock, and I’ll be damned if a moan didn’t escape my mouth. I was powerless now, and no sooner than I was about to shout stop, it happened. My cock exploded. I had to use every muscle in my body not to scream, this was the first time anything but my hand made me cum, and the sensations all over me were amazing, I felt like I was in heaven. He could tell I was having so much trouble holding out from screaming, so he took my hand and ran me to the bathroom which was close to where our table was. As soon as he had me in that room, I let out the loudest moan the world has ever heard. When I opened my eyes, and I descended from the clouds, there was Yosep, on his knees, slowly peeling off my bottom articles of clothing,

“Damn dude, you came a lot, listen, don’t be alarmed, I’m just going to clean you up, I’m sorry dude, I didn’t think you were really going to cum from that, it’s like you’ve never done anything with a guy. He must have seen my olive skin blush, because he said,

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know… if you don’t mind, I’d really like to change that, I want to clean you up, and take you on a real date, and if you feel like it afterwards, I would love to make love to you.”

All I could do was nod, and as soon as I did, his tongue began to lick at my abs and my dick, I was moaning a lot again. He slowed his licking and slowly and tenderly sucked the rest of the cum out of my cock, my first blowjob was from a straight guy. He then got up, kissed my cheek, and lead me out to our table. We sat back down, and he called over the waiter, I thought it was weird the waiter hadn’t come yet. He ordered for me, and I don’t know how he knew, but my dick wasn’t the only thing that orgasmed that night, my tongue was in paradise. He even managed to get us some wine, and although I don’t drink, I had some, and to my surprise it wasn’t bad, and I didn’t feel a buzz of any kind. When we were done, he paid for the meal, although I made him let me leave a tip.
We got in the car, and just sat there. I could tell he wanted to ask if he passed, he hadn’t cum yet, and I felt bad, but was I ready to let him end my virginity?

More to Come….
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