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My Remarkable Trip

I had just moved into the neighborhood not too long ago. Four days to be exact, but I had made friends very quickly at the High School that I was attending. There were four kids that I met, all about the same age to me, and we along very well. I guess I should tell you who my friends are, Well first there is Eric, he had black hair and a cute face. Next there is Steven, now Steven, so I was told by Eric, was the guy who was always looking for away to relief himself of sexual frustrations and would often talk about sex, and how he would go about relieving himself. Now there was Alvin, a kid who was on the quiet side, as if he had something to hide all the time. He didn’t say much, but everyone liked him. Now there was the leader of the group that would be Jayson, whatever Jayson said is what the group would do. He was the one that kept us together actually I was very thankful of that cause I was one not to make friends very easily. Well now me, the fifth member of the clan, my name is Marc, I was the kid who just made himself a part of the group. Made some good strong friends with these guys, and it made the summer the most memorable. It was Jayson’s plan to go on a fielding trip near Badgers Hill, it was a state park that was very close to us, and it was a place where you could field, hike, fish and do whatever, so we all planned to get our hiking gear together and meet this coming friday for a two night stay near the lake in the park. We all agreed, and looked forward to the fielding trip. We had all met that morning to the entrance of the park, and without wasting anytime we started our towards our place we would call home for the next few days. we had walked for three hours and finally came upon the lake, it was the most beautiful sight that I had ever seen, and before I had realized what had happened everyone had stripped down and gone swimming in the lake. It was finally Steve who had asked if I was going to join them, now I thought to myself, yea why not, so I shed all the clothing that I had on and headed toward the lake, and plunged into the water. We had swam for about five hours and we all had started to get cold, so we decided to sun ourselves on the lake shore. Now the sun was warm, and Alvin and Jayson had drifted off to sleep, that left Eric me in the middle and Steve on my right, all lying on the shoreline with our bodies exposed to the elements, that was when the most surprising thing had happened in my life time and it is what made my friendship grow stronger between my new found friends. We arranged our selves so it was Jayson, Alvin, Eric me and Steve. Jayson and Alvin had fallen asleep and it was Eric that started to talk. He talked about how he was unsure he and the rest of the gang was about me striping down and swimming nude. I assured him that I didn’t have a problem with it, he said well. It was then that I felt a strange warmth on my abdomen, and found that Eric had laid his hand down near my belly button, I looked at him strange and he said, ” You don’t mind do you?” I didn’t know what to say cause just then Steve and moved closer to me and I could feel a strange throbbing against my side. As what seconds seemed like hours I decided to say, “No I don’t mind.”, as a matter of fact my own member had started to stand to attention as well. That was when Eric had moved his hand towards my raging hardon, I gasped as he massaged my rod, it was the first time anyone besides me had been touched down there. I was surprised that it felt so good. Steve whispered in my ear that he had dream of me and him, and that he could not wait to do certain things to me. I had asked him what kind of things, and he would not answer as he wanted it to be a surprised. Steve had started to nibble on my ear, sending great vibes down the length of my body, his lips had found mine, and we had made a lip lock that would of been such a tight seal that even NASA would be proud of, nothing was going in or coming out, the seal was tight.

Eric had continued to stroke my raging hardon and cup my balls in his hand, and it was making me move my hips towards and into his hand. Steve had continued to explore my mouth with his tongue. Our gasp had gotten more labored as we explored each other, Steve had manage to get my hand to rest on his hard cock, when I had finally grasped his essence in my hand I was amazed as to how hard and proportionate sized it was for him. I had enjoyed fondling him, and continued to explore his mouth with my tongue and to move my hand up and down on his shaft, and over the head of his manhood. Eric had continued his work on my raging hardon and finally without warning, I felt that fire burning in my loins, the same type of fire that I felt when I would bring myself off at night, but this time it was more intense, a fire that just swept over my body and finally I could not stand it any longer, Eric’s hand continued to pump on my cock, then shot after shot of my honey spurted from me, landing on my stomach and Eric’s hand. It was then that Steve had positioned himself on top of me and I could feel his hardon next to my still sensitive cock. He continued to explore my mouth while pushing his pulsating cock against my own. He moan as I caressed his ass, kneading the hot flesh between my hands. Eric himself could not take much more and he had joined in by placing his cock in front of my mouth so that I could lick and suck the large head. Steve continued to grind up against me and then it happened, a low moan emerged from between his lips, then I could feel the flood of hot love juice splash upon my body, Steve continued to grind both our hips together until he had experienced all that joy he was going to get out of his cock. As Steve had rolled of me, he had placed his hand in the cum he had left behind on my body and started to rub into my skin and massage my balls. Eric could not take anymore and wanted to get off as well. He positioned himself so that his 6″ cock could slide in and out of my mouth with ease. I myself could not stand it and more and sucked so hard on his cock that he could no longer slide it in and out of my orifice. In seconds hot gobs of his juice was sliding down my throat, Eric collapsed on top of me and I continued to suck and nibble on his cock. With Steve still massaging my manly hood and eric lying next to me we had once again drifted off to sleep. Alvin and Jayson had finally awakened and had waken Steve, Eric and myself as well. It was funny, we had all went to the edge of the woods to relieve ourselves. By this time it was close to 5pm, so we had gotten some shorts and shoes on and we had all went to gather stones for the fire pit, raised our tents and made field. It was quite a cozy little place, and I kept taking sneak peeks at Eric and Steve, knowing what was hidden under their shorts just made my mind go crazy, and how was I ever going to get a hold of their manhood again? Well I wouldn’t have to worry about that cause what was happened after dinner made me extremely happy. Well after we had toasted our marshmallows in the fieldfire and had a full meal, we found that it was getting late, and we wanted to climb to the top of Badgers Mound tomorrow and decided to turn in for the night. After about an hour of tossing and turning in my sleeping bag I heard a whisper at the door.

“Hey, let me in, these mosquitoes are nipping me!” Well I did not hesitate, and unzipped the door to find Steve at my tent door, he scooted in and I had rezipped the door. I turned around to find Steve in nothing but his underwear, no socks, no tshirt, just his white fruit of the looms, and a looming bulge that I just could not ignore. I finally looked at Steven’s face to find that he had a smile on it. “So Marc, you couldn’t sleep either eh?” “No, It’s going to take me a couple of hours more to get some shut eye, which seems a bit impossible now that your here.” There was a small silence period between us, then Steve broke the silence with his voice, ” I couldn’t help noticing you getting sneak peeks at me all night long as we sat around the field fire.”, a grin came across his face and moved in such away that allowed his balls to just hang out a bit from his jockeys. I looked away and a grin came across my face, “I said yea, sorry, I just hope that no one else noticed that I was getting glimpses of them too.” Before I had realized I had started getting a boner in my shorts. The sight of Steven there with his balls hanging out just kept making me wish he invited me to go to town on his manhood. “Marc, why don you come closer to me?” Whoa, I couldn’t believe he was once again initiating another encounter. I obeyed and moved closer. As I did I could feel the heat rising from his body, and more importantly had noticed that the bulge had grown larger. We sat close to each other for a while. Time passed and we just looked at each other, then Steve had moved his hand to my crotch, and started to massage my male glands. I spread my legs further apart, as far as the tent would allow, and encouraged him to continue what it was he was doing. I moved my hands so that they could grasp the waist band, I moved my hands in a downward movement removing the cloth that covered my friends cock, and got the cloth totally off with out a problem. Steven was able to do the same with me, and at the same time had removed my jockeys as well exposing myself and all my manly hood. Steven could not wait to start to massage it and got to work immediately. Before long Steven’s rod was hard and pulsating in my hand, I continued to move my hand up and down the length of his shaft. The hot flesh was just driving me crazy, I leaned down and started to encircle the the head with my tongue, and graze my lips across it as well. Steven let out a moan, like the one earlier in the day as he started to squirt his juice across my body. I continued to tease him with my lips, first engulfing an inch or two, and the backed off, this was driving him crazy cause he had stopped massaging my man meat and placed his hand on my neck and was forcing me to go down further on him.

Well the precum had started to ooze from the tip and I licked it up and then went down on the total length of the pulsating organ. Moving my head back and forth in a slow and deliberate motion. Holding his nuts in my other hand had made him open his legs further and allowed me to crawl in closer to get to my target. I continued to engulf the entire length of him into my throat, his cock pulsated more as it he went deeper into my mouth, and the suction that I applied with each thrust of his cock become stronger and stronger till it was too much, he let out a moan that would of scared off any bear in the woods near us, and flooded my mouth with hot sweet cum, gush after gush continued to spurt from him and into the back of my mouth, I lost a little, I continued to suck him dry till he could not with stand it any longer. I moved down to his balls and started to lick them and take them one by one into my mouth, gently moving them in my mouth. After awhile, I released his family jewels and moved up to suck on and nipple on his small nipples. Steven was just relaxing and taking in everything that was being done to him. Some time had passed and he moved his head towards me and grabbed my lips with his, and started to explore each other mouths. His hand moved down to my stiff pulsating meat, his hand just wrapped around it, the touch of his hand had forced me due to my exited nature to push it towards him, slowly back and forth. He moved down and started to lick my nipples and just got my whole body into a level of ecstasy that I had not experienced before, and my horniness just got me so overwhelmed that I could not contain my self anymore and urged Steven to lay on his back and lift his legs up over my shoulders. Steven had a look on his face that was perplexing, “What are you going to do Marc?” I looked at him, “I want to try to get my hardon up your ass.” “Marc, damn, thats gonna hurt, come one let me just suck you off.” “Nope, I am going to do this.”, I took my cock and forced the head in a bit, careful not to make it painful, I could feel Steven relaxing a bit, and saw that his cock was once again getting hard, I encouraged its growth by taking my free hand and working it his rod between my fingers. Inch by inch I slowly, I managed to force my cock up his ass, and just let it stay still for awhile so that Steven could get use to the feeling of a pulsing rod where none had been before. I could feel him tighten his muscles around my cock, which only made me want to start pumping him with my meat. Instead however I pumped his meat with my hand and when i saw that look on his face, the tell tale sign that he was going to explode, thats when I starting working my self in and out, not fast just a nice pace. Steven moaned as I pumped not only his ass but his organ too, and before I could get my mouth down around his raging hardon to suck down the honey that was about to be released he exploded up into the air and it landed on his chest and my hand. As fast as I could, I covered his meat with my mouth and moved my throat muscles in the same way that he was moving his muscles that were surrounding my cock. He came again, another fat gob of juice.

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