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On the farm, part 2

Joe and I continue, but something goes wrong...
My arms were behind my head, my dick flaccid on my thigh. A drop of cum rolled on my leg. Joe was in front of me, looking out the window as he pulled up his jeans after our rough morning. His well built body was showing in the low morning light. 

"I'm gonna make us some breakfast, are you coming?" 

"I'll be right there" I replied, turning over. I could almost feel his gaze on my two exposed buttocks. I could still feel his cock in between those cheeks, and his weight on me. 

I got out of bed once I heard him walking down the stairs. I turned over and got out of bed. Walking into the bathroom, I took a piss as I looked in the mirror. I was already looking muscular, if only from the work on the farm, but maybe a bit more pushups and I would look more like Joe. I cleaned up after our morning fun, and went downstairs. 

I walked down the stairs, enjoying the wind across my free-hanging dick. We had a nice breakfast downstairs, and went to do the rest of the chores. 

"I'll go upstairs and throw something on" I told Joe, but he stopped me. 

"Wouldn't you rather work like this? Relax, we're in the middle of nowhere." 

I enjoyed being naked, so I agreed. I knew he would be looking at me, and so I didn't bother trying to hide the fact I was checking him out as well- his tall figure moving in the early yet hot sun, sweat glistening on his bare chest as he moved in his jeans back and forth across the yard. I noticed my cock was becoming aroused, so I stopped looking and carried on with my work. 

I pretended not to feel the hot pulsing rod which situated itself in my crack a few minutes later. A quick look down revealed a pair of legs behind me, with jeans pulled down on the feet. An arm extended from behind and began traveling along my chest and stomach till it grabbed my manhood and tugged on it a few times till it became stiff. The cock in my crack wiggled about, sending pulses through my whole body. I continued working, stifling the urge to move my ass around that dick. A second hand joined, leading up, from my abdomen to my nipples. Should I have not been so obsessed with how the cold fingertips felt against my nipples, I would have realized that something was different... 

The hand trailed up till it had my eyes covered. The other hand left my erect shaft and turned me around. I could feel my dick pressed against a thigh, and another dick was pressed on mine, but something was different and I couldn't ignore it- this guy was too hairy and too big to be Joe... and yet, my eyes were covered and a hand was holding my hands against my back. I tried moving back but my eyes were still being covered. 

"Joe!" I cried out, before the hand which was covering my eyes dropped to cover my mouth and reveal my captor. 

My eyes widened with shock. Joe came around the corner of the house, stopped and stared. After a few seconds, he managed to bring himself to talk. 


"Hello son" Joe's dad replied "why don't you get rid of those jeans and join me and your buddy here?" 

"What are you doing here?!" Joe asked while getting closer, all the while his dad pressed me onto his cock 

"Well son, I believe this is yours." he said, pushing me to Joe. "I came to check up on you guys, and the first thing I see is this bubble butt working naked while watching you." 

I stumbled back onto Joe. I wasn't sure how to react to all of this, but Joe's dad was the same as his cock- large, hairy, and strong. He was very muscular, and his cock was at least 9 inches long. 

"Well? Take off your jeans boy! We're all waiting on you!" 

Joe hurried to pull down his jeans and his cock, fully erect, sprung out. He was an impressive 8 inch, and thick. His dad let out a whistle. 

"Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" He said while he spread himself on the nearby wooden chair. "And that is also directed to you son." He added, looking at me. "You remind me of your old man, when we were younger. He had the wildest of ideas. We done some naughty things back in the days." 

I took a second to process this. "You and my dad had… sex?"

"Sure did son."

"Even anal?" I asked. I had trouble seeing my dad having gay sex, even though we see each other naked every summer when we drive to the pond for a two day camping trip. 

"Nothing I suppose you two haven't done." He straightened in his chair. "Come closer boy."

I approached him slowly, unsure where this is going to lead. He motioned for me to get down, and so I did.

"Did you suck my boy's dick son? Did you suck him good and dry?" He said while staring into my eyes. I nodded. "Then how about you do me the same favor? And hey, what your father doesn't know- won't hurt him." He leaned back in his chair, waiting for my response. I admit- I didn't see this coming. And yet, my cock was fully erect, and I was horny as hell. Besides, this is my chance to keep this whole story quiet. I nodded.

That was the sign Joe's dad was waiting for. He placed one hand on the back of my head and pushed me down onto his groin. I felt his thick mane rub against my face as I probed it for his cock. I took that thick, long, hot and hard piece of meat in my mouth and Joe's dad pushed me down on it so hard, I nearly gagged. I circled his cap with my tongue once before diving in again. I moved my hands up till they reached his abs. I lowered them again till I reached his butt, and I slid one finger into his crack. In return he thrust his hips up, humping my mouth in rhythm with his hand which pushed my head down on his swollen cock. I felt pre-cum ooze out of my shaft and dribble onto my balls.

"Hey son, why are you standing there like a rooster? You got a fine ass in front of you!" Joe's dad yelled out between thrusts. 

Very soon, I could feel Joe reaching for my balls. He moved his hand up and down my dick, rubbing my pre-cum all over my cock and his hands. He then started circling my asshole with his wet finger, lubricating it. He poked it a few times. It was still sore from yesterday and this morning. In front of me, his dad was groaning.

"Fuck yes! Fuck my dick boy! Take it all the way in your mouth!"

I knew what was coming next, and indeed, I could feel Joe's manhood penetrating me. I gasped and moaned, almost chocking on his father's cock. Joe used one hand to balance himself on me. The other was busy moving up and down my pulsing shaft. All three cocks bounced about as we pleasured each other. Joe pushed in and out of me at an increasing speed, and I moved back against his body, urging him to go deeper.

"Get ready son" Joe's dad groaned and started to hump my mouth faster and faster, his hips thrusting up and down, his cap hitting the back of my mouth, till his back arched and I felt a flood of warm cum fill my mouth. The first jets I swallowed, but he shot so much that soon it started to dribble from my mouth all over his cock and balls. Some drops went from my chin down my necks and onto my chest where they dripped to the floor.

"Damn, boy, you sure know how to give one hell of a blowjob, just like your old man." At that exact moment, Joe withdrew rapidly from my ass, and I gasped before I felt the streams of cum flying onto my back. My dick hardened against Joe's hold and I shot my load while he shot his.

Once we finished, we all decided to keep this secret, but as Joe's dad pulled on his clothes and drove off, he shouted out the window- "We should do that again, sometime soon boys!", and winked at me.

I felt a small stir deep in my guts, and I knew. If up to that point, I thought that this was only a one-time experience, I knew now that I wanted more. I hungered to be inside guys and for them to be in me. I needed it. I was addicted. Pictures of Joe's 8 inch cock and of his father's 9 inch cock went through my head, and I smiled. I winked at Joe, and got back to work.
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