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Parking for penis

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a memory to last a lifetime
This is a true story of an experience I had when I was twenty one and in the Army.

I can not remember how I got here, but here I am sitting in my car in the parking lot of an adult video store and arcade. I am debating whether or not I am going to go inside and see what is going on. I watch various people go in and out of the store when a white car pulls up next to mine.

He rolls down his window and licks his lips while raising his eyebrows at me. To tell you the truth I have no idea what these actions mean. My curiosity is getting the better of me, and I lick my lips and look at him in the eye. He pokes his head out of his car window and asks if I will suck his cock.

My libido is up, and I say yes.

"Follow me," he says as he puts his car in gear and heads out of the parking lot. I follow close behind and within five minutes we are parked in a recreation parking area next to a river.

He motions me over to his car, at which point I gulp and get out of my car. As I open his car door I can feel the butterflies in my stomach and I slide into the passenger seat of his car.

We exchange pleasantries, as I nervously wonder about what the hell I am doing. He informs me that girls will not give him head because his cock is too large, and he will not reciprocate in giving me head. I agree all though I am a little disappointed.

He lifts his ass off his seat and slides his shorts and underwear down and I am amazed of how big it is. It has to be at least eight inches long and wasn't even fully erect. I reach over and touch his cock and he asks if he can touch my cock while I suck him off, I figure why not and give him my assent.

His car has bucket seats and there is a gear shift in between, so I have to kneel in my seat and bend over the gear shift to suck his cock. As I am positioning myself he reclines his seat and starts fondling my cock. I lick my lips and lower my head towards his magnificent cock.

I take him into my mouth and lick his cock head while I try to figure out how to take care of his monster. It grows another two inches and I can barely wrap my lips around it. Lust takes control and I start sliding my mouth up and down like a piston. My whole purpose in my life up to this point is to suck this man's glorious cock and do it like I was born to do it.

In no time I deep throat him and I feel high as if I was on drugs. I don't care about anything else but the feel of his cock in my mouth and throat.

It does not feel like much time has passed when he says that he is close and is going to come, I nod my head and continue to mouth worship his cock. His body stiffens up and I bury my face in his crotch. For my diligent actions I get the reward of a huge load of cum directly down my throat. His cock is so far in my throat that I do not even taste his cum. I suck and lick for a few more seconds and let him slide out of my mouth.

I look at him and ask if he liked the service I had just provided him and he said it was very nice. I then ask him if he would like to do it again, he said he could not go again even if he wanted to.

I feel my crotch and notice that I am totally drenched by my own precum, and realize how much I enjoyed what I had just finished doing.

Looking back on what had transpired that night I wish that he would have asked if he could fuck me with his wonderful cock.

I think of that night often and my cock gets hard, but in my fantasy he fucks me after I pleasure his god cock with my mouth.

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