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The Two Rooms at the Back

I love the video booths at the adult bookstore, now even more!
One of my favorite things to do after a long, tedious night at work was to visit the adult bookstore. I used to tell myself “I’m just going to go watch a little porn” as I went into the next room where all the video booths were but really, deep down it was to rationalize my love for the anonymous (and very hot) sex that I knew I would find. I could tell myself whatever I wanted but the excitement I felt as I walked through the door told me it was just a lie.

Tonight was no different. The whole reason I was here, the reason I always came here, was sex. A mouthful of cum from some unknown cock, being bent over and fucked in a dark little room by someone I would never see again, it made me so turned on I was almost shaking as I stepped into the darkened hallway lined with booths. I walked slowly down the hall looking at the movie posters on the doors of the booths. In my peripheral vision I watched an older man follow close behind. I knew why. When I picked a booth, he would follow me inside. I was nearly to the end of the hallway when I saw two booths at the very end, both with the doors open. I decided one was as good as the next and entered the left hand booth. To my surprise, the man behind me didn’t follow me inside but entered the right hand booth!

As I closed the door, my anticipation turned to disappointment. I resigned myself to just masturbating to whatever video this was, put in some quarters and began rubbing myself. Just then I saw it; a hole in the wall between my booth and the other. A finger appeared in the hole, then two. I bent down to look through and saw a man, his cock semi-hard in his hand looking back. He smiled and moved close to the hole and just as I pulled my face away his cock poked through it! I stared at first. It was a beautiful cock and I reach out, took it in my hand and massaged it.

“Put it in your mouth,” he said from the other booth.

I’d never seen such a thing. I slid the chair over and guided his prick into my mouth. He grew harder in my mouth and the sweet taste of his pre-cum excited me as I sucked him. Not just anonymous but totally unseen! The anticipation, the excitement again welled up inside me. I sucked and licked and lavished this lovely cock with every attention until he squirted. My mouth filled with his cum and hungrily I swallowed, swallowed every last drop!

When his prick disappeared from view, I started to get up from my chair. I could hear voices … men’s voices, laughter … then another cock appeared.

“Oh why not?” I said to myself and sat back down.

I sucked, licked, took his meat deep into my mouth. I let the head slide across the roof of my mouth, pursing my lips as the head nearly escaped before devouring it all again. Very quickly he began spasming and twitching and thick jets of his cum shot into my mouth over and over again.

When he pulled his softening cock back through the hole, another appeared. I decided that I would suck whatever cock was offered, however many cocks were offered. Another blowjob, another gooey mouthful of cum, another after that and yet another after that! With each cock the booth next door got noisier cheering the next man on. My mouth was getting tired by now. How many was that? Six? Seven? It had become a challenge.

As I swallowed the last of the cum from yet another cock (was that eight or nine?) it suddenly pulled back through the hole and it got very quiet. Some sharp words I didn’t quite understand were said and I heard the door close. I wondered what had happened and as I was about to look through the hole again my door opened. One of the attendants from the front of the store was looking in.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough for one night?” he scolded. “I don’t need the cops in here.” I was so embarrassed. I didn’t know what to say.

“I … I …” I stuttered. He looked over his shoulder, then stepped inside and locked the door.

“If you think I should let you in here again,” he began while unzipping his jeans “you’d better convince me.” His jeans sunk to his knees. He pushed his briefs down after them and his long and very stiff cock sprung into my face. I didn’t need to be asked again.

“Oh please let me in again,” I began and lowered myself over his cock, letting it go deep into my mouth.

He gave a soft moan.

“I’ll try to be good.”

His cock disappeared down my throat again.

“Very, VERY good!”

I licked his cock head and sucked the sensitive reddening meat, bobbing up and down and feeling his smooth cock stroking the roof of my mouth as it went deep into me. He was moaning and squirming and guiding my head each time I devoured his meat. He was loving this. I was loving this! He held my head and started thrusting with his hips, pumping his cock into my face faster and harder. I felt him stiffen and quiver and his knees weaken when a torrent of cum went shooting down my throat. I swallowed quickly, and then swallowed again and then again. I moved my head up and down on him while sucking gently to keep him orgasming until he could barely stand. He pulled his cock away, breathing heavily. A small droplet appeared at the end of his cock. I took hold of him and brought my lips to the tip and rubbed his delicious semen across my lips as if applying lipstick. I looked up and pleaded.


He smiled and pulled up his jeans and put his still elongated prick back inside them. “You really love sucking cock, don’t you?” he said and I just smiled and nodded.

“It might be very good for business if you were here regularly. Just keep ‘em dropping quarters in the videos and be sure to stop by the front counter when you come in, okay?”

I stood up and looked at him kind of puzzled.

“Well you might have to ‘convince me’ again!” he explained.

We both chuckled and he opened the door and walked back towards the front. I waited a minute and then followed. As I went, I felt all the men’s eyes following. I’d never felt sexier!

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