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Urine The Line of Fire

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Brought some relief to a guy
I had to go downtown one morning to get my cholesterol checked. Doctor's orders. After I gave a couple vials of blood at the lab, I was on my way home, and realized I was just a couple of blocks away from the Adult Movie House that I go to about twice a month. It was only about 8:45 in the morning, but I usually go there in the afternoon or at night. More action at those times.

I was feeling rather horny, I hadn't jacked off for a couple of days because it was the first week of the month and we've been busy at the restaurant. I figured that maybe I could go in and see if anyone was there at this hour. Maybe someone coming off the night shift and wants to get his rocks off, or maybe a college student stopping by before his first class. Either way, I didn't think I would be there long.

I pulled into the parking lot and only one car was there. It wasn't the guy who worked there (Carl). The owner of the car was pacing in front of the building. He was a guy in his late forties, dressed in blue jeans and a dress shirt, no tie. He wore suspenders, and had gray hair and a big beer belly. He wore loafers. I parked my car and went up to him.

"Not open yet?" I asked.

"No." he said.

"That's strange, they're supposed to open at 8:30."

"Well, they're not here."

I said, "Well, I heard there was a big accident on the expressway, and he's probably tied up in traffic."

"Well, I hope so, I need to get inside." He seemed to be slightly hopping up and down and shifting his weight from foot to foot. I watched him for a few minutes.

"You need to pee, man?"

"Yeah, I got a full bladder."

"Well, go over there in the bushes, man," I pointed.

"Nah, I like to be full when I jerk off, it makes it feel more intense. I just hope he gets here soon."

I thought, well, to each his own method, although I also thought it kind of strange to admit that to a perfect stranger.

It was a few minutes after nine when Carl drove up. Of course he knew me, and he apologized to us, said the traffic was terrible. He unlocked the door. I let the other guy go ahead of me, since he seemed to be in the most hurry. He quickly bought a ticket, and practically ran to the theater section. I said, "Carl, you'd better start the movie quick for this guy, he's in a bad way."

I browsed around the bookstore part of the place for a few minutes, and then bought my own ticket. I went down the hall and entered the seating area. Of course, it was dark, and I had to wait for my eyes to adjust. The screen was showing a girl with big tits getting fucked doggie style by a long dicked guy.

I saw my new friend leaning up against the back wall. He wasn't hopping up and down now, he had his pants unzipped, and was stroking away on his cock. His suspenders were keeping his pants up, so I couldn't see his nuts, but his cock was a good size, about eight inches. His belly was shaking and he was breathing hard. I walked up and stood beside him. He looked at me for a second, then looked back to the screen.

"Good movie, huh?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah," he gasped.

"How's your bladder?"

"It's bursting, but it feels good!"

I looked down, he had both hands on his cock pushing and pulling, his hips slightly thrusting forward with every outstroke. "You want some help with that?" (I know it's a cliche, but what's wrong with a direct question?)

"You suck cock?"

"If it'll help, sure."

"I'm straight, you know."

God, I hate that statement. I don't give a damn what you are, if you want your cock sucked, I'll do it. I'm not going to fall in love with you or anything. I just want a dick in my mouth and cum running down my throat.

I pulled his suspenders off his shoulders and his pants fell to his ankles. I saw he had a nice pair of balls, big and wrinkled in their sack, bouncing around now that they were freed to the air. I quickly unbuttoned his shirt, and ran my hands across his hairy chest and belly. Dropping to my knees I pulled his hands away from his cock and lifted it up.

I stuck my nose into his balls and smelled his scent. Musk and sweat mixed together to create that aroma I love so much. I stuck out my tongue and licked his nuts.

"Ooohh!" he moaned.

I licked up to just where the nutsack meets the base of the dick. I love that spot. Balls, cock, and pubic hair all converge at that spot, it's the essence of a man. I slowly ran my tongue along the length of his shaft, trailing a coating of saliva along the hard flesh.

I got to the big, flared head, and kissed it. I swirled my tongue around and around and around making him groan some more. I looked up and his head was thrown back and his arms hung limp at his sides. "Oooh! Suck it!"

I opened wide and swallowed the thing whole. I pushed my tonsils aside, and assaulted my throat with that heavy monster. Soon my head was bobbing up and down, my lips wrapped tight around his dick, my saliva coating the flesh, my cheeks sunk inwards as I sucked and sucked.

I grabbed onto his thick thighs, he seemed a bit unsteady as I rammed his pole into my mouth again and again and again. His hands found my head and he grabbed hold and fucked my face in a frenzy. Man! This is what I wanted! My own cock was straining to be let out, I could feel the pre-cum leaking into my shorts, but I couldn't let go of his massive thighs, if I had, he'd come crashing down on me. Man! I could not believe the power this man had in his legs. I bet he was a good fuck in bed.

He was moaning loudly and I could tell he was getting ready to shoot. He thrust his hips forward, crushing my forehead into his big gut, and his cock throbbed up and squirted a big load straight down my throat. He was gasping for breath, and I just kept kneeling there, holding his cock in my mouth, feeling it soften up. I know guys like that.

I unzipped my pants and started to wank my dick, still with his dick in my mouth. I wanted to cum with his dick in my mouth.

Suddenly, the floodgates burst, and his warm piss started streaming out of his cock like a firehose. It caught me right in the face, and I gasped with the shock of it. He had a hold of his dick now, and he was spraying his tangy pee all over me, my shirt, my hair, pointed down to spray my belly, feeling the hot, steamy liquid soak my own pubes, then back up to cross my forehead, as it slowly reduced to a dribble.

"He said, "Thanks, buddy! Great blowjob!" and pulled his pants up, adjusted his suspenders, and was gone, leaving me with a belly full of sperm, and a body steeped in piss. I hadn't even cum yet, and I still had to drive home, in my car, which I know didn't have any blankets to protect the seats from my soaked clothes!

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