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Her hands gripped the soft, white cotton sheet as her husband kept thrusting into her. Lina closed her eyes and wished he would hurry up and finish. She had to remind herself to moan every once in a while, although she doubted he would even notice.

His movements were getting more urgent, and she could feel his sweat dripping down her lower back every time his body connected with hers. Lina felt him tensing up, and then heard a long grunt as he emptied himself into her.

His body felt heavy as he collapsed onto her back, catching his breath. Lina had to remind herself to keep breathing, and to relax her hands that were still gripping the sheets.

Her husband’s soft cock had popped out of her as soon as he came, and she could feel his semen trickle down her thighs. The mattress moved as he rolled off her. Laying herself flat on her belly, she closed her eyes. As usual she had been on her knees. Every time it was always the same: always the same position and never any variation.

Her face was turned away from him, with her long black hair cascaded down her back. Lina opened her eyes as the silent tears ran down her face. She felt completely alone and empty.

She heard his breathing slow down and then felt an absent-minded touch on her ass, almost like he was petting her.

“Did you orgasm, darling?” her husband asked.

Lina was screaming on the inside and she wanted to yell at him, but instead, she closed her eyes again, took a breath and mumbled something that sounded like a yes.

“That’s good,” her husband replied with a sleepy voice.

She didn’t move. She stayed completely still until she could hear his heavy breathing slowly turn into soft snores. She quietly got out of the bed and headed into the bathroom without turning around to look at him. She closed the door and locked it before she turned on the light.

She stood in front of the mirror. Her cheeks were still wet from the tears and her hair was a mess. Lina’s skin was pale, but even in the harsh light of the bathroom it looked smooth and soft. Her eyes looked sad, like there was something missing, like her soul was slowly fading.

Lina was looking at a shell.

She turned on the shower and got in, pulling the shower curtain close around her. The hot water was almost burning her skin as she kept focusing on breathing, but she couldn’t stop the onslaught of sadness that rushed over her. She leaned against the wall as the tears fell down, mixing with the hot water.

She hated to feel this way, but she couldn’t control it. Looking down at her hands she saw her wedding band. She spun it around her finger and thought about her husband. He was a good man, but he didn’t know her or her desires. She had been a good wife for so long and done everything in her power to make him happy, trying to create the perfect life for them. In the process, she had completely lost herself and what she needed.

That was, until she met him.

Her tears stopped as she felt the slow pull of desire, as she did whenever she thought about him. She relaxed and let the feeling embrace her. If she closed her eyes, she could hear his voice in her mind and feel his hands on her skin.

Her body was missing his touch.

Lina stepped out of the shower, and walked over to grab the phone she had left on the bathroom shelf. As always, she struggled with this decision. She wanted to be happy with what she had, but she needed more, and he could give her that.

She let out a long sigh, and then typed a new message.

Can I see you tonight?

She was nervous, and deep in the pit of her stomach, she was worried he would start to say no. She wasn’t sure what she would do when he did, but she had no doubt that sooner or later, he would.

Lina looked at herself in the mirror again, and she could see that her skin was flushed from the hot water. Her hair was wet and small drops were falling down over her full breasts as she waited for his reply. The haunted look in her eyes was still there. 

The buzz of the phone brought her back to reality. 

Yes. I want you here in 20.

A range of emotions washed over her at his response: excitement, nervousness and a hint of joy. But beneath all that, she was scared.

She braided her hair quickly, she didn’t have time to dry it if she needed to be there within twenty minutes. With the phone in one hand, she quickly shut off the light and left the bathroom. Looking towards the bed, she could see the shape of her husband and he was still snoring. A quick rush of guilt flashed through her, but she suppressed it. There was no the time for second thoughts. She would go see him, no matter what. 

Lina couldn't turn on the light and risk waking her husband, since she was already running out of time. After they had returned from dinner earlier that night, she had placed her dress and underwear on the chair by the door when she undressed. On bare feet, she padded through the darkness and felt for her clothes. 

Feeling the silky fabric of her dress, she quickly grabbed it and pressed it to her chest. She once again looked towards the bed, watching her husband sleep as his snores echoed through the room. Lina realized he wouldn’t even notice that she was gone from their bed. 

Quietly, she opened the door and closed it behind her. She crept towards the living room where she put on her panties and bra, and then reached for the silky dress. Pulling it over her head and down her body, she walked over to the mirror by the front door. The dress was midnight blue and hugged her curves, and she always loved the way it made her feel when she wore it. Slipping into her black heels, Lina remembered it had been raining outside, so she opted to pull on her black high-heeled boots instead. With one last look in the mirror, she grabbed her black coat and purse and walked out the door. 

Stepping out into the crisp autumn night, she took a breath as the chill hit her skin. The rain had slowed, and all that was left was a slow trickle that coated her face as she walked over to her car. 

She had to hurry; he wouldn’t like it if she was late.


With a shaking hand, Lina reached up and knocked on the black door. She had an overwhelming urge to leave before he opened it, but she stayed and waited. After what seemed like an eternity, she heard the door unlock and open. She couldn’t see him. All she saw was the dark hallway, dimly lit by the full moon shining through a large window from the adjoining room. 

Lina couldn't see him, but she could feel his presence.

Excitement and fear were rolled into one, and she could feel her heart quicken in anticipation. Standing still, she waited for him to say something. The silence was shattered by a door closing and the lock clicking; at least now Lina knew that he was behind her.

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath. 

"You know the rules. Once you are here, you are mine." His voice seemed more dangerous in the dark. “Do you understand me?"

She nodded as she let his words wash over her.

"I want to hear you say it.” His voice was calm but demanding. 

"I understand." She could hardly recognize her own voice, it was so laced with desire and fear.

Lina felt him trace a finger along the length of her braid, then reaching around her, he grabbed the lapels of her coat and slowly started to pull it down her arms. She shivered in the cold air, making her feel more exposed and vulnerable before him. 

Placing his hands on her shoulders, he slowly ran them down her arms until he reached her wrists. For a quick moment, he brushed his fingertips lightly across her sensitive skin, making her gasp. Lina could feel the touch radiate up her arms and across her body, making her nipples harden. 

He could make her body react in a way that no other man had ever been able to; a simple touch, and she was lost in her desire for him. Lina wanted to look into his eyes, but her back was still towards him. She made a feeble attempt to turn around, but his gentle touch turned more demanding as his hands circled harder around her wrist, securing her to him. He pulled her closer until she could feel his hot breath against her neck as he inhaled her scent. 

He pushed against her, forcing her to walk forward. Before she realized what he was doing, he had her pressed against the cold wall. Her blood was rushing through her veins and she was scared, but at the same time she was feeling the desperate desire for him building even stronger.

She needed him. 

He slowly started pulling her arms up over her head; his hot breath was on her neck as he held her there. Lina could feel him hard against her ass as he started kissing her shoulder. She moaned when she felt his teeth graze her sensitive skin. 

Achingly, she pushed back against him. 

"Stay still," he growled.

He released her hands, but Lina did as she was told and kept them over her head. He slowly trailed his fingers down her arms, making her quiver. He took his time as he moved them down her sides and hips, until he slid his hands up under her dress. He caressed the backs of her legs, lightly brushing his finger along the crease where her luscious thighs met her ass. His finger found its way under the lace of her panties. His touch was making her whimper and her skin burn.

Quickly, he moved his hands down and grabbed the hem of her dress, pulling it up over her body and arms. He threw it on the floor next to her coat. He was not wearing a shirt and she felt his hot skin against her. The cold buckle of his belt was pressing against her lower back, sending shock waves across her skin. 

Lina knew what that belt could do. 

His hands moved tortuously slowly up her body again, and her skin was tingling under his touch. He tugged her braid, making her head fall back, and exposing her neck to him. Lina felt his fingertips lightly caress up the back of her neck before he circled his hands around it. 

The pressure on her throat made her gasp, and her hands instinctively fell down to grab his wrists and pull them away. She felt the pressure increase as he pressed himself closer and Lina could feel his hard cock press against her ass. 

“Remember, you asked to come here,” he said calmly, biting her earlobe before continuing. “I can give you what no one else can. I can make you feel.”

She allowed the rush of pure need to course through, her and she suppressed her fear. Deep down, she knew he was right and she trusted him. She removed her hands from his wrists and placed her palms flat against the wall. 

He kept one hand around her neck, but the other trailed down over her full breast. Her nipple was hard inside the lace and he teased it with his thumb, eliciting a whimper from her lips before moving further down. His fingers were light, as if her skin was burning him. 

She pushed back against him as his hand cupped her mound through her panties. Lina wanted to feel more, but he just held his hand still as his cock rubbed against her ass. She could feel how hard he was through his pants and it fueled her own need. Slowly, he started caressing her through the fabric and running his finger along her slit. A whimper escaped her lips as she moved against his finger, wanting to feel more pressure. 

“So impatient,” he said, finally sliding his hand inside her panties. 

She moaned as he ran his fingers between her smooth and slick pussy lips. Her hips started gyrating as his hand tightened around her throat. Lina heard his breath catch as his already-wet fingers found her pulsating clit. Without mercy, he started rubbing it ferociously, and she was already starting to feel the familiar build-up deep in her core. 

He pulled his fingers away, leaving her feeling desperate and unfulfilled. 

“Please,” she begged. 

Lina felt him ease away from her, removing his hand that had been clasping her throat. She was left feeling alone and aching. She was trying to catch her breath and get herself under control when she heard him unbuckle his belt. She gasped when she heard the distinct sound of it being pulled through the loops of his pants.

She was shivering, not just from the chill of the room, but from his gaze. She knew he was looking at her and taking in every inch of her body. The anticipation of what was coming was making her legs weak. 

Lina heard the belt cut through the air before she felt it against her flesh. 

She did not have time to register the pain before a second and third strike of the belt connected with her skin. The rush from the harsh sting made her cry out and she clenched her fists against the wall. 

Everything inside her was on edge and the singe of the belt on her ass was radiating up her body. Lina felt the adrenaline course through her, and heating her blood from the inside. She couldn’t even feel the tears as they streamed down her face.

His hands caressed the skin where the belt had left a throbbing ache. The touch was increasing the sensation and leaving her wanting more. She felt weak, but at the same time she felt elated and powerful. Her pussy was achingly hot, and she could smell her own arousal.

She needed to feel his cock inside her. 

Lina froze when she saw him pull the belt down over her face and loop it around her throat. She could smell the leather, and fear coursed through her as she felt the cool material against her skin. For an instant, she wanted to protest and pull it away from her neck, but another part of her, a very deep and alive part of her, wanted this.

She tried to get her breathing under control and relax. He stayed silent, but his hands were running softly down her sides, making her shiver. She could feel the belt, but it was not tight. For now, it was just resting comfortably, as he let her get used to the feeling. 

Lina moaned when she felt him slowly pull her lacy panties down her hips. She was expecting him to take them off, but he left them half way down her thigh. He just pulled them down far enough to expose her curvy ass. He made her spread her legs wider by pushing them apart with his foot. 

“I have been thinking about your ass, and tonight I am going to claim it,” he said calmly, his hands resting on her hips.

“No,” she exclaimed. She wanted to look into his eyes, but he grabbed her braid and pulled her head back harshly. She felt the belt get tighter against her throat as he moved his mouth to her ear. 

“Oh yes, you just struggle. That will just make this more fun,” he said, and kissed her hair. 

Her breathing quickened, but she did not struggle. Lina relaxed against him with her palms still against the wall. She closed her eyes as she felt his free hand trail down her tummy. He moved it down over her bare mound and his finger found her clit. She moaned as he slowly circled it with finger, the heat from his hand echoing the heat from the sting of the belt.

“Oh, please,” she begged, but she was not quite sure what it was she was asking for. 

She felt herself getting close to cumming. She was grinding against his finger and she was feeling the heat spread down across her thighs and her pussy started contracting. He pulled his finger away as he pulled her braid even further back.

“Not yet,” he said softly. 

He brought his finger to her mouth and held it to her lips. She parted them, allowing him to push it in. She ran her tongue around his finger and sucked it deeper into her warm mouth. She felt his hard cock twitch against her ass, making her push back against him and moan. 

He pushed her closer to the wall and released the grip on her braid. Instead, he grabbed the belt and pulled it, making her arch her back. He removed his finger from her mouth and without warning, he pushed it into her wet pussy from behind. She spread her legs wider, allowing him more access. Lina was grinding her hips on his finger, desperate to feel him deeper. He pushed it in and out a few times before moving it up to her ass, making sure to circle it and tease her. She gasped, when she felt him slowly push his middle finger inside. 

He held his finger still, while his other hand kept a firm grip on the belt around her throat. She was panting, but slowly, Lina could feel herself relax and accept the intrusion. Gently, he moved his finger deeper into her tight hole, and she whimpered as the exquisite feeling sent sparks up her spine. 

It was like nothing she had ever felt before, and she could feel herself getting wetter. The heat that was radiating from her pussy spread though her entire body. He had awoken something within her, a raw need deep inside her core that had yet to be fulfilled. 

She wanted more.

In one swift move, he removed his finger and the grip on the belt. He put his hands on her shoulders and spun her around. As the pressure on her neck subsided, she took a deep breath and absorbed the sight in front of her.

They were standing before a large mirror, and she stared at her own reflection. Her skin was aglow against her white lace bra and panties. Her black braid and the leather belt were a stark contrast to the delicate fabric covering her breasts. 

Lina’s eyes connected with his piercing gaze as he watched her in the mirror. The light trickling into the room cast soft shadows on his skin. She wanted to touch him. She always had an overwhelming need to reach out and run her hands across his flesh, but she knew he would not allow that. 

“White suits you.” 

She blushed at his compliment, but she didn’t look away. 

"It makes you look innocent." The intensity in his eyes was unnerving, as if he held deep, dark secrets that were better left untold.

He placed his hand at the nape of her neck, and then he gently ran his fingertip along her spine until he reached the clasp of her bra. He unsnapped it, and Lina watched as he stood behind her, slowly pulling the straps down her arms and letting it fall to the floor. 

He reached around and cupped her breasts in his hands, and she could feel her nipples hardening against his palms. Lina hissed in a breath as he twisted the hard buds between his thumb and index finger. He didn’t stop until they were painfully hard. Only then did he move his hands down her tummy and over her hips. Grabbing her panties, he pulled them all the way down her legs and over her black boots before he threw them on the floor.

He stood up, and once again, leaned in close so she could feel his breath on her ear.

"Not so innocent looking now." His voice was low and sinister. 

Lina saw the change in his eyes. She could even sense it in the air moments before he roughly grabbed her and pushed her against the dresser in front of the mirror. With one hand, he pushed down on her back, holding her in place while the other pulled down his black pants, letting them bunch by his feet. 

A rush of excitement washed over her as she suddenly felt the slap of his hand against her ass. Three hard, quick strikes echoed though the room as she cried out. The searing pain spread across her flesh, heightening every sensation. 

Before she could even catch her breath she felt him yank the belt around her neck as he thrust his hard cock into her pussy. Lina’s back arched as he pounded into her and her eyes locked with his in the mirror. He grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back. He bound them tight with the loose end of the belt. She was secured tight and there was nothing she could do; she was rendered helpless. 

The fury of his thrusts was pushing her harder into the dresser. She caught the intense look in his eyes as he quickly pulled out of her pussy and pressed the head of his cock against her ass. Lina gasped as the tip opened up her tight entry, and she slowly felt his shaft push deeper. He pushed all the way inside her ass, and then stood still, allowing her to adjust to his size. 

Fear gripped her as she caught the blaze flashing in his eyes. He pulled the belt, tightening it further as the other hand was digging into the soft flesh of her hip. She could feel his hard, throbbing cock slowly pulling out of her, then quickly pushing back inside, making her cry out as he fucked her harder. 

The pressure around her throat muffled her moans as he started thrusting into her without mercy. The assault on her senses and her body reached a part of her that had never been touched before. She felt the intoxicating mix of fear, pain, and raw aching need struggle to take hold inside of her, and no part was left untouched. 

Lina’s eyes shifted from his to her own in the mirror, and the reflection that met her took her by surprise. The dark eyes looking back at her were not empty or sad, but full of life and wanton lust. 

Her eyes closed as he started fucking her ass harder. She wanted to touch her aching clit in tune with his thrusts, but her hands were still tied behind her back. She was absorbing the feeling thrashing though her body, and she desperately needed to cum. 

“Oh god, please… Please,” she moaned out.

Lina was pushing back against him, taking every inch as deep as she could. Her eyes flashed open as she felt him tug harder on the belt, and she met his penetrating stare in the mirror. The look in his eyes was filling her as much as the cock burying deep in her ass. 

She kept watching him, seeing his jaw clench as his fingers were dug into her flesh, without a doubt bruising her skin. Her legs were shaking, and if he wasn’t holding on to her, she would have fallen into a heap on the floor. Her entire body was on fire and she needed to succumb to the pent-up need. 

Her silent screams echoed through her body as the orgasm finally washed over her. Every cell of her shook from the release as if her soul was finally alight. She could feel her warm wetness as it trickled down the inside of her thighs.

Lina felt weak, but more alive than ever before.

Her surrender pushed him over the edge, and she felt him tense up as his cock grew even thicker inside her just moments before he pulled out. She watched as he grabbed his hard cock and stroked it until he painted her naked back with ropes of his hot cum.

He untied her hands, then placed his hands on her hips, slowly caressing her tender flesh while she still reeled from her own climax. He rubbed his hands along her spine, pressing down like he was massaging her sore muscles. 

He reached for the buckle of the belt, carefully removed it from her neck and placing it on the dresser in front of her. He was still watching her through the mirror as he grabbed her braid and ran it though his hand. 

"Stand up." He tugged on her braid lightly. 

Lina's legs were shaking as she straightened herself up. She felt sore and exhausted, but she could not remember when she had felt more content and satisfied. Already, she could see the bruises that had started to appear around her neck, and she knew she should be worried about that, but she didn't care. 

They made her feel fulfilled.

Lina turned around so she could face him. She wanted to reach out and touch him, but she stood still while he reached down and picked up her clothes. She didn't bother with the bra and panties, but just pulled the dress on over her head and down her body. 

Taking her bra and panties, he put them in her purse and held it while she slipped her arms into her coat. Like always, she didn't want to leave, but she knew she had to. 

He stepped closer and placed the strap of the purse over her shoulder. Looking down into her eyes, he brushed his thumb across her soft lips. It was as if he could see into her mind and her most secret thoughts. He cupped her face.

"You are pure. Everything about you is pure." 

Her heart was racing and he caught her off guard. He never said what she expected him to. Lina wanted to speak, but she didn't know what to say to him. She had no way of expressing what she was feeling and the things he made her experience. She could only hope that he knew.

He removed his hands from her face and slid them down her arms. He turned around, walked over to the door, and opened it. Lina closed her eyes and tried to fight the disappointment within her. She took a breath, walked past him and out the door without looking at him. She kept walking as she heard the door shut and lock behind her.

Once again, she was empty.

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