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End Of Day One At The Seminar

Kitty and Red wanted more and they sure found it.
We finished day one of our seminar and decided to hit a watering hole in the French Quarter. Kitty and Red hadn’t brought club clothes but man these woman could work with what god gave them. Kitty donned a low cut blouse and her ample bosom was exploding out. She added some glittery powder and her chest sparkled when light hit it.

Red, on the other hand, hiked her skirt up and rolled the waist band shortening her skirt until her shapely legs popped. Damn I wanted them, but they had plans, they were hunting. Their pheromones were in high gear. Every man they passed turned and checked them out.

They were walking arm in arm and giggling and even kissing off and on. They entered the bar and headed for the counter. Kitty ordered a Cosmopolitan while Red ordered a white wine before they both started scanning the room. They spotted a couple they thought showed potential.

Sitting at a table in the corner was a very attractive African American couple. He was 6’ 3”, muscular and had a fantastic smile. You could easily tell he adored his companion. She was also tall, 5’ 10”, 34C breasts, nice full hips, bodacious ass and her lips and nails were both deep red. Kitty downed her drink and headed over towards the couple dragging Red along behind her. She walked directly to the beautiful woman, turned her face towards herself and kissed her hard shoving her tongue into the stranger’s mouth. Kitty slid her hand between the sexy stranger’s legs.

This ebony beauty never missed a beat. She opened her own legs and thrust Kitty’s hand into her naked crotch. Kitty slid a finger into her new friend’s hairy slit and found entrance into her honey hole. Kitty broke the kiss and introduced herself and Red.

“I am, believe it or not, Ebony,” the black goddess said.

“I am James if you ladies care,” James said reaching over and cupping Red’s ass.

“Oh I care a lot.” Red said climbing into James’ lap.

“We are here looking for an open minded couple to join us and a male friend for an evening or two,” Kitty explained.

“I like what I have seen so far,” Ebony stated still holding Kitty’s hand in her own crotch.

James slid a huge hand up Red’s legs and between her thin thighs. He found her panties and tugged them downward. Red lifted her ass to accommodate his efforts. James peeled her panties down her shapely legs and off her high heeled feet.

Red could feel his erection poking her in the ass so she wiggled her ass as she sat back down on his growing cock. James pocketed her panties then lifted her enough to ease his zipper down and pull out his still growing cock. He had Red sit back down and slipped his cock between her moist lips and started feeding her his eleven inch cock.

Red leaned forward and kissed James hard as she ground her full pussy down onto his big black cock. James simply lifted and lowered Red’s small body up and down his raging erection. He grabbed her tits through her blouse as Red quickly neared orgasm.

“Baby, if I cum in your lap it will be very messy,” Red said holding back her climax.

“Damn it, I wanted to make you cum in a room full of strangers,” James said disappointedly.

“Make the little bitch cum Honey. I’ll handle the mess problem,” Ebony said with a smile.

James picked up his pace even lifting Red higher and letting her fall farther on his swollen prick. Red started shuddering as she let go and erupted all over James’ lap drenching his lap with her lady cum. James didn’t slow down lifting and lowering the climaxing redhead until she ran the entire gambit of her orgasm.

Red collapsed against James’ strong chest and gasped for breath. Ebony and Kitty had watched wide eyed as the two horny lovers went at it. Ebony squeezed her thighs together on Kitty’s fist and had a small orgasm of her own.

“Maybe we should adjourn to my room upstairs,” Kitty offered.

Red slid off of James’s lap and just as quickly Ebony knocked over her drink spilling it all over James’ lap. We all scurried to catch the liquid and dry his lap as Ebony loudly apologized for being so clumsy. James just smiled at his wife. It was a good thing he had shoved his shrinking cock back in his pants before her stunt.

The quartet headed up to the room where I was concealed in the closet. I had always been somewhat of a voyeur and this was a fantasy of mine. The group entered the room, poured drinks, and began stripping. James was magnificent. He was muscular without looking like a body builder. His body had a natural sheen that only accentuated all of his positives.

Ebony was exquisite. She was a long legged, brown eyed beauty that screamed class. But she obviously had a dark mysterious side. Kitty and Red both started kissing Ebony all over. They paid a lot of attention to her luscious breasts. Ebony had nickel sized nipples that stuck out almost an inch. Kitty bit one and yanked it playfully.

James picked Red up and spun her upside down as he stood with her crotch in his face. He drove his tongue into her damp gash and started eating the redhead’s pussy with gusto. Red grabbed James’ growing erection and started her own feast. She took his huge dong right down her throat. James started rocking his hips pumping in her throat.

Kitty went to her dresser and retrieved her huge purple dildo and some lube. It was the two headed kind that has a head on each end. She lubed it up and jammed one end into Ebony’s hot wet box. She positioned the other head at her own dripping entrance and thrust herself onto the purple beast with a loud moan. The two women started grinding the purple phallus as they sucked each other’s tongues, necks and breasts.

I was stroking my cock in the closet enjoying the show immensely. I was stroking my rock hard dick long and slow making it last. I would near a climax then stop and squeeze my cock until it ebbed. I must have done that a dozen times already.

James flipped Red face down on the other bed, dragged her up kneeling, and then shoved his boner into her wet tunnel in one huge push. Red gasped and moaned and shoved back into his penis until he was buried to the hilt. He started long slow strokes into her very wet, very tight honey hole. James’s huge black hands gripping her white freckled hips were one hell of a stark contrast.

Both Red and James were nearing their second climax. James started grunting as he shoved his forearm sized cock in her sweet puss. His body covered in sweat, glistened as his muscles all strained as he neared his second eruption. He took a huge paw and spanked Red’s athletic ass hard as he grunted and came deep inside her. Red screamed as she too started cumming. She squirted all over the bed as she climaxed. A huge geyser of her lady cum shot out and drenched the bed. James laughed and shot his own huge blast of cum into her dripping wet pussy.

Kitty was thrashing and cussing as she neared her climax. Ebony reached out and twisted Kitty’s nipples roughly trying to tear the white girl’s nipples off of her body. Kitty came hard as her pleasure pain sensors exploded together just like Kitty liked them too. She was fucking her purple cock hard and fast as she too came hard.

I walked out of the closet stroking my cock and headed over to Ebony. She pulled the dildo out and motioned me to get busy in her oozing wet hairy vagina. I climbed between her legs and sank into her deep and hard. I started sucking her tits and pounding away at Ebony like a teenager instead of the middle aged man I was. I started pulling Ebony’s hair as she clamped her long muscular thighs around my waist and squeezed until I couldn’t breathe. I started blasting cum in her, I leaned down and bit her neck and squeezed her ass as hard as I could. Ebony rewarded me with her cum. Her cunt squeezed my cock tight as she came hard. I kissed her sucking her tongue into my mouth. She raked her long nails up and down my back drawing blood. I came even harder.

When she did release me, I sucked in as much air as I could. My oxygen starved lungs celebrated the arrival. I collapsed on top of her still kissing and fondling her. I felt Kitty’s huge tits on my back as she climbed on top of me. She was kissing my neck and shoulders as she ground her huge melons into my back. God it felt amazing.

I couldn’t wait for round two.

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