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Inside Pandora's Box

Find out how many things get inserted inside Pandora's box.
On a normal day, Pandora was a successful woman that ruled her life and not the other way around. She controlled her basic urges by keeping busy with her day to day interests. Not wanting to deal with the drama that comes with a relationship, she chose to remain single. Although she was satisfied with her calm existence, there were times that she couldn’t hold back the need for the pleasures of the flesh.

She had a number of male friends that she could turn to in times of need, but tonight was a night of extreme need, and there was only one fuck buddy that could fulfill her urge to act like the filthiest of whores around. With her pussy throbbing and already soaking wet, she called Damon, a man with urges that rivaled her own. Knowing that he would quench her need, she hoped that he was available and in the mood.

On the third ring, he picked up and just the sound of his deep commanding voice had her hungry cunt salivating.

“Well now…I haven’t heard from you in a while. Thought I might have been replaced,” he joked.

“Replaced! You? Never!” Pandora flirted.

“I’m assuming that since you called me you have a need to have all your tight, little fuck holes stretched?” he said, his voice deepening.

“You do know me well, don’t you?” she purred.

“Unfortunately, I had made plans with a couple friends for tonight,” Damon said.

“I see,” Pandora answered disappointed.

“But…I could be persuaded to change said plans…for a price,” he teased.

“What’s the price?” she said warily.

“My friends are coming with me,” he told her.

A thrill shot from Pandora’s brain straight down to her pussy; her clit tingled. Damon always knew just how to push her buttons. He had threatened the last couple of times to bring his friends with him. She always thought that he was teasing; apparently not.

“What time should I expect you?” she simply asked.

“After dark. You know what position I like you best in,” Damon said as he hung up.

Pandora hurried to her bathroom, paying special attention to her pussy and ass. Once her body was entirely free of hair, she dried off and reached for a jar of Vaseline. Bracing her foot on the vanity, she dipped her fingers into the oily paste and rubbed it all over her fat cunt lips, making them shiny and soft. Her fingers massaged and pulled at her pussy, until her tender skin was warm and tingly, engorged with blood. She then coated her fingers in a thick layer of Vaseline. Her slender fingers circled her wrinkled anus, smearing the ointment all around.

Pandora moaned. Just touching her winking asshole felt so damn good that she couldn’t help herself. She pushed her middle finger inside her sphincter, watching from the mirror, as her ass sucked her finger deeper into her horny ass. She pushed her finger inside deeper and pulled it out, just to the tip. Blood filled her clit swelling it enough so that her hood retracted. Pandora shook her head to clear the fog and pulled her finger out of her ass.

Horny beyond belief now, she hoped that Damon and his friends would be over soon. She busied herself to kill time. Not bothering to get dressed, she would glance at her naked reflection each time she passed a mirror. Even her reflection looked horny; her nipples were rock hard; her chest flushed.

She approached her large front room window. The sun was below the horizon now. Cars passed by with their headlights on, and Pandora, ever the exhibitionist, remained in front of the window, despite the fact that anyone passing by could see her naked body. Her heart lurched in her chest when Damon’s dark sedan pulled into her driveway. She hurried to her sitting room and climbed onto her sofa. Pandora pushed her ass up high and pressed her face into the suede fabric. She waited for him to come inside. She listened to the door open and then shut. Three very different male voices were heard talking.

“So Damon, where’s this ‘ho that you said wanted plowed?” the first voice asked.

“Probably in the living room with her slutty ass in the air waiting for us, Jack,” Damon answered.

She listened, as the voices got closer.

“What did I tell ya? Ready, willing, and able,” Damon said.

“Damn! Look at all that pink,” the third voice boomed.

Pandora felt a large pair of rough hands slide up her thighs, brushing her fat cunt lips.

“She tastes as good as she looks, Drake. Stick that long fucking tongue that you’re famous for deep in her juicy hole,” Damon urged.

Pandora’s body shook with anticipation. She could feel his warm breath on her ass cheeks. His hands pulled her pussy open wide; his lips closer now; breath hot. His nose probed her greasy anus. She felt his strong tongue wiggle its way up her hole. All her breath left her body. His tongue went deeper and deeper, as his lips clamped around her hole and sucked her big, floppy inner lips into his mouth.

“OH!” she groaned, as he sucked all the juice from her cunt.

Drake tongue fucked her slit a bit longer before pulling it out of her snatch slowly. His nose tickled her pucker, as his snake like tongue slithered its way up to her quivering clit. Pandora gasped, when he flicked her nub.

“Dude, don’t be so stingy with her fuck holes,” Damon laughed.

“This bitch is definitely in heat. Her pussy is dripping, and believe it or not, her asshole is already lubed for us,” Drake said, rubbing his thick hard on through his jeans.

Pandora didn’t know which one was Drake, but she hoped that he would eat her pussy more with his snake tongue. One of them lifted her head by the hair. She opened her eyes and looked Damon in the face. Her nostrils flared, when she noticed his naked body. He sat down with his back to the arm of the couch and pulled her face to his crotch. Keeping a tight grip on her hair with his left hand, he guided his rigid pole to her mouth with his right.

Pandora eagerly wrapped her lips around his musky tool. She sucked his fat mushroom into her mouth and sucked. Her tongue laved the salty nectar that oozed out of his piss slit. He grabbed her head with his other hand, and with two handfuls of hair, he held her face still, while he fucked her mouth.

She sucked a lung full of air each time he pulled out of her tight throat. He bullied his cock past her hard palate and into the soft part of her throat, and with steady pressure, his thick shaft sealed her mouth shut. When her eyes started to water, he pulled his dick out enough for her to suck in sweet air.

“Fuck, baby. You DO know how to suck cock,” Damon groaned, as her tongue swirled around his cockhead.

“Fuck this watching bullshit. I’m going for that tight ass,” Jack growled.

Pandora’s mouth was full of cock, so any sound she made was muffled. She felt Jack’s warm hands cup her ass and pull her globes apart. Her tiny rosebud winked, when he blew across it. He swirled his tongue around her brown eye, making her moan. The vibrations of her moans caused Damon to groan out loud.

“I’m knocking at your back door, baby,” Jack said moments before his tongue plunged past her unguarded ring of muscle.

Pandora squealed, as his tongue invaded her ass. Her muscles struggled to snap closed, but his strong tongue prevented it. As she relaxed, she began to push back against his face, until her hole was so full of Jack’s spit that it was dripping down the back of her thighs.

Jack pulled his tongue out of her asshole and watched it tremble and then snap shut. He stripped his clothes off; his dick jutted upward sharply. Drake, sitting off to the side, had his cock out of his jeans and was stroking it idly, watching the show. He observed Jack kneel behind Pandora’s upturned ass. He slapped her ass sharply. As the red mark blossomed, he pulled her cheeks open wide and let a large glob of spit drop directly onto her wrinkled brown hole.

Gently, he pushed his long finger inside her chute. He eased another finger inside and pulled her hole open. Another glob of spit entered her gut followed by another finger, and then another. Pandora panted through the sharp pain of being stretched. Grunting, as he tried to push a fourth finger inside her ass, she pushed back against his hand, until his hand was buried to his thumb.

“Fuck! I like your slutty style,” Jack said pulling his hand out of her asshole.

Pandora’s ass fluttered. She felt so empty, but for only a second. A warm blunt object pushed against her lax asshole. She felt Jack wrap his arm around her hip. His fingers found her clit and pulled on it. His cock plunged deeper into her ass; the faster he fucked her ass the faster he circled her clit.

She moaned, getting closer. Her preoccupation with being ass fucked hard had her screaming in pleasure, making it easy for Damon to fuck her throat. The closer she got the harder her ass ring squeezed Jack’s shaft. Pandora screamed out loud, as oyster colored cream jetted from her cunt. Jack’s grip on her hips tightened. His groans, now guttural; his body stiff, as his hot jism coated the inside of her gut.

He leaned heavily against her back, as his cock slithered out of her open anus. He moved away from her body, as Damon pulled his cock out of Pandora’s mouth and slid down under her. He rubbed his cock against her twitching clit, causing her to jump and squirm. He continued to torture her tender clit, as Jack’s cum dripped from her loose ass.

“You gonna participate, Drake?” Damon’s tight voice inquired.

Drake, now naked and leaking, took Jack’s place behind Pandora’s body.

“Now that Jack has ripped her a new asshole, it looks like I’m gonna have to share with you,” Drake said.

Damon’s mushroom tickled her clit again, and then sank deep into her wet pussy. Pandora buried her face into his neck and moaned. Damon’s arms wrapped around her arms and used her body as leverage to sink his cock deeper. His hips bucked up frantically. Their skin slapped together loudly. Drake eased between her thighs; his cock pointing upward.

“Hurry up, man! I’m about to blow,” Damon pleaded; his cock tingling from her blow job.

Drake slapped his hard cock against her ass cheeks. He coated his cock with the still warm cum leaking from her red, swollen anus. Guiding it lower, he eased his shaft beside Damon’s until his balls brushed his friend’s full sac.

Pandora’s pleasurable scream stretched into a silent gasp, as her pussy was opened impossibly wide. She had never had two fully erect cocks fuck her cunt at the same time. They worked in tandem; one thrusting in, as the other pulled out. She couldn’t utter a word, as they worked her over.

“Fuck! I’m about to explode,” Damon groaned.

It felt like both of their shafts grew harder; they thrusts deeper; both men grunting unintelligibly. Pandora felt the men stiffen, and then hot splashes of stringy cum flooded her tingly snatch. Damon relaxed back on the sofa, and Drake staggered out of sight. Pandora, with cum dripping from both holes, lay against Damon’s chest frustrated.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m not about to leave you unfinished. I got what your fuck hole wants,” Damon murmured.

He flipped her onto her back and pushed her legs back against her chest. Taking his hint, she wrapped her arms around her knees, holding them in place. Her once tight cunt gaped open, awaiting his expert touch.

He slid two fingers in her slick slit, and then two more. Damon collapsed his hand, folding his thumb against his palm. He wiggled more of his hand inside her snatch. Pandora grunted, bearing down like she was giving birth. Once his hand was embedded to the wrist, Damon started wiggling his fingers, tickling her G spot. She moaned loudly, pushing her body down on his hand, making him punch her cervix. Harder and harder, she fucked his hand, until her pussy ballooned out, and then rippled around his finger. Her sheath impossibly stretched and soaking wet. Her head dropped back, as she blacked out from pleasure.

Once her body relaxed, Damon pulled his hand out; a wet sucking sound filled the air. Her ravaged holes, now well satisfied, were bright red and swollen. Her hair disheveled; mouth slack. Her make up smeared beyond repair; a slight smile on her lips, as she napped lightly. Damon and his friends got dressed. He leaned down and kissed the mouth that housed his cock earlier.

“Until next time,” he whispered.

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