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Making A Hot Wife - 2

Night two of Shelby's training finds a new man in her bed.

Thursday morning Shelby woke feeling excited. It took her a minute to remember why she felt butterflies in her stomach. Zack Peterson was the reason for her jumpiness. Last night her husband had told her that his friend Zack would be visiting with them tonight and that she should expect to have a similar evening to the one she had with Brad.

As she rolled over in the bed, Shelby remembered that she had slept naked last night when she felt her nipples rub against the sheet. They were already hard with excitement. Hearing the Clay was in the shower, Shelby put a hand between her legs to see that she was still wet from the night before. In fact, she could still smell the fragrance of semen on her fingers. It was a bit shocking for her to realize that cum on her fingers did not belong to her husband.

Moments later her husband came out of the bathroom. He stood naked by the bed, looking down at her. “How are you feeling this morning?”

“I feel excellent,” she answered with a grin. “Wouldn’t you like to come back to bed and give me something special to last me through the day?”

“I have to get to the office this morning, but I have something that will keep you warm,” he said with a raised eyebrow. “I’ll send you the recording I made last night of you fucking Brad. If that doesn’t heat you up, nothing will.”

“I had forgotten you filmed it,” she told him with a blush.

“Without a doubt, you’ll be masturbating when you watch it. I’ve never seen you so excited, and I’ve never seen you squirt before.”

Sitting up she told her husband, “I hope you aren’t upset because I did it with another man. But, I was so aroused I just lost control of myself. Knowing that you were filming it just made me a little crazy.”

Clay leaned over and took her chin in his hand. “I like that kind of crazy, baby, and I hope we get you there again tonight.”

“Promise me that you aren’t going to be upset later because I’m having sex with other men,” she demanded.

Raising his hand like a boy scout, Clay replied, “I swear on my honor as a scout that I will never be angry with you. As long as I know what you’re doing, I don't care. It just excites the shit out of me to see you going at it. I just want you to be happy.”

Shelby pulled aside the sheets and opened her legs. She ran her hand over her sex and pleaded, “Please take care of me before you go to work, Clay. I’m so horny right now just thinking about last night.”

Clay turned so that she could see his stiff cock. “I’d love to take care of you sweetheart, but I have to go if I’m going to get home in time to get you ready from Zack.” Walking around the bed, he opened her nightstand and pitched her a large realistic looking plastic cock. “You just use this for now, but don’t wear that sweet pussy out. You’ll be using it a lot tonight.”

Inside their sizeable walk-in closet, Clay heard noises from the bedroom. With slacks on and his shirt unbuttoned, he stepped out of the closet to see his beautiful, auburn-haired wife fucking herself with the plastic cock. She was grunting with each thrust she made.

He watched as he buttoned his shirt and tucked it in his pants. Back in the closet, Clay grabbed a tie and put on his socks and shoes. Just as he stepped out of the closet again, he saw Shelby arch her back on the bed and groaned loudly in orgasm.

Moving to the bed, he leaned over and kissed his wife. “This is the way you should start every day.” He pinched one of her nipples and said, “I’ll call you later. I have plans for tonight, and I’ll fill you in. Maybe right now you should go back to sleep.”

“Maybe I will,” she said as she panted. As Clay walked out of the bedroom door, she called after him, “I’m still horny!”


Shortly after 2:00 that afternoon, Clay called his wife. “Did you watch the film?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Did you masturbate while you watched it?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Are you still horny?”

“Yes, I am. But you told me not to wear out my sex, so I’m ignoring all of the sex toys that are calling my name right now.”

Clay laughed. “Good. You just stay that way.” Then making certain that no one in his office could hear him, Clay told her, “I think we’ll entertain Zack out by the pool tonight. At least, that’s where we’ll start. When Zack gets there, I want you to be in the pool wearing that black bikini. It’s a little larger than most of your swimwear, but it’s just perfect against your fair skin and red hair. I’ll let him in and then tell him to visit with you by the pool while I change clothes and fix drinks.”

“You want me to be in the water?”

“Yeah, I think so. Then once Zack’s by the pool, you can invite him to join you.”

“Do you think he’ll bring a bathing suit?” Shelby asked.

“Of course not,” Clay laughed. “You’ll have to find some way to get him to take off his clothes and join you. Think you can do that?”

“Probably,” she laughed. “I have my ways.”

“Yes you do, precious, and I’ll leave it all in your hands.”


Clay was home by 6:00. He greeted his wife who was already in the black bikini he had recommended.

“Can we play a little before he gets here?” she asked. “I watched the video again, and I’m ready to go.”

Laughing, Clay pulled his wife close and squeezed her ass cheeks. “I can’t imagine that you watched that video and didn’t get excited. You were so hot!”

“How long before he’s here?” she whined. “How long do I have to wait?”

Clay stuffed his hand inside her small bikini bottoms and pressed a finger inside her wet and ready pussy. “You just have to wait a little bit,” he told her as he kissed her neck. “I think you’ll get all you want tonight.”

“Are you going to film it?” she asked.

“I might,” he suggested. “Do you have a problem with me filming you fucking my friends?”

“Not really,” she replied with a grin. “I enjoyed watching your last film. I’d like for us to watch it together in bed.”

“Oh, you can count on that!” Clay laughed. “I plan to film all of your activities as a hot wife and watch them again when we’re alone.”

“But you still love me?” she asked.

“More than ever,” he answered as he kissed her forehead. “Now let’s give Zack the time of his life.”

Thirty minutes later the doorbell rang.

Clay answered the door and ushered Zack into his home. “Dude, glad you could make it,” he told his friend. “I told Shelby you were coming over tonight and she was thrilled. Come in and make yourself at home.”

“Thanks, Clay,” the visitor replied. “You’ve got a great home.”

“We really like it,” Clay told his friend. “We’ve been here about a year now, and it just fits our needs perfectly. The house is good for us, and we love having a pool in the backyard. In fact, Shelby is out there now. Why don’t you go out and say hello while I change out of my work clothes?

Clay opened the sliding glass door to the backyard and motioned to his friend. “Shelby,” he called out. “Zack is here. Would you please entertain him while I change clothes?”

Standing to the side, Clay motioned for his friend to walk out onto the back patio and the deck around their pool.

“What a great place you have,” Zack said as he walked past his host and stepped onto the patio around the pool. Then looking down into the water, Zack said, “Hi, Shelby. Thanks for inviting me over.”

“Hi Zack,” Shelby called out as she stood up in the pool exposing herself from the waist up. Her long red hair was mostly dry and hung around her large round breasts seeming to point them out to Zack’s eyes. “It’s so nice of you to come by for a visit. Why don’t you join me in the pool? The water is so refreshing.”

“It looks great,” he told her as his eyes stayed glued to her breasts. “I wish I’d brought some swim trunks.”

“You don’t need any here,” she told him as she walked in his direction. With each step, the water became more shallow, and more of her came visible to Zack’s exploring eyes. “Most of the time we swim naked and you can too.”

“You don’t look naked to me,” Zack laughed.

Shelby had reached the steps leading out of the pool. “I like to have something on when Clay gets home from work. He gets a kick out of undressing me.”

“I’m certain he does,” Zack muttered as he watched her come out of the pool. Inside his mind, Zack said, “Fuck! What an incredible body.”

When she was just six inches away, Shelby looked up at her visitor and asked, “If I get naked will you join me?”

“Don’t you think we should ask Clay about that?” he asked, somewhat startled at her question.

“Don’t be silly,” she said and unhooked the bikini top. Shelby tossed the wet garment onto one of the lounge chairs and watched their guest’s eyes grow large. “Now let’s get your shirt off.”

Zack was too surprised to move as Shelby unbuttoned his shirt. Once she had tossed his shirt aside, she ran her fingers through the hair on his chest. “I know some women like their men hairless, but I still love the feel of a manly chest with a bit of fur.”

Unseen, Clay was watching the action by the pool from behind the curtain in their bedroom. “That’s it, baby,” he said aloud. “Get him naked in under five minutes. You are a horny little bitch.”

“Do I have to get naked before you do?” Shelby asked Zack.

Still not believing what was happening, Zack nodded his head. “Yeah, I think so.”

“OK,” she said with a giggle and bent over to remove the bottom half of her bikini. When it was off, she pitched it onto the chair with her bikini top. She stepped back and turned in a circle. “This is the way we like to play in the pool.”

Moving back close to her guest, Shelby began to unbuckle his belt. “Kick your shoes off while I take care of these unnecessary pants.”

Shelby was on her knees removing his pants and socks leaving Zack wearing nothing but his boxers. Looking up she grinned as she saw his stiff cock tenting the material. “Let’s get these off too,” she said slowly as she pulled down the boxers letting his manhood jump out.

“Oh, look at this,” she cooed as she wrapped a hand around his hard cock. “It’s beautiful, Zack. Do you mind if I kiss it?”

Zack didn’t answer but stood frozen in place while watching Shelby kiss the tip of his rod several times before taking it in her mouth. “Fuck!” he gasped as she pushed it deep into her mouth.

Just then Clay opened the sliding glass door. “Oh good,” he said with a smile. “Shelby is making you welcome. I’m going to get drinks for us. What would you like, Zack? Bourbon, scotch, or vodka? I’ve got just about anything you’d like.”

It was stunning enough to have this beautiful woman sucking on his cock, but to have her husband see what was happening and offer to fix him a drink was astounding.

“If you have any cranberry juice I’d like to have it mixed with vodka,” Zack answered.

“You got it,” Clay answered cheerily. “I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

“Take your time,” Zack muttered as he lowered his eyes to watch Shelby.

Holding his cock firmly in one hand, Shelby looked up and said, “You have a beautiful cock, Zack. I hope you don’t mind if I enjoy it.”

“As long as your husband doesn’t mind, I’m certainly enjoying it.”

Stroking his cock, Shelby grinned. “When he gets here he’ll insist that you fuck me. I hope you’ll agree to do it. I know this thick dick will make me cum like a rocket.”

Inside his head, Zack was saying, “I don’t fucking believe this!” He managed to say out loud, “You think your husband is going to share you with me?”

“Of course I do,” she answered. “Clay is an excellent host and a wonderful husband. When he sees how much I’m enjoying your cock he’ll want me to be satisfied. Besides, he gets off watching me fuck other men. You do want to fuck me, don’t you?”

Clay came out from the house with three drinks in his hand. He put Shelby’s wine glass on the table beside them and handed Zack his drink. Touching his glass to Zack’s, Clay said, “Cheers. I’m glad Shelby is making you feel at home. Has she suggested that you fuck her yet?”

Zack didn’t have to look down to know that the woman on her knees was sucking his cock again. “Yes. She suggested that you would want me to.”

Clay took a long drink and laughed. “When my wife decides she wants a cock, nothing is stopping her. When her tight pussy gets wet, she wants it filled. I hope you’ll enjoy it.”

Just then Shelby took the cock out of her mouth with a gasp. “I’m so horny, baby. Can I fuck him now, please?”

“Of course, my love,” Clay told his wife. “But maybe you should ask him, not me.”

“Do you mind?” she asked their visitor. “I just love your cock, but I need it inside me.” Shelby stood up, took the glass in his hand and put it on the table. Moving back to Zack she took his hands and put them on her breasts. “Do you like them?”

“They’re just about perfect,” Zack mumbled.

“Come over here and lay down on this lounge chair,” she instructed Zack. “I want to ride your beautiful cock.”

Following her directions, Zack reclined on the lounge chair. Shelby leaned over and took his stiff rod in her mouth once again. She laughed and told him, “You taste so good I hate to take it out of my mouth, but my pussy is begging for a turn.”

Shelby straddled the chair and lowered herself down on his shaft. She looked up to see that Clay had his camera ready and had begun filming. The woman no longer had any questions of right or wrong. Now she was just excited to have sex with the man underneath her and know that after he was gone, she’d be able to watch it again. This afternoon she had masturbated twice watching the way she had fucked Brad last night.

She was so wet the big head of Zack’s cock slid in easily. Her body dropped slowly until she had taken every inch of him. Shelby leaned over taking a handful of his chest hair in her hands. “Do you like my pussy?” she whispered.

“Holy fuck,” was all Zack could say.

Slowly she moved her body up and down on his shaft until she could feel her juices were covering his cock and the skin around it. “I’m going to ride you now,” she whispered as she began to slide to and fro as she had done the previous night with Brad.

After a minute she commanded her lover, “Grab my tits! Squeeze them!” She was grinding away rapidly when she shouted, “Oh fuck, but I love your dick. This is so good!”

Clay had dropped the shorts he and was stroking his own cock while filming his wife. He hoped she would have another squirting orgasm as she did with Brad. The faster she moved on Zack, the faster he moved his hand on his cock. When he observed the signs that she was nearing an orgasm, Clay put the camera on a table nearby and moved to stand beside her.

Just as she had down the previous night, Shelby suddenly pulled off of Zack’s cock and went into a shuddering, shaking orgasm and squirted her ejaculate onto her lover’s chest.

Once she had dropped back down on his cock, Clay pulled her face to his stiff cock. “Make me cum!” he demanded. “Take every drop!”

As Zack was thrusting into her from below, Clay was fucking her mouth. Both men came at the same time, filling her mouth and pussy while growling and moaning. Shelby didn’t move until she felt Zack’s cock softening inside her. She rolled off of his prick, allowing his cum to drain out of her and onto his hairy chest.

Shelby ran her fingers through the fluid on Zack’s chest before putting her fingers in her mouth. “Yummy,” she said as she grinned at her visitor. Leaning down, Shelby kissed Zack. “How are you going to fuck me next time?” she whispered.

“Let’s let our guest rest a minute before you demand more servicing,” Clay laughed as he picked Shelby up and dropped her in the pool. Then turning to Zack, Clay held out his hand to help the man stand up. “She’s really something, isn’t she?” he asked.

“If I had a woman with a body like hers I don’t think I’d share her,” Zack replied.

“She loves sex, and I get off watching her.” Clay looked at his naked wife in the pool and turned back to Zack. “I’m not enough to satisfy her. I appreciate your help.”

“Any time,” Zack laughed and dove into the pool.

The group spent the next fifteen minutes playing in the pool before they got out and finished their drinks.

“Why don’t you two go back to the bedroom, and I’ll fix us another round,” Clay told the others.

When Clay got back to the bedroom, he found Shelby on her hands and knees on the bed. Zack was behind her saying, “Put your head down and your ass up.”

Clay stood quietly and watched.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Zack told her. “You’ve got a beautiful ass. Do you like cock in your ass?”

Shelby looked back at their visitor. “Only my husband fucks my ass,” she told him. “Give me that big dick in my pussy. It’s dripping wet and ready for you.”

As Clay watched, his friend grabbed his wife’s hips and pressed his cock into her pussy.

“Fuck yes!” Shelby cried out. “Now fuck me like the whore I am! Fuck me hard and don’t quit until you’ve filled me with your cum.”

Clay put the glasses down and leaned against the wall as he watched the live porn show in front of him. Zack was grunting as he rammed his cock into her over and over. Shelby groaned and cried out encouragements urging him to go harder and faster. She caught a motion across the room and turned her head to see her husband leaning against the wall stroking his cock.

Knowing how much his wife liked to watch him jerk off, he could see the look in her eye. It seemed to be the thing that pushed her over the edge.

“Oh fuck! I’, cumming! Fuck!” Her eyes closed and her body shook.

Clay knew how her pussy would grip Zack’s cock. He’d felt it a thousand times. He watched another thirty seconds before his friend buried his prick into Shelby and growled as he filled her with cum.

Clay waited until Zack finally pulled out and stepped away from Shelby’s ass. Moving quickly, Clay assumed his friend’s position and stuffed his cock into her cum filled hole. He stroked in and out twice before pulling out and pressing his cock head against her puckered opening. “You want your husband in your ass?” he called out. “Well, I’m here, and this ass is mine!”

Shelby was too tired to resist even if she wanted to. His cock was buried in her ass in seconds, and it seemed to run an electric shock through her body. They didn’t do anal often, but she always reacted to it wildly. There was just something about having a dick in her ass that opened the door to her most erotic behavior.

“Oh, you motherfucker!” Shelby cried out. “You dirty motherfucker! Fuck my ass!”

Clay slapped one of her ass cheeks and then the other.

“Yes!” she screamed. “Spank me, baby! Fuck my ass and spank me!”

The screaming, spanking and ass fucking went on for several minutes until Clay could no longer hold back his orgasm. He grabbed a handful of her red hair and pulled back as he emptied his balls into her rectum. When he stopped moving, he could feel Shelby’s body trembling while the muscles in her ass gripped his cock like a fist.

Zack stood watching as stiff as a statue. He had never witnessed such violent and uninhibited sexual behavior. But Zack had to admit that it was stimulating because his manhood was hard again even though he had just had an orgasm five minutes previously. He looked down to see Shelby on her back with her legs apart. He could see cum leaking from her pussy and her ass. “Fuck me. That’s so hot,” he said to no one.

Getting down on the bed, Zack put his arms behind Shelby’s knees and rolled her legs back until her ass was in the air. “We’re not finished yet,” he told her. “I’ve gotta have more of this pussy.”

Shelby could hardly focus her vision on the man that was fucking her now. She knew it wasn’t Clay but was having trouble remembering who else was with them. Shelby was completely disoriented, but her body was craving more. “Touch my tits,” she mumbled, having no idea why she wanted it.

As his cock pounded in and out of her, Zack’s mouth found first one nipple and then the other. He rotated from one to the next, sucking and biting them. Shelby sank her fingernails into Zack’s ass cheeks as she muttered, “Yes, fuck me. Don’t stop.”

Clay lay exhausted beside the humping couple. He was too tired to say or do anything, but he was happy to watch. His beautiful, sexy wife was finally getting the sex he knew she wanted. There wasn’t anything for him to do but wait and wonder where he’d left his camera.

When Zack, at last, reached his orgasm, he fell beside her in a heap. Both of them were panting and covered with sweat.

Managing to get himself out of bed, Clay shuffled to the pool and dove into the refreshing water. The water temperature was enough of a shock to his system to wake him up. When his eyes cleared, he stood, looking through the bedroom window at his wife and friend lying naked on the bed. “What have I created?” he asked the night sky.

An hour later, Zack was dressed and on his way home. He thanked Clay for the invitation and insisted that he would be happy to return for a “rematch,” as he called it and laughed.

“You are always welcome in our home,” Clay told his friend as he shook his hand. “I’d prefer that you not let everyone know that I share my wife,” he told Zack. “Otherwise they will probably be a long line to collect her favors.”

“I don’t doubt that,” Zack said seriously. “Your wife is sex on wheels. I don’t plan on giving that information to anyone. Just let me know when you need my services.”

“Thank you, Zack,” Clay said as he shook his friend’s hand. “We’ll see you again soon.”

Going back into their bedroom, Clay found Shelby awake, but unmoving.

“That was just unbelievable,” she told her husband.

“Then you enjoyed it?” he asked.

“How could any woman not enjoy what happened to me?”

Sitting beside her and running his hand along the inside of her thigh, he said, “I’d say you got more than your share tonight.”

“What if I told you I was still horny?” she said with a devilish grin.

“I’d say you were dishonest,” he said as his hand came in contact with her overheated sex.

“If you touch me there you’ll find out that I’m telling the truth.”

Clay’s thumb was covered in slippery fluids. He moved it gently around her clit. “Why did you tell him that your ass was mine?”

“I love it when you fuck my ass, baby, but I know that I go a little crazy when you do it. I didn’t want another man to know how wild I get.”

“You do go a little nuts,” he said with a laugh, still rubbing his thumb around her clit.

Shelby took her breasts in her hands. “If you continue doing that I’m going to need more.”

“I think that you need to ride me so that I can be on the receiving end of one of your squirting orgasms.”

“Isn’t that just crazy?” she said as she sat up. “I’ve never done it before, and now I’ve squirted on two straight nights.”

“Was it enjoyable?” he asked.

“Are you kidding? It’s incredible. I’ve never had stronger orgasms. It’s almost an out of body experience. I kinda go a little crazy.”

Clay kissed his wife. “I like you crazy.”

“Are you really having another man over tomorrow night?”

“Tomorrow night is Kevin,” he replied. “I’ve already worked it out, and everything will be different.”

“But I’ll still be fucking another man?” she asked.

“And enjoying it,” Clay said as he got up off the bed and held out his hand. “Come on, love. Let’s get something to eat, and I’ll tell you what’s in store for you tomorrow night.”

As he pulled her off the bed, Shelby wrapped her arms around her husband. “I love you, Clay. Please don’t let this screw up our marriage. I would be happy to only have you in my bed for the rest of my life.”

Clay gave her bottom a good swat and told her, “Yes you would, but you’re going to be a lot happier this way. You’ll never have to wonder what another cock would feel like. Just let me guide you.”

Kissing her husband, Shelby smiled. “You are my leader. My body is here to please you.”

“You will be the best hot wife ever,” he told her with a grin. “And I will be the happiest husband on the face of the earth.”


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