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She Got a Quick Rub in Her Room

An hour’s oil massage suddenly seemed like a good idea
He was about to begin massaging her breasts. His slickly warm right hand was resting just below their rise, fingers stretched into her cleavage. His left hand was lightly gripping the top of her right thigh. She was feeling pretty hot about that.

She was wearing the bottom half of a pink string bikini. She was hot about that too and even hotter about the certainty that soon she would not be wearing even that. He would pull it down her legs and off over her feet any minute.

He had unclipped the top half of her pink string bikini a little earlier, when she had been lying face down on the massage couch in her room for the first part of her one-hour massage. She had enjoyed the first half of the massage very much. His hands had been very nearly everywhere.

He had not done up the top half of her pink string bikini before he gently touched her shoulder and said quietly, “Time to turn over.” Em had a hot buzz at that point.

Em had turned over. Her bikini bra had stayed where it was, rumpled on the sheet. The masseur now had a full view of her erect and very hard nipples. She knew he liked that because he had gently brushed his fingers over them and then licked them lightly.

She had murmured, “Oh god that’s good,” and slightly parted her legs. She knew that the masseur liked that too because he had gently pulled the string down just the tiniest bit, so that it lay loosely over her mound and between her legs and showed a tantalizing hint of her little triangle of pubic hair.

It was then that put his hand on her thigh. When he did that she said, “Oh! Ah!” He had smiled at her and said, “You’re the hottest guest I’ve seen in a long time.”

He commenced the second part of the massage, starting with her feet and ankles. To do this he pulled her legs gently much wider apart. Em knew this meant her loosened bikini bottom would now be exposing her slit to his view.

That excited her. She felt it get wet and she knew her pink-lipped entrance had opened. She liked that. She knew the masseur liked it too because he briefly broke away from massaging her ankles and ran a hand up her left leg and into her panties.

“I’ll get to that in a little while,” he whispered. Then he briefly pushed a finger into her entrance and fully into her vagina. Em shouted with the sudden pleasure. He briefly finger-fucked her so that she would shout again. She did, loudly.

Then he said, “I’ll take your bikini pants off in a little while too, when I’ve got to the top and I’m massaging your breasts. I know you like it naked. You’re a very sexy woman. I think you like to lose your panties very sexily on the massage bed.”

He pinched the insides of her thighs at the top. “I can tell you like very hot endings too,” he said.

Em had an orgasm immediately. The masseur kissed her furry little mound that by now was half out of the bikini pants and said, “Now you’ll have to have hot cock.”

She thrashed madly on the couch, her vagina in free flow. She shouted loudly and then said, “Oh yes! I must have hot cock! When will you give it to me?”

He kissed her wet little mound again and whispered, “Very soon, after you’ve enjoyed your breasts being massaged and had your panties torn off.”

Em had quivered with anticipated delight. She had murmured, “So hot!”

The masseur resumed the massage. He was softly massaging the backs of Em’s knees, pinching the loose skin there gently. Then one hand strayed upwards and pulled her panties fully off her hips and half way down her thighs. He ran a slick finger through her wet slit.

He massaged her thighs, working round and under the little bikini bottom that was stretched taut between her spread legs. He massaged her pussy and her mound again and then moved his warm hands to her flat tummy.

Em felt her breasts moving in time with the tummy strokes. Her nipples were on fire, waiting for the moment when he would pinch them. She so wanted to happen.

He ran his hands to the side of her pelvis and then underneath, massaging her spread cheeks. She felt a finger slickly tease her asshole and she shouted again and murmured “Oh! Oh! Oh! Ah!”

He slid his finger right into her ass and brought his free hand back down to her mound and then beyond. She felt another slick finger slide into her entrance. It fucked her in time with the finger in her ass.

It was, she decided, extremely hot indeed. So she made a whole lot of noise about it. The masseur added a second finger to each penetration and quickened his pace. Em made even more noise.

Then she came. When she had recovered, the masseur whispered in her ear, “That’s two. You are a sexy woman. Now I’m going to massage your breasts and play with your nipples.”

While she was preparing herself for that excitement, Em thought about what had brought her to this fantastic point on that particular evening. She was travelling again, on business as nearly always. She was in Milan, in a very accommodating hotel.

Em liked Milan. The people were elegant and the weather was generally warmer than in the north of Europe, where she had to travel on business more regularly. Milan had been a bit of a treat. She’d worked it into her program on parameters that some people might question.

She’d been in Milan before and had had her knickers taken off twice in quite spectacular circumstances. Both events had taken place in her hotel room.

One had followed a dinner date with a business associate who had told her over dessert exactly how he would like to fuck her. This had involved licking her nipples and her pussy in her bra and panties before stripping her entirely naked and fucking her doggy style, cowgirl style, missionary style, and in the mouth, through the night ahead. It had all gone according to plan, she recalled warmly.

The other had followed a visit to a very indiscreet nightclub where she had found herself sitting next to a man who had been just as aroused as her by the very explicit strip show they were watching.

They had introduced themselves and then he had put his hand on her leg and she hadn’t stopped him. She hadn’t stopped him, either, when he slipped his hand inside her skirt when the stripper revealed a lovely little beaver under the spotlight.

When the stripper’s co-dancer stripped naked and played her beaver with his cock she didn’t stop her companion slipping his hand into her little string. They had left soon after this.

On that occasion, in her room, she had fucked him ferociously, reverse cowgirl style, while they watched the action in a big mirror. He had her tiny red string between his teeth (he had stripped it off her with his teeth). It had been so hot to watch his enormous cock parting her trimmed beaver in the mirror and then fucking her hard.

He had done that twice.

Now the present reasserted itself, demanding her full attention. Her masseur had pulled her legs together and torn off her bikini bottom. Then he had thrown her legs wide apart again and then begun playing with her nipples.

Em went to heaven immediately, her third orgasm. She so loved a man to play with her nipples. She loved it almost as much as a man parting her pussy lips with his big cock and thrusting its hot length into her.

She knew she was about to get his length. She wanted that to happen now. She shouted words to this effect.

The masseur licked her nipples once more; then he bit them quite hard.

“Fuck me now!” Em shouted.

She felt his big, thick cock slide into her vagina. She felt it pulse as it fucked her rapidly. Through the pink haze that enveloped her she heard him shouting. She felt his cock get even harder, fatter and longer.

She sensed his coming just before he shot her full of his red-hot cum. She came loudly; her fourth orgasm of the session.

He fucked her again. “You deserve a bonus,” he said.

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