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Hotel Stories


Learning The Rules

A young girl wants to become my submissive, so I begin the process of vetting and training her. Tonight, perhaps, we will begin.

“So you’ve decided?” I asked her, as soon as I had answered her call, without even a 'hello.' Little bitches don’t get a 'hello.' “Yes. I want to do it.” “You accept and will abide by all the rules and boundaries?” “Yes.” “Yes, what?” A brief silence. “Ye...

Lucky Seat

Scott can't believe his luck when Lucia sits next to him

It was another mandatory two weeks at the corporate office in Silicon Valley. Living in “America’s Finest City,” San Diego, Scott disdained the high-tech capital of the world, Silicon Valley, and his firm's excessive meetings. As he joked, “They have meet...

It Finally Happens

Unsatisfied wife gets her wish

Walking down the hotel hallway with a bucket of ice. Nerves out of control. What if she gets cold feet? I slid the key into the door lock and turned the handle. There she was, lying on the bed, legs spread. Her thick thighs blocked his head. She didn’t lo...

Valerias Adventures Pt.1 - When Old Friends Reconnect

Valeria experiences for the first time, what it means to have fun with a swinging couple.

I was twenty-three and just had a hard breakup with my boyfriend. I had decided to distract myself a bit and go on vacation for a few weeks at my aunt's place in the southern region of Germany. It was a peaceful time, but also, quite boring. There was not...

The Nigerian Tease - Another Mature Lover

A twenty-something Nigerian woman meets a much older white man at a conference. Just her type.

Chika Etomi is a married Nigerian lady aged twenty-eight, but she has a thing for white men much older than herself. Her job has her moving in circles that include mature and sophisticated white men, and on occasions, she takes a liking to one and determi...

The Work Conference

While away at a work conference, Nikki meets a stranger who turns her world upside down.

Ring ring! Ring ring! Nikki awoke abruptly to the sound of her phone, its intrusive ringing shattering her peaceful slumber in the hotel room. Slightly disoriented, she fumbled for her phone on the nightstand. The display read 5:18 am, and the caller ID r...

Cuckold Valentine

Young couple spends an unusual date in a fancy hotel - with a special guest!

"Valentine's Day will be special this year," Alicia's voice was a whisper, silk over steel, as she whispered in Brian’s ear, entering the hotel lobby on the evening of the 14th of February. "I think it's time we tried something... different." Alicia's wor...

When Two Voyeurs Meet

What happens when two voyeurs listen at the door

His job took him around the world, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. The downside was the amount of time he had to stay in hotels. Russ was currently staying in a hotel not far from the airport, where he was working. His room was at the end of the corridor. A...

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Welcome to Seattle

Happy Hour at the Boat House Bar & Grill exceeds Tony's expectations

Tony had just moved to Seattle for his job of four years. He was offered a chance for a new experience that would be valuable should he choose to stay with the company and climb the ladder. It was a small promotion in title and salary, but he was excited...


A sci-fi hentai story. The hotel purchases several robot maids. Unlike human maids, robot maids also provide sexual services for guests.

"Watch ooout!" Mika entered the laundry room holding a pile of dirty laundry raised above her head. She dropped the pile on the floor and started stuffing sheets and duvet covers into free washing machines. Sarah and Jay, who happened to be in the laundry...

A Night Away

An opportunity presented itself and two friends indulged in what was a night they would not forget

My name is Robert, and I own a building company that has a department employing mainly women in an office environment. I was due to take three of the women on an accounting course, which involved an overnight stay at a plush hotel. My company had suddenly...

A Meeting Finally Realized

A meeting finally realized with a submissive

The trip starts before you board the plane. You're dressed in a short skirt with a button-down blouse, high heels, and nothing underneath except for a Lovesense remote-controlled vibrator. I personally pick you up from the airport and drive you to your ho...

S.L.U.T. Slut's Montage

A sex-filled decade in the life of an evolving slut

Years passed, but time stopped. While external, life-changing things happened, externally, my body, mind, and heart were in a sort of stasis-like holding pattern. Life and my age advanced; the house was now my home, and I was hitting the venerable thirty...