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She Had an Unscheduled Meeting

They got naked and she had some very hot tongue
His name was Alan and his strong and long-probing tongue was hotly licking her groove. At that particular moment, Em was in the middle of liking that very much indeed. She was making quite a lot of noise that articulated her assessment of that position very nicely.

She’d seen Alan’s point, too, in the discussion they were having, because he was completely naked. She was looking forward to feeling that point, and the long and sturdy cock that propelled it, thrusting deliciously between her pussy lips and penetrating her vagina very soon.

They were in her hotel suite. It was an unscheduled meeting. The need for the meeting had arisen suddenly over lunch an hour ago. An urgent matter had come up that they both agreed they needed to deal with before the conference they were both attending got under way again later in the afternoon.

Em had given a presentation to the conference in the morning session. It had been well received and among several questions afterwards had been one from the young man whose tongue was now exciting her pussy.

He had sought her out over lunch to ask a couple of follow-up questions. It was then that Em had had suggested he come up to her suite after lunch so they could go over the issues that he’d raised in much greater detail.

One of these issues was the interesting bulge in his pants that had appeared when she had smiled at him and lightly touched him on the arm as he leaned over her chair at the dining table. It immediately got bigger when she suggested meeting in her suite.

Em had dressed with more than the usual attention to detail that morning. The presentation she was to make was more important than was generally the case and she needed to make a strong impression on her listeners.

She had selected a mid-length black skirt, a close-fitting sheath style that emphasized her trim derriere and the astonishing length and shape of her legs. She knew men liked to imagine her legs draped over their shoulders. Above this she wore a nicely plain dark purple blouse, tucked into her skirt to highlight her narrow waist, and teamed with a black leather belt with a gold fastener chain.

She did not wear stockings. Her legs were nicely tanned and on this occasion would look better naked. She wore assertively black patent leather heels with sexy ankle straps. The ensemble looked very suitably corporate.

Usually for a working environment Em chose sensible underwear. She believed greatly in comfort and knew from experience that, generally speaking, a girl bent on adventure could usually find time to slip into something a little more uncomfortable.

That morning, however, the devil was in her. Beneath her svelte exterior she chose to wear a purple uplift bra and a tiny see-through lace string, in a matching colour; it showed her newly manicured mini landing strip to advantage, though of course no one would see this. She would know it was there, though and Em did like to feel sexy.

As she checked herself in the mirror before grabbing her laptop bag and purse to go downstairs to the conference, she felt very sexy indeed. This always empowered her. Being the object of intense scrutiny from a distance excited her. Imagining all those men imagining her naked or very nearly so often pumped her pussy and lifted her nipples.

It amused her to stand at such occasions and talk to people while wearing stuff they couldn’t see that at least half the people in the room would kill to strip off her and a fair proportion of the others, mostly among the females present, would at least like to comment on.

At this very moment, one lucky young man from among the morning’s audience had been granted his dearest wish.

He had still not been sure, when he arrived at her door, whether what he thought she had implied would in fact turn out to be the situation. Em did love to tease. They went through to her sitting room.

She motioned him towards a comfortable lounge-around-in chair; it was a giant thing covered in plush velour. Em sat in the other one, opposite him, and carefully and primly crossed her legs. She gave him her corporate brief on the questions he’d asked.

Then she smiled at him, carelessly uncrossed her legs to him a sneak preview of her upper thighs and the little transparent purple string with the hint of hot hair within, and swung her legs over the chair arm.

Then she said, “Now Alan, to the questions of substance. You want to fuck me. I want you to fuck me. So let’s settle the remaining details.”

She opened her legs and beckoned him with her finger.

He had risen to the occasion immediately and with magnificent additional effect when she stripped him naked as he stood before her. His cock was thick and very hard and beautifully set off by the boldly manicured public hair above it and the big swinging balls beneath. He had a washboard tummy. Em could picture it rippling as his balls swung below as he fucked her. He had long, quite delicate fingers that plainly belonged in her pussy, right now.

“The skirt has a zip on the left-hand hip,” she told him. He unzipped it and shimmied it down her legs which she drew together for him to facilitate this manoeuvre and then spread widely again.

The young man looked with wonderment at her tiny purple string. It had tiny V of see-through fabric at the front, only an inch wide at the top, and otherwise consisted of an ultra-thin lace string round her hips and through her crack. It hid not a thing; certainly not her mini landing strip which, even though very mini indeed, still popped out above the top.

“You were wearing this when you spoke at the conference this morning?” he asked.

“I was, Alan,” said Em.

He sighed and placed a finger just inside the string and ran it up the short length of her pubic hair. “I wanted to fuck you as soon as you walked to the podium,” he said, running the finger back down her little line of hair and into her pussy.

“You and about half the room, I expect,” Em said with a shudder of pleasure and a warm little laugh. “But you won the door prize.”

Alan’s finger suddenly disturbed her clit. Then he pulled the string off her hips in a hurried rush. Em brought her knees together so he could strip it off her entirely. She loved it when strongly ardent young men removed her knickers in a hurry. It brought their hot moment of first cock penetration deliciously closer.

He gently parted her legs again and thrust the strong tip of his tongue into her open vagina. Em made a lovely little noise.

This energized Alan’s tongue, encouraging it to go deeper and faster into her hot, wet depth. He kept his tongue inside her vagina, gently fucking her with it, while his hands ran up her naked belly and began unbuttoning her blouse. He removed the unfastened garment and ran his hands behind her to unclip her bra.

He did this with practised ease and pulled it downwards, so that it lay loosely and very erotically across her pelvis. Em began to come.

“You are such a sexy woman that I think you should have it very hotly and urgently in your unclipped bra and in your shoes,” he said. He massaged her breasts and then pinched her hard nipples. Em moaned and murmured, “Oh god yes. Hot!”

Alan’s tongue went to work on her pussy, her clit and her vagina. She came delightfully loudly, with a lot of hip-jiggling, ass grinding and leg pumping, and very soon.

Then he stood up, presenting her with nine inches of rock-hard cock, and thrust it powerfully into her. He fucked her very quickly, all the way in and nearly all the way out. Em shouted frantically throughout this performance as her vagina flooded and she came again.

She screamed in ecstasy when his cock got even longer and harder and faster and his back arched and he started shouting in time with his strokes while he held her hard nipples tightly. His climax was so powerful and so quick that it took her by surprise. It was hot, very fast, his cock pushing against her cervix, and ended in six huge gushes of superheated cum.

Afterwards he half knelt, half lay across her in the big chair and licked and bit her breasts and nipples. She gave him a brief taste of her cock-sucking skills. From his little noises of pleasure it was clear that these would work excellently later on.

“I think we should regroup after dinner, Alan, and go over everything again,” Em said between licks of his newly re-stiffened shaft. He said, “Oh yes!” and buried his tongue in her pussy again. Then he reappeared for a moment and said, “First I think I should hear you come again, and taste you coming again. It’s a long time until after dinner.”

She obliged him.

They reconvened after dinner, discreetly, as arranged. It was a long discussion. Em took him several times in every hole and many positions, a number of them highly inventive and one or two much more athletic than was her custom.

She took him to heaven three times with her tongue and teeth, in her hot mouth, above, below and then reversed, sixty-nine style.

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