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Sherri pulls into the drive. It’s been a long day at work and she is thinking of how the weekend will be so lonely with Rob on a business trip that came up at the last minute. She gets out of the car and grabs the bags of groceries she picked up on the way and walks to the door.

Once inside, Sherri puts the items she bought away and then heads out to feed the animals, thinking once that is done she can shower and settle in for a relaxing, if not lonely, weekend.

Later, with the animals fed and cared for, Sherri heads back to the house. As she approaches the door a strange feeling that something is wrong sends a chill down her spine. She thinks to herself that she knows she didn’t lock the door but it isn’t like her to not close the main one completely behind the screen door.

She cautiously enters the house and looks around to see that nothing is out of place and shrugs off the feeling as she heads for the bathroom for a well-deserved shower. With her clothes removed and dropped, she enters the room, turns on the water and steps inside the shower. Letting the water run over her head and body and then lathering herself, her mind again thinks how she wishes Rob was home this weekend and how she will miss him as her hands lather her breasts, causing her nipples to harden under her touch.

“Damn I wish that trip could have been delayed,” she states out loud for no one else to hear.

Stepping from the shower Sherri starts to dry herself and walks towards the kitchen, still rubbing her hair with the large plush towel. Passing the hallway leading to the bedroom, she feels a strong hand grab her around the waist from behind and a pair of cold lips laying flat against her throat. A voice tells her not to fight, to stay still, and do what she is told. Sherri quickly stammers that the only money in the house is in her purse on the table.

“It’s not your money we want bitch, now like I said, do as your told and you won’t get hurt,” he growls into her ear.

Sherri feels terror and lust beyond anything she had ever imaged; her thoughts race through her head in a matter of seconds. Is this Rob’s idea of a game? They had talked about her rape fantasy with him taking her, but no this wasn’t Rob, this man was shorter and his voice was very different.

Then within seconds of the man’s last words there is another voice of a woman saying, "Oh come on now we can hurt her a little can’t we?”

The man laughs and Sherri looks to see a woman walking towards her. She is a little shorter than Sherri with blonde hair. She walks up to Sherri and as the man’s hand slides from her waist to her pussy and his fingers force their way inside her. The woman grabs the towel and throws it to the side. She then takes Sherri’s hair in her hand and kisses her hard on the mouth.

Frozen with fright Sherri feels the forced fingers inside her and the woman’s mouth on hers, her tongue being pushed into her mouth and her nipple pulled by the woman.

Suddenly there is a third voice from behind her. It sounds strange, like it is not belonging to anyone. It’s a man’s voice but being disguised in an abnormal tone.

“Ok that’s enough for now; blind fold her and let her go."

Sherri feels the man’s fingers leave her pussy as abruptly as they entered her and then a blind fold tightly pulled over her eyes. The third voice comes closer to Sherri as he whispers into her ear, “From now on you will keep that blind fold on. Unlike my friends I don’t care to have my play toys be able to recognize me. By the end of the weekend you will be fucked by the three of us any way we choose as often as we choose and you will completely give in to us to where you will not even want to call the police; but instead wish we were coming back to take you every day.”

Sherri finally shakes off some of her fear. "You will never make me want you,” she blurts out.

A hand quickly slaps her across her ass and then she is pushed to her knees.

Again she hears the third voice. "It looks like lesson one is needed right away."

And then she feels a cock pushed to her lips. Her hair is tightly held and the cock forced into her mouth.

Sherri’s thoughts run to what will Rob think? Will he forgive me for having this cock in my mouth even though I have no control over it?

She hears the woman telling the man to give it to her, make the bitch swallow it all. Then her head is pulled to the side and the other man’s cock replaces the first. Both men take turns having her suck them until they both explode their cum into her mouth and over her face.

The woman then grabs her hair, pulling Sherri’s face to her mouth and she starts to lick some of the cum from her cheeks before forcing her tongue into Sherri’s mouth and sharing the juices with her. All Sherri can think of is what is happening to me, what will Rob think, will he be angry with me. No, he will understand she tells herself, I know he will. She thinks how she must get through this and ask him for his forgiveness, she should have locked the door, she should have done something.

Sherri is pulled to her feet and walked into the bedroom where she is roughly pushed onto the bed. Next the woman’s voice is heard. “Kenny I need my pussy licked."

To which he replies, “I just blew my load, I’m going for a drink, get the bitch to do it.”

Sherri feels the bed moving and the woman’s legs against her. Then hands take Sherri’s head, pulling her over and pushing her mouth into the woman’s shaved pussy lips.

“Okay sweetie,” the woman says. “Come and lick Teresa’s cunt.”

Sherri feels Teresa’s hands in her hair as the men release their grip and she lifts her pelvis up into Sherri’s face. She feels her wetness on her lips and tries to pull away, only to feel the sudden sting of Kenny’s hand striking her hard on her ass and telling her to start licking.

Then the other man’s voice whispers in her ear, “You better start to enjoy this and do it right or they will hurt you. I myself don’t want you hurt but don’t confuse that thinking I give a shit if they do hurt you.”

Sherri could feel the tears welling up in her eyes but fought them back, thinking that she wouldn’t give them that satisfaction. She placed her hands on Teresa’s thighs and took a slow long lick through her pussy. She felt the relief of finding that she seemed very clean with no odor other than that of a soaking wet fully aroused pussy. She let her tongue slide as deep as she could reach, licking her wetness and feeling her push her pussy harder into Sherri’s assault. Then sliding her tongue up to Teresa’s clit, she licked and sucked at it.

Sherri let her mind wander to the night before when Rob had licked and sucked her pussy until she had exploded into his mouth. With those thoughts of Rob in her mind she let her own tongue work its magic on Teresa’s hot wet pussy until she realized the way Teresa’s body was starting to stiffen and then arc high into the air that she was about to cum. To Sherri’s surprise the woman’s ecstasy brought on by her tongue turned her on and she felt her own pussy fill with wetness. Pulling her legs together as to not let the men see her excitement, Sherri continued to attack Teresa’s sweetness until she collapsed in a heap, trying to catch her breath as Sherri teased her with a few last licks and suck of her clit.

The two women lay there for a few minutes before Kenny pushed Teresa to the side and placed his cock once again in front of Sherri’s mouth. “Damn, I thought I was done,” she hears Kenny say. "But watching you get her off has me hard as a rock and ready to fuck your mouth again, only this time I want every drop of me swallowed.”

Sherri feels his hands again in her hair and rather than wait to be pulled onto his waiting cock she opens her mouth and quickly takes him deep into her throat. “That’s it slut, you’re learning now,” she hears him grunt.

Again she lets her mind wander to times when she sucked Rob’s cock. She thought about what was happening and how she should be fighting with every bit of strength she had, but she also knew it would only end in her hurt or worst and they would still have their way with her. Sherri was determined though to not show any enjoyment from what was happening even though she was angry for her pussy getting as wet as it was when she made Teresa cum.

She continued sucking the cock being thrust into her mouth when she felt the other until now unnamed man’s hands on her hips, lifting her to her knees and pushing her legs apart as he wedged between them. She felt his fingers gently slide into her already soaked pussy, hearing him give a little chuckle at the fact she was so wet. He then removed his fingers and she felt the head of his cock pushed against her pussy lips, spreading them and then sliding deep inside her. Panic entered Sherri’s mind as she realized that by the time Rob got home these strangers were going to take every opening she had, she would have to tell him that she was fucked in all her openings and that she couldn’t help to be wet when they took her. God she thought, he will never forgive me for getting wet, would he? Maybe he would understand, he always understood everything in the past, surely though this one may be too much for even him to understand, his girl getting wet for these men to fuck and even while licking pussy.

The cock slid deep into her and was gently stroked in and out while she continued to suck Kenny’s cock. The feeling of taking both men started to make her wetter and the guilt continued to build as she did. Then as the cock inside her was fed to her harder and faster, she took Kenny the same, sucking his cock and pumping his shaft with her hand at the same time. She found herself wanting him to cum soon so she could just concentrate on the hard flesh that was fucking her. Again wondering how she could feel this way, but then just worked Kenny’s dick as hard as she could, forcing him into her throat, gagging as her lips touched his base; she was holding him, completely swallowed in her saliva filled mouth, then up to just his head before driving him again into her throat. Sherri could feel the pressure build in this balls and his cock swelled even more and she knew he would soon fill her mouth. She felt his fingers tighten their grip and then his body shake as he growled, releasing gush after gush of hot salty fluid into her throat.

She swallowed as fast as she could, not wanting to have a single drop escape and having Kenny upset with her as she felt the other cock rammed into her swollen, dripping cunt. Finally Kenny pulled away from her mouth, leaving just the man behind her slamming his cock into her at a frantic pace. Her own orgasm was starting to build and she quickly tried fighting it back, not wanting to show them any pleasure on her part yet, and wondering if it wasn’t already too late for that. As the man fucked her, his cock going deep into her body with every stroke, she heard Teresa loudly telling her to beg for it. "Tell him you want his cock and cum inside you,” she yelled.

Sherri heard herself yell back, “No I don’t want any of this; I want you all out of my house!”

“Sure right you bitch slut that’s why your pussy was so wet after licking my cunt and why he slides so easily into you, tell him to fuck you harder,” Teresa half laughed.

Sherri felt the words forming in her mouth, she was about to scream for him to fuck her, to empty his cock into her pussy when he pulled her back, pushing deeply as he could into her, grabbing her nipples and squeezing them hard as his cock erupted, filling her with his juices. Her body was just short of exploding into orgasm, bucking on his cock until they both fell flat on the bed. After a couple minutes he pulled from her, rolled her on her back and told Teresa to make sure she was ready for the night. Sherri then heard the men leave the room and Teresa tell her to lay still.

Sherri felt the restraint placed around her ankle and heard the lock placed on it. Teresa told her she couldn’t run if she tried and if she was good and just stayed in the bed there would only be one rope taken to the leg of the bed. “But if you don’t behave you will be bound by all four and so tight that you won’t be able to move an inch in any direction.”

Sherri told her she wouldn’t try to run, begging to not be bound further. She felt Teresa’s hand on her breast and then her fingers squeeze her nipple before a slight tug. “You better be good or I will make you pay I promise,” Teresa whispered in her ear before Sherri heard her leave the room and join the others.

It was dark but Sherri had no idea of the time. She laid there with cum dripping from her pussy and the taste of Kenny still in her mouth. She drifted off and how long passed before she woke, she had no idea. As she moved she heard Teresa say to the others, “She is awake boys; start to think about how you are going to please your cocks today.”

The other man, yet with no name, came into the room and untied the restraint, telling Sherri to find her way to the bathroom. Then once inside, she could remove the blindfold but to call Teresa to put it back on before coming out. Sherri got to her feet and slowly felt her way on shaky legs to the bathroom and inside. Closing the door she quickly removed the blindfold and peed before getting into the shower and scrubbing her body as hard as she could. Her mind wandered to what was in store for her today and how she would get through it. Kenny’s voice broke her thoughts, yelling in to hurry up. Sherri stepped out of the shower and dried off, brushed out her hair and calling for Teresa.

Teresa came into the room, placed the blindfold back on Sherri’s eyes, and then pushed her against the wall, sliding two fingers into Sherri’s slit.

“I want a bit of sugar before the guys get their hands on you.”

Teresa’s fingers worked her slit as her lips pressed against Sherri’s with her tongue searching out and finding Sherri’s. As much as she fought it, Sherri felt her nipples harden as her pussy instantly coated Teresa’s fingers.

“See you love it; you love me taking that tight cunt of yours don’t you?” Teresa whispered in her ear. Then she brought her fingers up to their mouths, sliding one between her lips and the other between Sherri’s as both women hungrily sucked the fingers clean.

Teresa led Sherri out to the kitchen and sat her at the table telling her to eat. She quickly found the plate and fork in front of her and ate the breakfast that was prepared. After eating, Sherri lifted her head and told her captors, "My animals they need to be fed.”

There was a silence for a minute before the second man said, “Ok I will go out and feed them. You two have fun but don’t hurt her while I’m gone.”

Teresa quickly said, “How about we tie her in a chair and Kenny can fuck me while she watches, she got all the cock last night and I need some.”

A blunt sure was his response as Sherri heard the door close behind him.

“I’ll finish eating while you get naked and then I’ll bring the bitch in to watch the show,” Kenny grunted between mouthfuls.

A few minutes later Kenny removed the blindfold and walked Sherri into the bedroom where Teresa waited, stretched out naked on the bed. As Kenny tied her into the chair beside the bed, Sherri looked at Teresa closely for the first time. She was slim with large breasts and while her nipples were small they were very hard and at attention. Kenny moved between Teresa’s legs and lowered his mouth onto her waiting pussy. As he started to lick her Sherri looked in the other direction but soon found that she was bringing her eyes back to watch his tongue work on Teresa’s clit and pussy. Sheri’s pussy again started to betray her as its juices flowed and her own nipples hardened as she watched.

Teresa was telling Kenny to lick her harder and then begged him for his cock, telling him how she had watched he and Jack fuck Sherri earlier and now wanted his cock inside her.

Jack, Sherri thought, finally a name, not that it mattered and not what she expected for his name but then again why did it matter. She shook her head, thinking, what stupid thoughts I’m having. I hate these people and just want them out of here. That’s when Sherri realized her hand had made its way to her pussy and she had two fingers buried deep inside herself while she watched Kenny’s cock enter Teresa. She worked her clit and pussy’s inner walls, watching Teresa take his cock and beg for more.

Then their eyes met and Sherri hated the smile that came over Teresa’s face; she knew exactly what she was thinking. Teresa knew she was right in the bathroom this morning telling her she knew Sherri loved them fucking her, that once the cocks or cunt where there fucking her or being sucked by her she did love it. Once again the guilt hit Sherri but she couldn’t stop rubbing her clit and watching Teresa get fucked. She stared back at Teresa and then lifted her fingers to her mouth and sucked them slowly.

Looking straight into Teresa’s eyes Sherri then said, “You will never taste this good or will these two cocks ever come close to my man, you are all just foreplay compared to him.”

Sherri sees a look come across Teresa’s face as her eyes narrow and she said, “We’ll see slut, just wait and see."

Shortly later Kenny pulls from her and moves up to have Teresa take his cock into her throat, just in time for him to empty his balls into her waiting mouth. She sucked every drop from him and then the two stood up and pushed Sherri to the middle of the bed and put the blindfold back in place. They leave the room as Sherri hears the front door open and Jack’s footsteps into the room. He sits down on the bed and says, “Your animals are fed."

Sherri is surprised to hear herself answer with a, "Thank you."

He then says, “I looked at your calendar and know your man is home tomorrow morning, we will leave here tonight when we are finished with you. If you don’t do anything stupid you will be left unharmed.”

Again Sherri answered, “I’ll do as you say, just don’t hurt me please.”

With a bit of a smirk to his voice he answered, “I told you. You would give in and enjoy it, that the slut in you would come out no matter how hard you tried, don’t beat yourself up over it, any real woman would react the same.”

Sherri didn’t answer this time, she just lay there thinking, sure you think that and maybe you’re right, but it’s not your thoughts I care or worry about. She had taken a look at the clock just before the blindfold was put back on and was surprised to see that she had slept so long and that it was now two in the afternoon. She thought shit, they are leaving tonight but that could mean ten or twelve hours more of who knows what lay ahead of her. She had to get through it and not be hurt; she now truly believed they would hurt her if given the excuse.

Jack left the room and joined the others; Sherri could hear him joke with Teresa about her finally getting some cock. She heard Teresa say, “Yea I got some but would love getting both your dicks before the days out.”

Jack laughed and answered, “Not today, I’m using mine on that fine piece of ass in the other room all day.”

Sherri caught herself grinning thinking, that’s right bitch, you will never be the fuck I am.

After a short while the sounds of movement in the bedroom caught Sherri’s attention, she then felt the bed start to move from people climbing onto it. She was pulled to her knees and then felt all three bodies around her, and the feel of two cocks against her sides and large tits pressed against her. The men's hands grabbed her ass while the finer fingers of Teresa slid into her slit. As Teresa fingered her, Sherri felt another finger press against her puckered ass hole and then slowly enter her. Another thicker set of fingers replaced Teresa’s in her pussy as her’s settled their concentration on Sherri’s clit.

For the first time the three people that had broken into her home and raped her again and again were being gentle and her juices were again betraying her as her cunt started to drip and her nipples hardened to stand out like tiny torpedoes. A hand took hers and lead it to one of the cocks and then to the other with her other hand. Sherri took a deep breath as the feeling of three people’s hands worked her holes and the cocks in her hands swelled with excitement. She stroked the men’s dicks, feeling her pussy and tight butt hole respond to the fingers in them. Teresa’s mouth covered hers and their tongues quickly found each other. Sherri felt her body start to stiffen, her breathing become heavy, and her eyes close behind the blindfold; then at the last second before losing all control she released the cocks and pulled away from the probing fingers.

To her surprise there was no slap striking her ass, but instead laughter from Jack and him saying, “See I told you she would fight cumming till the end.”

Teresa got off the bed, stating she was going for a drink and for the guys to have their fun with the slut.

Kenny then pulled her down and said, “You know Jack, I just can’t get enough of this bitch sucking my cock.”

The two of them laughed and Jack replied, “I could use some of that mouth myself, I remember she did us both quite well yesterday, let’s see how well she does at getting us both in her mouth at once.”

With that she was pulled to a sitting position and her back was pushed against the headboard. The two men knelt in front of her and moved their hard blood gorged cocks towards her mouth. Sherri felt the first enter her mouth just passed its head, Kenny she thought to herself, by now she was very aware of the two. Kenny’s being the larger and slightly thicker of the two. She next felt Jack's cock forcing its way into her mouth beside Kenny’s. She moved her head slightly to the side for a better angle so that the two men could enter her full lips and now hungry mouth. Reaching up Sherri held both ball sacks and gently fondled them as the cocks slowly were fed deeper into her mouth. As always, Kenny was the louder of the two telling her how great it felt and what a slut she was. As she continued working their balls and sucking their mouth filling cocks, she found herself wanting their cum, wanting them both to explode into her over stuffed mouth and feel their thick juices gulped down her throat.

They both started pushing harder trying to get more of their cocks into her already full mouth. They could feel Sherri’s tongue massaging the undersides of their weapons as her cheeks and mouth sucked as hard as she could to milk their hot prize. She felt Kenny’s balls start to tighten and knew he wouldn’t be long, she wanted both, damn him he was going to ruin it. Sherri let go off Kenny’s balls and slid her fingers between Jack's ass cheeks then slid one into him. She found the magic spot just in time to bring him to the brink and over at the same time Kenny started to grunt loudly and both cocks poured their seed into her mouth.

Quickly Sherri grabbed the shaft of each man and swallowed as fast as she could. Pulse after pulse of hot salty cum from each cock shot into her gulping mouth and down her hungry throat. Sherri could hear the heavy breathing of both men as the three of them remained motionless for a brief time. Sheri still caressed each cock gently with her tongue as they were withdrawn from her lips. She let her head fall as her back stayed pressed against the headboard. The taste of both men was strong on her tongue. Sheri took a deep breath before slowly letting it out and then sliding down between the two men as all three lay quiet and motionless for a few minutes.

The silence was broken by Teresa skipping into the room singing with glee, “Oh look what I found, look, a bag full of toys; this bitch has quite the selection.”

Panic raced through Sherri’s mind, she knew what was in the bag and wanted no part of these men using them on her or Teresa. She quickly realized though that what she wanted had nothing to do with what would happen.

The guys got off the bed and started out of the room with Jack saying, “We are going for a drink, why don’t you see what all is in the bag and have some fun with her and I’ll bring you back a drink.”

The delight could be heard in Teresa’s voice as she agreed and placed the bag on the bed before emptying it. Leaning to Sherri’s ear she whispered, “Do you know how bad I want to make you cum?”

Sherri took a breath and weakly replied, “You won’t do it.”

The response surprised her as Teresa replied, “I know that is what you are keeping for your man isn’t it, I’m going to use you to please myself but if I feel you getting close I will back off even though I want you to cum so bad.”

Sherri felt her mouth open and the words come out, “Thank you for that, help me keep that part of me and I will please you all I can.”

Teresa kissed her gently, and then whispered, “Ok we have a deal, but now I need to get back to being a bitch before they come back and I will so enjoy using you.”

Teresa reached down and picked up a set of nipple clamps as she shouted, “Hey you two how long does it take to get a drink?”

The guys laughed and came back into the room each leaning on the wall were they would have a good view of what was to come. Teresa took a drink and then poured some on each of Sherri’s nipples before taking them one at a time into her mouth and sucking them until they hardened and grew proud out from her beautiful breasts. She then reached up the clamps and put the first one on Sherri’s right swollen nipple smiling as the pain shoot through her with a direct path to her pussy. A small whimper escaped Sherri’s mouth, then the second was snapped on less gently than the first causing her to jump and scream from the pain.

As she settled back on the bed she heard Teresa say,” See I told you that you would be sorry for that smart mouth of yours.”

She then picked up a second pair of clamps and placed them into Sherri’s hand telling her to place them on her, but that she better be gentle doing it. Sherri took the clamps and then let her hand search out Teresa’s nipples. Running her hand over the large breasts, squeezing then gently before finding the first nipple and rubbed it between her finger and thumb, getting it as excited as she could. She placed the clamp in place and felt Teresa stiffen and grab her arm tightly, and then finding the second nipple she repeated the gentle clamping. Sherri felt Teresa’s nipple lowered to her mouth and she quickly sucked it taking it into her mouth and licking around the clamp then squeezing her tits together and gently biting and licking them as Teresa moaned her delight and pulled Sherri’s head into her mounds. Sherri then grabbed Teresa’s shoulders and spun her to her back on the bed, kissing her tits as she squeezed, then determined to keep her end of their bargain. Teresa slid her hands into Sherri’s hair, pulling her tight into her and then gently pushing her down towards her stomach. Her tongue and lips worked their way across the tight abs and further down to just slide to the side of Teresa’s wanting slit.

Sherri kissed her thighs and pushed her legs apart before reaching under Teresa and pulling her down and buried her mouth onto Teresa’s wanting cunt. She was licking her swollen lips and then pushing her tongue deep into her. Sherri ran her tongue through the soaking wet slit again and again before sucking the excited bud into her mouth and ramming two fingers deep into Teresa. Teresa started to buck her hips up against the hungry mouth devouring her clit and begging her to make her cum.

Sherri started moving her fingers against her G spot while sucking and licking her clit with all her worth. Quickly she pulled one finger from Teresa and slide it into her rim while continuing the work her pussy with the other finger. Teresa lost it completely at this and her body went wild as she arched her back screaming uncontrollably she squired into Sherri’s face, filling her mouth and splashing against her face and chest.

The whole scene was too much for the men as they hurried onto the bed pushing Teresa to the side. Kenny lay on his back and told Sherri to mount his cock. She quickly found her way and straddled him, lowering her pussy lips over his waiting raging hard on, then dropping down letting his full length plunge into her. She rode him hard, grabbing her tits and pulling the chain of the clamps which were still gripping her nipples.

Then she felt Jack behind her push her onto Kenny’s chest and then his cock pushing against her butt hole. She pushed down hard onto Kenny’s cock as Jack forced his way into the depths of her ass. The two of then fucked her holes for all they were worth, ramming their meat into her. She felt the pain in her ass from Jack’s quick entry and the fullness of her cunt with Kenny’s cock but nothing mattered but to ride the two cocks as hard as they wanted to give it to her. They continued the fast pace until within seconds of each other they emptied their loads deep inside Sherri’s body, then moving up and having her clean each cock with her panting mouth before collapsing on the bed on each side of her. Teresa crawled over to Kenny and held Sherri close to her. Ten minutes passed before Jack stood up and told the others it was time to leave. Sherri felt them stretch her arms and legs while she lay on her stomach and then restraints were placed so that she lay there spread wide with cum dripping from her pussy and ass.

Jack then told the others he would catch up with them in a few minutes and Sherri heard them leave through the door. Jack sat down on the bed beside her and said, “ You will be ok till morning when your man gets home.”

Sherri panicked. “No please Jack, don’t leave me like this, you have taken so much from me this weekend, made me the slut you wanted for the three of you. Don’t leave me here for Rob to find me tied and dripping cum from every opening I have.” Tears started flowing from her eyes, “Please don’t do that, I may lose him as it is, he is all I care about I can’t be left like this.”

Sherri then felt the restrains removed and she was pulled to a sitting position as Jack sat beside her. “So you just want to be in this Rob’s arms do you?”

“More than anything in this world,” Sherri quickly sobbed.

Then she heard a familiar voice say, “Then come here baby.” And the blindfold was removed as she looked into Rob’s eyes and was taken into his arms.

She shook with shock and then anger, throwing her arms at him. “How could you do this, how could you let those people do what they did?”

Rob wrapped his arms around her tight, stopping the punches coming at him, and then said, "Baby you have talked about the fantasy of being forced by strangers for months. I had to make it all seen real or not bother at all.”

Sherri still had tears flowing from her eyes as she started kissing him uncontrollably. “But those people, who were they?”

Rob went on to explain. “Remember the couple I told you about that I had swapped with one weekend when I was married? It's them. And Teresa was forced by us to be so mean, she really is a very nice, horny person. And it took me a lot of practice to get that phony voice.”

Sherri shook her head. “I love you Rob and I don’t have that fantasy at all anymore. I never want anything like that to happen to me again.”

“Good because that is the last time I share you." Rob then picked her up and carried her to an already poured hot bath.

The End

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