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Reluctance Stories


Horny Policewomen Misbehave

A tribe of randy policewomen cut loose at a celebratory party.

Sergeant Beth Dow and Detective Sergeant Freya Shaw emerged from the showers at the Police Sporting Complex. They were delighted to have finally managed their usual game of squash, having had to postpone several times because of the intensity of the team’...

The Old Apartment

Marcus says goodbye to his old life.

Thursday, 7:28 pm I looked around my tiny apartment and suddenly found it very hard to swallow. I hadn’t spent a lot of time in this place since I’d signed the paperwork at YPV and bought Marduke, but despite that, it felt like I was severing the last rem...

Leila's Awakening And Transformation

Leila, a newly divorced Arabic woman, explores her desires and new life.

Chapter 1: Awakening Desires Leila had always been a good wife. Married young in a traditional Arab-Muslim society, she adhered to expectations, concealing her desires beneath a veil of propriety. Yet, deep within her, indecent thoughts began to take shap...

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An Hour In The Shower With MC1982!

The true tale of my most intimate experience with a woman!

Welcome back to my sexual autobiography, answering questions posed on the Lush forums truthfully! This poster, on "Ask the gals", asks, "What was the most erotic or aroused you've been with another woman?" When browsing the forums, I see quite a few women...

Degrading Corey

A dark romance unfolds as a young female masochist seeks degradation, finding solace in the arms of an older sadist who will meet her every need.

Life can be cruel. It has been to me. "Fuck," I grumbled to myself as I nosed my aging car into the driveway of the garage apartment. Corey, who I privately dubbed the Evil Half, was home. She earned this title because, to me, she embodied pure evil. Half...

Tech Problems

Verdana and her pet help the new tech guy improve his skills and become a team player.

“Marc, get over here quick. TB has screwed up again. I need you.” I spoke firmly into the phone, hiding my inner smile. TB is Tech Boy - one of my new subs. He's good with software and helps me but sometimes he screws up. He's a good boy. Marc is a client...

Aleza Gets What’s Coming To Her

Aleza has been strutting around like a slut in front of her sister’s husband and he finally can’t take it anymore

Nikola (Nick) Vukovic had finally had enough. True, he had been drinking, but she was the one that drove him to the bottle. That fucking slut, Aleza. She was visiting Nick and his wife, Kata, from her home in the Balkans, along with Nick’s father-in-law....

The Sperm Clinic Interviews a New Nurse Candidate

A mid-life career change turns into a very lucrative -- and very pleasurable -- job opportunity

Monday, Jane answered the ad. Tuesday, she got an email that she had been selected for an interview. The Lilly Cummins Institute for Reproductive Health would like to meet with you to discuss the opening it has for an assistant fertility coordinator. It s...

I'm Opening The Door.

I was led to this door, should i see what's in the room?

I got home at noon, after Gloria promised me a surprise when I got home. I parked and slowly walked in the front door. No one. I quietly went up the stairs and paused at the top, listening. It was eerily silent. I walked to our bedroom door, put my hand o...