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The Aftermath of War

Life in post war Berlin

I was among the first of our soldiers to march into Berlin, I didn't expect to be welcomed with open arms, but what we were greeted with was worse, far worse.

It was total apathy; these people had endured everything over twelve years of tyranny, twelve years of being careful of what they said or who they said it to!

Occasionally, we saw bodies still hanging from lampposts where the last few fanatical S.S. men had hanged them or dogs gnawing at the rotting corpses lying in the streets. The dogs were no longer scared of us, if we tried to shoo them away, they bared their fangs and snarled at us so we usually let them feed.

It was hard to imagine how the citizens of Berlin had been living during the last few months of the war. Many lived in cellars, even in the ruins. I knew life at home in England had been hard for the folks back there, (2oz of butter a week just as an example) but I never thought I'd see rats being sold for meat! There were no birds cats either, they'd all gone for meat!

It took our regiment about three days to build camp on the outskirts of Berlin and then we had to get the Germans out to clear the streets.

Great Britain couldn't pay them, our country was everything but bankrupt, so they were paid in their own almost worthless currency. We used our trucks to help clear the rubble but everything else was done by hand. I saw old men, women, and children with hands dripping blood, picking up rubble and carrying it to the trucks. Bricks had to be sorted and stored to be re-used when rebuilding commenced. Wood which hadn’t already been burnt had to be stored and guarded.

Nobody smiled; there was no chit chat, no friendliness, just a sea of blank faces.
Fraternization was strictly forbidden. It was a thoroughly miserable time, but as the weeks became months things gradually improved. The Germans, at first understandably unwilling and unfriendly, slowly came to realise that we were there to help; fraternization laws were relaxed and several soldiers took German girlfriends.

Six months after the surrender the population was still clearing the rubble but at least they were getting paid in real money, it wasn't much, but then we as conquerors weren't getting a lot either.

I met Eva at the first dance the regiment organized. She was standing with another girl just looking around, probably wondering when all these foreign troops were going to pounce; the population of Berlin was still terrified that the Russians would spread their evil and march into the territories belonging to the other three powers.

As the sergeant in charge of the dance, I felt I would try to put the girls at ease, so through my interpreter, I asked if they would allow the British army to buy them their first drink.

The smallest of the two smiled and introduced herself as Eva and her friend as Anna. We shook hands and I ordered their drinks,

"Your men seem very shy," Eva said with a smile, "They not like to dance?"

"To be honest ma'am, I don't know; they've had very little chance to do any dancing."

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, realising what I meant.

"No," I smiled, "Please don't apologise. We all have to realise we've been through a war, but it's over now and we must concentrate on building the peace."

Two squaddies walked up to us and asked the girls if they would dance, the translator did his bit and the foursome took to the floor. The ice had been broken!

It wasn't until the mid-dance break that I saw her again. I smiled at her and asked if she was enjoying herself.

"Thank you, yes, yes I am."

I bought us another drink and we sat at the bar smoking and chatting comfortably. At nineteen she was three years younger than me and could hardly remember Germany before the madmen took charge!

"I had two brothers," she said sadly, "My older brother Helmut was in the Luftwaffe, he is a prisoner of war in England."

"Well, you'll see him again soon," I said and she smiled. "But my younger brother Manfred, I fear will get into trouble, he's only fifteen and he is dealing with the Americans, black market you understand?"

"If he's caught, he'll certainly get into trouble," I agreed, "Bring him to me and I'll see if I can help."

"What could you do?"

"I'm not sure Eva, the Americans are our allies, our friends too. I have a few friends amongst them, I'll try to find out about him."

"Will you expect me to sleep with you?"

"What?" I was astounded, "No, of course not!"

"You are the victors, the spoils of war, you know?"

"Eva, not all of us are like the Russians. The Yanks, the French, us the English, we like to think we're decent men. Some of us have wives and families. No, Eva, I do not expect you to sleep with me."

"Thank you. I think you're a nice man."

"I like to think so Eva, thank you."

"There is just one thing sergeant."


"I don't know your name."

"Sorry!" I laughed, "That lot," I indicated the soldiers, "Call me sergeant Burton, but to you, I'm Jack."

"Thank you, Jack," she smiled, "Do you have a wife?"

"No," I laughed, "I had a girl once, but she got tired of waiting."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be, I'm not!"

The band started up then and her friend dragged her away. I saw her only once more before the dance ended; she was leaving arm in arm with her friend Anna and waved to me.

The following morning, I was eating breakfast in the sergeant's mess when I was ordered to go before the C.O.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" I stood at attention before him in his office

"Ah yes, Jack, sit down, man."

Jack? I didn't even know that he was aware of me! But I took a seat.

"Er Jack, I hear you've made a friend."

"A friend, sir?"

"Yes, a young German girl?"

"Yes sir, Eva, a very pleasant young lady."

"Yes, quite. I gather she speaks rather good English?"

"She does, sir."

"Can you bring her in to me for a chat?"

"Is there a problem, sir?"

"Only in as much as we need more interpreters. Does she have a job?"

"Only rubble clearing, sir?"

"Oh God," he sighed, "What a bloody awful job, however, it does need to be done."

"Yes, sir," I agreed.

"Oh, by the way, Jack," he said, almost as an afterthought, "The regiment’s promotions and recommendations board have finally caught up with us, I gather you have a few medals coming your way."

"Thank you, sir."

"Oh, and you've missed a few promotions; you've been a captain for the last six months. Congratulations, Jack!"

"A Captain?"

"Yes! Congratulations Jack!"

"Fuck me, er, sorry sir I meant ... well, I don't know what I meant!"

The colonel laughed heartily and shook my hand
“This is the British army, Jack; any promotions are well deserved, you know that.”

"Yes sir, thank you."

“I have your service record in front of me Jack, it makes interesting reading. Joined up in '39 as a volunteer, May 1940 evacuated wounded from Dunkirk, two months in the hospital for two bullets in your right arm, discharged and made corporal, went then to North Africa as part of the 70th Infantry brigade where you and two mates captured a German patrol who were lost. From there you were sent to Sicily, then Greece, wounded again there, more hospital time and then D. day as a sergeant.”

He closed the folder and sat back thoughtfully.
"On your next leave home Jack, I've been ordered to tell you, you will be presented with a few medals, at the palace no less, a military cross, a military medal, etc, etc, etc."

I sat back feeling very embarrassed but he went on.

"I nearly forgot, the French want to give you a couple as well."


"Yes ‘wow’, you'll cut quite a dash wearing all the ribbons, Jack!"

"Yes. sir."

"Right, down to the job in hand, I've been given the task of organizing the rebuilding of this section here," He pointed to a map on the wall. “We're going to renovate these three blocks of flats and I'm putting you and the delectable Eva in charge of labor, German labor Jack, so off you go and find her. Oh stop off at the camp tailor and pick up your new uniform first, pips and all Jack!" he laughed.

"Sir!" I saluted and walked out.

Half an hour later I walked out of the tailors feeling very self-conscious in my new uniform, three pips on each shoulder and a peaked cap.

"All right sarge?" Private Jones said cheerily and then stopped in amazement. "Cor fucking hell, er sorry Captain, they've made you a toff!"

"Piss off, Charlie, I'm still me. What are you doing?"

"Fuck all, I mean, nothing, sir."

"Take this to the motor pool and get me a Jeep." I handed him a requisition slip and less than five minutes later I was sat next to him as he drove rather badly into the city in search of Eva.

We found her sorting bricks and she needed no persuading to join us as my interpreter.

"There's just one snag Eva; you have to join the staff, uniform and all."

She thought that was hilarious and laughed all the way back to camp.

The next few days were among the happiest I could remember. A team of our own engineers converted an old railway carriage for me as living quarters, so that I could be on site, I used my new rank to have another one brought up and sited next to mine for Eva and her brother. Together we begged, stole and borrowed enough furniture to furnish them both.

She was thrilled, it was to be her first real home in three years and to celebrate she invited me to dinner that very night.

I scrounged a bottle of genuine Russian vodka and presented myself next door in my best uniform at eight pm on the dot.

"You are very, how you say? Very, on time, Jack."

"Punctual" I hinted and she laughed.

"Yes, punctual!"

She ushered me into what was almost a carbon copy of my own place, except that hers looked like a home whereas mine was just a place to sleep.

She handed me a glass of schnapps and raised hers in a toast.

"To peace, Jack!" she smiled, tossed the drink back before throwing the glass against the wall.

"Eva," I laughed, "I might be wrong but I think that's vodka you're thinking of, you know, smashing the glasses."

"No matter," she laughed, "We have peace!"

"We do indeed Eva, we have peace." And at that moment it seemed the most natural thing in the world to reach over and kiss her.

Her reaction was more than I had expected, she snaked both arms around my neck, her mouth open and I felt her tongue snaking between my teeth, I pulled her to me, hearing her gasp of surprise. Her body was soft and yielding as she surrendered herself to me completely. I felt the softness of her full breasts pressing into me and she scrabbled at the buttons of my battledress blouse as we fell onto the couch.

She moaned into my mouth as I caressed her firm yet supple buttocks through the thin material of her dress,

"Bed, Jack," she urged, "Take me to bed."

Once in the narrow bedroom, we undressed quickly and fell into each other's arms.

"You smell like a dream," I whispered as I kissed her neck and cupped a breast. She moaned softly and pushed her groin up against mine. I felt her hand find and grip me.

"You're very hard, Jack," she breathed into my mouth as she positioned my cock. Then she let out a deep sigh as I entered her warmth.

"Oh, Mein Gott!"

"Do it to me, Jack" she whispered in my ear and wrapped her legs around my back. "Fuck me!"

I began moving, feeling my cock going deeper into her receptive and very eager body as she heaved herself back at me.

"God, you're beautiful," I whispered, and she nibbled my neck.

"Fuck me, Jack," she urged, "Fuck me hard, you won't break me!"

I slid both hands under her and cupped her buttocks, gripping them as I increased the pace, her breaths became little sobs of pleasure as we clung to each other, rutting and heaving, swapping saliva in open-mouthed, wet kisses,

"Das ist gut," she uttered as I ran a finger between her legs and over the rosebud of her anus, "Ser, ser gut!"

"You like that?" I asked needlessly and she nodded enthusiastically, "Yes, am I bad?"

"You could never be bad," I smiled, "Can I put my finger in?"

"Ja bite."

"Please?" I laughed, "You're saying please?"

"You're making fun of me," she pouted and I laughed again.

"No Eva, I'm not making fun of you, I'm fucking you."

"Ja, you fuck me good, Jack."

I pushed my finger in and watched as her eyes closed in ecstasy.

"Do it there, Jack," she suggested as she writhed under me, "I will not get pregnant then."

"Are you sure you want it there?"

"Ja," she nodded her head, "Ja, Jack I'm sure. Anna and I, we play sometimes with zucchini, you understand?"

"I'm beginning to," I laughed and withdrew reluctantly from the warm wetness of her vagina, but for only long enough to touch the dome of my cock to her tiny rear entrance.
A big smile came over her face as I pushed and the tiny hole expanded until with an audible plop the head went in. She gasped and dug her fingernails into the naked skin of my hips,

" Ja, oh ja, now we fuck yes?"

"Yes, Eva," I agreed, "Now we fuck."

She locked her ankles around my back and I felt her anal muscles pulling at me, squeezing me. Her lips were close to my ear and I heard her soft mutterings in German.

"What are you saying, Eva?"

"I say very rude things, Jack."

"Tell me."

"I say I love your big cock in my asshole."

"What else?"

"I said I will come on it very soon."

"Yes," I agreed as I sawed in and out of her lovely tight anus. "Me too."

"I feel it, Jack," she gasped, "Jack, I come, I come!"

Her writhing took me over the edge too. I felt the tightness in my groin and I lunged forward into her, making her squeal with pure passion as I emptied myself into her willing body.

I slept then briefly and awoke to the deliciously aromatic smell of fresh coffee, real coffee. My eyes followed my nose and I saw her lovely backside peeping out from under my vest. I growled and she giggled.

"I borrowed your vest, Jack."

"It looks a lot better on you, my darling."

"It smells of you Jack, I like to wear it."

"Come back to bed,"

"You want coffee?"

"No," I leered, "Pussy is what I want!"

She squealed as I grabbed her arm and pulled her over towards me. She fell on the bed laughing but her laughter soon changed into small gasps of pleasure as I lowered my head towards her groin and tasted her fragrant slit for the first time.

"How can I work with you Jack?" she giggled, "You make me want sex all the time."

I looked into her pussy and saw just how wet she was."Jack," she whispered as I kissed the delicate pink skin of her labia. Then as my tongue burrowed into her wetness, she shuddered and grabbed my hair.

"Ooh yes, Jack!" she gasped as she worked her hips against my face. "I give you a medal for pussy eating!"

"It's a beautiful pussy," I said in between taking long slow licks of her silky smooth vagina. she was wet, very wet, I could actually swallow her juices as I lapped at them.

She squealed again when I took her clitoris between my lips and sucked it into my mouth. I flicked my tongue over it rapidly; her squeals quietened to become little sobs of pleasure. Her breathing became shallow, her hands gripped my hair harder and her body stiffened.

"I come, Jack, Jack, I come again OOOOOOOH MEIN GOTTTTTT, I COMMMMMMMME!"

"Now did I hear you mention coffee?"

We were lying together in her narrow bed sharing a cigarette, she was stroking my flaccid cock and I was idly tweaking her perky little nipples.

She got out of bed wiggling her naked bottom and poured out two cups.

"I sit here and drink it, you'll make me spill it!"

She sat in a chair opposite the bed with her knees drawn up under her chin and her lovely pussy peeking out at me,

"For God's sake, Eva, you live and breathe sex don't you?"

"You said I have a nice pussy," she pouted, "I thought you like my pussy!"

"I love your pussy Eva" I laughed, "It's the most beautiful pussy I've ever tasted."

"Anna has a nice pussy too. She shaves her hair off."

"Come over here and tell me about you and Anna."

I threw the cover off and she laughed when she saw my cock sitting upright, ready for action!

"I think your cock like my pussy too."

She came over and straddled me, sighing as she settled down on it.

"You very bad man Jack," she smiled, "You make Eva mad for sex."

"Sex-mad," I corrected and she nodded happily

"Yes, you make me sex mad."

She began rolling her hips like a belly dancer feeling my cock inside her. "Now I tell you about Anna and me. We worked together in an ammunition factory, we make bullets, she funny girl, make everyone laugh a lot,” Eva paused. “Your cock is being naughty Jack."

"It's your pussy that's squeezing it!" I protested.

"Anyway, two years ago her house was bombed, her parents killed, so I had her come and stay with me, we have only one bed so we share, Anna very sad because of her family, so we cuddle, but it was warm then and we wore no clothes in bed, we were, how you say?"

"Naked" I suggested helpfully and she smiled.

"Yes like now, naked! Soon we begin to kiss and we both like it, so we kiss each other all over."

My cock jerked inside her and she giggled as she squirmed on top of me.

"Bad, bad man Jack, you fuck me."

"OK, I'll stop it,"

"No, I like it.You like to ask Anna over here?" she asked me.

I leaned forward and took a nipple between my lips, sucking it gently.

"Do you want her to come?"

"I like to eat her pussy, but not all the time, I like cock too much, especially your cock Jack, but just think if the fun we could have with her."

"You say she shaves her pubic hair?"

She leaned forward and nibbled my bottom lip.

"She likes me to shave it for her, Jack."

"Oh my God!" I gasped and my cock jerked again as she went on, "I lick her after I shave her. Would you like to see her shave me, Jack?"

"I'd love to watch."

"Well, you shall!" she laughed and then she seemed to forget all her worries about possible pregnancy!


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