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Saturday Moaning At The Office

This isn't what office sex is like in the stories...
It felt weird to be creeping around my office on Saturday morning. The empty building was a bit spooky – like being in one those post apocalypse zombie films that my boyfriend loves so much. I was glad that I had brought him inside to protect me – at least I had been until he decided to sneak up on me after poking around one of the displays.

“Don’t do that!” I scolded, slapping him hard on the chest. He’d taken me out straight from work on a special date and we’d stayed over in a hotel for some ‘alone time’ since we both lived in shared accommodation. The special date had been fun but the night in the hotel had been even better. However, since we’d barely slept I was really looking forward to getting home but it seemed sensible to come and pick-up my work clothes on the way.

“So, this is your office, huh?” It was oddly taboo for Rob to be in there with me. I grabbed my bag and made to leave. Rob wasn’t in such a hurry and made himself comfortable in my chair. There was a flash of something familiar in his eyes as he smiled up at me.

“Oh no…” I groaned, trying to deflect the inevitable.

“Have you ever had sex in this room?”

“What? No! Of course not!” I thought it best not to admit to what I did on Wednesday afternoons when I had the office to myself. That kind of thing should remain private.

“Well gorgeous, can I break your duck?” Rob had been unbuttoning his shirt and was about to open the front of his jeans. My heart was racing. I knew that we absolutely shouldn’t do this. For a start, I was tired and little bit sore but…

Why not? I thought, tugging my knickers off.

It felt reckless and wrong with Monday’s work laid out neatly on my desk - but all the more fabulous for that. I thought I might overheat as Rob gripped my bare buttocks as I mounted him and sat on his lap.

I screeched in protest as Rob forced his hand down between our bodies and cupped my bare pussy. We both knew what was coming next. He looked me directly in the eyes as he stroked my exposed labia with his index and middle fingers. My hips tilted forward involuntarily at the sensation, searching for more than my boyfriend’s fingers.

“My, my you are an eager little thing,” Rob murmured, as his fingers slipped inside me. He was gentle and considerate; more than aware of the abuse my poor pussy had taken over the previous ten hours… and because he was gentle, it felt good. My pussy had chance to lubricate and after some gentle stimulation, I was about as ready as I was ever going to be.

It still felt like a bayonet piercing my flesh as I sank down as far as I could into my work chair with my boyfriend’s prong probing towards my cervix. All three of us groaned as I pushed down then I made Rob laugh throatily as I pressed my feet against desk and launched us across the office. I did this all the time at work but my chair had never done it with two occupants before and it creaked ominously. “You bloody nutter!” Rob exclaimed as we hit some plating in the floor and nearly tipped sideways. “You’ll fracture my cock if we fall.”

“Sorry,” I said, trying to keep my face straight as I tucked my feet in against Rob’s thighs. “Maybe you should steer?” I suggested, appealing to his male pride. I have to admit that Rob was good… but the chair was an absolute star. As I concentrated on the sex, bouncing gingerly on Rob’s cock, he span us round the office. It was so much fun to fuck on the move and in the end I was shrieking with laughter as Rob spun us faster and faster. I had to cling to him as we ‘whooshed’ from one side of the office to the other. “Come-on,” I said. “We’re supposed to be having sex.” He was breathless and sweaty before we’d even started properly and my chair was whining with every movement as we started pushing against each other.

I flexed my pussy as I drove down on Rob’s cock. “Mmmm, that feels wonderful,” he muttered thickly. I needed to be in control since the walls of my pussy were complaining. Yes, there was discomfort but it was increasingly overshadowed by the forbidden pleasure building up inside me as the sweat broke out on my body.

The chair started making some awful noises as my rhythm became more rapid and sounded like it might be the first to succumb as my movements became more strenuous. A burning sensation began to pulse, starting at the base of my spine - the first stage of a harsh orgasm. It was going to be unforgiving and jagged but rewarding non the less.

“Ahhh fuck, that’s good,” Rob grated out between teeth clenched in a rigid jaw. I wasn’t the only one for whom this was probably one shag too many. My body began to vibrate as I clawed my way towards the release of my orgasm. My movements became rapid, jerky and uncontrolled.

My hypersensitive flesh detonated. The orgasm hurt, ripping and tearing at over-used muscles and fractured nerves. “Jesus fucking Christ,” Rob muttered incoherently as he had another dry orgasm, having long drained his supplies of spunk. I leant back, desperately trying to cleanse myself with deep gasping breaths.

“Come here, you little witch,” he whispered gruffly as he pulled my face close enough for him to kiss. A soft whimper of loss escaped my mouth as Rob’s cock slipped out of my body again.

“It’s not a spell,” I protested, weakly.

“But it is magic.” I registered the gleam in Rob’s eye. It was his way of saying, “I love you.”

“Come-on, we’d better get going.”

Rob ran his fingers through his hair, fastened his buttons and was ready to go. “I’ll just nip to the Gents,” he said. It was going to take me significantly longer to make myself respectable, especially given the fact that both of my legs were numb from the awkward position they’d been in. I simply stood still as the blood trickled back through my muscles and sensation returned.

The soles of my feet were still sizzling with pins and needles when the door clicked behind me. “That was quick.” I turned round. It wasn’t Rob standing in the doorway: it was my boss. I instinctively clutched at my open blouse and felt my boobs squeeze-up like toothpaste from a tube.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be in today.” To his credit, my boss’ eyes didn’t drop from my face for a moment. However, there was a certain rosiness rising from beneath his collar. An awkward silence fell.

Silence doesn’t last long when Paula is around. She passed the doorway before quickly back-tracking and bursting in. I felt guilty sweat rising on my skin even before she noticed the knickers sitting on my desk. Glancing between my boss and me, you could almost feel her desperation to go and tell someone what she had found.

“No point in wishing you two a good morning by the looks of things!” As she scuttled off, I felt myself creaking back into action. I turned and fumbled the majority of my blouse’s buttons into place before grabbing my bag and hurtling off.

“Don’t forget these,” my boss called, causing me to spin to a halt. He was holding my knickers aloft. The tension broke and we both burst out laughing.

“Thanks,” I said, balling them up in my hand. I was glad to find that they were both clean and pretty but I was left looking at the floor, wondering what my boss thought I’d been doing.

“By the way, Rob seems like a nice chap. I met him outside.”

“You know Paula will be telling everyone that we…” I felt myself getting even hotter as my words tailed-off.

“Let her. Only we know what really happened in here this morning. That reminds me – we should get someone to come and check that chair of yours is still safe.” He winked at me as he turned into his office. The heat that had been hiding in my core spread outwards and upwards.

“Oh my God,” I muttered, turning away. This wasn’t how it happened in the stories.

It was even weirder creeping back into work on Monday morning. To the delight of my boss, our reputations had been tarnished by the rumour-mill: not only had we spent the weekend together but Paula had apparently caught us ‘at it’ in the office.

My chair didn’t survive unscathed either. It groans every time I sit on it… and I smile every time it groans!

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