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Confession Chapter 3

Stay at home mum, bored with life, finds a new hobby.

Chapter Three.


I was cleaning out my closet again, yes I was that bored, when I came across the camera my husband had bought me after I mentioned it would be good to be able to take photos that weren't just on our mobile phones, when we were on our last family holiday. Instead of buying a cheap point and shoot type camera though he went and got me a DSLR.


Now I'm not complaining, it was a very generous gift and I appreciate it but I had no idea how to use it properly. My brother, however, was quite a good photographer. I had spoken to him about it once before and he said he would be happy to teach me what he could, but he too was a busy worker and also lived two states away.


I spoke regularly with my brother over Skype but being that it was usually in the evening, he was generally with his wife and my husband and kids always wanted to talk too. As a result, it was difficult to spend time having a good discussion about anything.


I decided that rediscovering the camera was a sign and that it was time to learn a new skill. On a whim, I sent my brother a text message asking if I could pick his brain about the camera next time we spoke and when would he next be available to talk. I didn't expect a response until later in the day so when my phone buzzed a couple of minutes later I was surprised to see a response from him.


"As it turns out, today is your lucky day. I have had a change at work and my roster now has me doing day and night shifts so I am quite often home during the day. Today is one of those days, I can talk right now, if you want."


I couldn't help but smile at the convenience. It seems the universe wanted me to do this.


"Sweet. That was lucky timing. Give me five minutes to get the computer running, I'll talk to you soon."


I felt excited for the first time in ages. I always enjoyed talking to my brother but this was different. I was excited to be learning something and to be honest, it was nice knowing I was going to be having him to myself for a change. Not that I minded my husband or kids talking to him but it was just nice to know I wouldn't have to share or be constantly interrupted.


I made myself a cup of coffee and fired up the computer. I made sure I had everything I would need in front of me and then hit the Skype icon. The familiar sound of Skype opening up chimed as I settled into my chair and seconds later, there he was. He had a big smile on his face and he was looking more relaxed than I had seen him in ages, which just served to remind me that he had looked stressed and tired for so long that I was used to seeing him that way as his normal self.


"Hi there, sis. You're looking good today."


The compliment made me feel surprisingly nice. Wow has it really been that long since someone paid me a compliment?


"Looking good yourself, Ben. Nice to see you smiling."


"It's amazing what a day or two off to yourself will do for you."


"Oh I'm sorry, I hope I'm not interrupting anything."


"No, I was just watching some videos online."


"Okay, isn't Cindy home?"


Ben laughed then gave me a very cheeky look that I hadn't seen since he was a teenager.


"If she was I wouldn't be watching these videos."


It took me a few moments to understand what he meant and it must have been obvious when I went bright red because he laughed again. I couldn't believe he had just more or less told me he was watching porn. I was so embarrassed but I couldn't deny that I was somewhat curious as to what he was watching.


I knew my husband had watched it before and I wasn't under any illusions about my son, but it was something that I had just never really looked at but suddenly I was curious. What was it that my brother had been watching? What was even stranger was the way it made me feel when I thought about him watching it.


If someone had asked me how I would feel about it if my brother put me in this position I would probably have said angry, upset, embarrassed and disappointed but I knew that is just how society would expect me to react. The reality was surprisingly different. At first, I went bright red, I could feel it as much as see it and when he started laughing I knew he had got exactly the reaction he had been hoping for. The absurdity of thinking about my brother masturbating then gave me the giggles too. Soon we were both laughing and the embarrassment went away as quickly as it arrived.


"Well I really am sorry to have interrupted you then; should I let you get back to it?"


I laid the sarcasm on as thick as I could to try and hide some of the awkwardness but he just laughed.


"Who says I've stopped?"


I couldn't believe how shameless he was being but what was more unbelievable was how my body was reacting to it. I could feel my heart rate increase and my nipples and pussy were tingling. I knew I was blushing again and a quick glance at my own image on the screen showed the proof of that.


It was hard to tell if he was just joking to rile me up or if he was being serious and getting off on my reaction to the fact that I was now imagining my brother masturbating.


"Ah, I always enjoyed making you blush, sis."


"Yes, well, you're a menace, but I have to admit that it's good to see you in a good mood, even if it is at my expense."


I knew I had to change the subject now because when he got started he could be relentless when it came to teasing me. I had all but forgotten he had this playful side to him it had been so long since I had seen it. In some ways I missed this side to him, it reminded me of our childhood.


"I see you've finally dragged your camera out and dusted it off."


I breathed a sigh of relief as he turned the conversation back to what I wanted to talk to him about.


"Yeah, with the kids out most of the time and Geoff at work I decided it's time I did something for myself and you did offer to teach me."


"Happy to, sis."


He asked me a few questions about the camera and I relaxed again as we went through the ins and outs of it and how to use it. He sent me a number of links for online tutorials that I would check out later. Curiously though, I couldn't help but notice that the whole time we were talking his right hand never came up into view and I could see a rhythm to the slight movement of his shoulder, which I hadn't noticed before but now I was becoming distracted by it.


Surely he wasn't stroking his cock while he sat here talking to me. Nobody did that sort of thing, did they? Was he joking before or was he actually doing it? I couldn't just out and ask him but to be honest, I really wanted to know.


I realized after a few moments that neither of us had said anything for a bit and it was obvious I was staring. When I looked up into his eyes he had that cheeky grin again. It was bad enough I had been caught staring but I realized I was biting my bottom lip too. I was on the verge of disconnecting I was so uncomfortable.


The strange thing is, it was more because of how I was reacting than what he was possibly doing that made me uncomfortable. I would never have believed I actually wanted to see Ben doing this but my body was definitely suggesting that I did.


“So what type of photography do you want to get into, sis?”


Again he saved me from the awkward silence. He didn't say anything about it but he did have that smug look on his face that said he knew what I was thinking about. I tried to keep my focus on the conversation but I just kept being drawn back to that rhythmic motion and my body was responding big time.


I couldn't believe my own brother was being so blatant and dirty and a part of me wanted to yell at him and tell him to stop. The problem was my pussy was absolutely soaked and a part of me that I didn't even know existed wanted to tell him to stand up so I could actually watch him stroking his cock. These thoughts both embarrassed and shamed me, but at the same time, it was just about driving me crazy.


“I don't really know, I haven't thought that far ahead yet. Why?”


“Well, I've been doing some portraits lately and I think you would be great at it. You are good with people and that's a skill you definitely need to do portraits.”


“Oh, I don't know about doing portraits. I've got a lot to learn before I would be ready to do that.”


“Once you learn the equipment it comes down to people skills and understanding light. Do you want to see some of my latest works?”


“Yeah, sure.”


I was genuinely interested in what he was doing and it was odd that I hadn't really seen many portraits he had done because he was usually pretty quick to share his work on social media. He sent through a couple of files and when I opened them I understood why I hadn't seen them. The work was really beautiful and the play of light over the models was amazing but they were all really quite raunchy. The graphic nature of them was a little confronting.


Most of the photos were black and white with dramatic lighting that often hid the models face or were close-ups of body parts. I couldn't believe my brother had taken these photos. Boy, was I starting to squirm in my chair now.


My pussy was so wet by this point that I was pretty sure my underwear would be soaked through. I hadn't been this turned on in ages. Just seeing these women of all shapes and sizes so sexually alluring and confident was amazing but knowing my brother had been the one to take these shots was even more amazing.


I could tell they were a mixture of different women as they were all different shapes and sizes. Some looked like models but the majority just looked like ordinary everyday people. It made me curious as to who he got to do the modelling. I was also amazed that Cindy was okay with this.


Two of the photos really stood out to me; one was a simple black background with two breasts. It was two women facing each other. The one on the left was smaller than the one opposite and quite firm with high, tight nipples. The one on the right was fuller and sagged a little more as though the owner was older and had breastfed in the past. Their nipples were both full and rigid and just barely touching each other. It made me think of mother and daughter.


The other one was of a woman who had obviously just pulled two fingers from her own pussy. There was a strand of her cum hanging between her pussy and her fingers. He had caught it beautifully in the light.


Both were beautiful pictures but also incredibly arousing.


“Wow, these are beautiful photos. Not quite what I expected when you said portraits, though.”


He chuckled as though he had been expecting that response.


“Not too erotic for you?”


“I'm not some old prude you know. Yes, they're very sexual but they are really well done.”


There was that motion again. God damn it, I just want to know whether I am right or wrong, I thought.


“Thanks, sis. Want to see another?”




Another image came through and I opened it up to see yet another black and white. Again I was shocked at first by the graphic nature of it. This was of a nice hard cock with a hand wrapped around it. From the end of the cock was suspended a large drop of pre-cum. The first thing that came to mind was catching that drop on my tongue and then swirling it around that knob.


“Well, I can see that you are enjoying them.”


I know I blushed again, I could feel the heat in my face.


“What? What do you mean?”


I realized I may have been caught licking my lips. There was no denying how turned on I was from looking at these photos as well as watching my brother's arm looking as though he was constantly stroking his cock right in front of me. In my mind, I could see his cock all shiny with his pre-cum as his hand stroked up and down the shaft. I was so wet and my pussy was pulsing to the same tempo as his stroking.


I tried to play him at his own game by pretending not to be completely flustered.


“So you KNOW I'm enjoying this, do you? How is that exactly?”


“It's summer, sis. I know it's not cold there.”


It took a moment for that to sink in. I looked down and I could see my nipples pushing hard against the material of my shirt. Now I was thinking about him stroking his cock while looking at my nipples and that thought just made them tingle more and no doubt get harder.


The part of me that, well let's say has a conscience, was appalled and wanted to end this conversation right now. There was, however. the naughty part, the devil on my shoulder, that was urging me to reach up and pinch my nipples. I knew it would feel great and my sopping pussy was in full agreement that it was a fantastic idea.


“So, tell the truth, sis. Do the photos turn you on?”


God damn cheeky shit. I could feel myself blushing again and I knew that was a dead give away.


“Well yeah, they do a bit.”


“I can tell. I reckon you would really enjoy taking these sorts of photos.”


He had me there. I had not felt this kind of excitement in years and the thought of telling someone how to pose and what to do with their bodies so I could get the shot was really exciting. Then reality struck home.


“That's all well and good but I don't know anyone who would be willing to let me take their photos like this.”


“Yeah, that can be a bit tricky. You need to get some good shots together that you can show them and explain that unless they want to you won't photograph their face. A lot of people come around once they see how good the shots are and how you're more about the art than the porn.”


“Yeah, but who do you get to do those initial shots?”


“Usually your partner or you do self-portraits.”


“Whoa, so you're telling me you've done shots of Cindy and yourself like this?”


God, that thought was so erotic.


“Who do you think that last one is?”


That sentence seemed to reverberate around the room as I stared at him in shock. My brother had sent me a photo of his own cock? That delicious looking cock that I fantasized about sucking is my brother's? Why is my pussy practically pulsing at the thought of it? I should be completely grossed out that he would send me a dick pic but the reality was oh, so different.




I couldn't think of anything else to say. Well, nothing I was prepared to say out loud anyway. Also was it just me or had his stroking just become more pronounced?


“Of course. You have to start somewhere.”


“Holy crap!”


I couldn't resist bringing the picture back up onto the screen so I could look at it again.


“Are you okay? This isn't too weird for you?”


“Yes. No. Fuck, I don't know! I'm not sure how I feel about any of this.”


But that was bullshit. I knew exactly how I felt about it. I was more turned on than I had been in years and both my mouth and my pussy were watering at the sight of that cock. The fact that I now knew it was my brother's just made it dirtier and kinkier and added to how turned on I was, but there was no way I could say that to my brother.


There was a long silence that seemed to be filled with little more than my desire to get naked and play with my pussy. In fact, now that the thought was there I could think of nothing I would rather do right now. I needed this as much as I needed air.


“Listen. Ah... I need to get going. I'll talk to you later.”


He began to reply but I had already clicked the disconnect button so I didn't hear what he said. I sat there for a moment not really sure what to do with myself, then looking at that gorgeous cock suddenly I knew. Within seconds I was completely naked. I sat back down in the chair and plunged my fingers into my pussy. I didn't even go to my bedroom or the bathroom, it had to be now.


I pounded on my pussy with one hand while pinching my nipples with the other while staring at my brother's cock. I had both feet up on the computer desk and my knees spread apart. I pulled my fingers from my pussy and began licking my cum from them, pretending it was his cock and I was licking the pre-cum from it. Pretty soon my pussy wanted more and eventually, I had my two fingers deep as I could push them into me while my other hand went to town on my clit.


When I came I came hard and I was left in a naked, wet, panting mess on the office chair trying to get my bearings again.


I was left feeling a weird mixture of emotions. One of the most intense orgasms I have had since before the kids were born had just ripped through my body and I was running on pure endorphin so needless to say, physically I felt fucking fantastic. Lingering in the background, however, was a shadow of guilt that for the first time since our wedding another man had made me cum and on top of that, the other man was my brother.


To be honest, though, the guilt was surprisingly small compared to how liberated and alive I felt. Like a fire had been lit in my soul that had long ago guttered out like a candle that had been left uncared for. It was a feeling I was very reluctant to let go of.


I knew this was something I would have to give some deeper thought to later when the endorphins had slowed down in my system. I sat back upright and was made immediately aware of just how wet I was and the fact that there was now cum all over the chair I was sitting in.

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