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Taboo Stories


Carl And His Stepsister Maria's Affair With Their Uncle - Part 5

Continuation of an earlier series of ecstasy and taboo lifestyle.

It has been over six years since my last journal entries. So much has taken place during the years and then COVID hit - putting a damper on most things. I stopped writing about my taboo relationship with Maria and Carl, but it's truly worth revisiting aga...

The Panties Made Me Do It

I never expected they would become the fabric of my obsession

After hooking the delicate lace panty mask around my ears, I breathe and blink in the darkness, breeze tappin' the blind against the wooden frame. Her room's a comfort, in a way. Familiar. It must have been my room as a baby. Just a feeling I have; faint...

A Step Apart Ch. 05

Stephanie doesn't like to share her toys, and that includes her stepbrother

Chapter One The next week dragged on hour by hour. He was supposed to be getting things together for his camping trip with his father, Sharon, and her family, but it seemed he could not go thirty seconds without receiving a text or phone call from Stephan...

A New Nudist Family Ch. 03

Family members that play together stay together.

When Justin went into the living room after dinner, he saw his mother lying naked on the couch and reading a book. It was a small couch. Susan had her head resting on one of the armrests of the couch, and her toes were almost touching the other armrest. "...

MILF In My Bathroom

Sarah locks herself out, but the neighbour takes care of her.

Zak shuffled somewhat aimlessly along the street on his way home. As he approached the house he looked up and his heart began racing. He could already feel his face getting warmer as blood rushed to his cheeks and he started to blush. Sat on the little st...

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My Sister's New Buzz

Amanda finds more than she expected in her sister's suitcase

So a bit of background about me... I'm Amanda, and I'm twenty-seven, blonde, and Swedish. I've been living in England for the last eight years with my English husband while my parents and siblings live in Sweden. I've got a younger sister called Vilma (tw...

Step Mom's Secret Ch. 01

While on vacation, an abused wife will seek safety in her body builder step son's hotel room...

Chapter One Maggie hated herself at that moment. So much so that in her thoughts, when she cursed herself, she called herself by her given name of ‘Margaret’ instead of what she insisted everyone else calls her, Maggie. She lay there with tears swelling i...

My Daughter’s Best Friend, Part 3

Taking risky chances with my daughter’s best friend may end in disaster.

Just then I felt my balls start to boil. My seed was rising and ready to explode. With a final thrust, I pushed my cock in as deeply as I could and held it there as jets of cum shot into Amy’s pussy. “Ohhh,” I moaned as my orgasm washed over me. My body c...

A Step Too Far?

Growing up in a wild environment produces two free spirits...

Once, something very unusual happened between my stepsister, Maria, and me. Now, firstly, let me be clear: I never screwed my stepsister. If what follows seems weird, I understand that. But, in Mr. Clinton’s immortal words, "I did not have sex with that w...

Diary Of A High School Stud: Chapter One

The worst day of Tommy Mitchell's life suddenly became the best, thanks to his teacher.

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, and I saw something that surprised me. I saw that many of my former high school classmates were saying that Gary Mertz passed away at the age of fifty-four. He was survived by his wife, three kids, and two g...