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A Strange Place Called Florida

A beginning to a potential series
"So that's it, huh? Just gonna kick me outta this house and send me to some psychiatrist like I am some crazy person!" said Raul.

"Well, you are a damn moron for blowing a scholarship and getting yourself on probation. No more talking, go to sleep; your stuff is packed and you are heading out tomorrow morning. Do not even look at us, Raul, you are a fucking disgrace!" said Raul's dad.

Raul went to sleep sad because his father had requested that he not spend time with the family during the summer. The reason for the confrontation was that because the nineteen year old Raul had recently been placed on academic probation in college. Raul had been partying so much and was in a fraternity too, but with all that sex and partying, he forgot to take care of his grades. Since he was over six feet tall and had an exotic look which consisted of black hair with brown eyes and darker olive skin, Raul managed to have sex with lots of different girls at a university where almost everyone was white.

The sad Raul got into his car, which was a nice black Chevy Camaro. One thing Raul had going for him, in life, was that his parents were well off; his dad was an engineer that made a lot of money while his mom was a nurse who had a stable income. The drive was going to take Raul some time, so he put on some songs to make time fly by faster. About an hour into it, Raul was almost there at the location according to his GPS. The location was in quite a strange place which was freaking Raul out. Raul was driving through a wooded area with swamps nearby until finally he arrived at a nice house which was there on its own.

The house was a two story house which had a nice car parked outside of it and was very beautiful in appearance, but it was the only house Raul had seen for miles. Raul was a bit freaked out at what was happening before he finally walked to the door of the house and rang the ball. There was a twenty second wait before the door would open and a woman wearing short shorts with tank top would answer; the way she looked blew Raul's mind away. The woman was a tall blonde from the Midwest, but facially she resembled porn legend Phoenix Ray.

"So you are Raul?" asked the woman in a nice sweet southern accent.

"Yes and you are actually my psychiatrist?" asked Raul laughing.

"Yes, Dr. Jensen but you can call me Lisa," replied Dr. Jensen smiling.

Dr. Jensen let Raul into her house as she closed the door. Raul was asked to sit down as Dr. Jensen shut the blinds and then stood up. The young Raul was thrown off by the beauty of this woman and could not believe that he would be spending the entire summer with her. Then finally Dr. Jensen would look at Raul and lay down the rules.

"So you're doing poorly in school and your parents sent you to me. Let's get one thing straight, I have the power to declare to the world whether you are a crazy person or a normal person. Once I declare you crazy, everything you say will be from the mouth of a crazy person and no one believes a crazy person. We are not friends and I am not your parent; if I say sit, you better fucking sit, and if I say fix me a nice meal then you better fix me a nice fucking meal or your ass is going to be declared crazy. My methods are unorthodox but they have changed lives, so they are going to be applied here. Now it is just you and me. Take those clothes off," said the woman.

Raul looked at Dr. Jensen and smiled; the young man gladly stripped down naked and then Dr. Jensen saw his large and thick cock which was almost dark brown in color. The woman looked at it, smiled, and licked her lips. At first she used her soft cold hands to feel it and was awed by its size. Shortly after touching it and feeling it, Dr. Jensen got down on her knees and started to softly lick it before stuffing as much as she could in her mouth. The woman had not had dick this good for a while, so she let it sit in her mouth using her tongue to pleasure it while Raul simply moaned from the pleasure, his heart beating fast. Dr. Jensen felt that she could handle the large cock with her mouth alone so she used her cold hands to gently massage Raul's testicles.

Not all of the cock was able to fit into Dr. Jensen's mouth as she was starting to gag, but she stuffed as much as she could and kept on blowing. After five minutes, Dr. Jensen removed Raul's cock out of her mouth with cum dripping down from her lips. The woman was breathing hard, but then, after a minute, she went back to sucking it yet again. This time Dr. Jensen started to suck it more aggressively, and almost a minute later, Raul blew a massive load in her mouth. Dr. Jensen let it all in and then kept on sucking while massaging Raul's balls as more cum came out. Raul let out a massive moan from the pleasure.

The blonde then stood up and got some napkin to wipe Raul's cock off. Soon the two showered together with Raul helping to clean the blonde and her enjoying it. After showering they ate lunch together before talking about the problem that was going on with Raul and his grades.

"So, the problem is that you lack self-control. We are going to fix that with the soapy massage exercise; if you last over ten minutes you get to have dinner but if you don't then you go to sleep hungry," said the blonde.

The soapy massage exercise involved both Dr. Jensen and Raul going to a nice room which showers and a tub in it. Both would take their clothes off and the blonde would do everything to try and make Raul cum, using soap and oil if she could.

Soon after the two were naked they took a shower together; the blonde's amazing body was turning Raul on but he knew he could not cum. After showering together and getting each other wet, the blonde set the timer to ten minutes and started to apply soap to Raul's cock which made for excellent lubrication. Dr. Jensen had a method of trying to make men cum, as she had done this to her previous patients, but Raul was taking some time. She was impressed for a bit, but then she started to grind her nice soft ass against his cock. The blonde's soft ass rubbed against Raul's hard skin and two minutes in, he was already making out with the blonde and kissing her, which she loved. As soon as the blonde became more aggressive, Raul ended up cumming with six minutes still left on the clock.

"Well, I guess you are going to sleep hungry then," said the blonde.

Raul did go to sleep hungry as the blonde went to her own room. In the morning she woke up before Raul and before Raul could shower and eat breakfast, she told him that he had to eat her pussy. Having no choice Raul did all he could to eat the blonde's pussy and pleasure her. Dr. Jensen did feel pleasured and loved the way Raul ate her out. Eventually she would let Raul take a shower and eat breakfast.

In Raul, the blonde saw a young horny guy with a lack of control. In most situations if the blonde tried to have sex with the guy she would get dominated easily and squirt up a storm. Dr. Jensen knew that if she let Raul have even a little bit of control it could end up in her being dominated and eventually made into his bitch, so she had to play it carefully. As a woman in her mid thirties, she did not have what it took to handle a young and hung guy who could destroy her pussy in under ten minutes but fortunately she had power over him. It was the blonde's goal to tame the wild beast.

After Raul was finished eating breakfast the blonde had arranged a new plan. Raul and the blonde would workout for thirty minutes and after they were done the blonde set up a self control exercise. Both Raul and the blonde would head to a room in the house that had a nice mat on it. The two would get naked and then wrestle each other except it was not about winning. Raul had to last ten minutes without cumming and before the wrestling started the blonde set the timer; if he couldn't do it then he would have to skip lunch.

Both Raul and the blonde started to try and feel each other out. The blonde was shorter than the tall and muscular Raul plus she weighed a lot less, but she knew that all she had to do was find a way to make that cock cum. At first the two circled around each other before finally trying to wrestle, the blonde was picked up and slammed down hard on the mat but she kept her composure. To make the ten minutes pass, the powerful Raul wrapped his hands tightly behind the blonde's back and started to kiss her around the neck area.

The blonde was running out of options. Raul's weight was down on her as his body was sandwiched inbetween her long legs, which meant she could not use them to rub his cock. Raul was aggressively nibbling on the blonde's neck and licking her face as he kissed her. Dr. Jensen was very turned on by what Raul was doing as both her and the latino were breathing hard. Then, Dr. Jensen had an idea, she felt Raul's large cock on her abs, so she started to move her body up and down as Raul noticed that he was getting turned on. The friction caused him a lot of pleasure and with three minutes left, he blew a large load all over the blonde's body.

Raul did not get to eat lunch and was very hungry. The blonde felt sorry for him starving, so she laid down naked and gave Raul the option of eating her ass and pussy if he pleased. To keep himself stimulated Raul did just that. Dr. Jensen got the pleasure and loved the way the young stud ate her out, it was the most pleasurable thing she had ever been through.

A month passes....

Raul and the blonde had a routine for each day of the week.

Mondays would be wrestling and trying to hold it in. Tuesdays would be soapy massages and Raul trying to last. Wednesdays would be the blonde giving Raul a blowjob and seeing if he could hold it in for at least ten minutes. Thursdays would be the two having sex and seeing if Raul could last more than fifteen minutes without cumming. Fridays involved the blonde riding Raul and seeing if he could hold it in for more than ten minutes.

Saturdays were unique. Raul and the blonde laid in bed naked for most of the day and fucked as much as they could. After they were done fucking they would chat about what needed to be done and then go back to fucking. The two would be covered in sweat and smell of musk but they didn't care because the sex between them was amazing.

Sundays were different, if Raul even touched the blonde he would be kicked out and declared crazy so Raul had to stick to masturbation.

In the final month

Raul was showing a lot of improvement, he was finally able to last over ten minutes in all of the exercises and no matter how hard the blonde would try to make him cum he could hold it in. Dr. Jensen was amazed at his self-control and how quickly he had improved, so she decided to raise the challenge. In order to pass and be gone, Raul had to fuck her so hard that she would squirt all over the place. The latino had a month to make her squirt, if he couldn't do it then he would not be cleared.

Day one

The brave young latino stripped off the blonde's clothing and tried to dominate her by smacking her on the ass and kissing her. Raul would eat the blonde out and finger her for over five minutes, but realized that it did no good. Then, losing his patience, he tried to fuck her as hard as he could, but only lasted around ten minutes before cumming.

Days two through twenty two

Raul did more of the same, he realized that no matter how hard he fucked her, the blonde would not start to squirt. The latino would vary it by eating her out and playing with her asshole more, but that didn't work. Raul tried to adjust the foreplay and make it last even longer, but that didn't work either. No matter what Raul tried, the blonde would just not squirt.

With time running out, Raul had a moment of clarity. Raul felt that the "self-control" was making him less of a lover and more of a disciplined guy. The old Raul would need to come through in order for the blonde to squirt and for Raul to earn his freedom.

The remaining days

The blonde was moaning louder, being more into it, and doing everything in her power to not squirt. Dr. Jensen survived, but she knew that it was just barely, as Raul was getting more desperate and she was getting fucked a lot more passionately.

Day twenty seven.

Raul and the blonde stripped down naked, but this time Raul started off by lifting the blonde up and making out with her as her legs wrapped around his back. The latino would work his mouth around her neck and cheeks as he kissed her soft skin and pleasured her. After the long makeout session was done, the latino slammed the blonde on the bed and left her there. Raul would walk over and get a whiff of Dr. Jensen panties, which sent a powerful rush through his head; the smell was of musk, but it made him really horny.

With Dr. Jensen laying down on the bed, the horny Raul grabbed both of her thighs and started eating her pussy, except this time it was a lot more intense. The blonde started to kick her feet around in excitement and was even moaning now. Dr. Jensen realized that this was the day it would happen. Raul had not even began fucking her and already she felt that she was going to let out a big one. It was the kind of situation where she knew, no matter what she did, that she was going to squirt, because the latino was just dominating her.

A few minutes later, Raul would grab the blonde and get into a missionary position. His much larger and muscular body was all over her thin frame while his arms were tightly wrapped around her back. The blonde could hardly move as Raul had adrenaline flowing through his body and was pounding her without any mercy. Dr. Jensen's body was almost vibrating from the pounding she took, but she was brave and lasted five whole minutes of intense fucking without squirting.

Raul kept his hands tightly wrapped around the blonde's back as he kissed her, she would move her head away a bit but ended up enjoying the gentle kisses. The latino turned the blonde face down on the bed and wrapped his hands around the front of her body while his muscular frame was on her back. With her face down against the bed and Raul's powerful grip stopping her from moving around too much, Dr. Jensen was almost out of options. Seconds later the fucking started, and you could hear the sounds of chopping wood as Dr. Jensen moaned. The moans of the blondes came out in oscillations because her pussy was getting destroyed by a large and thick brown cock.

Then Dr. Jensen tried to break free and yelled stop. To be on the safe side, Raul kept fucking her harder for ten more seconds and then just when he softened his grip, she broke free and started to finger her pussy. The naked blonde kicked her legs in the air as she started to squirt relentlessly for almost twenty seconds.

After the blonde was done squirting, Raul would put his dick in her mouth which the blonde would suck before Raul finally blew a load in her mouth.

The blonde was laying down on the bed, not moving for hours. She had never had any guy have his way with her like that. Then during the night, Raul was given a decision.

"So from my eyes you are clear; you begin school in a few weeks, but you have a choice. You can either go back right now or you can spend the rest of the time with me," said the blonde.

Raul walked up to the blonde, hugged her and started kissing her on the neck before giving his answer.

"I want to spend it with you, but no more self-control, just pleasure between the two of us."

"Sure," said the blonde smiling.

The coming weeks consisted of Raul and the blonde mostly working out together naked in her room, playfully wrestling, and the blonde giving Raul plenty of pleasurable erotic massage. Dr. Jensen and Raul would have days where they were naked in bed both covered in sweat and smelling of musk, but they loved the smell which came from each other.

Days before Raul had to go back to college, Dr. Jensen and Raul fucked for the final time before she left him with her information.

One day during the semester she came by to visit Raul at his room and the two fucked. The two would become fuckbuddies and whenever Raul needed a woman to fuck, he would go to see the doctor that changed his life.

Raul finished the semester with perfect grades and came back to visit the doctor. The two spent time talking about life and obviously fucking. Dr. Jensen was the perfect friend to Raul because she had so many intimate moments with him and the two could read each other.

All in a strange place called Florida.
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