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Clitecka's Seduction - Part 2

Clitecka finally succeeds in persuading David to take her into his bed.
Clitecka’s Seduction – 2

My name is David and I have a problem. I’m 38 years old, living on the outskirts of Fuggledix, Alabama. I’m a fairly good looking guy, if you ignore the wheelchair. I had polio at the age of ten. That’s not my problem at all. My problem is I’ve become involved with a black girl named Clitecka. I’m white. And this part of Alabama has only been integrated for seven years.

Anyway, finding a girlfriend has always been a challenge for me. Mostly, it’s because the women I meet either figure that I can’t have sex at all, or that I’m obviously not any good at it. Of course, my penis and my sex drive are not affected at all. But trying to persuade a woman of that is not easy. I’ve only had nine sex partners since I was sixteen. Five of them were just one-night stands.

Anyway, between sex partners, I do a lot of jacking off. A company started up here near Fuggledix that makes top quality porn picture magazines. They sell them at the Town Hill Truck Stop just down the road from my apartment. Every month or so, I wander in and buy a new one to help me jack off.

Recently, I started getting my groceries at the new E-Z-Food store. That’s where I met Clitecka. She worked there as a sacker and helped me carry my groceries out to my car. She was short, about five feet even, seventeen years old, and had the biggest pair of tits I had seen on such a short girl. She had just about the darkest skin I had ever seen on a black girl. She was a bit chunky in the waist, but she had a nicely shaped ass, and she was very friendly. Very. Very.

Turns out she lived in the same apartment complex as I did. Soon, she started showing up on my doorstep, wanting to talk. Often, she was wearing no bra, and I got to see lots of her dark chocolate colored breasts. They fascinated me. Her nipples were hard all the time. I shouldn’t have, but I became very sexually attracted to her. I would take out one of my favorite porn magazines, Black Teen Sluts, and think of her while I was admiring the pictures of the naked black girls. It made for some really hot masturbation sessions.

Then she called me one day and we masturbated together over the phone, and that was so fucking hot. I knew I was getting into dangerous territory, and I have no excuse. She started asking me very intimate questions about my sex life and about my dick, and I lost control and started talking pure smut to her. She loved it! She got so hot that she climaxed right there on the phone! A few minutes later, we jacked off together.

The next evening, she called me again and said she was horny. But when she asked me if we could masturbate together again, I said I wasn’t sure.

“Clitecka, I’m more than twice your age. Your mother wouldn’t understand if she found out we were having sex. Lots of people wouldn’t understand. Maybe we should cool it for a while.”

“But mister David, didn’t you enjoy our sex yesterday on the phone?”

“Wow. Yes, sweetheart, I loved masturbating with you. It was awesome. You are so incredibly hot and sexy, I couldn’t help myself. But we really shouldn’t…”

“Why not, mister David? We ain’t doing nothing wrong! You said so yourself. You said it was normal for good friends to masturbate together! And it feels so good! It feels so right! Nothing makes my pussy so hot as you telling me how you wanna fuck me!”

“I love it that I turn you on, Clitecka. You turn me on, too, more than I can say, but…”

“I’m laying here on my bed, naked, mister David. And I got a cucumber in my cunt and I’m fucking myself with it. I’m squeezing my titties and pinching my nipples. Don’t you like my titties?”

“Oh god… yes. You have such large sexy breasts, sweetheart, and such huge puffy nipples. They’re very sexy, and I would love to…”

“Love to what? You’d love to suck on ‘em? I’d let you suck on ‘em! I want you to take my black titties in your mouth and suck ‘em all you want! If you’d just suck my titties, I’d suck your white dick, mister David! I swear I would! You could teach me how to suck dick, cause I never have!”

“Clitecka, I… oh god… please don’t… oh shit… okay… okay, my dick is so hard, I can’t stand it. God, you are such a sexy little black slut! I’m pulling my cock out of my pants now and I’m stroking it. Is this what you want, Clitecka? You want me to jack off and tell you what I want to do to you?”

“Yes! Oh please, yes! I been praying to god for him to let you masturbate with me whenever we wanted! I’m so hot for you, mister David! What do you want to do to me? Tell me!”

And I went on to tell her. I loved her girlish sexy voice. I loved it that she was black, which I found so forbidden and enticingly taboo. I found myself wishing she was my daughter. I even got her to call me “daddy”, and I called her my little black princess. I told her how I would suck on her titties and mash my face between her thighs and smear all her pussy juices on my face, and stick my tongue inside her. She really loved that! She didn’t know much about oral sex, and it sounded so dirty to her. By then, it was obvious that “dirty” turned her on.

Then I told her how I would shove my fingers inside her pussy and inside her ass. Then I would make her suck my cock, I would fuck her face, fuck her thick black lips with my stiff white cock and spew my cum in her mouth. She loved it when I referred to my penis as my “white cock”. Having sex with a white man was just about the dirtiest thing she could imagine.

I kept this up until I knew we were both cumming at the same time! Clitecka and I were jacking off together, and cumming! It was heaven!

Then we laughed and joked around, but we still said a lot of sex talk. I told her how high my jizm shot in the air, and she told me how good it felt to be my little black whore. She told me about the boy and the man she had had sex with. She was so totally open about her sex life, and that turned me on. The black boy had taken her cherry shortly after her sixteenth birthday, but it turned out badly.

Then her father found out about it, and he seduced her. He crept into her bedroom at night and fucked her. The mother discovered what was going on and divorced the father. Clitecka had enjoyed the sex with her father, and didn’t understand why her mother had kicked him out.

I asked Clitecka why she had chosen me. She wasn’t real sure, but thought it was because I was different. I was in a wheelchair and I was white. She said I was so self-confident and could do anything I wanted (which was true), and she wanted to be like that, too. She said I was nice to her and treated her like she was a grownup. I was the first man who had treated her like her father did.

I listened to all this and said I understood. Sometimes people who are different find each other, and they can make the differences disappear together. I wasn’t sure why I found her so sexy. I noticed the attraction the first time she sacked groceries for me. Her race was certainly a large part of my lust for her. But I never imagined it would lead to sex. Especially so fast.

My better judgment stepped in and I said that we should slow down. Maybe just masturbate over the phone and nothing else. But Clitecka wanted to escalate the relationship as fast as we could. Damn, I couldn’t say no to her! I started telling her about the girls and women I had fucked (okay, I may have embellished my stories a little – hell, I embellished a lot) and I could tell from her panting that she was getting hot again.

I kept thinking about what her mother might do to me if she found out, but my mouth kept spewing out stories that were smuttier and dirtier, just to hear Clitecka get more aroused. Her arousal inflamed my lusts, and soon we were masturbating together again. Despite my worries, I found myself surrendering to my unbridled lust for this young black girl. Soon, she was moaning and groaning with another series of powerful orgasms and I was spewing my cum all over my hand.

The next evening she called me again, and this time I didn’t resist. We had a good time masturbating together, and we both climaxed several times. It was the hottest, dirtiest sex I had had in years.

Then she said, “Mister David, if I came over to your apartment, would you fuck me? Would you fuck me for real? I’d do anything you wanted, I swear I would. I’d suck your dick and let you lick my pussy, and even let you put your dick inside my pussy. You could fuck me all you wanted. And you can teach me all the sex I don’t know. Would you? Please?”

I said, “Clitecka, I’m not sure that would be a good idea. You’re over the age of consent in Alabama, but as much as I want to fuck you – it just seems like a risky thing to do. I hope you understand. Perhaps we can just talk over the phone again. How would you like that? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with us masturbating while we talk on the phone. Even your mother would probably be okay with that. But if she found out I was putting my dick inside you, she might shoot me. I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to visit me again. Okay? But you can call me and we can jack off together. Okay?”

She told me that sounded okay, and we hung up. But I could tell she was disappointed. So was I. I wanted to fuck her so bad, I could taste it. When I went to bed that night, I got out my copy of Black Teen Sluts and found some pictures of a black girl, Carmella, being fucked by an older white man. Her tits were so lush and huge, like Clitecka’s, and the man’s cock was large and thick, like mine – about nine inches long and more than two inches thick. The sight of that cock penetrating the girl’s shaved pussy was just so incredibly hot that it made my cock throb painfully, until I fantasized that I was fucking Clitecka, and finally jacked off and my sperm exploded into the air.

The next afternoon, I got home from work and checked my mailbox. There was an envelope with no stamp, and just my first name on it. I opened it with shaking hands. Inside were three Kodak instant camera pictures. They were of Clitecka and she was naked. In the first, she was looking at the camera, holding her bare breasts in her hands. In the second, she was sucking her own nipple. In the third her almost hairless pussy was visible, with her fingers holding her pussy lips spread and showing the pink vaginal flesh inside. My cock raged with lust.

The next evening, Clitecka called me again, and asked me if I got the pictures.

“Yes I did, Clitecka. They’re beautiful! But sweetheart, you shouldn’t have done this. If your mother ever found out…”

She begged. She told me that her mother had said it was okay for her to have sex, not just to masturbate.

I didn’t really believe that, but I said, “Oh god, I’m going to regret this, but if you want, you can you come over to my apartment Saturday morning, for an hour or two. Don’t let anybody see you.”

Saturday morning arrived. It started to rain, and I heard a knock at the door. I wheeled over and let her in. I looked out to see if anybody had seen her, and then shut and locked the door.

We were both nervous, and I offered her some coffee or hot chocolate. I took the coffee and she drank chocolate. She took off her light jacket. Underneath she was just wearing that low cut sweater again. She pulled on it to make sure it showed a lot of cleavage and that her hard nipples poked out. We sipped our drinks while we talked about her erotic pictures. All the time, I kept glancing down at her chest without any attempt to hide it. She smiled. It made my cock hard and I reached down to my lap and began rubbing it! She leaned forward so she could see my hand stroking my erection, a move that almost popped her sexy black breasts out of her sweater. Her nipples were so stiff and inviting!

“God, you’ve got lovely breasts, Clitecka. Your nipples are so hard. I’m glad you came over. Can I touch you, sweetheart?”

She nodded, nervously. I wheeled my chair up next to hers, but facing the opposite direction. I put my hand on her firm breast and began feeling the hard nipple. She gasped.

“Oh, mister David, that feels so good! I’ll do anything you want! Anything!”

I told her to pull the sweater up over her head. Her breasts quivered so enticingly when they were set free. She moaned softly as I put both hands on her breasts and squeezed. I moaned with fuck-lust.

“Mister David, I mean, daddy, I really don’t know much about sex. All I know is you make my pussy so wet, and I want you to teach me everything about sex. I’ll do anything you want. Anything!”

I said, “stand up.”

She did and I rolled beside her. My mouth was at the same level as her titties and I took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking! God! My cock was so hard! And I started breathing real fast. I sucked all over her over-sized breasts and kissed them and squeezed them in my big white hands.

I said, “Oh, god, Clitecka, we shouldn’t be doing this. You have to know this is wrong, don’t you? Take off your blue jeans.”

She braced her hand on my shoulder and let her jeans fall to the floor. I kept on sucking at her nipple, but I slid my hand down her body and slipped it between her thighs. I was so hot and horny that I was shaking. And I was scared, too, but I didn’t want to stop. My fingers brushed against her pussy lips and she moaned, real loud this time.

“Oh god, daddy, I love you touching my pussy! Put your fingers inside me!”

“Oh, shit, if your mother catches us doing this, princess, she’ll have me sent to jail! But you’re so sexy! So fucking sexy! Take your panties off, princess! Get naked for me!”

She pulled her panties down, and they were soaked, and they stuck to her pussy and thighs. I helped her get them off. The odor of her hot pussy filled the room! I was moaning with unbridled lust by now. I knew what I was doing was wrong! But I couldn’t stop! I loved the feeling of my fingers entering her moist warm innermost fuck chamber!

“God, you are such a horny little girl! You like me touching your naked body, princess? You like me sucking your big black tits? You like daddy’s fingers sliding up into your pussy? God, you are so wet!”

She was moaning and grunting so hard from the feeling of me masturbating her pussy and clit that she was speechless. She was having trouble keeping her balance!

“Come with me, princess. Let’s get on my bed! You want to get in bed with me, sweetheart? You wanna be naked in bed with daddy and play with my hard dick?”

She found her voice, “Oh god yes! I wanna be in bed with you daddy! And I want you to be naked and I wanna see your dick! I bet you got a big dick!”

I led her into my bedroom. I whirled the wheelchair around fast, put on the brake levers, and then popped off one of the armrests. I scootched over onto the bed and lay on my back. I undid my slacks and pushed them down to my knees. Clitecka pulled them off and threw them on the floor. She turned and saw my erect cock, sticking straight up! Her jaw dropped and she stared in fascination at my organ of male lust! I was beyond the point of no return!

“Here you go, my black princess. Here’s my big white dick. Would you like to touch it?”

She nodded. She muttered that it was beautiful, and that it was making her juices bubble out of her pussy! She reached over and slowly grasped it in her small black hand, and started stroking its full length. It felt exquisite!

I had her move a little so I could play with her grapefruit-sized tits while she played with my dick. I told her how sexy it felt to be naked together, and have her hands touching my cock. I explained the different parts of my cock as she asked questions. I told her that the clear liquid oozing out was pre-cum. I spread my legs and let her touch my balls!

The whole time, I was moaning and grunting and gritting my teeth. She was almost making me cum! She started stroking my cock faster, and suddenly I gasped real loud and my cum came shooting out of my dick and splashed all over her breasts! Another big spurt came out, and another! I was overcome with my own lust and could not breath! A couple more smaller spurts covered her hand in creamy cum! It was beautiful! I rubbed all my cum into her breasts! I told her to put her fingers in her mouth and taste it! She liked it!

I pushed her over on her back and got up on my elbow. I told her what a hot little black slut she was, and how much I wanted to have sex with her. I suckled on her tits again, and put my fingers between her legs.

“Spread your thighs real wide, Clitecka. I’m going to finger fuck you!”

She did as I told. I found her slimy wet, hot pussy lips and thrust my fingers inside her, and in the next moment, a bolt of pure sex pleasure flashed through her! Her back arched and she couldn’t breath! She was just groaning one long unending groan as I rubbed my fingers deep inside her! And then she came! Her head thrashed from side to side and her hips were humping my fingers!

“Oh god, daddy! Oh! Please! Please! Yes! Yes, daddy! Make me cum! ...”

After she had had several orgasms, one after the other, I had her scootch up higher in the bed and spread her legs wide. I pushed myself toward the foot and positioned my face between her thighs.

“Are you gonna eat my pussy, daddy? Are you? Omigod!”

She tasted wild and earthy, like no white pussy I had ever eaten. She gasped loudly as my tongue touched her clit, and her body began convulsing. I worked my tongue back and forth over her clit, then slowly sucked and expelled her big fleshy pussy lips in and out of my mouth. She grabbed her thighs and pulled her knees up to her head, allowing me to penetrate her even deeper with my tongue.

A little voice in the back of my head said, look at you! Look at what you’re doing! Performing oral sodomy on this black child! Surrendering to your most vile and depraved lusts with this little girl! Making her cum over and over again so that she’ll become addicted to your cock and to your perverted lusts! You’re using her as nothing more than a masturbation toy! Listen to her pant and groan and cry with the orgasms you are giving her! Is that want you want? Is that what you really want?


When my jaw got too tired, I relented, and let Clitecka calm down and get her breath. Finally her eyes opened and she smiled at me.

“Oh, god, daddy, that was wonderful! I never felt nothing like that before! That was so dirty and sinful, wasn’t it? For the last few nights, I been praying to god that he would change your mind and you would let me into your apartment and have sex with me. And god answered my prayers! He wants you to fuck me! Do you believe in god, mister David?”

“Well, sometimes I do.”

“Well, I believe he’s real, and that he watches everything we do, mister David. I think god answered my prayers so that he could watch us have sex! While you were eating my pussy, I kept thinking that god was looking down and watching your tongue licking and slurping inside my pussy! And he was so proud of me for doing something so dirty and wicked, and that made me even hotter!”

I didn’t know what to say to that. It was a bizarre reversal of what I had been taught in church, but I found myself attracted to the idea. I wasn’t a victim here. I was intentionally sinning with this horny little child, and teaching her how to sin. And I intended to sin even more. I was going to pump every ounce of my cum that I could into this little black whore, and why not invite god to watch and enjoy. It almost made sense.

And it also made my cock hard again.

“Clitecka, get on your knees between my legs. I’m going to teach you to suck a white man’s cock. Do you think god wants to watch me shoot my cum in your mouth?”

“Omigod, daddy, that sounds so nasty and wicked! Yes! Teach me! I wanna learn how to suck your cock!”

It felt so kinky and bizarre to have four people in the bed: Clitecka, me, my other self watching and commenting on what I was doing, and Clitecka’s loving and lustful imaginary god.

My cock was fully erect again, as I listened to my other voice condemn me for being a pervert. No doubt, Clitecka was listening to her god tell her how much he wanted her to suck my cock. That was fine with me.

I spread my legs really wide and lowered her face to my cockhead, which disappeared between her thicky puffy negro lips. God, it was so erotic! Pretty soon, her head was bobbing slowly up and down, taking about five of my eight inches into her mouth. She was whining and moaning with pure excitement. I was busy telling myself I didn’t care how wrong or wicked this was, and shamelessly surrendering to my most carnal lusts.

I had a seventeen year old black girl sucking my cock! Yes!

“Thank you, princess! Thank you for sucking my cock! That feels so good! I’m so proud of you! You’re making daddy’s cock so hard, sweetheart! So fucking hard, you slutty little whore! Be my whore, Clitecka! Suck meeee….”

And my cum erupted again, spurt after ginormous spurt! Clitecka gagged for just a moment, but kept on sucking like I had taught her! Creamy white goo, my semen, boiled out from between her lips and drooled down her chin. What a lovely, dirty sight! I ejaculated again and again. Cum was drooling down my cock, onto my balls, and covering Clitecka’s right hand. I’m sodomizing this young girl’s mouth! Look at what I’m doing! Ohgodohgodohgod…! And one last final spurt of my liquid lust.

I had to reach out and grasp Clitecka’s head and ask her several times to slow down and stop. The pleasure had become so exquisite, it was painful. I lie there, fighting for breath.

Then I raised my head and looked at Clitecka. She was grinning at me, her mouth and chin covered in my thick semen. I pulled her up on top of me and kissed her full in the mouth, our tongues entwining like anacondas in heat.

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