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Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey’s Kisses

Making one's personal assistant work late has its cum dripping juicy rewards.
The tan skirt of her business suit had ridden far up her leg, exposing most of her chocolate thighs. By a slight turn of the head, Nathan cautiously caught a glimpse from the corner of his eye. Peeking at her long, sexy legs was a temptation he could not resist.

Nathan’s heart began to race as he felt the sweat building up on his forehead and around the collar of his shirt. He loosened his tie in an attempt to get some relief, but no matter how much he concentrated, he could not avert his eyes from peering at his assistant’s legs. Making matters worse for him, he was wondering if she had been slowly spreading them apart or if his mind was playing a fantasy on him.

Right away he began to fantasize about the sexual possibilities as he imagined her naked brown body held tightly against him in a sensual nude embrace. He immediately felt his penis begin to swell and throb, so he crossed his legs to hide any protrusion showing in his trousers.

“Mr. O’Reilly, would you like for me to turn the thermostat down?”

Her words jolted him to reality and he jumped in his seat.

“I’m sorry,” Hershey said, “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Nathan nodded and waved his hand. “Oh no, Hershey, no, no problem, the thermostat is fine. Uh, I’m good.”

“Okay then,” she replied, “I could get you some water or something.”

“Uh, oh no, I’m good, really,” Nathan stammered.

This was the first time he had asked his assistant to stay late and help him finish a project. The entire situation was a first for him, having just been the youngest executive in his company’s history promoted to a vice president. With his new title came a new spacious office and a new personal assistant. Though company policy prohibited romantic or sexual relationships between executives and their underlings, he had immediately found himself strongly attracted to Hershey.

Nathan nervously looked at his watch. “I’m so sorry Hershey, it’s already 8:30 p.m. I was hoping to be finished by now and you could go home.”

Her pretty face lit up in a broad smile that framed her perfect white teeth around her very seductive full lips. “Don’t worry Mr. O’Reilly, I didn’t have any plans tonight. I’m fine with staying late and I don’t mind the overtime pay either.”

“You have a great smile, Hershey.”

Nathan immediately regretted saying that. He knew that company policy was strict on sexual harassment and a statement like that could be grounds for a complaint.

Nathan again looked down at his papers, all the while wondering if he should go ahead and send her home. This was quite a dilemma for him because he desperately needed her help in order to have his report ready for the 8:00 a.m. board meeting. On the other hand, her presence was tantalizingly mesmerizing.

He looked back up from his papers and saw that she was looking at him through the top of her eyelashes in a manner he found erotically provocative. Nathan wondered is she was doing that on purpose to arouse him. She then raised the back of her pen to her mouth and ran it slowly along her bottom lip, using the pen to pull her lip downward. Her tongue then traced her top lip from one side to the other.

Nathan could feel a raging erection now in his pants. He found it difficult to form a truly cognitive thought. ‘Is this really happening?’ he wondered.

He immediately averted his eyes from hers and looked back at his papers. He tried to convince himself that there was no way a beautiful girl like Hershey would be attracted to him. Though Nathan had near perfectly proportioned and mirrored facial features along with an athletic build, his red curly hair and a few freckles had always instilled a lack of confidence in his attractiveness.

Nathan was now so nervous that he felt clammy. Again he looked back up at Hershey.

Did she just unhook the top button of her blouse he wondered? There was surely more cleavage showing. The top of her large brown breasts contrasted sharply with her white blouse and as his eyes wandered lower, there was no doubt her legs were spread a few more inches wider apart.

Nathan’s eyes widened and he froze in a stare, he could glimpse red lacy panties up her skirt. He jerked his head up quickly. Hershey’s beautiful mesmerizing black eyes were locked on his.

"Mr. O’Reilly, did you just look up my skirt?” She broke into a wide grin.

Startled and barely able to speak, finally Nathan nervously opened his mouth. “Uh, oh, uh, no, no, I didn’t!”

Smiling ever more devilishly, “Yes you did, Mr. O’Reilly. You peeked up my skirt.”

His breath seemed to catch in his chest and he gasped for air while his heart raced. “I, uh, no, uh, I...”

Hershey rose from her chair and walked over to Nathan. Her eyes never left his. He sat motionless, unable to move. Though the thermostat was set at a comfortable room temperature, the air about him felt like a sauna. A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead to his cheek.

Hershey approached Nathan until she stood straddled over his legs. He looked at her long, silky smooth brown legs on either side of him. His hands were shaking but he gently gripped each creamy thigh just below her short suit skirt. She pulled her suit jacket off and tossed it over on his desk before she stretched out her hand to his head and tussled his short curly red hair.

Hershey lifted his chin up toward her face with her forefinger. “Mr. O’Reilly, you sure are a cutie. I just love your red hair.”

His cheeks were flush and Hershey could feel his hands trembling slightly against her thighs. She was looking into his eyes and found herself aroused that he was too speechless to respond to her sexual aggressiveness.

Hershey then moved her fingers from his hair to her blouse and undid the buttons, exposing a very sheer red lacy bra underneath. She reached behind her and unsnapped it, tossing it aside on top of her suit jacket.

Nathan’s eyes caught on her exposed cleavage that stared him in the face. He almost felt faint as her her large, round natural breasts were exposed only inches from his nose. His hands immediately rose and cupped her breasts as he brought his lips to her large, full areolas.

Hershey dropped her head down and her long black silky curls tickled the top of Nathan's head and neck. He then reached out gripping her sides and pushed his face between her large mounds. His face was buried between her breasts as she moaned out, “Oh, Mr. O’Reilly.”

“Pul-please call me Nathan,” he mumbled from between her plump melons.

She rubbed the back of his head and smiled as she pushed her breasts tighter against his face. “Oh, Nathan.”

Hershey grabbed Nathan by the tie, pulling him up from his chair and led him to the office couch. “Come here, naughty boy.”

She stopped him and together they pulled his suit jacket off before she pulled his tie from around his collar and tossed it aside. Nathan hurriedly removed his shirt and trousers and kicked his shoes off, leaving him standing in only his boxers and black socks. He watched as Hershey quickly shimmied out of her skirt and stood in front of him in only her red lacy panties and black heels.

Nathan was feeling almost numb all over except for his throbbing, fully erect penis, which protruded fully erect. He stared at Hershey’s perfect brown body, admiring the stomach muscles of her tiny toned waist, shadowed below her large natural buxom breasts. As his gaze dropped downward he ogled her long, shapely legs that intersected at her crotch, barely hidden underneath her sexy red panties.

She pulled him to her and kissed his lips softly. Her tongue then slightly teased his lips as she slowly slid it along their width. Just as he began to take in her arousing scent, Hershey’s tongue plunged into his mouth.

They stood there in their underwear kissing passionately, tongues intertwined and searching passionately. Their hands roamed over each other’s bodies until she cupped his athletic ass and pulled him tight against her body.

Hershey placed her hand on his chest and pushed him down onto the couch and he lay flat on his back. He barely got a glimpse of her pussy as she slid her panties off onto the floor before crawling upon him until her freshly shaven crotch was almost touching his lips.

“Oh god!” Nathan grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her down onto him.

His tongue dove in, probing her full labia before he had even worked a finger in. His tongue tasted her sweet nectar. The musty wetness arousing him passionately as his cock throbbed and ached in anticipation.

Her hips began to sway back and forth, from side to side, as she ground her wet cunt into his face. He finally got a finger into her and felt, as well as tasted, her delicious warm juicy pussy.

Before long Hershey gripped Nathan’s head by his ears and yelled, “Oh fuck!”

He felt her thigh muscles, which were squeezed against his neck and shoulders, tighten and clench hard against his body.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed again and stopped moving, but did not unclench his ears.

Finally after a minute of moaning and quivering, Hershey let go of his ears and slid back off of him.

Nathan started to get up and she pushed her hand forcefully against his chest. “Oh no you don’t!”

She leaned back onto him, tugging his boxer shorts down his legs and grabbed his hardened erect cock with both hands. “I’m getting a taste of this bad boy!”

Hershey’s gorgeous full lips engulfed his hard cock as she pushed him deep into her mouth.

Nathan felt himself quiver all over as she cupped his nuts and rubbed them gently, all while she throat fucked his pulsating pecker. His ass almost came off the sofa when she pulled his cock from her mouth and licked his balls with her warm, wet tongue.

Just when Nathan thought he could catch his breath, Hershey slipped one of her fingers into his asshole and pushed it in tight. Her tongue licked its way up and back down the length of his throbbing erection and she again buried him into her throat. Her eyes caught his as her head bobbed back and forth.

From the intense throbbing in his erect cock, that had worked its way through his swollen scrotum to his balls, Nathan could feel that he wouldn’t last much longer. “I’m about to cum.”

Hershey kept her eyes peeled on his and her head continued to bob up and down as he watched his throbbing cock slide in and out of her mouth. Finally, as if she could read his mind, she pulled his cock out if her mouth, still holding it with both hands. She began to jerk it quickly as she closed her eyes.

“Oh fucking hell!” Just then Nathan felt his testicles explode into orgasm, rocking his scrotum and erupting through his pulsating shaft.

White gooey globs of cum shot through the air, landing all over Hershey's pretty face and hair. She continued to jerk his throbbing cock until every bit of cum had oozed out onto her fingers. Hot white thick cum dripped from her perfectly manicured French nails.

Nathan thoroughly enjoyed the erotic scene as the cum dripped from her brown chin and cheeks, globs here and there in her black hair. Hershey opened her sexy dark eyes, looking straight into his, and broke into a great big smile.

Their eyes were locked together, having one of those precious intimate moments. Hershey took her finger and began to play with some of the cum on her chin, tantalizingly scooping it and licking off her fingers. Still, her eyes never broke their concentration on his.

Just then they heard a click. Keys fumbled at the office door. Their eyes shot wide open. Both of their heads turned sharply toward the door just in time to see the knob turn. The door swung open and a vacuum cleaner rolled in, followed by a gray headed black lady in a cleaning uniform. She stopped abruptly just inside the door, a look of disgust on her face as she wrinkled her nose. Her hands went to the top of her hips defiantly.

She squinted her eyes angrily at the two of them still lying on the couch, cum on Hershey’s face and hair, one hand still wrapped around Nathan’s cock which was just beginning to go flaccid. “I can’t believe this! Your momma paid good money to send you to secretarial school and this is what you do!”

The lady turned and grabbed the vacuum cleaner by the handle and started out the door in a huff. “I don’t clean cum off couches!”

The door slammed behind her.

Nathan, dumfounded, turned his head to Hershey.

Hershey rolled her eyes, shrugged her shoulders and sighed. “That’s my Aunt Nellie. She works on the cleaning crew.”

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