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Hot wife fantasy comes true

My wife finally lets her inhibitions go
My phone rings and I grab it from my pocket to see who it is. The photo shows my wife, and I answer quickly. I have been away from home for work for several months, and she never calls during the day unless it is important. The call at two in the afternoon makes me anxious, and I answer with trepidation.

“Hi, beautiful,” I say quickly.

“Hi, sorry to bother you, but I have to tell you something really exciting,” she says quickly.

“Do you have a minute to talk?” she asks.

“Baby, I always have time for you, but make it quick, I’m in the middle of my last job, and I want to get home.”

“Well,” she says, “I did it”

My heart skips a beat for a minute because I know exactly what she is talking about. On my last visit home, we had talked about her fulfilling one of our fantasies. She has always been willing to do it, but never had the confidence, saying that no one would want her, she was overweight, a mom, too old, etc.

I finally convinced her that she was desirable, by posting some of her pictures on an adult only website, and showing her the responses. After that we talked in depth about it a little more, and at one point she joked she felt like a single mom anyway, with me being gone for long periods at a time. All this talk led to me encouraging her to find someone she found attractive, and go for it. Be aggressive, I told her.

So now here I was, hearing her tell me that all the talk had finally culminated in her taking the leap.

My mouth was dry and my cock was stiffening, and I really wanted to hear all about it right then, but I couldn’t risk being caught talking dirty on the phone at a customer’s house. I swallowed hard and croaked out my response.

“Are you telling me you did what I think you did?”

She was quiet for a moment, and her response came out sounding like when we fantasized in the bedroom, sultry and low.

“Yes, I did, and it was awesome”

“Oh my god. I am so hot right now, honey, but I can’t talk. Shit, can I call you in twenty minutes?”

“How about this, I’ll write an email with the details, and you can read it when you get home. I have some pictures too, and I’ll send them too.”

And she hung up, without waiting for my response. I stood dumbfounded for a second, and I had to smoke a cigarette before walking back in to my clients home, just to settle myself down. It was hell trying to finish the job, I kept thinking about the pictures and story I was about to receive, and it took me twice as long to finish, but I finally got it done.

I hurried to clean up my work, loaded up my tools and jumped in the truck. No sooner had I driven away and I was dialing her phone. I was sent to voicemail, and I immediately hung up and tried again. Same result. The suspense was killing me and my stomach was in knots. I was torn between wanting to know and not know, but deep down inside, I craved this, it drove me, sometimes consumed my thoughts, and right now I was so keyed up, I could barely think of anything else.

As I started to dial her a third time, my phone beeped with a text. It was her, and it simply said, “Wait til you get home, read the email and look at the pictures, then call me when you are done, love you, Karen.”

My heart raced, I couldn’t drive fast enough. I was opening the door of my truck before it even stopped rolling and racing up the stairs to my rental unit. I skipped the mail box, went straight to my laptop and opened it up. It seemed an eternity until my system was up, and I impatiently tapped my fingers as I waited. Seeing the connection made, I clicked on my email, ignored the business emails and went straight to hers, with the subject saying: What you’ve been waiting for.

I highlighted it and got ready to click on it. I hesitated a second as I thought that there would be no turning back now, I was about to enter the realm of fantasy becoming reality, and I was high with anticipation. We had done other things like this before, but never when I was not there. Only one time had she sucked and sucked my best friend while I slept. And she probably wouldn’t have done it if he hadn’t had a big cock. I think she is still hot for him to this day, and even though she says she didn’t enjoy herself, I would have loved to been a fly on the wall.

Anyway, back to the current situation. Here I was about to watch my wife in some kind of sexual dalliance with a man who I knew nothing about, and I was so keyed up my palms were sweating and my cock was throbbing. I clicked on the email, and the first thing I noticed were that there were several thumbnails attached. In big block letters it said please read first, then look at the pictures. So I hesitantly obeyed her wishes.

This is what I read.

- Baby,

You know I love you, and I have said time and again I wouldn’t do this. But you got me thinking about it, and this guy came across my path who I found totally hot. We were talking at work, and the signals were there, so I decided to make my move. At first he was shocked at my forwardness, and I think he thought I was kidding, but when I assured him I was serious, he quickly took me up on my offer. I suggested that we meet up for a drink somewhere immediately afterwards, if he was available. He suggested a popular restaurant nearby, and I agreed to meet him there within the hour. After he left, I began to imagine what was going to transpire if all went according to plan, and my pussy began to get wet. I finished up my duties, and walked quickly to the car. I was so nervous my hands wouldn’t stop moving, and I almost just drove home, instead of to the restaurant. But I was determined, and my dripping pussy was aching. I arrived at the agreed upon meeting place and walked through the front door. He was waiting at the bar, and practically jumped up from his stool to make me aware of his presence. I chuckled inwardly at his anxiety, and made my way over to the empty barstool next to him. He ordered me a margarita, and I practically downed it in one gulp from nervousness. We laughed about this and ordered another. The second drink went more slowly, and we chatted briefly. 

After our third drink, I think we both had the liquid courage we needed to go further, or at least I did, and I leaned close and pit my hand on his knee and whispered, "Are you ready." 

To which he responded affirmatively, and we were out the door, hand in hand, and headed to who knows where. He held my hand tightly, and I got the thought that he was afraid if he let go, I would flee, and he was probably right. We reached his car, and he opened the passenger door and let me in. We discussed were to go briefly, and he said he knew of a quiet spot where we could park out of sight. Since it was only to be oral, we saw no need for a hotel room, so off we went to our sexy rendezvous. On the way over I leaned close to him and began nibbling his ear and running my hand into his crotch. 

He was stiffening rapidly and from the feel of it he was quite large. Oh, by the way, did I mention he was black? My pussy throbbed in anticipation of feeling his large cock being fed to me, and I moaned into his ear to hurry. He groaned back and turned left. He told me we were close and I looked around. We were coming up to a pretty much empty industrial park, and I figured it was close to our hiding spot, so I began unbuckling his belt and unzipping him. I was eager to release his growing member and see what kind of big surprise he held for me. He moved his hips down and I reached on and wrapped my hand around his substantial erection. 

Babe, my hand barely fit around it and I giggled. He looked at me and smiled. He knew what he was packing was large, and I looked up at him and smiled. We pulled behind an empty warehouse and I tugged his underwear down, freeing his cock. I groaned inwardly at the sight of it. He had a large mushroom head, and it had to be at least ten inches long, and as I stated earlier, my hand barely reached around it. I licked my lips and moved my head down. He placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed gently. I stuck my tongue out and licked the head, then took him into my mouth.

He gasped and pushed harder, lifting his hips up and pushing further into my throat. I was immediately entranced with his cock and began sucking with a new found desire. I think my inner slut was unleashed, because I deep throated him, licking and sucking with abandon. I don’t really know how long it lasted, but I worked his cock over for quite a while, as he pinched my nipples and fingered my throbbing pussy.

He lasted a while himself, but soon I could feel his cock throb and swell, and his finger on my clit was bringing me close to orgasm myself. I began gyrating my hips and sucking harder. He moaned he was coming and I couldn’t stop. It felt so good sucking him I had to taste it, and I sucked down as far and hard as I could and let his substantial load flood my mouth. At the same time I came on his finger, and as we both came down, I licked him still. I didn’t want to let his glorious cock go, but he pushed me off, saying he couldn’t take anymore. Then he grabbed my head and kissed me hard, and I responded.

I told him it was a blow job only, but he still asked to fuck me. As much as I wanted to feel that exquisite specimen of manhood inside me, I told him no. And then gave him a kiss on the head of his still hard cock. He began stroking it and I leaned my head close and watched as he did, and began licking his balls.

Babe, I was enthralled with his cock and didn’t want it out of my sight. He soon began to cum again, and I so wanted to swallow it, but instead I moved my tongue to the tip of his head and let him spurt his load on my face and tongue. After that I was spent, I asked him to take me back to my car. He was very polite as he dropped me off, and he gave me his number. He thanked me for a great time, and kissed me again. I thanked him and got out. My panties were soaked and I was on a sexual high driving home, and had to restrain myself from getting myself off until I was safely home and in the tub. I played with myself thinking of his large member filling my eager pussy.

I know you don’t want me to fuck anybody while you are gone, so, please hurry back. I am not sure I can resist feeling that inside me. I hope you enjoyed this and the pictures. I eagerly await your response.

Love you,


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